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We All Look At the Same Moon!

July Moon Phases

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New Moon falls on Wednesday, 15 July, 2015 at 9:26 PM
First Quarter falls on Friday, 24 July, 2015 at 12:05 AM
Full “Blue” Moon falls on Friday, 31 July, 2015 at 6:45 AM

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The Sabbats 2015
Lammas – Jul. 31/Aug. 2
Mabon – Sept. 21/22
Samhain – Oct. 31
Yule – Dec. 21/22

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The Year Is Divided Into Four Seasons:
The first season is of a frigid complexion, and this is “Winter”;
The second is of the complexion of Air, and this is “Spring”;
Then follows the third, which is “Summer”, and is of the complexion of Fire;
Lastly, there is the fourth, wherein fruits are matured, which is “Autumn”.
~The Turba Philosophorum, ca. 12 century

•           •           •           •

The Seasons, 2015

Vernal Equinox (Spring began) March 20th at 5:46 evening.
Sun on Equator, crosses the line North, entered the sign of Aries.

Summer Solstice (Summer begins) June 21st at 11:38 morning.
Sun Runs High, at Northern tropic (turn), enters the sign of Crabba.

Autumnal Equinox (Fall begins) September 23rd at 3:20 morning.
Sun on Equator, crosses the line South, enters the sign of Libra.

Winter Solstice (Winter begins) December 21st at 11:46 evening.
Sun Rides Low, at Southern tropic (turn), enters the sign of Capricorn.

•          •           •           •
The Blue Moon

Full “Blue” Moon falls on Friday, 31 July, 2015 at 6:45 AM,  we experience a rare phenomenon, two Full Moons in one month! The next Blue Moon will come about in 2018, so Moon lovers and werewolves need to take heed!

A Blue Moon is an additional Full Moons that appears in a subdivision of a year, either the third of four Full Moons in a season or, recently, a second Full Moon in a month of the common calendar.

The phrase has nothing to do with the actual color of the Moon, although a literal “Blue Moon” (the moon appearing with a tinge of blue) may occur in certain atmospheric conditions; e.g., when there are volcanic eruptions or when exceptionally large fires leave particles in the atmosphere. This phenomenon is specific to calendars. Lunar calendars like Indian national calendar always have one full moon a month.

The term has traditionally referred to an ‘extra’ moon, where a year which normally has 12 moons has 13 instead. The ‘Blue Moon’ reference is applied to the 3rd moon in a season with 4 moons, thus correcting the timing of the last month of a season that would have otherwise been expected too early. This happens every two to three years (seven times in the Metonic cycle of 19 years).The March 1946 issue of Sky & Telescope misinterpreted the traditional definition, which led to the modern colloquial misunderstanding that a blue moon is a second Full Moon in a single solar calendar month with no seasonal link.

Owing to the rarity of a Blue Moon, the term “Blue Moon” is used colloquially to mean a rare event, as in the phrase “once in a Blue Moon”.

•           •           •           •

Once In A Blue Moon Spell

Dolphin Princess

Here’s a great spell to utilize the magical properties of the Blue Moon. You will need the following:

A square of blue cloth or sturdy blue holiday wrapping paper. Ideally, the cloth or paper will have moons and stars printed on it, alternatively you can decorate it yourself with glitter glue, stickers, etc.
13 safety pins.
Paper and a pen.
Length of gold cord or ribbon.
Bottle of Champagne, a glass, and a corkscrew.

Get centered, and sit down with your pen and paper and make a list of all the things you would want but which seem impossible. This includes anything that you find yourself repeatedly asking for. Think of “once in a lifetime,” or “once in a blue moon,” or “that couldn’t possibly happen to me,” things. The longer the list is, the better.

Now, look at each thing on your list and really think about it. Is this something you really want? If it showed up at your front door tomorrow morning would you really accept it? Are you sure this is for you? Cross off any items that you can’t say YES to with enthusiasm.

Pick your top thirteen “gee I wish I could have that” items from your list. Cut your paper into thirteen moon shapes and write one wish on each one. Write it in a positive, affirmative way, such as: “I win millions of dollars in the lottery.” or  “I get an all expenses paid month long vacation in Fiji with the person I love.“

Open up the square of cloth or paper, and pin the 13 wishes to it with safety pins. (The safety pins insure safety and security for you as your wishes unfold.). Now fold the cloth into a neat little bundle and tie it with the gold ribbon or cord.

Take the champagne, the glass, corkscrew, and your bundle outside under the full moon. Hold the bundle up and say the following:

Please grant me these wishes
With harm to none
And bring me a life filled
With love and with fun.

I give you permission
on this special night
To unbind whatever
I may have closed tight
to slip past the blocks
to move through whatever might
stop you from granting
these wishes tonight.

