Olde Traditions on New Year’s Eve.



    🕯Olde Traditions On New Year’s Eve ✨
    As midnight does come
    Ye must
    Enter your house through the front door
    And go
    Straight back out
    Through the back door
    🍂This shall let in the good luck🍂

    🕯They do say, Tis good luck if you step out side the house as midnight does turn and return wishing everyone a happy new year and singing out load
    “Blow out the old
    Blow in the new
    Blow out the false
    And blow in the true”

    🕯In olden times, a good luck tradition on New Year’s Eve, was to bash a loaf of bread against the walls in every room of the house. This tradition was thought to remove all the bad luck from the house and let the good luck in 💫

    Written by Athey Thompson
    Picture taken by Athey🍂

            Text and image source: Tales of the old forest faeries https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=594696155281015&id=100042219078465

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