GrannyMoon’s Weekly Feast 4-11 Apr 2021

Sue Vincent
14th September 1958 – 29th March 2021

Blessed be my little witch. To those who came before and those who will come after, know that the Goddess is with you always. Thank you all my dear readers…be blessed. ~GrannyMoon

Dark Moon – Time to Rest
New Moon – Time to Begin New Projects; Birth; Attraction
Waxing Moon – Time to Grow; Increase
Full Moon – Time to be Fulfilled; Abundance
Waning Moon – Time to Banish; Decrease
Last Sliver of Moon – Time to Die; Letting Go
Dark Moon – Time to Rest Again


Light A Candle Today!

In many different traditions lighting a candle is a sacred action. It expresses more than words can express. It has to do with gratefulness. From time immemorial, people have lit candles in sacred places. You may want to begin or end your day by the sacred ritual of lighting a candle on this gratefulness. Or you may want to light a birthday candle for a friend. One single guideline is all you need: Slow down and do it with full attention.

Herb of the Year for 2021: Parsley (Petroselinum crispum, named by the International Herb Association.

The Celtic Tree Calendar
Fearn (Alder) March 18 to April 14

The Goddess Calendar ~ The Goddess Month of:
Month of Columbina begins 3/20 – 4/17

APR. 4: The Qingming Festival, also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day in English

APR. 5-7: Feast of Aphrodite

APR. 5: Festival of Kwan Yin

APR. 5: Roman Day of Fortuna: Goddess of Fate

APR. 7: Feast of Blajini—offerings made to the Other People/Sidhe or Faeries “Kindly Ones”.

APR. 7-8: Feast of Greek Goddess Artemis (Roman Diana) – who represents the feminine in Nature and protects women throughout their lives.

APR. 8: Day of Mooncakes—Honoring the Moon Goddess.

APR. 9: Modron’s Day

APR.10: Celtic Sun Dance

APR.11: Bake Bread to Diana

APR.11: Day of Moon Goddess Anahit

APR.11: Nehelenia’sDay (Celtic Goddess of the Dead)

GrannyMoon’s Sunday Classes at Sticks and Stones, Fairfax, VA

11: Face to Face Class: 1–3:00 ~ The Herbal Cauldron
18: Face to Face Class: Noon–2:00 ~ The Magick of Crystals


Current Moon Phase: WANING MOON

Time: From Full Moon to Dark Moon (approx.14 days)

Goddess Aspect: Crone

Associated Goddesses: Cailleach, Banshee, Hecate, Kali, Morrigan

Magickal Attributes: Banishing Releasing the old, removing unwanted negative energies, wisdom, psychic ability, scrying, reversing circumstances. Workings on this day are for banishing magick, for ridding oneself of addictions, illness or negativity, physical and psychic cleansings.


High Priestess Training with GrannyMoon

The entire course takes 15 months to complete (four levels). Tuition covers lessons, assignments and instructor feedback. In addition, students may download guided meditation exercises and be eligible for Sabbats, Esbats and retreats with the Sisterhood. The entire fee for each level is $120 (payment plan available), sixteen lessons in each level, except the last.

Ceremonial Cords and frame-able Completion Certificates are awarded as membersvcomplete each level.

Level I – Initiate of the Sisters of the Burning Branch – White cord
Level II – Adept of the the Sisters of the Burning Branch- Red cord
Level III – Priestess of the Sisters of the Burning Branch- Black cord
Level IV – High Priestess of the Sisters of the Burning Branch – Green cord

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Learn About Herbs with GrannyMoon!

Treat headaches with herbs. You’re reading, driving, working, cooking—and whoomf! a headache happens. For ordinary headaches caused by the stresses and strains of daily life, a calming cup of herbal tea may be all you need to restore your equilibrium. Use these dried headache herbs, brewed with 1 cup boiling water and sweetened with honey:

Lavender, lemon balm, meadowsweet, ½ teaspoon each
Sage, rosemary, mint, ½ teaspoon each
Rosemary, marjoram, peppermint, ½ teaspoon each
A cool lavender compress for the temples and a quiet rest in a dark room may also give you the relief you need.

There is so much to learn about herbs! In Herbalism 101, we cover 21 herbs, and you will start your own personal Materia Medica, that we will build throughout the next levels. We will cover the basic aspects of herbs. From culinary to magickal, medicinal to ornamental. As well as the many modalities of herbs!

During this course, in addition to the on-line lessons and hands-on projects that you do at home, I will be sending you articles, and information, as well as questions about your own personal use and research.

I look forward to walking this green journey with you! I love herbs and I hope that you do to or will learn to!

There are 10 lessons in each level and there is no time limit for completion. You may study at your own pace! There are no texts to purchase.

For more info or to join my class, click here!

The cost for Level 1 is $50.00 or the entire Healing Arts Course (1-3)for $150.00, which includes a free Reiki certification course when all three are ordered!


The Goddess School Grimoire
Hardcover: $39.45
Softback: $26.95
eBook (PDF): $6.25

The Goddess School Grimoire is a collection of recipes, artwork, poetry, prose, prayers, rituals, spells, and practical Goddess wisdom put together by the teachers, students, alumni, and friends of The Sisters of the Burning Branch Goddess School. The sisterhood is dedicated to restoring spiritual balance by returning the Divine Feminine to her rightful place and by assisting women in their personal and spiritual development. Since being founded by Head and High Mother Priestess Grandmother Moon in 2000, The Goddess School ( has grown into a large and beautiful global community of women.

Living with Moon Magic Patty Shaw Friday, 02 April 2021

New Moon in Aries on April 11, 2021

The New Moon in Aries occurs on April 11th. The Aries New Moon urges you to climb higher fearlessly and go after what you want. Yet, if you are still stuck at the bottom of your mountain, Aries wants you to know that determination and courage are what you need to break through what is holding you back.

Be ram tough this New Moon and push through your blocks with your head. Meaning, use your mind to overcome what has got you befuddled and in emotional knots about why you haven’t been able to get to the top.