By the grace of the Goddess
By the grace of the God
As I say
It is done
So mote it be.

Now, uncork the champagne, and pour it into the glass. Hold up the glass of champagne and make a toast (say a heartfelt blessing) to the moon, and pour a small amount on the ground. Then make a toast to the Goddess and the God (a blessing and a thank-you), and pour a small amount on the ground. Then toast to yourself (something loving and kind), and drink the rest of the champagne in the glass.

Put the bundle in a place where things get worked on regularly, such as desk drawer, office cabinet, or tool box. On New Year’s Eve of the following year, make a list of all the wonderful and amazing things that happened since this spell, then toss the bundle (unopened) into a fire with thanks and gratitude.

by Madame Fortun 2009

•           •           •           •

Crystals for Protection

“Insight into my familiar,
enfolds me in my fearless nature.
Faith, security, protection,
fill my heart with trust, reflected.
That I’m deeply sound, connected,
guided safely and protected.”

Protection looks at our core feeling of fear, anxiety and lack of security. Letting go. By giving this fear up to the Universe to handle, you are allowing yourself to release this fear, and strip away any kind of meaning or significance it may have upon you. By letting go, this allows us to move to the next level in our lives. Protection always comes by letting go of the fear.

How To Create Protection

Without a doubt, there are situations in our lives that cause anxiety. This is something we must “pick apart” in order to find it’s roots. There may be one or two things that are not allowing your mind to be free. Write them down.

Look at them on paper. Send them to me if you like (we can look at them together). Be honest with yourself when you write them out. Go with your immediate intuition. Fears have a tendency to dissolve when we are looking them face on.

Re-balance. As a holistic individual, you know that our bodies are continuously in a state of re-balancing itself. This is how we function. This is how we grow. By holding on to a fear, we are not allowing this processes (your intuitive state) to flow freely. This block can be the cause of a much bigger problem.

Letting go. By giving this fear up to the universe to handle, you are essentially allowing yourself to release this fear, and in turn strip away any kind of meaning or significance it may have upon you. By letting go, this allows us to move to the next level in our lives. The next natural process. Often times, this is a fear in itself.

The fear of “what will happen when I DO move to my next stage in life?” Let your guard down. Let it go. This is not a fear. This is a great journey. Allow yourself to follow it.

“The best protection any woman can have … is courage.” – Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Crystals for Protection

The power behind Earth’s minerals can be felt the minute you put a crystal in your hands or near your physical body. Crystals are the treasures of the earth. These stones are filled with energy to be used. Each crystal, stone, gemstone is rated by its hardness, shape, size, qualities and often have a metaphysical significance as their personality. Some of the best crystals for protection include Bloodstone, Carnelian, Hematite and Obsidian.


Properties: Ammonite is often used for stability in life. This is actually a fossilized creature that resembled a snail, over 65 million years old. It is now a helpful stone which offers a sense of relaxation. It is believed that Ammonite brings stability and order in life. Ammonite is a stone of protection. It provides for insight and it helps to assist one in seeing the “whole picture.” Since it is associated with the Root Chakra, it encourages ones survival instincts and is grounding.


Properties: Increases courage helps in avoiding dangerous situations by soothing the mind. Metaphysically, bloodstone is used to either promote a calm, tranquil atmosphere that is grounding or revitalize insufficient energy. A great stone for mental exhaustion. This stone represents both courage and strength and is used for achieving these attributes. It is associated with honesty and integrity and is useful in removing obstacles in life. Most effective on the Heart (green) and Root (red) Chakra.


Properties: This stone represents confidence, boldness, initiative, dramatic abilities, assertiveness and outgoingness. Precision, analysis, stimulates appetite, encourages celebration and brings awareness of feelings. This stone helps you feel anchored and comfortable with your surroundings. Provides a connection to the past or to historical events. Carnelian can improve motivation. Helps one achieve greater success in career or personal matters. Helps ground people who meditate. Carnelian is one of the most helpful crystals for healing trauma, stress and emotional wounds that have accumulated in the etheric body or the Aura and are now manifesting as physical symptoms.


Properties: This crystal is the most recommended stone for grounding and is associated with the Root Chakra, by encourages ones survival instincts and is centering. Hematite condenses scattered feelings, turns fuzziness into mental clarity, enhances concentration, memory, practicality and helps with sound sleep. Considered the symbol of life energy, hematite allows for more confidence, will power and boldness. Helps us adjust to being physical. A protective stone and helps bolster low self-esteem. Hematite is known to deflect negativity. It brings our awareness back to the body and helps one maintain their sense of self.


