Winter Solstice with Our Ancestors

Goddess in a Teapot

For many years I watched the dawn of the Winter Solstice over an 18th century cemetery that was on my way to work. No one else was around at that hour and I always felt a sense of awe seeing the mystery of the coming of the light over the granite reminders of death. It was as if the story of life’s regeneration was being played out in a most majestic way just for my benefit.

Of course, I am not the only person to see the rise of the Winter Solstice sun in a place of ancestral burial. For thousands of years, people have gathered at Newgrange, in Ireland, which is a monument and burial place with a passageway lit up every Winter Solstice by the rising sun.

First rays of the Winter Solstice dawn at Newgrange

This year, as the Winter Solstice creeps up on us (in the…

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