Candle Ritual for Igniting Determination and Courage

You will need a Goddess Affirmation candle, a candle holder, a Citrine quartz and Sodalite crystal, paper, and a pen.

  1. Remove the packaging from the candle and carve your goal or project on the side. Place it in the candle holder.
  2. Place the Citrine and Sodalite crystals next to the candle.
  3. Write out all the reasons you have not moved forward on your goal. Some of them will be about the circumstances around you that you can’t control, but many of the other reasons will be of your own making. Your own thoughts and feelings need to be brought out into the open and dealt with. List them all. Then add at the bottom of the list, “and all reasons unknown to me”.
  4. Light the Goddess Affirmation candle and ask that her light fill the affirmation on the label. Then say the affirmation out loud. “I am filled with the strength, wisdom, and abundance of the Goddess, uniting me with the rhythm and flow of life.”
  5. When the candle has melted enough wax, let it drip all over the words on your list. Let the wax obscure the words.
  6. Now say, “The Goddess knows my challenges and has absorbed them into her light. I am now unburdened and more able to take my next step toward my goal.”
  7. In prayer, ask the Goddess to fill your Citrine and Sodalight with the courage and determination you need to get you to the top of your mountain. Thank her for sending you the steady, sure-footed energy of the Aries Ram to get you where you want to go.

Repeat the steps until the candle is consumed or you feel you are on your way up the mountain.

Lighten up your life with help from products from Coventry Creations and advice from Storm Cestavani, Astrological Life Coach, Discover your potential in your Akashic records with Patty Shaw,


Biddy Tarot

Card of the Week: Five of Wands

Are you dealing with tension right now?

The Five of Wands shows you’re in the midst of a battle, tension, or competition with others. This is impacting your ability to move forward with your goals.

Instead of working together for a common goal, you’re meeting constant opposition.

When the Five of Wands shows up, everyone is fighting to be heard, but no one is listening.

Everyone has a different opinion, but no one is stopping to hear each other out. This leads to conflict and misunderstandings.

If you find yourself in this situation, see it as an opportunity to rise above the chaos and disorder. Take a moment to listen to what others have to say, even if you agree to disagree.

Ask the Tarot: How can I take an enthusiastic approach to change?


Llewellyn’s Spell-A-Day

Eggs of Hidden Blessings

Easter is such a Pagan holiday. With its abundance of pre-Christian fertility symbolism, it celebrates the renewal of life and spring. Eggs represent life, and utilizing those brightly colored ones from childhood in our magical work is a great way that we as Witches can reconnect to those cultural elements on our own terms.

You will need several white hardboiled eggs, a commercial egg-dyeing kit, and a white crayon.

Begin by designing sigils for various blessings, such as health, prosperity, love, etc. If you need help, Laura Tempest Zakroff’s Sigil Witchery is an eggcellent resource. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!) Draw these symbols on the eggs with the crayon, contemplating their meanings.

Follow the instructions on your dye kit. While the eggs soak, say:

Cosmic egg of all creation,
Be present in your symbol here.
Alive here now with exaltation,
Hidden blessings now appear!

The sigils will remain white, revealing their magical intention. Hide or eat the eggs. Bon appétit!
Nature Divination

Augury is an ancient form of divination. Simplified, it’s the act of asking a question and then observing the behavior of nature to get an answer.

Go to a place with wildlife, such as a park or other natural area. Find a quiet spot to sit down comfortably, preferably away from other people. Close your eyes and ask your question. When you open your eyes, sit and watch for a while. What animals do you see, and how are they behaving? Birds in a loud flock represent upheaval and travel, while a single bird singing loudly signals a message. A squirrel gathering food indicates that you need to start preparing for change. Even insects are important: if a fly keeps annoying you by landing on your face, your situation requires immediate action.

Also pay attention to the weather. Did a cloud suddenly block out the sun? Did the wind pick up suddenly and give you a chill? Both of those things are a warning.

The more you practice this, the more you will come to understand nature’s messages.
Squirrel Power!

Yes, they may be cute and playful, but squirrels are also keen gatherers that can teach us much about planning for the future and building abundance. To connect with the squirrel as a type of spirit animal, it is a good idea to take time to feed your local squirrels. In the springtime they are usually relegated to different types of grasses since vegetables and nuts are hard to come by this time of year. Good things to feed them are raw, cut-up vegetables such as yellow squash, broccoli, and peas. They can also have some fruits, like watermelon and grapes, in small amounts. Dedicate a small squirrel feeder to the intention of building a spiritual relationship with their realm, and keep a small squirrel figurine on your altar to call in their energy.
“Don’t Be Fooled” Affirmation

In honor of April Fools’ Day, here’s an affirmation to guard against falling for illusions and being tricked. Light a white candle in a clear glass container and place it on a small mirror. Gaze upon the candle and chant:

I can read between the lines.
I can see what isn’t shown.
I will not be tricked or fooled.
I will learn what isn’t known.

Allow the candle to burn out safely. Carry the mirror with you.
Healing and Connecting with Trees

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. Connecting with the essence and energy of trees is healing and can be done at any time of the year. Whenever you need to become more grounded with nature, perform this simple tree magick.

Find a tree that you adore and can connect with. Place your arms around the tree trunk and hug it, placing the side of your face on the bark. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Concentrate on what you can see in your third eye. Don’t worry if you don’t see anything at first. It may take some practice. As you connect with the energy of the tree, ask the tree to ground you and heal whatever pain you are dealing with. Send the pain into the tree and visualize it going down deep into the earth. Say these words:

I give gratitude and thanks
to this tree for this healing
connection that grounds me.

Repeat these words until you feel a deep connection.
A Spell for a Speedy Workweek

If you work a nine-to-five job, Monday though Friday, Tuesdays can be tough. The barrage of Monday is over, but it feels like you’re an eternity away from Friday! To make your workweek fly by and ensure that you still get all of your essential tasks done, try this.

