GrannyMoon’s Weekly Feast 17-24 March 2019


Blessed Ostara!

The Wheel of the Year turns once more,
and the vernal equinox arrives.
Light and dark are equal,
and the soil begins to change.
The earth awakes from its slumber,
and new life springs forth once more.

Blessed be my little witch. To those who came before and those who will come after, know that the Goddess is with you always. Thank you all my dear readers…be blessed.
The NEW MOON always rises at sunrise
And the FIRST QUARTER at noon.
The FULL MOON always rises at sunset
And the LAST QUARTER at midnight.
~The New Orleans Mistic


Dark Moon — Time to Rest
New Moon — Time to Begin New Projects; Birth; Attraction
Waxing Moon — Time to Grow; Increase
Full Moon — Time to be Fulfilled; Abundance
Waning Moon — Time to Banish; Decrease
Last Sliver of Moon — Time to Die; Letting Go
Dark Moon — Time to Rest Again

Light A Candle Today!
In many different traditions lighting a candle is a sacred action. It expresses more than words can express. It has to do with gratefulness. From time immemorial, people have lit candles in sacred places. You may want to begin or end your day by the sacred ritual of lighting a candle on this gratefulness. Or you may want to light a birthday candle for a friend. One single guideline is all you need: Slow down and do it with full attention.


Goddess Month of Columbina begins 3/20 – 4/17
Celtic Tree Calendar: Fearn (Alder) March 18 to April 14

Current Moon Phase: Waxing Moon

Time: From New Moon To Full (Approx. 14 Days)

Goddess Aspect: Maiden

Associated Goddesses: Artemis, Branwen, Eriu, Nymph, Epona

Magickal Attributes: Invoking Beginnings, New Projects, Ideas, Inspiriation, Energy, Vitality, Freedom. Workings On This Day Are For “Constructive” Magick (Love, Wealth, Success, Courage, Friendship, Luck Or Health.)

Perform magic on waxing moons to attract a new quality or behavior, to increase the light within, to attain personal and spiritual growth and greater awareness. The quarter moon suggests a period of overcoming obstacles and continuing on the path to growth.

Honoring the Goddess Every Day at
So mote it be!!


Each And Every Day A Feast Day!
Embrace It!!!


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GrannyMoon is Founder and Mother High Priestess of GoddessSchool, Sisters of the Burning Branch, dedicated to the Feminine Divine. Living in the Washington, DC suburbs, she attended LDS Seminary, Former staff member and student of the Esoteric Theological Seminary, is an ordained Metaphysical Interfaith minister with doctoral degrees in Theology and Divinity, since 1999. She is a current board member of the Northern Virginia Pagan Pride Day, charter member and former counsel and board member of The Order of the White Moon. A scholar of ancient mysteries, Doula, Reiki Master, Herbalist and Lifetime Member of Herbal Healer Academy, Inc. and former VA State Representative A.R.E.N. Alternative Religions Educational Network. She has dedicated her life to the study and teaching of the Esoteric.

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GrannyMoon Says Today Is: Moon Day Hail Luna! Hail Mani! Energy: Female Ruler: The Moon Magicks involving the subconscious, healing, emotions, love, spirituality, healing wounds, children, small animals, women’s mysteries,mothers, sisters, female partners, wives, instincts
Today’s Magickal Influences: Agriculture, Domestic, Long Life, Medicine,
Travels, Visions, Theft
Today’s Goddesses: Luna, Selene, Diana, Re, Gaeleach, Ida, Artemis [Whom The
Greeks Associated With Bast], The Witches, Yemaya, Erzulie, Bast
Incense: Myrtle
Perfumes: White Poppy, White Rose, Wallflower
Monday – Wear pearl, moonstone, or crystal. Use an emerald for amulets.
Color of The Day: Silver, Grey, White
Colors for Tomorrow: Red
Candle: White
Cooking on Monday will improve magics for creativity, insight, maternal
nature, and Goddess-related efforts. ~Quote from Magickal Martha

Hail Tyr! GrannyMoon Says Today Is: Tyr’s or Tiu’s Day! Day of Mars, Ares, Tiwaz, Tiw (from whom it is named), Tuisco,. Magickal influences are: Passion, courage, aggression and protection, vitality, passion, ambition and raw, unabashed power. Mars energy makes the mind acute.It is lucky to meet a left-handed person on any day except Tuesday – then it’s an ill omen. A superstition from areas of England that were ruled by the Danelaw, because the day is named for Norse God Týr who sacrificed his right hand to bind the Fenris Wolf. #FolkloreThursday

