A Capricorn Ritual

A Ritual Honoring Capricorn

Stars have been a guide for centuries to mankind, people have studied them, stood in awe of them, as they shine marvelously above us, they guided the Egyptian souls of the dead, the three wise men to the stable of Bethlehem, inspired men such as Nostradamus and John Dee on their magical endeavors and influence our daily lives, we are even said to be made of star dust.

A few weeks ago I posted my Sagittarius ritual, now that we are in the sign of Capricorn, and will soon be transitioning into Aquarius in a few weeks, I will share some ideas on a ritual to honour Capricorn, based on a little of what I did.

Capricorn is an earth deity so spell works involving prosperity, wealth, stability, security, banishing, protection, grounding, fertilitiy, employment, healing or working with earth elementals are all strengthened when the sun is in this constellation. If you plant herbs, now would be a good time to bless those that are planted at this time of the year.

When it comes to Zodiac work, I advocate going outdoors and soaking up some star magic, it will help balance and cleanse your energies and root you to the earth whilst your mind expands into the celestial. If you can set your altar up out there and perform the whole ritual outdoors that is great! If not just include the journey outdoors or back inside ceremonially, make it part of the ritual or dedication.

I placed nature Gods on my altar, namely Cernunnos and Dionysus, and the Goddess Artemis and Persephone, Persephone was special as we had just reached Yuletide, the changing from one season to another as the blessed sun returns, and were also headed towards a new year. Stones I included were black garnet, snowflake obsidian, onyx, jet, tourmaline. Black stones, dark, introspective, grounding and earthly like the energy of Capricorn.

Capricorn is a dark and introspective being, it teaches us the benefits of meditation when it comes to inner knowing, it teaches us that the mastery of the self is hard work, takes dedication, persistent, that we must overcome trials in order to achieve completion. That nothing is gained without effort. It teaches us to start new projects and to commit wholly to them, to look after Mother earth and our home space, to live in synchronicity with nature.

For my spell I asked for the strength to break old habits, I wrote these down on paper, I also asked to heal my body, I asked for direction as I am lacking and for my hard work to finally pay off as well as some security for the new year. I thanked the Gods and Goddesses for the gifts I have received this year and how much I have achieved, I asked for healings for my friends and family.

For a dedication I used an Orphic hymn to Dionysus, one that teaches us to value the Gods and pay them our respects, where Dionysus turns some pirates into dolphins for not recognizing him, and paying him the respect due of a God. I found this hymn appropriate for Capricorn to wishes us to respect the earth and our place upon it, to recognize where we stand that we must respect the spirits of the land and the stars for they gift us our circumstances. I also found the reference to dolphins and the sea fitting in a ritual for the sea-goat Capricorn.

When I was outside meditating under the constellation for the ritual, thinking of the creature, part sea like and part land, I thought about the stability and depth of the earth and the strength and vastness of the sea, and how that is mirrored in the heavens above us. I then proceeded to plant my intentions which I had written on paper in the northern most pat of the garden, corresponding to the element of earth and therefore of Capricorn.

At the end of the spell I closed the circle and drew a pentacle across myself, not only is it protective, it is also compared to a goat head, whom I can rightly associate with Capricorn for this spell.

This is partial extracts of what I did, meant only as a guide or to inspire some ideas on how you too could do a spell or ritual to Capricorn. Hope it has helped!


Freyja Rose

Source: A Capricorn Ritual

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