Use a small jar or bowl to dilute five drops of pure peppermint oil with twenty drops of carrier oil. (Olive oil is fine, but you may also use jojoba oil, safflower oil, or almond oil.) Before you go to work, anoint a tumbled piece of bloodstone with the oil and say:

My day flies by, easily and with success.
Tomorrow is as good as Friday.

Carry the anointed stone against your skin. You may place a piece of flannel or linen between your clothes and the stone to prevent staining. Know that your day will be a success and that it will pass quickly and easily.
Healthy Pet Magic

We all love our pets. These an imals who bless our lives are true friends, and they depend on us to keep them healthy. So in addition to taking the best possible care of your fur baby (or scale baby), it doesn’t hurt to work a little magic into their maintenance.

Think about a symbol that represents general good health to you, perhaps a plump red heart to represent vigor, a bone for strength, or a sun for vitality. Draw the symbol on your pet’s belongings and recite:

Good health, long life, and lots of love.

Here are some ways to use your symbol:

• Draw it on a food container, such as bag of dog or cat kibble or a canister of fish food.

• Trace it onto treats and toys with your finger.

• Paint it on their bed or stitch it into the corner of a favored blanket.

• Dip your finger into their water bowl and draw the symbol.

• Draw it on a slip of paper and place it near their enclosure.

• Paint it on the underside of their food bowl.


Heartwings Love Notes 977 Celebrations Are Important

Heartwings says, “Occasions for celebration mark opportunities for joy.”

This past week Stephen and I passed the two week anniversary of our vaccinations against Covid 19. To celebrate we went out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants.. I’ve been in favor of celebrating and of finding opportunities to do so for as long as I can remember. Any excuse will do. Life speeds by at a fast rate and celebrations mark milestones that help to break up that swift passage. Back in the mists of time, before people used calendars and clocks, celebrations on holy days or holidays were important occasions for gatherings rituals and ceremonies.

They provided people with a sense of continuity as well as marked the time when certain kinds of work was to be performed as well. They also gave people an opportunity to have fun, and to perform certain rituals that pertained to these times. These rituals built up over the years and in many cases represented a way to keep the history of the people alive and current in their minds. Written records were not common to most. Few people knew how to write or to read either.

Today many of our holiday celebrations embrace a blend of customs accumulated over time. Easter is a case in point as are Christmas and Halloween. Even Thanksgiving, though recent among other special days, has accumulated its set of rituals. The Jewish holy days are a record of their history as well as opportunities to gather, and they also provide a collection of customs handed down over time with the rituals to go with them.
Such rituals and customs are built into what has been called the collective unconscious of the human race.

They provide a sense of comfort as well as a sense of continuity with the past and with our ancestors. When we color eggs, we are following ancestral activities from the mists of history. Eggs colored red have been found in prehistory sites. The Easter bunny and related customs are descended from the spring hare associated with the moon. As well, the moon marks the days each year that Easter and Passover are celebrated. However, any occasion can be a cause for celebration. It is my joy to find what I wish to be happy about and make my own

May you find many opportunities to rejoice and to celebrate the rejoicing.

Blessings and best regards, Tasha Halpert

PS How do you like to celebrate and with whom? Do you find occasions to do this and how do you mark your holidays or holy days? Write me at, and for more love notes, visit my web pages at .


9 Tips For New Witches

One of the most commonly asked questions I get from students and social media is “How do I begin!” There are usually many variations of this question. Some people want to know how to begin their Witchcraft practice, others are more specific wanting to begin a Water practice.

There are so many ways one can begin a magical path. So I will try to give you some ideas, tips and what I feel may be useful. This is not a full list and not everything works for everyone or every path. So there is Tip 1! Every magical person is different. Within a water magic path, this is the same. Just like there are so many diverse creatures in the sea it is the same for the Water Witch or Water Priestess. We are all different sacred vessels that hold sacred water. Water always forms to your container! We will always look and practice differently than someone else. Water is that which binds us.

Tip 2– Begin taking an inventory of the jars, bottles, bowls, and baskets you already have! Chances are you already have collected a few things that you can use in your magical practice. Water Witches may find they already have a stash of shells, jars, and driftwood. Green Witches may have a stash of herbs, nuts, strange-looking sticks, and rocks of all sorts. Taking a look at what you already have and what you love the most will give you another clue as to what your particular path may be.

You do not need to go out and buy new tools. A significant portion of my tools were gifts, handmade (by me or a magical artisan), or were found 2nd hand. I enjoy thrift shopping! Check out your local thrift shop, eBay, Etsy, and estate sales! I have found some of the coolest things for only a few bucks! Also, reach out to your magical friends! We all have extra bits and bobbles around and sometimes we are very happy to offload them to someone who will work with them. I have been given many magical tools and gifted just as many. I think sometimes we are just a stop on the way to the right witch.

Tip 3– Nature is your ally and can teach you so much. Observing the cycles of nature, how the seasons pass by, how animals behave, and the sun and moon cycle you will find yourself deeply immersed in the mysteries of nature and much will be revealed to you. If you don’t want to spend a dime on ritual tools, take to nature and see what you can find! Driftwood, shells, seaweed, bones, leaves, berries, nuts, and sticks are easy to find and don’t cost anything. Recycled jars can become their homes lined in a row on your workspace! Do be sure to check before you take. Some parks and beaches have regulations, and it is illegal to take certain goods.

Tip 4- Working with Ancestors is a significant portion of many practitioners work. There are so many different types you can work with. You can learn a little bit more about how I work with them here. Even if you don’t want to work with your Blood Ancestors consider the Ancestors of the Land. Beyond the seasons and rhythms of our natural world. There dwells in the tween places beyond this space and time. Find a place in nature near your home. Visit often and begin a meditation practice there. Try connecting with the Ancestors of Land, local land spirits, and even ancestral animals. A large part of many magical paths is a connection to nature and this is a great place to start.