Tuesday – Wear a ruby, star sapphire, or emerald. Use topaz for amulets.
Today’s Magickal Influences ~ Destination, War, Courage, Surgery, Physical Strength
Be cautious-especially while traveling.
Today’s Goddesses: Aset [Isis], Soorejnaree, Pingalla, Anna, Aine, Danu,
Yngona, Bellona, Aida Wedo, Sun Woman
Perfumes: Hellebore, Carnation, Patchouli
Incense: Lignum Aloes, Plantain
Color of The Day: Red
Colors for Tomorrow: Yellow
Lucky Sign: Tuesday Is The Lucky Day For Aries
Candle: Red
On Tuesday, cooking up a hearty meal featuring carrots, peppers, and garlic (all Mars foods and spices) to empower yourself for victory and success!
Hail Odin! GrannyMoon Says Today Is: Woden’s or Odin’s Day!
Energy: Male Ruler: Mercury – Rules healings, the mind – Use for magick
involving mental issues, learning, higher education, addictions,
communications, travel, young people, messages, perception, self-expression,
artists, poets, and writers
Wednesday – Wear amethyst, star ruby, or lodestone. Use turquoise in amulets.
Today’s Magickal Influences: Conjurations, Predictions, Knowledge, Writing,Eloquence
Incense: Cinnamon, Cinquefoil
Perfumes: Sweetpea, Lavender, Mastic, Frankincense, Cloves
Color of The Day: Yellow, Grey
Colors for Tomorrow: Purple, Indigo, Blue
Candle: Yellow
Lucky Sign: Wednesday Is The Lucky Day For Gemini And Virgo
Today’s Goddesses: Aset [Isis], Demeter, Ceres, Spider Woman, Bona Dea, Oya,
Devi-Kali, Hella, Rhiannon, Coatlique, Maman Brigette, Sekhmet, Hathor
GrannyMoon Says Today Is: Thor’s Day Hail Thor!
Energy: Male
Ruler: Jupiter
attracting more of what you have.
Today’s Magickal Influences ~ Luck, Religion, Healing, Trade And Employment,Treasure, Honors, Riches, Legal Matters,
Use Growth, Expansion, Prosperity, Money, Business, Attracting More
Thors Day – Wear sapphire, cat’s eye, or carnelian. Use sapphire in rituals.
Today’s Goddesses: Juno, Hera, Kwan Yin, Mary, Cybele, Tara, Mawu, Mlaba
Mwana Waresa, Ishtar, Nuit
Perfumes: Stock, Lilac, Storax, Aloes
Incense: Nutmeg, Henbane
Color of The Day: Purple, Indigo, Blue
Colors for Tomorrow: Light Blue, Pale Green
Lucky Sign: Thursday Is The Lucky Day For Sagittarius And Pisces
Candle: Blue
Hail Freya! GrannyMoon Says Today Is: Freya’s Day
Energy: Female Ruler: Venus – Rules lovers and pleasure, affairs of the
heart – Use for magick involving love, peace, beauty, gentleness, women’s
problems, healing, protection, lovers, ease, pleasure, affairs. Resolve
quarrels today!
Friday – Cast love spells on Fridays. Wear blue robes and use turquoise, ruby, emerald or cat’s eye.
Today’s Magickal Influences: All Love Matters, Friendships, Affection,
Partnerships, Money, Sex
Today’s Goddesses: Astarte, Aphrodite, Erzulie, Aida Wedo, Eve, Venus,
Freya, Frigg, Diana, Aset [Isis], The Witch Of Gaeta, Chalchiuhtlique
Incense: Saffron, Verbena
Perfumes: Stephanotis, Apple Blossom, Musk, Ambergris
Color of The Day: Light Blue, Pale Green
Candle: Green
Colors for Tomorrow: Black
Lucky Sign: Friday Is The Lucky Day For Taurus And Libra
Saint Jegudiel represents Friday
Hail Loki! GrannyMoon Says Today Is: Saturn and Loki’s Day
Day of Seatere, Seater, and Saturn and of Loki, the Norse god of tricks and
revelry. Saturday is ruled by Saturn, whose Magickal influences are:
longevity, endings, and homes. Saturday comes under the influence of Saturn.
Saturn’s influence directs our attention toward routine chores, customs, and
conventional traditions. Saturday is a good day for furthering our ambitions
through perseverance, patience, responsible action, and a sense of purpose .
Saturday – Wear turquoise, labradorite, or diamond. Use amethyst.
Saturday is a good day of the week to perform spells and rituals involving
spirit communication, meditation, psychic self-defense, binding, and
locating lost things or missing persons.
Today’s Goddesses: Ops, Rhea, Tellus Mater, Gaia, Eartha, Ge, Tonantzin,
Asherah, Anath, The Shekinah, The Matronit, Mary, Gula, Herodias, Oddudua,
Today’s Magickal Influences: Duties, Responsibilities, Finding Families,
Works Of Magic, Buildings, Meditation, Life, Doctrines
Today’s Energies: Female – Rules obstacles, overcoming blockages – Use for
magick involving overcoming limitations, the elderly, endings, deaths,
blocks, constrictions, and those restricting you.
Incense: Pepperwort, Assodilious, Black Poppy Seeds, Henbane, Lodestone,
Perfumes: Hyacinth, Pansy
Color of The Day: Black
Colors for Tomorrow: Orange, Gold and Yellow
Lucky Sign: Saturday Is The Lucky Day For Capricorn And Aquarius
Candle: Black
Hail Sunna and Sol! GrannyMoon Says Today is: Sun Day
Energy: Male
Ruler: The Sun
Rule health, prosperity, leadership, joy, and protection – Use for magick involving happiness, prosperity, joy, healing, protection, power,
leadership, ego, authority figures, fathers, husbands
Today’s Goddesses: Sunne, Frau Sonne, Aditi, Igaehindvo, Amaterasu, Arinna,
Izanami, Ochumare
Sunday’s Magickal Influences: Health, Healing, Confidence And Hope, Prosperity
Incense: Mastic, Palaginia
Perfumes: Heliotrope, Orange Blossom, Cloves, Frankincense, Ambergris, Musk,Myrrh
Sunday – wear topaz, sunstone, or diamond. Use pearl in crafting talismans.
Color of The Day: Orange, Gold
Colors for Tomorrow: Silver, Gray, White
Lucky Sign: Sunday Is The Lucky Day For Leo
Candle: Yellow

Llewellyn’s Spell a Day

Nurturing Relationships with Fun
Spell Date: Monday, March 11, 2019

By the end of winter, it isn’t unusual to find yourself growing restless and impatient for spring and cranky with those around you. This can be especially true in colder climates where you might be stuck inside with people. Take this restless and impatient energy and turn it into something fun instead. Have a family game night, challenge your colleagues to a good-natured competition, or invite your friends over for a silly movie. Say this spell to help channel that restless energy into more productive paths that nurture rather than strain your relationships:

“As winter winds to an end and I
find myself restless and rude,
Help me to find a path to improve
my mind and my mood.
Help relationships to shine as
we wait for the summer sun,
Turning winter’s dark and gloom
into playfulness and silly fun.”
This post was written by Deborah Blake on March 11, 2019

Comical Reflection
Spell Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2019

On this date in 1951, the comic strip Dennis the Menace made its newspaper debut. Comic strips are an enduring part of our culture, both in print and in the present-day online editions. Comic strips provide not only a laugh but also humorous and sometimes stark commentary on topics ranging from growing up to office dynamics and politics.

Today, look in print or online at a few comic strips. Find one with a message that truly resonates with you. Cut or print it out, and hang or keep it near your workspace today. Reflect on why it resonates with you. Does it mirror something neutral, positive, or negative in your life? On paper, jot down actions you can take to make the situation you’re contemplating better, or to maintain it if it’s already good, or how to just be more in the moment when the situation arises. Hang the paper in your sacred space and review as necessary.
This post was written by Blake Octavian Blair on March 12, 2019
March Hare Spell
Spell Date: Wednesday, March 13, 2019

We’ve all heard the old idiom “m ad as a March hare.” The saying stems from the bizarre behavior that European hares display during mating season. In their quest for romance, the hare becomes a true party animal, with bursting energy, social antics, and even feats of strength. The playful spirit of the March hare can get your spring off to an energetic start and attract some like-minded people to share the fun and lusty vibes of the season.

For this spell you will need a rabbit’s foot key chain (synthetic is fine!), a picture of a March hare, and some early spring flowers.

Lay the faux rabbit’s foot on top of the picture, and make a circle around it with the flowers. Imagine the bursting, happy energy of the flowers infusing the charm. See the frolicking, energetic social vitality of the March hare filling the rabbit’s foot.