Properties: The ancient Chinese culture has revered Jade for centuries. Jade is considered the health, wealth and longevity stone, used also for courage, wisdom, justice, mercy, emotional balance, stamina, love, fidelity, humility, generosity, peace, harmony. Jade has been used for protection for centuries. Jade is known as androgynous, therefore it is considered having a gentle, steady pulse of healing energy. Jade is found in different colors and can be used on the appropriate Chakra based on its color. Properties common to all colors of Jade include its ability to mellow one’s existence. Helps one rid themselves of negative thoughts and energy. Very beneficial to the heart in both physical and spiritual senses. It is a very protective stone and will keep its wearer out of harm’s way. Jade bounds us to our earth energies and physical instincts. Jade is a humbling stone.


Properties: Jet is a form of petrified wood similar to coal, though much harder. This stone has absorbing qualities. Helps draw out negative energy. Especially useful for people who have unreasonable fears that limit their lives. Therefore, that is why this black stone, it relates to the Root Chakra, the center that connects us to our earth energy. The Root chakra is connected to survival and our trust in the physical world, and in one’s own body. Recommended for stimulating psychic experience and guiding one in the quest for spiritual enlightenment. If worn, it should be set in silver. Jet has been used as a protective stone in life’s physical journeys. It’s known as a traveler’s amulet, and the wives of sailors often burnt it to protect their husbands while they were at sea. Jet has been known historically, to also protect from scorpions and snake bites, especially when the stone is wore over the heart. Jet has been used to help soothe the pain of both a broken heart due to seperation or the loss or death of a relative or loved one. In the past, this protection stone has been used to ward against enemies, evil spirits, witchcraft and harmful magic spells.


Properties: This is a strong grounding stone and is known as “the protector”. It is said to “mirror one’s soul. This stone brings about objectivity, dis-attachment and is grounding. It reduces fantasy and escapism. Absorbs and dissolves anger, criticism, fear, and therefore is protective. This unusual black stone absorbs darkness and converts it to white light energy. It is a warm and friendly stone, which is used at the Root Chakra, encouraging ones survival instincts and is grounding. Black obsidian brings higher Chakra light into lower ones; cleanses and uplifts. Changes fear into flexibility with the advent of change. Obsidian is used for transformation.

“On life’s journey, faith is nourishment, virtuous deeds are a shelter, wisdom is the light by day and right mindfulness is the protection by night. If a man lives a pure life, nothing can destroy him.” ~Buddha

Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac
Therapies for healing
mind, body, spirit

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New Moon Wish List For  Crabba/Cancer

Write in the present, as if wishes were already fulfilled:

I have a wonderful family and am surrounded by loved ones who are devoted to each other’s happiness

We are sensitive to each other and to our own emotional make-up, unconscious habits, rhythms, memories and moods.

I pay attention to my feelings and trust my Intuition

I easily deal with emotions and unconscious patterns that come to the surface.

I take care of myself, and others, with healthy eating habits

I am emotionally healthy.

I easily talk about my feelings and nurture others through listening

I ask for help when I need it, and accept help when it is offered.

I am blessed to have great relationships and tell loved ones that I appreciate their support and tender affection.

Open your heart

Saturday July 18
Moon in Leo – 3-hr void this pm.

VOID – 5.41p – 8.47p E. 2.41p – 5.47p P. London: Moon in Leo all day, void from 10.41p – 1.47p.

The expansive mood of Moon in Leo enjoys a summer fling that is generous and sensuous while still being productive.

This afternoon the easy-going energy of fun and joyful celebration may find challenges from authority figures who place limitations, or try to control with criticism, by saying that they’re disappointed in your performance – ask yourself if you are giving them permission to act out in this way.

If the restrictions, or criticism comes from a loving and constructive place, listen to what they have to say.

If it comes from within, give yourself a break.

Moon in Virgo after void.

Venus moves into Virgo this evening – and stays at zero degrees of Virgo for the next two weeks (until July 31) and then goes back into Leo (in reverse motion). Venus stays in the sign of Leo until October 8.

With Venus in Virgo we like to share work, artistry and intellectual interests.

Healthy eating habits may come under scrutiny. Having a home and workplace that is clean, organized and orderly is important and in the next month, we may feel the need to retreat into work and intellectual pursuits, or find an outlet that helps others who are sick or have psychological problems.

POSITIVE – the ability to investigate and understand. Love and emotional feelings can be scrutinized with reasoning, logic and scientific techniques.

NEGATIVE – The sign of Virgo is analytic and constrained, and that tends to cut down on the spontaneous flow of emotions and instinctive affection that the planet of love wants to display. There may be feelings of being inadequate, shy, or unable to cope with social situations. There may be some frustration with not being able to find close friends, or a soul mate.

If you have 0-1 degrees of Virgo as a power point in your chart, this is likely to be an intense two weeks when people, issues and
situations from the past come back into view.

by Jenni Stone.