Tip 5– Turn on your Magical GPS. What is a magical GPS? Well, I have written an entire blog about it here. However, I will give you a quick introduction as well. When it comes to any magical practice, Grounding, Protection, and Shielding should be regular practices. While Shielding is a form of Protection, I have separated them because Shielding is an energetic practice of keeping out baneful energies. Protection takes a bit of a deeper meaning and can be employed in many different ways, from charms, talisman, spirit pacts, rituals, and spells. There are going to be many ways to do all three of these.

My advice is to try everything a few times. You will not like everything, somethings you will fail at miserably and will need practice. Other things you will have a natural knack for. It is a practice of trial and error. You are going to struggle, and you need to know that is ok. We all do, I don’t know one magical person who hasn’t had a spell, ritual or work go bad. I also don’t know one that proclaims to have every spell work out perfectly. It just is not realistic. However, with practice, you will not only understand magic better, but you will draw closer to your Spirit. Practice so you can know magic, but mostly to know yourself.

Tip 6– Read and research everything, even the bad stuff. There is so much information out there and you will never know what works for you, what options you have, and the endless possibilities out there if you don’t dive into the sea of information out there! Read the old stuff but read it with an open mind. History is really important, partially because it shows us where we came from, but more importantly where we should not go again. This older text, are full of misogyny, bigotry, and very derogatory language. You need to know this exists as part of our history. Does this overshadow their magical contribution? This is something only you can answer for yourself and one day you will find yourself here. Spend some time and figure out what is and isn’t right for you and your path. For every terrible text out there, there is a really good one as well. If you are interested in a topic, read all you can about it. Taking notes will help you understand where you are leaning and what your magical path might be.

Tip 7- Set up an altar. I included instructions on altar and shrine building in both of my books because this is such an important part of your practice. It is the place you will practice most of your magic and work with spirits if you choose to. It should be a reflection of you and something that you love. Don’t worry about what you see online either. Set it up how you like and make sure you love the way it looks! Different altars may also hold different energies. While I show my Sulis altar online quite a bit, other altars don’t look anything like that one. Also remember that it is your sacred space, and you can keep it private or not. It is up to you.

Tip 8- After you set up your altar, begin to practice circle casting techniques. Different paths and traditions will have different techniques and processes. Some may work in a salt circle, others in a crystal circle, some may use a bullroarer to create sacred space or lay a compass with a Stang. Find what you like, what feels good, and what you are naturally good at. Then practice them often! Even if you aren’t doing any magical workings, practice creating and releasing them in word, physical action, and the mind’s eye. Do not be timid when it comes to your circle casting. Eventually, you will want to become so good at these you can rely and trust them to hold when you are working more difficult magic.

Tip 9- One thing most magical folk have in common is the belief in spirits or the spirit world. Eventually, you will be approached by a spirit, or you may seek one out. They can range from local land spirits to archangels. You may encounter devas, undines, nymphs, dragons, Faery Queens, Gods, Tricksters, and all manner of baneful spirits. The spirit world is just as vast as the human world. Just remember not everything light and beautiful is good, and not everything dark and scary is bad. These are subjective constructs society has put on us. For I have found the gentlest caress and powerful healing in the darkest of nature and been stabbed in the back with a fiery sword of light. Evil has always masqueraded as beauty and light and the darkness has always been demonized. These are part of a system that has poisoned the earth, harmed humanity, and kept us quiet and under control. Nothing is as it seems, it is not all black and white. You must have wisdom to discern the difference and look beyond what our mortal eyes see. A magical path is all about learning the reality of nature from a place of personal experience. You are your own guide upon this crooked path, the map is you. Witch… know thyself.

Annwyn Avalon is a Water Witch, Water Priestess, and the founder of Triskele Rose Witchcraft, an Avalonian witchcraft tradition.


Chanting Can Aid In Connection To Deity, Spirit, Self

When I began learning about witchcraft twenty years ago, one of the first things I began studying is meditation. It became an important part of my daily practice, helping me to learn focus, etc. But over the years, I have learned that chanting can be a valuable aid in one’s meditation practice or on its own. In fact, it can be the one thing that helps return focus when my mind starts a-wandering.

Chanting: A Brief Definition
Chanting is a centuries-old practice found in multiple regions, cultures, religions, and spiritual traditions. It is a form of rhythmic speaking or singing focusing on a word, phrase, or sound. One or two pitches are generally used and are repetitive. A chant can be simple or complex with repeating subphrases. You can think of chants as stylized speech or music.

When performing a chant, the singer/speaker may draw from sacred texts (psalms, hymns, verses), the names of deities, affirming words or phrases, and sounds (such as the “ohm” or basic vocalizations).

Chanting is practiced in African, Aboriginal, and Native American tribal cultures. It is found in Buddhist, Vedic, Bahai, and Muslim faiths. Gregorian chant finds its origin in the Catholic church around the 9th to 10th centuries. Chanting is also used in the Greek Orthodox, Lutheran, and Anglican churches. And that’s just to name a few of the religions, traditions, and spiritualities (such as Pagan or Witchcraft) that utilize chant.

The purpose of chanting is to find a greater connection to the spiritual world. For those who use sacred text, it opens the heart and mind to the lessons those words offer. Chanting the name of a deity draws one closer into communion with them. For those who chant or sing a sacred sound, it draws the chanter into greater awareness of self and the universe.

The Benefits
In the same manner as meditation, chanting offers a wealth of health benefits, not to mention may be easier for those who find meditation a challenge. According to studies, those who use chant improve overall focus while decreasing stress and anxiety. According to a 2016 study, chanting “om” for ten minutes improves one’s mood and “increases the feeling of social cohesion.”

Another study from 2018, found chanting to be a beneficial treatment for veterans experiencing PTSD. Makes sense. Recently, I watched TINA, a documentary about the life and career of Tina Turner. In the film, she credits Buddhism and chanting as what helped her escape and heal from an abusive relationship with Ike Turner. She has maintained a daily chanting practice for forty years.

As mentioned, there are people who avoid meditation because it is difficult for them. Their mind wanders, they do not like sitting still, etc. Fair enough. So, how about giving chanting a try? It really is not difficult and much like a walking meditation, a person does not have to be sitting or even keeping still to benefit from chant.

