High recognitions . . . . Lean Back



Lean back.
Lean back into the embrace 
of Divine Love.
You are the visible crest of a wave travelling over a
deep ocean of love, so what have you to fear?
Lean back into the presence 
of all the holy ones gone before;
known or unknown,
of all times and places, 
they support you,
surrounding you on your way as a forest surrounds
the smallest sprouting seed.
There is not one of them 
who does not daily 
will the full flowering of life in you.
Lean back into their strength.
Lean back into their love.
Lean back into the deep river 
of the ancestors 
from whom you came.
However they lived then, 
they offer, at the very least, 
wisdom as to how to be now.
Lean back into their stories; 
the dancing entwinement 
of their lineages 
has brought you forth, 
has clothed you 
in flesh and blood and bone. 

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By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan