GrannyMoon*s Morning Feast ~ 17 Sept 15

17 Sept 1964

Honoring the Goddess Every Day at

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Holy Mother,
Help us to learn and remember the old ways!
So mote it be!!
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The Candle of Love, Hope and Friendship
“There is not enough darkness in the world to put out the light of one candle.”

“Freedom: Appreciate It, Cherish It, Protect It.”

All We Are Saying Is…Give Peace A Chance ~John Lennon
So mote it be!!

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Blessed be my little witch. To those who came before and those who will come after, know that the Goddess is with you always.
Thank you all my dear readers…be blessed. ~GrannyMoon
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Each And Every Day A Feast Day!
 Embrace It!!!

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GrannyMoon Says Today Is: Thor’s Day

Energy: Male, Ruler:  Jupiter – Rules growth, expansion, generosity – Use for magick involving growth, expansion, prosperity, money, business, attracting more of what you have.

Today’s Magickal Influences ~ Luck, Religion, Healing, Trade And Employment, Treasure, Honors, Riches, Legal Matters

Today’s Goddesses: Juno, Hera, Kwan Yin, Mary, Cybele, Tara, Mawu, Mlaba Mwana Waresa, Ishtar, Nuit

Perfumes: Stock, Lilac, Storax, Aloes

Incense:   Nutmeg, Henbane

Color of The Day:  Purple, Indigo, Blue

Colors for Tomorrow: Light Blue, Pale Green

Lucky Sign: Thursday Is The Lucky Day For Sagittarius And Pisces

Candle: Blue

•           •           •           •
Lunabar Moon Almanack for Thursday, 17 September, 2015
Waxing, Crescent Moon          Age: 4 ¾ days.
Ascending Node is at 1° Libra.
Moon in 17th degree of the Sign Scorpio, the Scorpion;
also in 10th deg. of the Constellation Libra, the Balance.
Moonrise: 10:38 morn.  Souths: 4:10 eve.  Moonset: 9:43 eve.  

Aspects of the Moon in Scorpio: Yin, Feminine, Lunar, Negative, Nocturnal, Watery, Fixed, Fruitful, Horary Northern, Autumnal, Austral, Obeying, Moist, Dumb, Mute, Cold.

Spells and rituals involving the Water Element should be performed when the Moon is in a Water sign: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

Moon Phase ~ Waxing Moon: Time: From New Moon To Full (Approx. 14 Days Symbolic of growth, manifestation, attainment, gravidity (heavy with child – both philosophical and literal).

Keywords for the First Quarter phase are: action, expression, growth, breaking away. It is the time in a cycle to take the initial action necessary to achieve your goal by expressing your needs and desires.

FEEL & MOVE. Make phone calls.Write letters. Dance. Act now.

Goddess Aspect: Maiden

Associated Goddesses: Artemis, Branwen, Eriu, Nymph, Epona

Magickal Attributes: Invoking Beginnings, New Projects, Ideas, Inspiriation, Energy, Vitality, Freedom.

Workings On This Day Are For “Constructive” Magick (Love, Wealth, Success, Courage, Friendship, Luck Or Health.) Symbolic of growth, manifestation, attainment, gravidity (heavy with child – both philosophical and literal).  

•           •           •           •

Moon Moon, Mother Moon  
Lunar Lore

Haloes round the moon, a blood-red sunset, a red moon on
her fourth rising, … prognostics of winds.
~ Bacon, collected in R. Inwards, “Weather Lore”.

Auld moon mist
Ne’er died of thirst.
~Collected in R. Inwards, “Weather Lore”.

Ah, Moon of my Delight who know’st no wane
The Moon of Heav’n is rising once again:
 How oft hereafter rising shall she look;
Through this same Garden after me – in vain!
~Edward Fitzgerald, “The Rubà’iyàt of Omar Khayyàm.”

Five changes of the moon in one calendar month
indicate cooler weather.
~Collected in R. Inwards, “Weather Lore”.

The Lunar Mansion

Alhan’a, A Brand, or Mark, on a Camel,
also known as:
Sidus Parvum Lucis Magnae, The Small, Bright Star.
Marked by the fix’d Star: Alhena, in Gemini.

Starry Gemini hang like glorious crowns
Over Orion’s grave low down in the West.
~Tennyson, “Maud.”

