Mischief Night is the real time for trouble

Wreak Havoc

Summon and Spell

Bake Bubble and Boil

…and other works of Mischief

Stirring stories about the Sky as the Witches ride at their own pleasure hither and yon through the Air

PentaGrams placed over entrances of the House

And Sacred Salt is scattered over the ThresHold

As the Evil of Halloween begins upon Mischief Night to bring out the cold and darkness of weather they representBurning Protection Herbs of

St John’s Wort

When Dark Things walk the Earth between the World’s of the Living and the Dead

It is a time when the Good Folks need to keep their houses safe from harm




You will need to complete this Spell

Dragons Blood Incense
1 Black Candle
1 Straight Pin
1 Silver Bell
1 Silver Goblet

Use this Spell when someone or something has bind to you


Into your Life

First light the Dragons Blood Incense through out the room you are working in

Give it time to allow it’s scent to fill the Air in the room

Once you can smell the Incense burning take the Straight Pin and prick the Index Finger of your Dominate hand

Drip 3 drops of Blood onto the Dragons Blood Incense and say:

Dragon Blood now do the Deed
With 3 drops of Blood Finger to Bleed
Out of Book these words I do Read
Mischief Havoc a path out of here to Lead

Then light the Black Candle

Waft the smoke from the Incense towards you breathe it in feel the smoke surround you then say:

Vibrant smell so Sweet and Sour
Mischief bind will begin to Cower
Energy raise as tall as Tower
Mix the Magick upon this Hour

Ring the Silver Bell Thrice and say:

Mischief placed do thee Quell
Words of Tale to Talk and Tell
Thrice ring of a Silver Bell
Find another to Bind and Spell

Into the Silver Goblet squeeze 3 more drops of Blood into the bottom of the Goblet

Snuff out the Black Candle and drip the Candle wax over the 3 drops of Blood

Let the wax sit to harden

Then take the wax and blood and bury it outdoors deep enough into the Earth so that the Spell will not escape by being unEarthed and it will give you relief from what has been Haunting you



2oz St John’s Wort
1oz Lemon Balm Leaves
1oz Valerian

Mix the Ingredients together well

Use 1tsp of the mixture per cup

Boil water

Steep by pouring the bubbling water over the Herbs

Strain and Serve it to the person the Spell is for

You can add a sweetener such as


To disguise its Mischievous flavor

Wait 31 minutes by HourGlass then Cast your thoughts upon the person you prepared the Tea for to bring Mischief into their Life



As you well know October 30 and October 31 will bring around some very unsavory individuals

Have you contemplated Selling Your Soul?

There is a proper way of doing so

Here are a few important guidelines to know

First thing you have to do is find the DevilI Summon You…Devil

Come Show Yourself to Me

I have a Quality Soul to Sell if the Price is right

Just remember…at no cost should you sound desperate or needy

Make the Devil want to want you

Now once you come face to face with the Devil let the Devil know what you want

It could be to your advantage to mention your desire to Sell Your Soul in exchange for what you want

You should at least let the Devil know what the Devil is getting into

When Selling Your Soul to the Devil you should protect yourself


LEGALLY: as with any important Document or Contract you might want to consider having your Lawyer come along for the ride just to make sure all the I’s have been dotted and the T’s have been crossed and to make sure you bring to the meeting some very shiny “Red Ink”PHYSICALLY: not to take any unnecessary chances after all you are calling the Devil your way so it is best to play things safe and stand inside a Pentagram that you have drawn on the floor with saltSo now you’ve got the Devil’s ear and the Devil is down to making a Deal with you

What do you ask for?


Also keep in mind not to skimp when you’re Selling Your Soul

You’re probably going to burn in Hell forever anyway so get the best Deal of what you want out of itFor example:

Don’t say I want to be a Millionaire

Say I want to have a bank account that never empties and no one finds this suspicion

Get the idea?

Next take stock of who you are and how much your Soul is worth

Each Soul carries with it a different price tag to the Devil

Negotiate wisely
Be tough
Don’t give in til you get what you came for


Let’s say things are not going as planned or as you had hoped for

And you have decided that you want to end the Partnership with the Devil

How do you negate a Deal with the Devil?

You have to challenge the Devil

Making the challenge interesting

Something the Devil can’t resist

Perhaps an exchange of someone else’s Soul for yours back

Be notorious

And beating the Devil is a must at that contest of challenge

You cannot lose for if you do you will be worse off then before the challenge began

You will have to Deal with the fact that you Sold Your Soul to the Devil for the rest of your Life


I will be stirring around late into the night delivering the Tricks without the Treats!