•           •           •           •
Conscious Gardening:
Co-Creating with Nature

by Madisyn Taylor

To co-create we must first begin with a foundation of mutual respect.

Gardens offer us a perfect opportunity to reconnect to our true selves and remember our place in the natural world. Rather than approach our gardens as mere investments of energy, we can look at the entire process of gardening, from planting seeds to harvesting food, as a way of deepening our conscious relationship with the creative force of the universe. If we are willing to shift our intention from dominating, or at least directing nature, to co-creating with nature instead, we may discover a deep peace and renewed sense of wonder.

To co-create we must first begin with a foundation of mutual respect. As you create your garden in partnership with nature, you can respect the earth, water, insects and animals by using organic seeds, soil and fertilizers. You can also communicate with the plants, insects and elements involved in your garden, and create a regular practice of stillness to listen for any messages they may have for you. When it comes time for harvesting fresh vegetables or picking beautiful blooms, you might even ask permission first. If you ask with an open heart, you will always receive an answer.

Imagine what it would be like to surrender certain aspects of your human world to the precision and surety of the natural environment. You might decide, for example, to forego your calendar and plant in rhythm with the cycles of the moon. Or, you might choose to ignore clock time and water your garden when the sun hits a certain position in the sky. By opening your garden experience to more of nature’s input, you can become available to witness a whole universe of miracles, while engendering a greater sense of honor between the two worlds.

When we recognize ourselves as allies, co-creators, with the earth and the natural world, our relationship to our environment begins to change. We no longer feel the need to control the circumstances around us and can relish in the perfection of all that is.

•           •           •           •.
Setting Up Your Lammas (Lughnasadh) Altar

By Patti Wigington

It’s Lammas, or Lughnasadh, the Sabbat where many Pagans choose to celebrate the beginnings of the harvest. This Sabbat is about the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth – the grain god dies, but will be reborn again in the spring. Depending on your tradition, you may also observe this Sabbat as the day of the Celtic craftsman god, Lugh. Either way, you can try some or even all of these ideas – obviously, someone using a bookshelf as an altar will have less flexibility than someone using a table, but use what calls to you most.

Colors of the Season

It’s the end of summer, and soon the leaves will begin to change. However, the sun is still fiery and hot. Use a combination of summer and fall colors – the yellows and oranges and reds of the sun can also represent the turning leaves to come. Add some browns and greens to celebrate the fertility of the earth and the crops being harvested. Cover your altar with cloths that symbolize the changing of the season from summer to harvest time, and use candles in deep, rich colors – reds, burgundies, or other autumn shades are perfect this time of year.

Symbols of the Harvest

The harvest is here, and that means it’s time to include symbols of the fields on your altar. Sickles and scythes are appropriate, as are baskets. Sheaves of grain, fresh picked fruits and vegetables, a jar of honey, or loaves of bread are perfect for the Lammastide altar.

Honoring the God Lugh

If your celebrations focus more on the god Lugh, observe the Sabbat from an artisan’s point of view. Place symbols of your craft or skill on the altar – a notebook, your special paints for artists, a pen for writers, other tools of your creativity.

Other Symbols of Lammas (Lughnasadh)

Grapes and wine
Corn dolls
Ears of corn
Iron, such as tools or weaponry or armor
Fall flowers, such as cornflowers or poppies
Straw braids
Onion garlands

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Star Families with Ariyana
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Three Times Three Spell

To get rid of physical, emotional, or spiritual negativity, and to bring forth
balance in your life, try the Three Times Three spell.

This spell is best performed outdoors during the 3rd quarter of the moon.

You will need one black candle, a small spool of cotton twine, a small amount of
lamp oil, a deep dish to contain the candle, sand to fill the dish, and a sharp
knife or Witch’s athame.

Using the knife/athame, inscribe the name of the person, or word symbolizing the
negative situation you are experiencing, near the bottom of the candle.

Place the candle between your palms and breathe on the candle three times. With
each breath, imagine you are exhaling the negativity you have received onto the

Take the cotton twine, and tie it around the base of the candle so that at least
two feet of twine hangs from the knot. Begin tightly coiling the twine around
the candle in a counter-clockwise direction. While doing so visualize a giant,
protective, mirrored egg surrounding you and repeatedly chant:

“Three time three, as ye have sown
Is thine to reap, thy harvest grown.
For best, for worst, for praise or chide,
The Gods alone your fate decide!”

Continue wrapping the candle with the twine until you have spiraled to the top,
covering every bit of candle. Loop the twine, trying it in a knot to one of the
coils at the top near the wick.

Next, take the oil and liberally smear the twine and candle with it–cover every
inch of the entwined candle.

