Spider spells and web magick…

Within a Witches Wood

Arachnids 🕷 and their webs 🕸have connections with the witch, and is why both are seen in my abode. Believed by some to be an evil witches familiar. The spider as a spirit guide tells to use one’s inner wisdom for healing unresolved emotions and memories.

Numerous spiritual cultures attribute the spider’s ability to spin webs with the origins of basket weaving, net weaving, knot magick, and spinning.

Folklore tells of those who fell victim to a strange malady, which eventually became known as “Tarantism.” This was attributed to being bitten by a spider, and those afflicted were seen to dance frenetically for days on end. Ironically it’s been suggested that this was actually a psychogenic illness, in much similarity to the fits of the accusers in the Salem witch trials…

Spider spells ~
🕷 Tis said that if a spider falls into a candle’s flame 🕯 and parishes, that…

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