The Point is to be Focused
Let me share a story with you. A couple of years ago, I had some time to kill at Michigan Pagan Festival. Feeling a need for an emotional break, I decided to walk a labyrinth that had been set up. While walking the path, I began to feel overwhelmed, unsure of how to proceed, so I started chanting “Hekate Enodia, Hekate Kleidoukhos. Hekate Lampadios.”

With every breath of the chant, my head felt clearer and emotions calmer. By the time I reached the center, the goddess joined me. I spent time with her, seeking wisdom and guidance. When the time came to leave, I was able to make my way out with confidence. So, you can chant while engaging in another activity such as walking. The point is to be focused.

Most days, I chant to connect with my deities but I have a separate meditation practice as well. Closing my eyes. Settling my breathing. Being intentional in my space and time. And like many others, there are days it does not work because thoughts interrupt. What do I need to make for dinner? Are there errands to run? What is that song that keeps niggling at my brain?

On days like this, no matter how many times I recognize them and move on, more thoughts will follow to distract me. But chanting helps put the kibosh on wandering thoughts when they occur during meditation. When thoughts creep in, I will chant a word, affirmation, or name of a deity. Sometimes I will hum the “om.” The chant leads me back into focus.

How Do You Chant?
The biggest question is how do you start? What kind of chant works best for you? The most obvious answer is to start with the “Om.” You can begin with a hum that you sustain for one long breath. Then add the syllable, dragging out the sound before humming on the “m” at the end. The steps are:

Take a slow, deep breath in. From the belly, filling the lungs.
Release the breath slowly with the “o” on a singing pitch sound, sustaining as you breathe out.
As you near the end narrow the sound to the “m” until you come to the end of the breath.
There are videos that you can chant along with also.

Another option is to chant the name of a deity, as I did with the example listed above. In fact, that is my daily chant and how I began that dedicated practice. You can do this on a breath (pronouncing the syllables on a slow inhale and exhale) — a technique I learned from Cyndi Brannen for chanting Hekate’s name.

Or you can speak or sing the name of the deity in a slow, repetitive manner. An example:

Take a slow, deep breath in. From the belly, filling the lungs.
Say the deity’s name on a slow exhale, drawing out the syllables.
Another way to chant is to speak a mantra or phrase. This could be a positive affirmation:

I am kind.
I am generous.
I am curious.

Or you can repeat a sacred line from a religious text. There are many ways to create a chanting practice.

Additionally, you do not have to chant out loud if it is not convenient or you feel weird doing so. Silent chanting in your head, a low hum, it all works too.

How Long Do I Chant?
That is up to you. You can set a timer for five minutes to start. See how it goes, then add minutes every day. You can use a set of mala or rosary beads, repeating the mantra, prayer, name, or sound for each bead. Experienced people can chant for hours but you may want to keep it simple and short. Whatever is best for you and your schedule.

Where you chant is also up to you but try to find a space where you have some time to yourself, even if it is in a park or while taking your dog for a walk around your neighborhood.

But I’m Not Religious. Or I Don’t Believe In Deities.
No problem. You can still use a chant to connect with your inner wisdom, bring peace and clarity to your mind, or just calm your spirit. Stick to a sound, positive affirmation, or something that works for you. Sing it, speak it, hum it. And focus your mind on your intention to relax.

Meditation and chanting are not for religious or spiritual people alone. Anyone can benefit from quieting the mind, tuning into the body, and just being “aware” in the moment.

Gwyn is one of the hosts of 3 Pagans and a Cat, a podcast about the questions and discussions between three pagan family members, each exploring different pagan paths and how their various traditions can intersect. The most practiced pagan on the path, Gwyn is a Green Earth Witch devoted to the Earth Mother, Hekate, Brighid, and Frigga. She is a Clairsentient Medium, Tarot Reader, loves writing and, spending time with her family, as well as working with herbs, essential oils, and plants.


Everything Is in Divine Order

It is during the most difficult times that we need to trust and find solace that, in fact, things are in divine order.

We can only see so much from where we sit in our particular bodies, in the midst of our particular lives, rooted as we are in the continuum of space and time. The divine, on the other hand, is not limited to the constructs of either space or time, and its wisdom and workings often elude us as we try to make sense of what is happening in our lives. This is why things are not always what they seem to be and even the best-laid plans are sometimes overturned. Even when we feel we have been guided by our intuition every step of the way, we may find ourselves facing unexpected loss and disappointment. At times like these, we can find some solace in trusting that no matter how bad or just plain inexplicable things look from our perspective, they are, in fact, in divine order.

Even as we take our places in this earthly realm, a part of us remains completely free of the confines we face here. Regardless of what is happening in our lives, this part of us remains infused with joy and gratitude, connected to the unbroken source from which we come. Our small self, on the other hand, who is caught up in our false identity as a being limited in space and time, regards happiness as the result of things going the way it wants them to go. It is this part of us that suffers the greatest confusion and upset when the logic of events does not compute. And it is to this self that we must extend unconditional love, forgiveness, and compassion. In order to do this, we tap into our inner divinity, holding the space of a tender authority, extending love and light to our ego as a mother extends her love to a troubled child.

There are many ways to access our inner divinity — meditation, prayer, chanting, channeling, and conscious breathing, to name a few. It is helpful to develop a regular practice that provides us access to this all-powerful, healing presence, as it can be difficult to reach once we are in a stressful position, if we have not already established a connection. The more connected we are with this part of ourselves, the more we share its unlimited vision and the secure, knowing that all the things of our life, no matter how they appear, are in a state of divine and perfect order.


Reiki Explained the Scientific Way

As a Reiki Master, we often come across queries around how Reiki or energy healing works and whether it really exists. The simplest way to explain Reiki is that it is an all-knowing form of energy and flows where it is needed. However, few people are still intrigued with Reiki and want a scientific explanation. So, how exactly does Reiki work?

