Songs to Aphrodite

Goddess in a Teapot

I’d love to share a short piece of music I just made titled “Songs of Aphrodite.”

You are welcome to just enjoy it, or if you would like an excruciatingly detailed explanation, including how it relates to Sappho and some music theory, read on!

It is written in the Locrian mode, also known as the Greek Mixolydian mode (not to be confused with the modern Mixolydian mode, which is completely different… wait, that’s very confusing in itself). As you probably know, a mode is a scale that progresses with set whole and half notes. You are probably familiar with the modern major mode that sounds happy (the Happy Birthday to You song) and minor modes that sound sad (the House of the Rising Sun). The Locrian mode is considered a minor mode, but to me it sounds both sad and happy and also full of Mystery. To help you get…

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