Diamond Meaning and Healing Powers – The definitive guide

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India was once thought to be the world’s only source of diamonds. The early Hindus called the gemstone, Vajra

Vajra means either, thunderbolt or lightning, reflecting a belief that diamonds were created by lightning hitting rocks and acknowledging the power that they possess.

2000 years later, Diamonds were discovered in the new colonies of Brazil, then in the late 1800s massive deposits were found in the Kimberley Mines of South Africa.

Diamond Virtues

  • Purity
  • Innocence
  • Truth and Trust
  • Love and Faithfulness
  • Strength and Energy
  • Master Healer
  • Restores Confidence
  • Protects Against Negative Energy

The supreme gemstone, the master healer, a girl’s best friend, whatever you may call it there is no doubting the Diamonds immense spiritual power. Discover more here

Source: Diamond Meaning and Healing Powers – The definitive guide

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