Carry this charm and let it bring some fresh, fun influences, friends, and romance into your sphere.
This post was written by Kate Freuler on March 13, 2019
My One-in-7.5 Billion for as Long as it Takes Love Spell
Spell Date: Thursday, March 14, 2019

Love-doves and mating animals of every persuasion observe the euphoria of this special time of affection, mating, and natural bliss. If you are seeking your one true love, try this simple spell using organic birdseed to cast your path to a conjugal destiny. Procure seven pounds of local bird feed and weave a love spell today, laying a trail of seeds right back to you.

Unabashedly sprinkle birdseed everywhere you go. Draw in avian tenderness while feeding the birds of spring gently. Within your longing, recite the Latin prayer below each time you toss seeds; attach a desired quality to each handful you sprinkle in the name of love.

Seal this spell with a steadfast kiss and the birds of spring will forever bless you:

“O’ turturem columbae, columbam,
parus caeruleus, et avem;
Venus, mei ad me, verus
amor meam producat.
(O turtle dove, pigeon, and chickadee;
Venus, bring my true love unto me.)”
This post was written by Estha McNevin on March 14, 2019
Spell to Reveal Hidden Enemies
Spell Date: Friday, March 15, 2019

If you suspect there may be some foes hiding among your friends, try this spell to compel the individual to reveal their true colors. For each person you suspect may not have your best interests at heart, write their whole name on the shell of an uncooked egg with a black permanent marker. Place the eggs in a pot and cover them with cold water. Bring the water to a boil as you chant:

“No one here can hide their truth, bad
eggs will crack, for sure, forsooth.”

After the water has been boiling for about a minute, turn off the heat and cover the pot. Wait fifteen minutes. If any of the eggs are cracked, keep a close eye on the person whose name it bears, as hidden aspects of their intentions and actions will soon come to light.
This post was written by Melanie Marquis on March 15, 2019
Healing Regret, Shame and Remorse
Spell Date: Saturday, March 16, 2019

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s masterwork, The Scarlet Letter, was published on this day in 1850. Shame, regret, and remorse are tough emotions. They can take a toll on one’s spirit and place a burden upon the heart. Many times it is easier to forgive others than it is to forgive ourselves.

We all make mistakes. The lesson is to learn from those mistakes and move on with your life. It’s been said that the universe keeps bringing lessons around in stronger and stronger ways until you finally get it. Don’t let the universe use a sledgehammer to bring you into awareness! Admit your mistake and move forward. Allow for the expansiveness of soul that comes with humility.

Tonight, add three drops of rose essential oil to a spray bottle filled with distilled water. Spray your room with the rose water. Wish yourself pleasant dreams. Awake tomorrow to a new day and new beginning.
This post was written by Najah Lightfoot on March 16, 2019

A Prosperity Spell
Spell Date: Sunday, March 17, 2019

Long before there was a Saint Patrick’s Day, some ancient peoples used this day to perform rituals for prosperity, abundance, and fertility. Here is a spell appropriate for today. You’ll need a green or gold candle and an ivy plant. Light the candle and water the ivy. Gaze at the flame and say:

“Prosperity, abundance, and fertility,
You are welcome in my home.
So mote it be.”

Then snuff out the candle safely. Tend the ivy plant and give it a special place in your home. As it flourishes, your spell will begin working. Occasionally remove a few leaves from the ivy and scatter them outside your front door. As you do so, think of or say the charm again.
This post was written by James Kambos on March 17, 2019


What is Ostara?

Ostara, otherwise known as the Vernal Equinox, marks the date when day overcomes night. Plants re-emerge from the earth, the air is filled with birdsong, and animals mate and bear young. Humans feel an overpowering urge to build now, to plant and to fall in love. This powerful time is when winter dreams need to be acted upon.

The most potent talisman we have this time of the year is the egg, symbol of rebirth, new beginnings, and growth. Here are some old and new ways to use eggs in your spellwork.

For a new love, take a raw egg and dye it red. Poke holes on either end of the egg with a needle or a small nail. Make the hole on the small end of the egg large enough so that you can insert a crystal and herbs. Blow the contents of the egg out the holes and thoroughly clean out the inside. Insert into the egg a small rose quartz crystal, rose petals, and a sprinkle of catnip. Visualize a new love entering your life. Glue over the hole with pink tissue paper.

You can modify this spell for abundance or any new venture with a change of color, crystal, and herb.

To keep a family together, the eldest member of the clan divides a hard-boiled egg so that each member gets a piece to eat. Throughout one’s life, if any member of the family gets lost one must think about those, he or she shared the egg with. This will cause the others to think of him or her. The combined physic energies will guide the lost one home.

To ensure the safety and well-being of your household, bury a magically charged egg in each of the four directions. Charge an egg with visions of an abundant harvest and bury it in your garden before you plant.

Hang decorated eggs from the trees around your property on Ostara to bring prosperity to your family for the year.

Ostara isn’t just eggs and baskets… Easter isn’t just Jesus rising. This is about change, rebirth, new Life, reassurance, and hope. We seek out these things and revel when we find them.

The Goddess was walking through the woods one day when she found a wounded dove. While trying to heal it the magic went a bit off and turned the bird into a rabbit though not fully, for it kept laying eggs! So grateful was the rabbit that it left her the eggs at her door. She was touched by her kindness and rather than keep them for herself colored them bright colors and hid them for others to find that they might enjoy it. Ever since then we have painted eggs for others to find and eat (or eat the treats inside at any rate)

Also, known as Vernal or Spring Equinox, Ostara, Alban Eiler, Esther, Eostre, Ostarun, Eastre, Eoastrae, Oestre The first true day of Springtide. The days and nights are now equal in length as the Young God continues to mature and grow. We begin to see shoots of new growth and swelling buds on the trees. Energy is building as the days become warmer with promise.

What is Ostara… exactly?

Well, there isn’t an ‘exact’ outline to draw Ostara/ Eostre with. That would be like asking a honeybee: “What compels you to make honey… really”. They do it because it’s in their nature. The Spring Equinox is well… in our nature!

And the celebration comes in so many forms! All of them special, all of them unique, and all of them filled with children! Yes! Children! The youth of the God and Goddess literally “springs” into action and we are stampeded by giggling, cajoling, riotous youngsters who firmly believe that only a rabbit can deliver coloured eggs and chocolate. Talented rabbit, yes? (Of course, we can’t forget the Easter Beagle.)