With recent findings in quantum physics, an explanation of we ‘Being energy’ and how energy impacts us becomes clear. Quantum physicists have discovered that the fundamental building blocks of matter are made of energy.

It is believed that the Universe was born out of the Big Bang explosion and after hundreds of millions of years, stars began to form. The force of the explosion was so strong that the stars are still moving outwards and so the Universe is spreading and getting bigger all the time! We, therefore, carry the universal wisdom of the light or energy in every cell of our body.

Let’s understand what matter our body is built of as per quantum physics.

The frequency with which each of the above elements vibrates determines the state of our bodies. It’s as simple as, if you are listening to the radio, when you tune the radio-set to the correct frequency of the radio station, you hear clearly -without noise or disturbance whereas, if you poorly tune in, then you will find it hard to hear and have an unpleasant experience.

Since our body has the omnipresent wisdom in every cell, it knows how to heal itself. In today’s modern world, our bodies tend to get out of sync due to factors like environment, contaminated food, stress which leads to ailments such anxiety, depression and long-term illness. It is in such times, that energy healing techniques such as Reiki, come to the rescue. By learning to manage and balance the subtle energies and tap the infinite wisdom, we re-align our energies and live life to the fullest. Reiki is designed to heal the deeper aspects of the energy elements of the body. By using Reiki to heal our body, the energy magnifies the innate cell wisdom and heals not just our physical body but many past life issues as well which probably were not known to us.

It’s important to tune into your energies by listening to your body and taking steps to heal. The energies define your health and put you into a state to which you are tuned in.

It is possible to justify Reiki or any energy healing technique, with the progressions in quantum physics and support anyone who needs healing. Nonetheless, Reiki flows where it is needed irrespective of the beliefs, as is Universal life force!

Article by Nivedita Bhosale


The Light in The Sky by Stephen Halpert

         It was early evening before Easter at the Lonesome Traveler’s Inn. Gertrude stared out the kitchen window and took a deep breath. She had just finished baking her celebrated raisin squash casserole with cherries, walnuts and figs for Easter dinner.

         Gertrude frowned. “I’m so fed up with all that commercialism we see on TV around Easter. Too much, makes people judge one another by their possessions rather than what’s meaningful in their hearts.” 

         Mabel looked up from her reading. “Every year merchants are dependent on Christmas and Easter to pull them over the finish line. Take that away and watch out.”

         Harry came in with a bundle of kindling for the fireplace.

         Gertrude sighed. “Maybe next year instead of Easter candy I should give handmade presents.” She looked over at Harry. “Wouldn’t you like it if I knitted you a pair of light weight woolen socks?”

         He grimaced. “Instead of the usual imported hand dipped chocolate cherries?”

         “But it would be something I made especially for you.” 

         “Wooly and itchy probably.” He paused. “No, the imported cherries are fine.”

         Barney walked in. He’d just gotten back from playing poker. He handed Gertrude a large platter of rich delicious pastry. “Here’s for Easter dinner.”

         “Fattening,” Mabel glowered, seeing pastry as an enemy agent about to blow up her stomach.

         Barney frowned and looked at her. “You would have to say something like that. I’ll remind you of that when you dig into them tomorrow.”

         The lights in the kitchen flickered and then went out. Gertrude looked out the window and saw that the neighborhood was in darkness.

         “Power line, I guess.” She grabbed her flashlight, waved it  at the stove.

         “What was that?” Mabel said. “It sounded like some kind of an explosion! Let’s go look outside.”

         “Cell phone’s out” Barney peered at his ‘droid. “Dead.”

         “Out of the blue,” Harry said. He reached for his coat on the brass tree by the back door.

         Gertrude peered out the window and then put on her coat. “Something strange,” she said. “If it isn’t the Easter bunny or visitors from another planet. Then….”

         The four went outside and stood on the back porch. No streetlights, the houses were darkened.

         A glow of light lit up the sky and made it red.

         “Never seen any light that bright,” Gertrude said. 

         “How far away?” Barney wondered.

         “Who knows?” Harry said.

         “You think we’ve got a new source of light?  Or is something just visiting from outer space?” Mabel tried to judge its distance but couldn’t.”

          “Hard to tell how far away,” Gertrude said. “I wonder what made it happen?”

         “Whatever it is it knocked out power at least across Worcester,” Harry said.

         “Maybe its a sign,” Barney said lighting up his cigar. “Maybe its one of those Biblical warnings that says shape up or ship out.”

         “With no prior warning?” Mabel said. “But there’s never any prior warning when history suddenly happens.”

         A soft rain began to fall.

         “”Obviously something happened,” Harry said.

         “Funny, I don’t hear any police or fire sirens,” Gertrude said.

         “Unbelievable,” Harry said. “Just a great big bang, like that.”

         The sky brightened even more intensely. The air began to feel summery, obviously humid.  It was seven at night. The brightness of the light made it seem more like midday.

         Neighbors began coming out of their houses, milling around in their yards and onto the street. Looking concerned they shielded their eyes from the warm brightness of the light. 

         Mabel turned to Gertrude. “Well, isn’t this just what you asked for? You said you wanted Easter to be a lot less commercial and I think you just got your wish. If they don’t get the power back on this certainly won’t be your typical Easter Sunday.”

         “I wonder what it all means?” Gertrude said repeating herself. “Out of nowhere an incredibly brilliant light turning dusk into day.”

         “And knocking out power.” Harry added.

         “Maybe some of those satellites we’re all dependent upon decided to crash and call it quits.” Barney said. “That in itself could make it seem kinda Biblical.”

         Gertrude shielded her eyes from the light. “When something happens that’s beyond understanding and doesn’t make any sense then all we can do is to turn inward and search for answers within ourselves.” 

         “Like the monks did in the hills of old Tibet.” Harry chuckled.

         “I doubt very much that a new Messiah was just born.” Mabel said. “If he were, wouldn’t we be hearing church bells?”

          “Or at least the Hallelujah Chorus,” Barney grinned.