Pour the sand into the dish and then wedge the candle into the sand so that it
stands erect, then light it on fire.

Watch as the candle melts away, knowing that the magical attack has been

Author Unknown

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Natural Witchcraft with GrannyMoon

Goals of a Natural Witch/Magician
To walk in harmony with nature, never taking without giving.
To understand that magick is an alliance between humans and the Earth for the betterment of all.
To use magick as an instrument of loving change, not hateful destruction.
To see the spiritual in the physical and to understand that neither is higher nor more perfect than the other.
To wisely use natural energies only when in genuine need, not for greed.
To know that nothing is impossible if we will work beyond personal limitations.
To work magick for others only with their permission.
To celebrate magick as a union with the energies that gave us our physical forms.
To improve ourselves, our friends, and our world for the greater good of all.
You don’t need expensive accouterments or other fancy trappings! All lessons are done weekly with GrannyMoon through e-mail, with personal feedback.

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The Goddess Way through the 12 Steps

The Goddess Way through the 12 Steps: 12 Rituals of Light and Love
by Amethyst Star (Author), Shahla Coyote (Contributor), Baba Mecka (Contributor)

Some background:

We began our rituals in January, 2012 for Step One.  Each month we did a ritual for the corresponding step. The rituals were equally written by each of us.  We created each ritual so it was an action of love coming from all of us. Here is a quick introduction for our book.

Peace and harmony are the cornerstones of our 12-Step rituals. Amethyst Star and I (Shahla Coyote) have been friends for many years.  They met Baba Mecka a few years ago. We each realized that something was missing, something that could make the steps more viable in our lives. We all follow the Goddess path and wanted to write rituals for each step. It has been a labor of love and has allowed us to get closer to the Spirit Goddess.  The three of us came together to go through each of the steps to cement with action and ritual our growth in sobriety. Our higher power includes goddesses, so it seemed natural to use ritual and different goddesses to express creatively each step in recovery.

We used the Open Steps and these rituals are not set in stone.  If you feel that a different stone or god/goddess expresses more clearly your intention, by all means change the ritual to be a clear expression of yourself. Honor your sobriety by being true to what feels right to you.  These rituals express an inward pull to grow in love and spirituality.

We began brainstorming the possibility of creating rituals for each of the 12 Steps. Each one of these rituals has been a beautiful way to express our commitment to that step.  They have healed us in ways we can’t even begin to describe in our journey in recovery.  Making the Goddess path part of our recovery has been profound.  This book has truly been a labor of light and love. We hope you enjoy it and the wonderful things that may materialize as a result of these rituals.

Amethyst Star,  Baba Mecka, Shahla Coyote
Product Details:
Paperback: 32 pages
Publisher: The Goddess Way Through The 12 Steps; 1 edition (April 25, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9781628901
ISBN-13: 978-9781628900
Product Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 x 0.1 inches
Shipping Weight: 4.8 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
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Campbell’s Rambles:
How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life

Nonfiction by Patty L. Fletcher

The book is now for sale in print and e-book format from Amazon, Barnes and Noble,
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Her website:

*** Cut off for subscription for this month’s newsletter is 8-PM Eastern The newsletter comes out tomorrow in honor of my four year anniversary with my Seeing Eye Dog Campbell.

I am sure some are tired of hearing about him I’m sorry. You just have no idea what he has done for me. If you read my book you know he probably assisted in saving my life in two ways. One by making me more aware of my surroundings and two by giving me a reason to get up every day. Otherwise I’d have taken my own life when I was trying to leave my abuser. Blessings to all!

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Flash Silvermoon What the Animals Tell Me !
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For our next program we will share- NEW MOON MAGIC AND RITUAL We Priestesses will share some of our all time fave Moon Rituals- kind of a Goddess Greatest hits show so gather around ye olde Cauldron and set a spell with us . You can call in this phone number to listen LIVE  on our live show Call 559-726-1300   Enter Access code: 244850# Click here for the Live show

ARCHIVE – Listen anytime at least a few hours after the show

Flash Silvermoon Author of The Wise Woman’s Tarot, Psychic, Astrologer,Animal Communicator, Vibrational Healer, Musician  Master Stone Healer and founder of the Wise Woman’s Festival  Joined by a circle of Priestesses we will use our Spirituality, Creativity, Deep Heartedness and Desire for Peace, Healing and Justice for the Planet to RAISE THE VIBE FOR THE TRIBE

Aurora Whitebird ,Earth keeper, Pipe Carrier and Priestess of Isis and Laura Djakpa – Ancestral Mystic and Medium.

Please join us each month and share with your sisters  and spiritual friends so that we can make larger and larger circles to encircle the Planet for support and healing
Very Very exciting to share Healing Energy Globally at this challenging time!

