Shakespeare’s Juliet: A True Leo!

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Juliet 4

Juliet Capulet, from Shakespeare’s famous tragedy ‘Romeo and Juliet’, is one of the few (or perhaps the only?) characters in the Shakespeare canon whose exact age and birthday we know without a doubt.

How do we know?  Shakespeare tells us!

In Act I of the play – before all the romance, sword play and slayings occur – Juliet’s mother (Lady Capulet) and her Nurse discuss plans for Juliet’s marriage.

Lady Capulet seems a bit clueless about her daughter’s age.  Juliet and her mom obviously do NOT have a close relationship. The Nurse has been Juliet’s pseudo-parent and confidante. And in case you didn’t know – the Nurse is the nurse because she actually breast- fed Juliet, thus sparing Lady Cap of that rather messy endeavor.

(We will, for the moment, abandon our horror at the substandard  parenting that takes place here.  A wet nurse was common among the aristocracy in…

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