         “From my understanding He was born in the Spring close to the Equinox,” Gertrude said.

         “But what about Christmas?” Barney asked.

         “The Christians picked the Christmas date because it coincided with the birthdate of a popular pagan savior, Mithras.” Mabel said.   

         The rain began falling harder. A noticeably chill, swirling rain and fog obliterating visibility. 

         “Best we get back inside,” Gertrude said.

         Despite the rain the light remained bright. The power was still out. The house began feeling decidedly chilly. 

         Harry peered at Gertrude. “So you’re thinking that somewhere’s around here a Messiah was born?”

         “Could be,” Gertrude said.

          “I’m far from being a student of religion.” Harry said. “But I always appreciate Christmas vacation as a break from going to school.”

         “That light sure is bright,” Mabel said. “Something unbelievable must be happening. It’s Easter, after all.”

         “So just like that?” Barney said.

         “I’d say it’s some kind of a pretty good send off,” Gertrude said. “The universe letting the planet know.”

         ‘”Could be,” Harry said. “If history does repeats itself, we’ll all find out about it when He’s in his thirties.”

         “Not necessarily,” Gertrude said. “After the last time maybe He’ll be more careful.”

         They were about to say good night and go to their rooms when the lights came back on. Gertrude could hear the hum of the fridge. The electric clock over the stove began to tick.

         Gertrude saw the hard rain swirl against the windows. Has to be some kind of message, she thought. I guess at my age I’m not one for surprises.


Finding Joy in Meaningless Tasks

Finding joy and reason in mundane tasks can shift the flow, and make it not so bad afterall.

Spending an afternoon working on the car, gardening, or even cleaning the house can be fun when we have an interest in the project. Yet, we can also find joy in the chores and tasks we don’t especially like. All we need is a change of attitude, a different approach, a little music, or some help from friends, and the tasks or responsibilities that we perceive as tedious can become a source of pleasure.

Most of us tend to put off what it is that we don’t want to do. Yet, one of the best approaches to an unpleasant task or dull chore is to dive right in and be fully mindful of what it is that you are doing. You may not perceive washing the kitchen floor as enjoyable, but it can be if you view it as a loving act for both yourself and your family. Lose yourself in paying your bills, and thank the universe that you are able to receive the service you are writing that check for. Mending can become a treasure hunt to find the right button and matching thread. And, each morning, see how neatly you can make your bed and take pride in your results.

Playing your favorite music, dancing while you work, or creating a mental list of everything you are grateful for are just a few ways to turn an unexciting activity into a fun event. Ask a friend to help you clean out the basement or paint a room; provide some yummy snacks as an incentive. Look for joy in doing your mundane activities, and they’ll become a source of enjoyment rather than a tolerable duty.


Kats Korner
Share your love for cats!

Are Lilies Poisonous To Cats?

Do you have a cat in your household? Please use EXTREME caution when bringing in flowers, bouquets, and new plants into your cat-friendly household. Easter lilies are extremely poisonous to cats, and just 1-2 leaves (or even the pollen) can kill a cat! Even small ingestions can result in severe kidney failure.

Sources of poisoning: Many plants of the Lilium and Hemerocallis species are very poisoning. Commonly known as the Tiger, Day, Asiatic, Easter, or Japanese Show lily, these plants result in severe acute kidney failure.

Mechanism of action: The exact toxin has not been identified, but is known to be water soluble. All parts of the plant – the leaf, pollen, stem, flower are considered poisonous. Kidney damage (specifically, renal tubular necrosis) occurs within 24-72 hours of ingestion.

Common signs of poisoning: Signs of poisoning often develop within 6-12 hours of exposure. Early signs include vomiting, inappetance, lethargy, and dehydration. Untreated, signs worsen as acute kidney failure develops, and signs of not urinating or urinating too frequently, not drinking or excessive thirst, and inflammation of the pancreas may be seen with lily poisoning. Rarer signs include walking drunk, disorientation, tremors, and even seizures.

Antidote and treatment: There is not antidote for lily poisoning. That said, prompt veterinary attention is necessary. The sooner you bring in your cat, the better and more efficiently your veterinarian can treat the poisoning. Decontamination (like inducing vomiting and giving drugs like activated charcoal to bind the poison in the stomach and intestines) are imperative in the early toxic stage, while aggressive intravenous fluid therapy, kidney function monitoring tests, and supportive care can greatly improve the prognosis. IV fluids need to be started, ideally, within 18 hours for the best prognosis for your cat.

Threat: Just 2-3 leaves, or even the pollen groomed off the fur, can result in poisoning in a cat. If untreated, acute kidney failure will develop and be fatal. Thankfully, lily poisoning doesn’t cause kidney failure in dogs, but if a large amount is ingested, it can result in some gastrointestinal signs in our canine friends.

What about other types of lilies? Other types of lilies like Peace, Peruvian, and Calla lilies don’t cause deadly kidney failure, but they also can be mildly poisonous too, as they contain oxalate crystals which result in tissue irritation to the mouth, tongue, pharynx, and esophagus – resulting in minor drooling. If your cat is seen consuming any part of a lily, bring your cat (and the plant) immediately to a veterinarian for medical care.


Learning To Interpret Your Cat’s Language

Have you ever wondered why your cat has a behavioral problem? Cat behavior is perceived as rather illusive for most people, because cats are so mysterious in many ways, but also beautiful and magical creatures. Deciphering a particular behavior in a cat can be very challenging. And as with human behavior, sometimes there are several explanations and certainly several reasons for the poor behavior. Cats experience and express a wide range of emotions and feelings such as, for example, fear, pleasure, joy, hunger, frustration and other various emotions that affect the cat and how he/she behaves.

Some behaviors, even the most common ones, are not very understood by many people and this unclear communication can impair the cat’s quality of life and the development of behavioral problems. Fortunately, most of the problems can be solved and it all starts with clearer communication from both sides. When a cat is suffering with a certain issue, it may start to play up, a little like a baby would. For example they could have health trouble or even something such as fleas; and in this case, you may want to look at a flea collar. Cats should get their regular check ups and you should ensure that they look happy and healthy.