•           •           •           •

Lunabar Sun Almanack for Thursday, 17 September, 2015
Sunrise: 6:50 morn.    Sunset: 7:13 eve.
Length of Day: 12h. 22m.
Dawn: 6:23 morn.    Dusk: 7:40 eve.
Length of Twilight: 0h. 27m.
Sun in 24th degree of the Sign Virgo, the Virgin;
also in 1st degree of the Constellation Virgo, the Virgin;

Aspects of the Sun in Virgo: Yin, Feminine, Lunar, Negative, Nocturnal, Earthy, Mutable, Barren, Horary Southern, Summery, Boreal, Commanding,
Double, Double-Bodied, Dual, Bicorporeal, Human, Dry, Vocal, Cold.

•           •           •           •

Solar Lore

The sun pale and (as we call it) watery at its rising
denotes rain; if it set pale, wind.
~ Francis Bacon, “Historia Ventorum”.

The sun is noted to be hotter when it shineth forth between
clouds than when the sky is open and serene.
~ Bacon.
•           •           •           •

Our Weekly Affirmation
If you repeat an affirmation three times a day three times each time you do it for 28 days it will
become a part of your being and whenever you feel like life is going out of control you will be able
to just find that safe place.

•           •           •           •

Witches Affirmation Of The Week!

A Witch is…

One who makes his/her own rules, but can abide by the rules of Nature

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Readings by GrannyMoon ~ Wheel of Fortune

Good Fortune – The times they are a’changin’. A twist of fate literally. With Jupiter as its ruling planet, the Wheel of Fortune is all about big things, luck, change, fortune.
Expect abundance, happiness, elevation, luck. A change that just happens and with it great joy.
From: GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast Archives
In-Depth In-Depth 7 –10 page Reading – ($25.00) Mini Readings or Goddess Readings ($10.00) ~

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Seasons of the Witch – Legends and Lore, Ancient Holidays
And Some Not So Ancient!

Month of Mala begins 9/6 – 10/2

Celtic Tree Calendar: Muin (Vine) – September 2 to September 29

Today Is …

Egyptian; Month of Hathor begins
The members of heaven feast, Hathor, Mistress of all the female gods. Hathor is the Goddess of Joy and Love. She symbolizes love, beauty, happiness, joy, element of Air, the Moon. Daughter of Ra. Sister to Sekhmet. Sometimes Hathor and Sekhmet are considered the same Goddess but with the two opposite personalities.

Birthday of Hildegard of Bingen ~ A Christian mystic of the Middle Ages, she intuited many Goddess beliefs and was a gifted composer. Listen to her music.

Greece: Festival of the Eleusian Mysteries – Mysterious rites in honor of the Goddess Ceres.  These rites surpassed all other
Greek religious celebrations in their solemnity and splendor. Initiations would take place in a secret underground chamber
full of passageways and sacred objects, and these rites would continue till the end of the month.

Egyptian:  Month of Hethara – corresponds roughly with this date on the Gregorian calendar. Netjer of this month – Het-Hert

Festival of Sobek, honors Egyptian crocodile god.Holy Day of St.Sophia, Byzantines honor Sophia
(Wisdom) and Her three daughters, Faith, Hope and Charity.

On this date in the year 1964, Bewitched (the first television sitcom about a Witch) made it’s debut on ABC-TV. It became an instant hit and received twenty-two Emmy. nominations.

In ancient Greece, the Goddess Demeter was honored annually on this date with a festival of secret rites.

Feast day of St  Hildegard von Bingen, virgin and abbess.

Eleusinian Mysteries, ancient Greece (Sep 11-19) Day 5, Hemaera, The Mysteries may be seen as a  metaphor for the life and death of humans and the Earth.
9/10 to 9/18: Navajo Sing Festival, in thanksgiving for the harvest. Estsanatlehi, or Changing Woman, is believed to represent life, and is manifested in the harvest.

9/11 to 9/16: Zoroastrianism: Paitishahem – the feast of bringing in the harvest.  Continues through Sept. 16th

9/10 to 9/20: Ganesha Chaturthi–Hindu festival honoring God Ganesha (son of Goddess Parvati and God Shiva) as the challenger – creator and remover of obstacles. [a/k/a Ganesh Chaturthi, Ganesh Chaturathi]

17: Television welcomes Bewitched in 1964
19: Full Moon – Harvest Moon at 7:13 am
21: International Day of Peace
22: Fall Equinox or Mabon
22: Ostara (Southern Hemisphere)
29: Celtic Tree Month of Vine ends
30: Celtic Tree Month of Ivy begin

GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast Archives

Remember the ancient ways and keep them sacred!
Live each Season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each. ~Henry David Thoreau (1817 – 1862)
NOTE: Because of the large number of ancient calendars, many in simultaneous use, as well as different ways of computing holy days (marked by the annual inundation, the solar year, the lunar month, the rising of key stars, and other celestial and terrestrial events), you may find these holy days celebrated a few days earlier or later at your local temple.