Seriously, though, the Judean/Christian Faiths and the Pagan/Heathen Paths seem to run parallel to each other, once in a while crossing an intersection or two, and we ‘meet’ on the solstices and equinoxes. History has shown the mingling of cultures over the ages and because of that, our cultures become full and richer. This is one of those richly laden sabbats that has beautiful ribbons from both sides adorning the baskets, dresses, smart suits, and trees everywhere.

The ‘rising’ of the Son/Sun/God marks the start of the holiday. Not the “birth” but the “rising”- The Oak and Holly King vie for the hand of the Goddess Maiden.

For now, the Charge of Spring is coursing through the Rising God/ Rising Son… rebirth is at hand and all living things take notice. We seem to move faster, more freely. We talk longer to old friends (or are compelled to look them up), we seek out farmer’s markets and craft fairs, and we decorate everything! Our souls and bodies take another ‘interest’… *ahem*, as well. Take a look at the birth announcements- they have a slightly higher number in Spring and Winter.

And that’s what Spring really is: a way to comfort each other and say: “Nature’s Winter and our own is gone for now- we still have each other- let’s enjoy the warmth and get back into the Light for a little while!”

Now, I know that lots of people have lots of different views on the Jesus/Mary story and even more have different views on the God/Goddess stories, but essentially… “Easter/Ostara/Eostre” is a holiday of true love, of comforting and courting, and a day of youthful thoughts and dreams. We bake bread that is round and full, like the light of the Sun. We colour and hide eggs out of respect of the bounty that will be “hidden and sought after” for the coming year, and we revel in our children. And the kids know it. They do! You can hear it when they talk- even the little ones when they first start to speak… their eyes are wider, their faces are glowing, and their excitement is an echo of the God and Goddess’ own voices as they revel in Each Other!

The Crone Herself has given the Wheel to the Maiden, The Holly King has handed the crown to the Oak King. Seasons turn, and all things must turn with them.

There is a great joy that rolls through our desert mountains, the rains that fall are the smiling tears of the Sky and Earth as They get a chance to be close once more, and even the Valley of Fire has colors to offer in celebration! Yes, the desert blooms- and the colors that show are vibrant- defiant almost- of the previous signs of the winter greys.

Planting begins (or has already started for some of us), and we sink our hands deep into the Earth and listen to Her sigh as She takes in the warmth of the Sun. Seeds and bulbs that were nestled in the deep snows and frozen grounds are breaking through- being ‘reborn’ unto light and heat and love.

So much to consider when the passage of Spring is laid before us, all around us, and pulled out from deep within. We are wells of joy and sorrow, we celebrate a new addition to the family and say farewell to those who must walk through Shadow. We tie ribbons of ranging colors to share the laughter and strengths that our faiths have encouraged us to find (like dyed eggs… hmmm) and most of all… most importantly…

Colors for this fun Sabbat are usually pastels, light greens, pinks, purples, whites, and yellows. Stones used are aquamarine, rose quartz, and moonstone. Altars are usually set up to contain flowers (whether store bought, picked from a field, or fake), and eggs, birds, or rabbits.

Author Unknown to Me


Heartwings Love Notes 871 Think Green for Spring Menus

Heartwings says: “The right foods grow in the spring to help us balance the body as we need to do to prepare for summer.”

It’s time to think balance for the Equinox. Green vegetables bring cleansing and help eliminate winter accumulation we inherit from the cold months. The following recipe will help to do that. It makes for good health to connect with each season by serving the seasonal fruits and vegetables. This recipe uses Dandelion greens, available in the spring and later in your yard all summer, though not good while blossoming, and either Asparagus or any leafy green such as kale, collards, curly endive, Swiss chard or spinach. A food processor helps.

Dandelion greens are rich in vitamins and minerals, and this is a good way to get loved ones to eat them. Many markets carry the cultivated sort, which are less time consuming to prepare than the ones from your yard. While dandelion greens can be eaten any time of year, they are especially good in the spring or the fall. They are extraordinarily nutritious and deserve an honored place at any table. On the other hand, unless your younger children are most unusual, they might not eat them-but you never know.

Spring Greens for Good Health
2 to 3 cups of Dandelion greens, well washed, tough lower stems removed
2 to 3 cups Asparagus spears chopped, tough ends removed
or Leafy Greens (kale, collards, curly endive, Swiss chard or spinach)
2 to 3 Tablespoons olive Oil to taste
2 to 3 Garlic cloves to taste
Salt and Pepper to taste

Method: Lightly steam each vegetable separately until still a bit crisp. Drain well. Save cooking water to use in a soup or to drink. Add olive oil and garlic to taste to greens, and blend well in food processor. If you don’t have one, rough-chop or scissor greens by hand. Slice or chop desired number of garlic cloves into pan and sauté lightly. Add both chopped greens and mingle them gently in the pan. Or add food processed greens, oil and garlic mixture. Stir and sauté to let garlic cook, over moderate heat, then serve to 2 to 4.

May you have a healthy spring and enjoy good health all season.

Tasha Halpert  (


Deepening Spirituality with Chrysoberyl:


Properties: Translucent multi-colored stones that are often confused with quartz tiger’s eye. It is most often referred to by the French as “oeil de chat”. Chrysoberl crystals are famous for increasing personal power and deepening spirituality. They help to increase generosity and charitable behavior. This stone promotes forgiveness and offers peace of mind to those who wear it. Chrysoberyl can initiate intuition and spark awareness. For acquiring more prosperity, confidence, self-pride and very helpful as a healing tool due to their colors. Amplifies other gems energies. Some are irradiated to turn green. Trust your feeling with each stone. It is a stone that is said to bring self-knowledge and protection. Cat’s eye is attuned to Leo and is one of the 9 sacred Vedic stones associated with ketu, the south descending node of the moon.

Folk Remedies: This stone is considered to protect the visual center of the brain and helps with eyesight. The eye-shaped crystal has an amazing effect on the nervous system and should be worn often. Used to drive away nightmares when placed by the bedside.

Feng Shui: Use this stone in the Southwest for relationships (use two stones), in the Northeast for wealth and good luck. A great stone to be used anywhere you need protection.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 – 3 and method 5 – 8 (half an hour in the sun).

History: Cat’s Eye, Al2BeO4 + Cr, Ti, was used for protection against the evil eye and black magic. First mentioned by Pliny the Elder, this stone has been used through the centuries for adornment and decoration. Most appealing when cut as a cabachon, Chrysoberyl is a symbol of tolerance, goodness, pride and harmony. Often given to lovers to increase the positive effects on their relationship. German geologist A. G. Werner declared this stone a mineral in its own right in 1800.

Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac
Therapies for healing
mind, body, spirit


Same Choices, Same Results
By Madisyn Taylor

A change in perspective, behavior, or response can do so much more to help us move past issues left unresolved.

Repeated bouts of adversity are an unavoidable aspect of human existence. We battle against our inner struggles or outer world forces, and in many cases, we emerge on the opposite side of struggle stronger and better equipped to cope with the challenges yet to come. However, we can occasionally encounter trials that seem utterly hopeless. We strike at them with all of our creativity and perseverance, hoping desperately to bring about change, only to meet with the same results as always. Our first instinct in such situations is often to push harder against the seemingly immovable obstruction before us, assuming that this time we will be met with a different outcome. But staying power and stamina net us little when the same choices consistently garner the same results. A change in perspective, behavior, or response can do so much more to help us move past points where no amount of effort seems sufficient to overcome the difficulties before us.

Whether our intention is to change ourselves or some element of the world around us, we cannot simply wish for transformation or hope that our lives will be altered through circumstance. If our patterns of thought and behavior remain unchanged, our lives will continue to unfold much as they have previously. Patterns in which fruitless efforts prevail can be overcome with self examination and courage. It is our bravery that allows us to question the choices we have made thus far and to channel our effort into innovation. Asking questions and making small adjustments to your thought processes and behaviors will help you discover what works, so you can leave that which does not work behind you. To break free from those unconscious patterns that have long held sway over your actions and reactions, you will likely have to challenge your assumptions on a most basic level. You must accept once and for all that your beliefs with regard to cause and effect may no longer be in accordance with your needs.

Stagnation is often a sign that great changes are on the horizon. Courting the change you wish to see in yourself and in the world around you is a matter of acknowledging that only change begets change. The results you so ardently want to realize are well within the realm of possibility, and you need only step away from the well-worn circular path to explore the untried paths that lie beyond it.


Stephen Halpert

Magee at the Reunion 11

“Magee, drop that shoelace now!”
I really wanted to keep it, but we had company and I knew I’d best make nice. We were in a small two bedroom suite at the back of an old hotel near Time Square. I had hoped we’d have been at the Plaza overlooking Central Park but the FBI budget being what it was instead we were overlooking a back alley. All I could see were backs of dingy buildings, trash cans, and scary rats scouring for food.
Sippi rushed over to me. Before I could respond she yanked the chewed shoelace from my mouth. I whimpered playing the victim. Humans have no idea how delicious a treat rawhide shoelace can be.
“Germs, Magee. Bad!” She turned to Raven. “Did you pick that up and give it to him when the cabbie was apprehended?”
Raven shrugged and raised his eyebrows giving her his best “I don’t know what you’re talking about” look. She sighed but knew right then not to push it.
Agent Ouspenski of the KGB smiled at Sippi and said “I did not realize how alluring American police women can be.”
Raven frowned.
Sippi threw my chewed rawhide shoelace into the trash. She turned to Ouspenski and grinned. “We’re in a class by ourselves.”
Ouspenski nodded. “And as I recall you were also a WNBA All Star.”
“Retired,” she said. “I’m sure the incident of my injury is in your files.”
“But of course. At KGB we read everything.” He winked flirtatiously at her and turned to Raven. “Why did you leave the NBA Agent Jones, especially when after your injury you were cleared to play but nonetheless you retired? You had set the single season scoring record for the three point shot.”
Raven shrugged. “It’s a boy’s game,” he said. “Lost a step or two once my knee had recovered.” Then he shifted the conversation. “What made you join KGB?”
Ouspenski smiled. “I too was a star athlete in soccer. I was recruited as a teenager. After my training my first assignment was with the contingency protecting Gorbachev. Now I have diplomatic responsibilities. I must tell you Agent Jones that at KGB you are thought of as the American James Bond.”
Raven laughed. “You’re flattering me.”
Ouspenski’s face crinkled. “But of course.” He drew a narrow folder from inside his jacket and handed it to Raven. My passport and credentials.”
There was a knock at the door. I raised my head, sniffing. Sippi opened it. A waiter rolled in a cart containing ice, black bread, caviar and a bottle of Vodka. Ouspenski tipped the waiter and he left.
Ouspenski turned to me. “Had I known you earlier Magee I’d have ordered you rawhide shoelaces.”
Sippi laughed. “Magee you’ve a fan in the Kremlin.”
Raven handed him back his papers. Ouspenski reached down and petted me. “Magee is well known to KGB; a truly brilliant police dog. I am glad he is here with us.” He poured small shots of Vodka over ice and raised his glass toward Sippi and Raven. “To our good fortune recovering two billion in gold bullion stolen from the Russian people by Horace Spikes and his superiors in Washington.”
Raven’s eyes widened. “Come again?”
Ouspenski opened his mouth to speak, but there was another knock at the door. He went over and opened it. The tall blond woman I had seen at the airport, and again when she apprehended the cab driver in Central Park, came in. She smiled and nodded to Sippi and Raven.
“We meet again. I am Colonel Mara Dubinsky, KGB. I would have been able to intercede sooner when the thug had you in his cab but my colleague, Major Ouspenski,” she frowned in his direction, “insisted on driving his boyish motor scooter and that complicated our approach.”
Ouspenski huffed loudly and handed her a glass of Vodka.
She smiled at Sippi and sipped her drink. “But all is well and we are finally here. Our assignment is to seek cooperation from you both.”
Raven leaned forward. “Cooperation in what way?”
“The recovery of two billion dollars in gold bullion swindled by American oligarchs through the efforts of Horace Spikes,” Major Dubinsky repeated. “We are here to facilitate recovery.”
Sippi raised her eyebrows. “Could you explain more?”
Ouspenski nodded. “Horace Spikes was employed by the Kremlin to provide concrete, steel and related building materials to construct in Moscow the largest high rise building complex in all of Europe. Some opposed to the present regime called it Putin’s Versailles. Shortly before delivery however, the bullion disappeared.”
Raven straightened in his chair. “Just like that?” q14
Ouspenski nodded. “The American oligarchs in Washington denied any delivery of the bullion. Furthermore every effort was made on their part to prevent us from investigating. Spikes was uncooperative, stonewalling our accusations.” He paused and nodded at Mara.
“It became obvious to KGB,” she went on “that the highest echelons in Washington were covering up the theft, expecting Russia to roll over and play dead.”
“Not too likely,” Raven said. “But who exactly?”
“Someone high up in the current administration that had sufficient knowledge of building materials like steel and concrete, with an eye toward excessive profits.”
Ouspenski continued. “Several oligarchs in Russia who had been friendly with Spikes launched their own investigations. I must say,” he grimaced and went on, “sloppy and heavy handed. There were no–how would you say, concrete results,” he smiled. “But the extermination of Horace Spikes and his family did force Washington’s hand to call finally, and I dare say reluctantly, for an investigation by the FBI.”
“Aha! That’s why Sippi and I were sent to New York,” Raven said. He had wondered why there had been such a change of heart at the FBI.
“To give the impression of cooperation,” Mara Dubinsky said. “But you will find nothing here. The Spikes’ foundry in the Bronx was burned to the ground just as was his mansion in Massachusetts.”
Sippi stood up and began to pace. “Let me see if I’ve got this right,” she said. “We were sent here on a wild goose chase. Washington knew we’d find nothing, but nevertheless we were sent.”
“Maybe to get us out of town,” Raven said.
“Exactly,” Ouspenski said. “Consider yourselves minor pawns in an international swindle.”
Sippi’s device sounded. She took the call. “It’s Aunt Bea,” she said aloud. Then she turned on the speaker:
“Sippi,” Aunt Bea said. “She’s gone. Someone broke in and stole my little Snowflake.” She sobbed and went on. “She’s gone. Chief Mallory and I searched all over. Please come back Sippi. We need Magee to help find her.”