Our Circle will rotate others in and out as needed to offer up a Cauldron full of tasty Gumbo provided by Spirited Wise Women. We offer you a template, if you will, for your own circle magic should you be a novice and a space of safe Spiritual Sisterhood no matter what your skill level. All are welcome to listen and enjoy the fine energy that we will raise. So get your smudge bowls cooking, your candles lit and the libations of your choice chaliced and bring your open hearts and enthusiasm to enrich the magical cauldron we will make.Join  us –


Join us, there is power in numbers of like minded others. If you want to participate and not just listen, You will need a burning bowl or smudge bowl with sage/ cedar or your fave blend. a lighter,paper and pen and be sure to crack your window

Keep watching here for next months program August 13 Dark Moon Mysteries

Blessings Flash Silvermoon Host, Circle Weaver and Priestess of the Rainbow Goddess Tradition

What the Animals Tell Me with Flash Silvermoon every Wed 8:30-9 pm est AIRING LIVE Wednesday April 29 2015 @ 8:30 p.m. Eastern: You can call in this phone number to listen LIVE on our live show Call 559-726-1300 Enter Access code: 244850# OR LISTEN LIVE CLICK HERE

ARCHIVE – Listen anytime  after the show
Nationally known Animal Communicator Flash Silvermoon shares her 35+ years of experiences doing healing work with the animals to enlighten you about their psyches.and how to truly deepen your relationship with your animal companions and all animals  Call Flash Silvermoon for an appointment today. 352-475-2432 North Central Florida’s Favorite Pet Psychic, Psychic and Astrologer

Flash will share the magical technology of creating grids with crystals and stones for your animal companions and you. Are you willing to approach the possibility of creating a miniature temple for you and yours that cannot only offer you elevation of the body, mind and spirit but can actually facilitate healing? This story and many others will be included in her book Lifetime Companions Love Never Dies which offers many tales about how she began working on her own animals and how that evolved to treating all kinds of other animals over the last 35 years.

The animals are my teachers and I have been blessed by many excellent teachers in my home and in my practice.I am sure that you will find that this information awakens your own skills as an Animal Communicator too.Reach Flash Silvermoon at

Flash always  shares more about Holistic methods to heal your animal companions. Of course the first thing is Animal Communication which  is the best aid in knowing and understanding what your animal companions want and need as well as how their past and even past lives can influence their healing.
Flash also creates her own Gem Elixirs and uses Green Hope Farms Flower Essences as well as homeopathy, essential oils and healing touch to round out her practice. See her website for further info on ordering or having her work on your animals .

Flash presents this wonderful show devoted to bringing people and animals into greater harmony. She shares her amazing experiences as an Animal Communicator and offers everything that you might want to know about the world of animals from care, healing, feeding and most importantly understanding. She often shares the mike with special guests who are managers of Sanctuaries, non traditional Vets, and all manner of people that work on the front line to love and help animals.

Call Flash Silvermoon for an appointment today. 352-475-2432 North Central Florida’s Favorite Pet Psychic, Psychic and Astrologer

* The Wise Woman’s Tarot – *
* What The Animals Tell Me Radio Show

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Cat’s Treasure Trove

“Add a little magic to your day”

We specialize in unique handcrafted jewelry & gifts!

Please surf in and check us out at:

You can also LIKE us on Facebook

Please surf in and check us out!

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Daughter’s of Isis


COMMUNITY.  Can there be a more significant awareness of community than Now?  We are celebrating the merging of so many traditions and ceremonies for the overall healing of our Home right now.  Please take some time to visit these sites and take a look at all the diversity and sacred crafting we have brought together for this midsummer presents.

We have gathered our friends and companions; Spirit Therapy family, the Motherhouse of the Goddess with workshops and aligned kits / products, two brand new collections from Daughters of Isis: Gemstone Essences & our new Magicakal Kids Mists.   You will find links to makers from The Mother House of the Goddess too!  There are many places to visit in this newsletter!
Link to Daughters of
Click on the logo to go there!

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Sacred Writing in Witchcraft Class: Part I with Raven )O(

When: Saturday, August 1 2015 8:00 PM Mountain Time
Location: Online & At Your Desk (or Favorite Coffee Shop) 🙂
Description: Sacred Writing in Witchcraft: Part I

The art of the written word is a form of sacred magick and intention. Learn how to transform your passion for writing into a sacred, spiritual practice. Honor your innermost self by writing without censorship and break free of what has been holding back your emotions and feelings. This type of writing is less cerebral yet it still begins with powerful intention!  Though there are only three formal lessons, we will be writing every week until November and will then take bits and pieces of our work and apply them to novel writing in November by participating in NaNoWriMo.

