The Dark Moon Arrives

Within a Witches Wood

The second new moon arrives in January, a time for rejuvenation, endings, and new beginnings…

When the moon moves into Aquarius there is an increased interest in knowledge, a need to communicate with like-minded individuals, and a desire to establish your own rules. At the same time, there is a desire for freedom and independence, which is only strengthened by the new moon. It is a good period for reading and studying.

This second new moon in January is about second chances. It’s a chance to fix things, turn them around, get it right, and back on track.

It’s also still a time for pampering and healing. The sky darkens early here in a winter wood, I find it a perfect season to heal and rejuvenate. I’ll sip my Dark moon tea tonight, and soak in Dark moon flowers bath tea. I meditate, absorb the flower’s oils and essences, and…

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