(to be continued)


Weekly Horoscopes bBginning: Sunday, 17 March 2019

If you`re born within cusp period (16 to 26 of any month); you`re advised to read horoscopes of both signs covered by that period. You`re in the border; you may have influences from houses within those signs.

Outlines are longer versions; consists of every possible detail of everyday and based on three parts of each sign: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Decan; that is, any of three divisions of 10° within a sign of the zodiac. Even if you know or don`t know your Decan; I recommend, please read all three Decan.

Personal theme: I am!!
Fire & cardinal sign: March 21 — April 19

Your horoscope for this week:

Epigram: After a seriously tricky period, the Sun`s move into Aries, on Wednesday, not only boosts your spirits, your efforts to overcome frustrating obstacles suddenly come good. Tempting as it is to assume this means you can proceed with other plans and double-check the facts later; rush things and you`ll soon realise how important details are. They may be boring, but what you learn will be crucial.

Sweeping some commitments under the carpet might seem a good idea at the time, but you will regret it. Whether these are practical chores or matters relating to finance or business, deal with them as and when the need arises. Confusion in a close relationship will be ironed out by the end of the week. Talk things over calmly or confide in an older relative who will give you the perfect solution to a problem.

The Sun arrives in your sign and almost immediately there is a Full Moon. These events don`t often coincide. The fact that that same day Venus and Mars arrive at their Last Quarter phase, suggests that the latter part of this week will indeed provide a turning point. Financial partnerships seem particularly important: at both the domestic and working level. It might seem that decisions simply have to be made and before the end of the month. Exasperation with those who have yet to grasp the enormity of a situation may be great. Yet it should be remembered that you are at your best when faced with challenge. Like a superhuman Tarzan, it suits you to be faced with the equivalent of shifting mountains. With others respectful of your undoubted expertise and by harnessing goodwill (most likely with international contacts), you could yet triumph. If there is a drawback, it`s that Mercury is still retrograde and that those born under Gemini, Virgo or Pisces might not respond as quickly as you would like.

Personal theme: I have!!
Earth & fixed sign: April 20 — May 20

Your horoscope for this week:

Epigram: Usually, patience is one of your strengths; but between troublesome events or, perhaps, the impatient mood of others, you`re under pressure. What`s more, developments are unsettling. Worse, they`re forcing you to delve into, and deal with, changes you`ve been hoping to sidestep. You can`t. However, what takes place prompts profitable discussions. What you learn makes it clear what seem mere disruptive events are actually golden opportunities.

A new neighbour has something bothering them. They need to talk, and they have chosen you to confide in. Not only will they find your advice of great help, you could end up talking about a variety of topics and activities. Friendship may evolve out of this alliance. With you trying to cram as much as possible into your days, take some time out of your busy schedule later in the week to read a couple of chapters from a good book or luxuriate in the bath.

Uranus is now firmly established in your sign. Though it might not feel that way as yet, it`s likely that others are already sensing your growing determination and strength of will. A very strong possibility – especially since Mercury is still retrograde in Pisces, – is that reviewing relationships with a group or association and indeed wondering what your long-term role is to be will rise to the top of your agenda. By the time that Venus, your ruling planet, arrives at Last Quarter phase with Mars on Thursday, you may be ready for the in-depth discussion and strategic planning that`s been necessary for the last couple of years but hasn`t quite happened. Much could yet be achieved. This week`s Equinox coincides with a Full Moon. Impetus to arrive at a way forward will be felt everywhere. Others will likely either decide exactly which side they are on or put considerable effort into finding compromise. Either way, it may be necessary for you to check rules and regulations and to agree a new timeline. It may be that between now and mid-September has to be considered a trial period for a new way of working.

Personal theme: I think!!
Air sign: May 21 — June 20

Your horoscope for this week:

Epigram: While, obviously, it would be easier if you could discuss the unsettling changes currently reshaping your life and circumstances of others, things are more complex than that. This means living with uncertainty but, even more, the resulting tense mood. The solution? Distract yourself, and others, by turning the process of exploring options into a game. Make it fun, and you`ll enjoy it and learn lots, too.

Praise or a reward will come for a job well done. Enjoy the chance to take it in and be proud of your recent accomplishments. It will feel great to be appreciated. After all your recent hard work, you deserve a pat on the back. Something unexpected is in the air. It may be out of town visitors, a surprise offer or a friend will set you up on a blind date. It won`t be an imposition to postpone some arrangements when new opportunities are far more appealing.

It`s important to remember that Mercury is still retrograde at the very apex of your solar chart. This suggests frequent comings and goings. If in partnership with others born under the Mutable signs either of your own, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces it may seem that there are ever-changing goalposts. Note though that you too could be accused of this. By the time that Venus and Mars reach their Last Quarter phase (which this year coincides with both the Equinox and a Full Moon), tentative agreement could be reached. True, this will likely require legal ratification. At the very least you may need approval from an expert or older authority. The really positive news however is that growing awareness that combined with fresh alliance and earlier experience, you could make real headway before your birthday in a few months` time.

Personal theme: I feel!!
Water & cardinal sign: June 21 — July 22

Your horoscope for this week:

Epigram: Ordinarily you`re conscious which situations you can shape, deal with or decide versus those that are in others` hands or up to destiny; but with so many changes taking place so swiftly, details are in short supply. Ignore that fact, and proceed as if you knew what`s what. Bizarrely, mostly, things will fall into place; and those that don`t immediately will respond to some creative thinking.

Energy is erratic and this is all because you keep pushing yourself when you should be resting. Stop telling yourself that other people`s needs are more important than your own. Instead you should be telling your boss that you are overworked, and you need some assistance. It`s no use trying to bluff your way through an interview or business meeting. If you don`t have the information needed at hand, ask for more time to get it. Be honest from the start.

Yes, there is a Full Moon this week and yes, you could be overly emotional. This particular Full Moon coincides with both the Equinox and with Venus and Mars arriving at their Last Quarter phase. This is likely to be a very important time for all signs. You may remember however that Saturn, the planet associated with anchoring and stability is presently travelling through your opposite sign. The good news from this is that there may well be several people ready to steady you. Your particular expertise could yet be put to good use. It`s highly likely – given the upcoming Solar Eclipse in your sign in July, that at some point in the coming months, that your career will go off in fresh direction. Just how great that change will be may be obvious by next weekend. Do remember that Mercury is still retrograde until 29th, and that there are likely matters for others to resolve before they can give you the green light. This marginal delay should work to your advantage, giving you time to clear space for the undoubted challenges headed your way.

Personal theme: I will!!
Fire & fixed sign: July 23 — August 22

Your horoscope for this week:

Epigram: Recent events have been exciting but so demanding you`ve been unable to think about anything other than what`s next. While the pressure won`t be any less intense, you`ve dealt with enough you`ll be able to both feel more optimistic but, also, see the broader picture. This is timely, since it`s time to focus on, and in some cases organise, plans of a more far reaching nature.

People aren`t blind. You might be telling everyone that you feel wonderful and you can cope with a heavy workload but the bags under your eyes tell them differently. If a colleague offers to take on some of your chores, accept immediately. You feel wary about a new neighbour or workmate. If you have the choice, you would prefer to spend time with people you know and trust but there may be the need to deal with someone you hardly know. It will be easier than you think.

Later this week, Venus, travelling in your opposite sign arrives at its Last Quarter phase with Mars. Obviously, this affects all sign but, in your case, could lead to a relationship crisis. The fact that this event coincides with both the Full Moon and the Equinox adds impetus. The world could be shaken by events that might indeed be beyond anyone`s control. What seems likely – and especially since Chiron is now travelling through another of the Fire signs, Aries, – is that you`ll be involved in a problem-solving exercise with those from a very different culture or even country to your own. Don`t underestimate your ability to cut through jargon and arrive at understanding of initially apparently alien rules and regulations. True, Mercury is still retrograde, and a degree of confusion is likely until that planet stations on the 29th. There is however no need to make a drama out of a crisis or for you to underestimate your ability to grasp and adopt new ways of working.

Personal theme: I analyse!!
Earth sign: August 23 — September 22

Your horoscope for this week:

Epigram: True, you could invest time in tracking down the source of both unexpected problems and misunderstandings; but between your ruler Mercury being retrograde and numerous shakeups in the heavens, you`ll still be lacking in answers. Instead focus on taking advantage of the resulting unanticipated ideas, offers and, often, exciting opportunities. While short of details, these concepts are thrilling enough you`re eager to take things further.

Be patient with a friend or relative who is behaving childishly. You could throttle someone for paying too much attention to malicious gossip. It will be easier to persuade them there is no truth in a rumour once you are able to present them with the true facts. Tread cautiously and do your best to keep private affairs private. Keep tight control of your finances and don`t give anyone your passwords or bank code.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, is still retrograde in your opposite sign. It might seem that others have absolutely no intention whatsoever of resolving difficulties. It`s probable however that nothing could be further from the truth. The combination of this week`s Equinox, with a Full Moon and with Venus and Mars arriving at their Last Quarter phase, suggests that before Friday most people will be alert to the nature of difficulties and working hard to find ways around or through these.. Harking back as to how things should have been done will not be a helpful exercise. Yet your notes of earlier meetings could yet prove useful. You could point out to certain individuals that there is no need for work to be repeated. It may well be that a report prepared at an earlier date still has value. It might need a new title but that will surely be something that you can manage – even if that requires working over the weekend. All told this could prove a week of high drama but with the prospect of considerable reward.

Personal theme: I balance!!
Air & cardinal sign: September 23 — October 22

Your horoscope for this week:

Epigram: Every Full Moon brings both circumstances and feelings to a peak, often at the last minute. However, because Thursday`s is in Libra, you`ve been tracking certain situations and mulling over potential plans for ages. Still, with so much going on in the heavens, the odds are good that last minute developments could change everything. Knowing that, focus on exploring your options. Decisions can, and should, wait.

Consider new offers carefully before crossing the threshold into new areas of experience. A number of proposals and suggestions are coming your way. Don`t be surprised to find yourself responding to these differently depending on who they come from and the seriousness of their words. It might be necessary to take advantage of contacts made in the past to further ambitions for the future. If someone owes you a favour, don`t hesitate to ask.

You may remember that just a couple of weeks ago, Chiron (the planetoid orbiting between Saturn and Uranus) crossed over into your opposite sign. It last transited this area between 1968 and 1977 – possibly before your time. Think of this as bringing fresh energy. Note too, that that energy is likely to be given a further boost at the Equinox on Thursday. That event coincides with the Full Moon in your sign and with Venus and Mars arriving at their Last Quarter phase. If the last couple of years have been difficult, anticipate this to be a real turning point. True, you will need to put more effort in. If a working relationship is no longer viable, then perhaps you need to declare that to be the case and give yourself a timeline of several months to bring it to satisfactory conclusion. Strategy as they say, is everything. The good news is that with Jupiter passing through Sagittarius, you might not be averse to seeking expert advice. True, in the final analysis you have to listen to your inner voice. Gathering information though should suit you well. Indeed, with Mercury still retrograde, this is an excellent time for reappraisal.

Scorpio & Ophiuchus
Personal theme: I desire!!
Water & fixed signs: October 23 — November 21

Your horoscope for this week:

Epigram: Judging by the powerful link between Mars and your ruler Pluto, you`re in a position to take decisive action or, if necessary, confront others. Yet you`re short of facts, so struggling with doubts. What`s more, recent unsettling events were as bewildering, to you and others. So be bold. The results will soon make it clear you did the right thing, and at the right time.

A project you are working on has lost all its appeal because of the length of time it is taking to complete. Keep at it and you should see the end of this before the week is through. Before thinking about what to do next, take a break and indulge your sensual side. You deserve it. A rumour that reaches your ear might tell of new opportunities that turn out to be nothing more than hearsay. Avoid gossiping colleagues.