Begins August 1! Please RSVP by July 31 on the Full Blue Moon with Raven to hold your spot. Suggested minimum donation is $13 via Paypal and a chocolate bar or bottle of wine for one other writer at the end of the course. To pay for your course, simply send your donation to the address: no later than August 1, 2015. You will receive an email confirmation of successful payment and your enrollment in the course, the syllabus and an invitation to my Wiggio E-Group for the lessons and support from other wordie Witches!

About Your Instructor

M. Dragyn RavenSea is a university trained creative writer, healer/advanced EMT, a master’s student of the law plus a mother of three!  Her writing training began at Colorado State University with Intro to Creative Writing, Creative Writing: Nonfiction, Creative Writing: Poetry and Nature Writing.  Raven was on the Dean’s List for academic excellence as an undergraduate and maintains this ongoing quest for excellence in her master’s coursework, attributing much of her academic success to good writing and research skills plus tons of practice and rewriting!  Some of her favorite writing practices include eating dark chocolate, drinking wine, decompressing with occasional writing retreats and writing to music. J

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Susan Prout Art

I am so proud and humbled to announce that Solfeggio Mandala Activation Guide (Adult coloring Book) and
Meditation Deck has won the 2015 Visionary Award from COVR in Denver at the International New Age Trade Show last week!!!

Get Your Copy Today!

Angels = Color = Frequency = Geometry = Solfeggio = Language of Light

Discover the sophisticated patterns, balance and energy of the Universal Solfeggio Frequencies.

The Earthly, Angelic & now Universal Solfeggio Frequencies in combination with Mandala’s
are a unique and powerful tool to connect and transform your connection with your true self.

Susan Prout

•           •           •           •.

Earth Signs and Omens

Walk With the Ancient Ones…Uncover the Hidden Mysteries of Nature

In Nature, we can find guidance about all life’s mysteries and all issues in our individual life circumstances.

We will learn the signs, omens and messages in nature and understand when and how they communicate with us.

One of the easiest and most rewarding of the divinatory arts, you will learn why things are happening to you and help to solve problems.

The course covers signs and omens, communication, seasonal rites, trees and shrubs, flowers, plants and weeds, herbs, plant magick, the Guardians of Nature and much more.

An exciting hands-on 10 week course for $50.00.

All lessons are on line, you will receive weekly personal response to each lesson

•           •           •           •.

The Magic of Crystals Course
with GrannyMoon

Quartz crystals are a gift from the earth. They have the ability to amplify or strengthen the things in you that are positive.
Quartz can strengthen your ability to be a loving person, and can enhance your abilities to enjoy life and accomplish the things you want in life.
Quartz can reduce stress, help with centering, strengthen, have wonderful healing properties and surround you with protection!

If you love crystals like I do, join me in this 4 Week Mini – Course for a fun and interesting time!
No books or supplies needed!  $25.00
Purchase 4 courses at one time – get a fifth one free!

Other Available Mini-Courses

•           •           •           •.
The Goddess School Grimoire
Hardcover: $39.45
Softback: $26.95
eBook (PDF): $6.25

The Goddess School Grimoire is a collection of recipes, artwork, poetry, prose, prayers, rituals, spells, and practical Goddess wisdom put together by the teachers, students, alumni, and friends of The Sisters of the Burning Branch Goddess School. The sisterhood is dedicated to restoring spiritual balance by returning the Divine Feminine to her rightful place and by assisting women in their personal and spiritual development. Since being founded by Head and High Mother Priestess Grandmother Moon in 2000, The Goddess School ( has grown into a large and beautiful global community of women.

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Buy Your Morning Feast Cafe Press Gear!
T-shirts, jackets, mugs, bags and other cool gear!!!

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Become a Certified Practitioner of The Healing Arts!

Welcome to a journey to learn about the hidden powers of herbs and our Mother Earth. Wise women and men have existed for thousands of years and still exist throughout the world. They know Mother Earth as the ultimate healer, and have learned to utilize the gifts of of nature. Inside each person  is a being of wisdom, deeply connected to the Earth, to the phases of the moon and the tides of the sea. All we need to do is trust our innate wisdom.

In Herbalism 101, we cover 21 herbs, and start our Materia Medica, that we will build throughout the next two levels. We will cover the basic aspects of herbs. From culinary to magickal, medicinal to ornamental. As well as the many modalities of herbs!

Herbalism 202 – We focus on herbs and terminology having to do with health and health care, making herbal medicines, classifying herbs, the Doctrine of Signatures, and much much more!

Herbalism 303 – This last series of classes teaches about the entire body, one system at a time. You’ll learn about how the body functions and what health problems are related to which body system. You’ll also learn about natural health remedies for many health problems.