•           •           •           •

September Moon Phases

First Quarter falls on Monday, 21 September, 2015 at 5:00 AM
Full “Harvest” Moon falls on Sunday, 27 September, 2015 at 10:52 PM

•           •           •           •

The Year Is Divided Into Four Seasons:
The first season is of a frigid complexion, and this is “Winter”;
The second is of the complexion of Air, and this is “Spring”;
Then follows the third, which is “Summer”, and is of the complexion of Fire;
Lastly, there is the fourth, wherein fruits are matured, which is “Autumn”.
~The Turba Philosophorum, ca. 12 century  

•           •           •           •

Tasha’s Day by Day Planner for Sept 2015

Thu. 9/17 Passionate Scorpio Moon says find something to love and go for it. Mercury turns retrograde, be mindful and repeat all directions, check all communications. Saturn enters Sagittarius reining in and stabilizing what is over expanded or bloated in education, public programs and religion.

Fri. 9/18 Investigative Scorpio Moon helps find solutions and dig out secrets.

Sat. 9/19 Philosophical Sagittarius Moon brings opportunities to discuss ideas.

Sun. 9/20 Generous Sagittarius Moon suggests entertaining family and friends.

Mon. 9/21 Organized Capricorn Moon starts the week off with good energy.

This month may see major changes begin. Prepare by finishing up all old business during retrograde Mercury and be ready to embrace new ways of doing and being. Enjoy!


•           •           •           •

Today’s Goddess:
The Month of Hathor (Egypt)

Themes: Joy; Love; Arts; Femininity; Beauty; Sexuality; Sky
Symbols:  Mirrors; Cow; Sandalwood and Rose Incense; Rattles

About Hathor: One of the most beloved Sky Goddesses in Egypt, Hathor brings happiness,
romance, and an appreciation for musical arts into our lives.  Sacred or erotic dances are a
welcome offering for Hathor, as is any effort to beautify the body.  As the patroness of the toilette,
she also protects women and embodies the pinnacle of feminine qualities.  Her favorite musical
instrument, the sistrum (a kind of rattle), was said to banish evil wherever it was played.

To Do Today: From September 17 until October 16, Hathor reigned in Egypt.  To honor this Goddess,
make an effort to make yourself as physically appealing as possible, then spend some time with a
significant other or in a social setting.  In the first case, Hathor’s favor will increase love and passion;
in the second, she’ll improve your chances of finding a bed partner.

To fill your living space with Hathor’s energy, take rice or beans and put them in a plastic container
(this creates a makeshift rattle).  Play some lusty music and dance clockwise around every room
of the home shaking the rattle.  Perhaps add a verbal charm like this one:

“Love, passion and bliss,
by Hathor’s power kissed!”

This drives away negativity, generates joyful vibrations, promotes artistic awareness, and increases
love each time you kiss someone in your home.
From “365 Goddess” by Patricia Telesco and GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast Archives

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Healing Arts and Pagan Studies – Chocolate Cake Spell

Even under ordinary circumstances, chocolate cakes are pretty magical. Baked with love, this food nurtures and protects on many levels. How-ever, to add extra energy to this celestial food, make sure one of its ingredients is cinnamon. Take a cinnamon stick and grind it down yourself, preferably in a mortar, sending the energy of love and protection into the powder. As you sprinkle it into the mixture, say:

“Hathor bless this cake with the power to protect.
May your divine milk nurture all who taste it,
and the spice of thy magic bless my homestead.”

By: Kala Trobe

•           •           •           •

Herbal Studies ~ Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is an effective analgesic and is often used to relieve muscle, nerve and joint pain.
Apply a massage oil to the affected area before a warm bath,then massage the area again after your bath.
I like a blend of Lavender and Eucalyptus for even better results.

When massaging small areas like a shoulder you can double the amount of essential oils used.
ex. 20-30 drops per 1 oz. carrier oil.
From: GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast Archives
Coventry of Healing Arts and Pagan Studies Enroll Now!