Mercury continues its retrograde journey through another of the Water signs, Pisces. This accents the `risk and speculation` area of your solar chart. In the days leading into Thursday`s Equinox which, as it happens also coincides with the Last Quarter phase between Venus and your ruling planet, Mars (which is travelling in your opposite sign), may be indicative of you being advised to take a different approach. It might even be that you decide to release some assets. Involvement in buying and selling seems more likely than not. You might also be called upon to give counsel to someone who is negotiating with very little experience behind them. Though this task is not yours to take over, it may be that you have valuable information to impart. In short, don`t underestimated your ability to guide or act as mentor.

Personal theme: I see!!
Fire sign: November 22 — December 21

Your horoscope for this week:

Epigram: True, you enjoy a lively debate. Despite that, during this period of unreliable information and sudden changes, you`re urged to stick to what you know and save crucial conversations for later. Be aware, however, certain essential but tedious discussions about practical or financial matters really can`t wait. While you won`t necessarily reach an immediate accord, you`ll know where others stand, which is a good start.

There is plenty to do to keep you occupied but you don`t want to spend all your time on work and household chores. You might prefer to hang out with friends or to persuade your family to join you in enjoying some fresh air and exercise. Somehow you might end up getting involved in what should be someone else`s responsibility. How they manage to disappear just at the time they are needed, you will never know, but you could probably kick yourself for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Chiron, the planetoid orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, recently arrived in another of the Fire signs. This is a fresh energy for all but is given a boost at this week`s Equinox. That that event coincides with several other planetary cycles coming to fresh phase suggests that the end of this week will be a dynamic one. Recall that Jupiter is presently passing through your sign. The need to embrace new horizons is surely very strong.. What`s suggested before next weekend could be an adventure that really would break boundaries. True, there are likely to be rules and regulations if not costs to be factored into decisions. Note too, that it will be imperative to get a partner onside. Though you might doubt their willingness to do so at the beginning of the week, anticipate that they too may be experiencing a change of heart. In short, view this as being a week of two parts that concludes with you taking a major initiative.

Personal theme: I use!!
Earth & cardinal sign: December 22 — January 19

Your horoscope for this week:

Epigram: For ages you`ve been struggling with increasingly pressing decisions, but been short of facts and, equally, of conviction. Finally, the actual circumstances you`re dealing with come together, enough you can begin to form your own ideas about what`s next. Pressing as situations seem, and as anxious as others may be, there`ll be plenty of twists and turns before you can even begin to think of finalising anything.

Someone you work with will happily sweep chores under the carpet. You don`t like to see such laziness and you aren`t impressed by their methods. If a job`s worth doing, it has to be done properly and even if it doubles your own workload, that`s what you will be doing. If you`re thinking about a holiday or taking a trip to a place you`ve always loved, make reservations now. Communication from a distance will bring some exciting news or an invitation you will want to act on immediately.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Chiron, the planetoid orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, moved into another of the Cardinal signs and began its slow transit of the very base of your solar chart. This is your `natural assets department` and where your problem-solving abilities lie. In the coming years that latent talent will be put to use. Indeed, the process could start at this week`s Equinox. The fact that that event coincides with Venus and Mars reaching their Last Quarter phase suggests that a relationship that may have been in the doldrums will move to top priority. Note too, that by next weekend, the Sun makes excellent aspect to your ruling planet, Saturn. The Sun then shines on you. Anticipate that although extra responsibilities are headed your way, that you are likely to rise to the challenge. Indeed, it might be said that you`ll embrace it. Your particular expertise may be just what`s needed.

Personal theme: I know!!
Air & fixed sign: January 20 — February 18

Your horoscope for this week:

Epigram: On 6 March, your ruling planet Uranus moved into a new position, and with that move, you began a new cycle. This accents, on one hand, reviewing elements of your way of living and working; but, equally, events will prompt you to explore your options, some for entirely unexpected reasons. For now, consider everything, knowing you`ll learn from each person you meet and ideas you encounter.

Being at odds with someone close may get you wondering about your life and in particular, your relationships. Consider the situation carefully. There is every chance you have interpreted it wrongly and there is a third party behind all the contention. It will be a relief to know there is nothing wrong with this partnership after all. If you and your amour aren`t seeing a lot of each other due to work and other commitments, it`s important to arrange to share some quality time together.

Before next weekend Venus, moving through your sign, arrives at its Last Quarter phase with Mars, which in turn is transiting the very base of your solar chart; and yes, you could get hot under the collar about a partnership matter. It might seem that the other person is spending either more time or cash than you feel is advisable. That this aspect coincides with the Equinox suggests that the end of this week will be a dynamic one for all signs. Add to this the fact that Chiron, the planetoid orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, recently changed signs and is now travelling through the neighbours and siblings area of that solar chart. It may be that action needs to be taken with regard to these individuals. They may need more help and support. It may be that you have assets – either items or energy that would make a real difference. Your community spirit will likely also rise to the surface. True, with Mercury retrograde in your finance zone, more cash is likely to be going out than coming in presently: a situation that will likely change at the end of March.

Personal theme: I believe!!
Water sign: February 19 — March 20

Your horoscope for this week:

Epigram: It`s happened before, so is nothing new. The problem is certain individuals complain, or possibly even devise a realistic sob story, enough you feel you must come to their rescue. The fact is, the situation isn`t that bad; but they`re lazy, and in the past, you`ve taken over. You could do it again. Or, alternatively, you could put you and your increasingly pressing interests first.

Your mind is on distant horizons. Choices you are making aren`t easy ones and you know that once you`ve decided what you want to do, you will have to live with the consequences. There`ll be no going back. Whether decisions involve finances, career or a relationship, you may be taking a very important step into the future. If your health has been suffering lately, you should notice a definite improvement. Take time to prepare nutritious meals and get regular exercise.

Mercury is still retrograde in your sign. It doesn`t station there until March 29th. Until that date at least, weighing up pros and cons and assessing new opportunities is probable. It is as well that those of your sign have the gift of vision and are able to see things from many different perspectives. In the run into Thursday`s Equinox (coincides with several other planetary cycles coming to fresh phase), it might seem to others that you don`t actually know where you`re going. They likely underestimated the fact that you`re still incubating and processing. By the Equinox you might indeed have a plan in mind. True this will probably need to be adjusted again once Mercury is moving in direct motion in April. It`s probable though, that you will have at least the outline of a plan ready before next weekend and the essential support to move forward.

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