Free with Reiki Masters certification an attunement with purchase of Herbalism 1,2,and 3. I am attuned to Usui Ryoho, but I also ask that my students read the Diane Stein book, Essential Reiki. We cover the three Reiki levels and you will receive a Master’s attunement and certificate.
Each course (3 in all) is ten weeks in length.
Each course is 50.00 taken separately and earns a certificate in Healing Arts.
Earn a Priest or Priestess certification in Healing Arts by taking these four courses.
Buy three at once, get Reiki Master certification free.
The Healing Arts certificate four part series will earn a Priest or Priestess Certification from The Order of the Burning Branch
No text books required unless otherwise noted.
Herbalism 101 (The Universe of Herbs, begin your own Materia Medica)
Herbalism 202  (My Herbalism 101 is required)
Herbalism 303  (My Herbalism 101 and 202 is required)
Reiki I, II, and III – Text book required

•           •           •           •.

High Priestess Training and Community

Welcome to a journey of the shamanistic powers of the female, the Wisewomen. Wisewomen have existed for thousands of years and still exist throughout the world. They know Mother Earth as the ultimate healer, and have learned to utilize the gifts of of nature. Inside each woman is a being of wisdom, deeply connected to the phases of the moon and the tides of the sea. All we need to do is trust our innate wisdom.

“Part of the ancient vision of the Goddess was as protector of cities and the sustaining fields around them. She was not, in this role, always a matronly and maternal goddess, but was frequently depicted as a lusty, loving, sensual woman. The power she wielded did not make her any less sexually vibrant. Indeed, her power was part of her erotic attraction.”

“The queens and goddesses of myth and legend show us an image of both strength and sensuousness. While today we often equate women’s sexuality with weakness and passivity, our forebears saw such goddesses as Ishtar as especially passionate and sexual because of their power. Ishtar and her sister goddesses are potent images of feminine possibility – a possibility that remains despite the 2,500 years that have passed since she was last worshipped.” (“The Goddess Companion”, Patricia Monaghan)

Shamanism refers to a range of traditional beliefs and practices concerned with communication with the spirit world. The feminine form of the word is not “shamaness” but “shamanka”, however, here we will use the word “Priestess”.

Healing,  gathering and growing herbs and food, keeping communities in balance, presiding over ceremonies and rites of passage, maintaining relations with the dead, teaching, ministering to those in need, communing with nature to learn her secrets ,preserving the wisdom traditions, divining the future, and drumming and dancing with Goddesses, these are feminine shamanic arts.  This what you will learn or remember in our classes here!

Sisters of The Burning Branch, is our part of the “shaman’s tree”, an image found in several cultures as a symbol for mediation.  The tree is seen as a being whose roots belong to the world underneath; its trunk belongs to the middle, human-inhabited world; and its top is related to the upper world.

The curriculum of Sisters of the Burning Branch, is eclectic, borrowed from the teachings of many paths, but rooted in Women’s Spirituality.

Priestess Training takes a year and day to complete, plus 3 months to earn the High Priestess cord. (four levels). We do ask for your commitment when joining. Please do not sign up if you are not committed or able to follow through. There is nothing worse for your self esteem!  We try to nurture here, this defeats that purpose.

At GoddessSchool we use song and chants to raise power, using drums, tambourines or just humming along works too! We celebrate the Mother – the Full Moon – Mother Earth – Mother Nature – she is in us all – we are in her – we are one! We will learn some songs, beat the drums, howl at the Moon! We are ever changing as does the Moon – Feel the Moon – let her fill you up! Join us!

The entire fee for each level is $120 (payment plan available), sixteen lessons in each level, except the last. Tuition covers lessons,  assignments and instructor feedback. In addition, students may download guided meditation exercises and be eligible for face to face Sabbats, Esbats and retreats with the Sisterhood.

Please contact me at:
For an application and more information!
Visit me at

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So Mote It Be!
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Have a Magickal Week!!!
Goddess Blessings!

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  The GoddessSchool


1. High Priestess Certification and Ancient Mystery Teachings

2. Herbalism 101

3. Herbalism 202

4. Herbalism 303

5. Earth Signs and Omens

6. The Priestess Entrepreneurship

7. Natural Witchcraft
8. Practical Magick: Spell Casting for Every Day Use

9. The Magic of Crystals

10.Introduction to Energy Healing

11.Introduction to Paganism

12.Introduction to Meditation

13.Introduction to The Goddess Tradition and The Feminine Divine

14.Kuan Yins Gentle Embrace Reiki Certification

15.A Year and a Day of Contemplation with Kuan Yin

16.The GoddessSchool Bookstore

17.Tarot, Numerology, Natal Charts and Dream Readings

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22. GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast Café Press Gear

23.Personalized 5 Question for $5.00 Donation Pendulum Reading!

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