•           •           •           •

Pagan Studies – Traditional Sophia Feast Day

Sophia’s traits include: righteous, wise, loving, communicative, knowledgeable, creative, protective, giving, and truthful.

She brings meaning to human experience with her gift of understanding the bigger picture. Only when you stand back, gaining some emotional distance, can you see that even the most traumatic experiences can be the birthplace of your most treasured strengths. It is only in times of great stress that heroic feats are truly appreciated.

Sophia was also the Mother of Faith, Hope, and Charity. They are Sophia’s gifts to us, gifts that can overcome the despair, confusion, and suffering that frame human life. Sophia reminds you that clear vision and understanding line the path that leads to the discovery of the meaning of your life.
From: GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast Archives
Coventry of Healing Arts and Pagan Studies Enroll Now!

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The Goddess Companion

Praise to Hathor, praise the Goddess!
Let me be the one who praises most
for she has made me joyous in love.
Praise to Hathor, praise the Mistress!

A week ago I prayed to her and look!
My lover came to me. Came and loved me.
Hathor heard me.  She heard my plea.
She sent me love. She sent my lover.

At the door, my name was called.
At the door, there stood my lover.
Throughout the city, everyone breathed
the sweet wine fragrance of our love.

A week ago, I prayed to Hathor, and
my lover came. It has been five days now.
What else can I do but pray again?
What else can I do but praise the Goddess?
~ Egyptian Prayer To Hathor

This is the day the ancient Egyptians celebrated the birthday of Hathor, Goddess of Love and Pleasure,
one of the most beloved Goddess of the ancient world. With great festivity, the Goddess was welcomed
and praised, in song and dance and merriment. It was a carnival, one both deeply religious and wildly
ecstatic at once.

Today, love seems elusive. Many people yearn for love, but seem not to find it. Yet there are as many
opportunities to find lasting love today as there were in the past. Commerce encourages us to believe
that love comes only to those who smell the right way, who look the right way, who drive the right
vehicles, who have the right investment portfolio. How wrong this is! There are many well-dress unhappy
people riding alone in their expensive cars.

The Goddess showers the world constantly with the grace of love. Love is a gist of the Goddess,
freely given, something that can neither be earned nor purchased. Let us open our hearts to her,
and celebrate her joyous rebirth within us.
By Patricia Monaghan ~ From “The Goddess Companion” and GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast
Coventry of Healing Arts and Pagan Studies Enroll Now!

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GrannyMoon is Founder and Mother High Priestess of GoddessSchool, Sisters of the Burning Branch, dedicated to the Feminine Divine, which is celebrating it’s 15th year! Former staff member and student of the Esoteric Theological Seminary, LDS Seminary and is an ordained Metaphysical Interfaith minister with doctoral degrees in Theology and Divinity. Doula, Reiki Master and Lifetime Member of Herbal Healer Academy, Inc. Former VA State Representative A.R.E.N. (Alternative Religions Educational Network.) We offer an on-line and off-line community for women, including workshops and retreats.

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About The Morning Feast and – The teachings here are based on ordinary magick, the principle that the mundane and the Divine are not separate, but peacefully coexist in all things. Know Mother Earth as the ultimate healer, and learn to utilize her gifts of nature. Inside each woman is a being of wisdom, deeply connected to the phases of the moon and the tides of the sea. All we need to do is trust our innate wisdom.

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DISCLAIMER: Submitted In The Spirit of Fair Use! This is how we weave our web, what if witches had never shared their knowledge …… where would we be? Right back where we started from…in the broom closet!!! Please do consider checking out the sources and products mentioned here and purchasing them. Either through the Morning Feast (that is really appreciated), through their website and/or directly from the author! I do not claim to have made any of the graphics or written the articles that I send to this list. They come from a wide variety of sources and submissions. Any infringement of said copyright is non-intentional and will be rectified upon notice and proof of ownership. Please feel free to share this work in it’s entirety…but please do give credit where credit is due and link back to the author (if available) and to GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast!

Remember you can always read GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast here: Thank you!

May you never thirst,
   except it be for knowledge
May you never hunger,
   except it be for truth
And may the Blessings of the Goddess
   be with you always!

Every Day is Earth Day! Love Your Mother!

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Goddess Blessings!
Live Well – Laugh Often – Love Much

Have a MAGICKAL Day!

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