Let’s say you’ve got your first kitten, let’s call him Felix! Felix will need to learn about his territory and play and develop just like any other pet would. They need a safe and comfortable environment. Although sometimes, their development may be problematic. So let’s take each problem step by step so that you can learn to understand what it all means.

There are several reasons why cats rub their nails and scratch things. It is a way for them to mark their territory and strengthen their nails. If you want your cat to stop scratching on furniture, you should first provide him with a very attractive alternative to furniture and then teach him only positive methods to use the new nail sanding device you have purchased. It is very important that the cat be able to use its claws because it is part of their DNA and therefore it’s quite an important habit. So utilise the things available from pet stores and online.

Cats that chew objects and other belongings at home, may do it out of boredom and frustration. It is important to understand that cats, by virtue of being hunters, must use their teeth and nails often. Kittens that bite a lot, do this as part of their natural developmental stages as puppies. At the same time, if we do not provide the cat that lives in the house with options for hunting through games, food, he will try to find solutions for himself. Chewing is a genetic need and not a treat. Don’t see this as a negative, so provide them with something that will assist.

If your cat chews objects at home, look for the cause first as we have just mentioned. Make sure their diet is high quality and varied, make sure he likes his food. Enrich this further with more activity and games, because most of this behavior is due to boredom and frustration.

Out-of-the-box needs
Cats can develop various problems with their needs. Urinary tract infections, bladder stones, even tumors. Other factors can also cause your cat to defecate outside their crate. Problems between cats at home and quarrels can also cause problems with the litter box also. In order to take care of the matter and get the cat to use the designated litter box again, you must first diagnose the situation and understand exactly what is causing this behavior. Once we understand what is causing the behavior, it will be possible to solve the problem. Some cats may have complex needs, especially if you have adopted them and they have been part of another family, or even found abused. You can look at some help articles to ensure that you are tackling the problem effectively.

A very common mistake that people tend to make is related to the issue of the cats’ litter box – and cleaning it too infrequently. This may cause the cat to have to look elsewhere and you will actually find yourself cleaning needs from the rug or blanket through no fault of the cat. After all. Cats are very clean animals, with a very developed sense of smell, which means that even in nature, the cat will not defecate in the exact same place it did in the morning and yesterday and two days ago… but will look for a clean place that will not smell and endanger itself. At home, the cat is 100% dependent on us, so it is our job to allow him to defecate in a crate that is clean of residue, free of unpleasant odors and is not dirty.

Cats can react aggressively towards another cat in the home or towards a family member and this is a difficult problem. The cause of aggression can be stress, or a health problem that causes pain. There is a long list of reasons for aggressive behavior, so even in this case, we will first make a classification, we will understand what exactly the reason is. How to treat behavioral problems in cats? The first step on the way to solving behavioral problems is to go to the vet and rule out a medical problem. If you think your cat is feeling a little unwell or you see that his behavior is different than before, see a veterinarian. Once you have done that you can start examining the behavioral aspect with the same thoroughness and devoting the proper attention to it with a cat behavior consultant to solve the problem correctly and professionally.

Having a cat is a lovely thing and can be great for the entire family. They take care of themselves more often than not and can be a good companion. But once you can break down their patterns and behaviours, you will find things run very smoothly!


Georgia’s Weekly Horoscope:
Sunday, April 04, 2021

All Signs
This week Mars will square Neptune, which triggers feelings of doubt, discouragement and inadequacy. People will feel things are hopeless. There’s a temptation to give up. I don’t even want to go there – so let’s not. Because something else is happening: The Sun, Mercury and Venus are all gathered in Aries like pumped action heroes! So we must choose. Which door do you want to open? The one that promises fuzzy thinking and hopelessness or the one that promises positive energy, enthusiasm, drive, new ideas, motivated confidence, bravery and success? Hmmm, not an easy choice, especially if you have to get up and walk over to the door.

Aries (March 21-April 19)
For most of this week, you’re totally pumped! That’s because the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in your sign. Furthermore, Venus is dancing with lucky Jupiter; and it is also energized by your ruler fiery Mars. (Great combo!) This week – you run the meeting. It’s also an excellent week to make new friends and expand your influence in groups and organizations. You will definitely earn more money, think of moneymaking ideas or attract money to you. Your interest in the arts will be stronger. You might start to work on a particular arts and crafts creative project. In addition, you will feel more benevolent to others and want to help or do something to make a difference in the life of someone else. Right on!

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
Many wonderful things are taking place this week, but most of them are happening internally. These are private events and happenings that other people are not aware of; or they’re taking place within your own psyche and are privy only to you. You will make more effort to work hard to boost your income this week – that’s a fact. To be sure, privately, you will see that you are enriching yourself financially and in practical terms. You will also be generous or involved with charitable effort in such a way that it boosts your public reputation. Don’t give into financial doubts and fears at the end of the week. They will be brief!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
This is a popular week! Everyone wants to see your face. Many of you will hang out with younger people and be more involved with artistic, creative people because you yourself are more involved in the arts or in PR events that require smooth schmoozing. You might also be involved with a charitable organization this week because you have a lot of energy to work, and a lot of energy to do good and benefit others. (This is admirable.) It’s interesting to note that all this energy that you’re putting out to share with others and work on their behalf will indirectly enrich you – even financially. (Well, of course, who is surprised? After all, what goes around, comes around.)

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
What a stellar week! The powerful energy of the Sun, Mercury and Venus working together is taking place at the very top of your chart. (“Can you see me from up here?”) This means others are aware of your success. You will have greater ease and will get good results in your dealings and conversations with bosses, parents and VIPs. Relations with important people will be warm and cozy. (In fact, a romance with a boss will begin for some.) Your influence with a group or an organization will increase, especially in terms of fundraising or attracting money and practical resources to any agenda that you want to support. Some of this will come about because you are working behind the scenes. However, be careful, if you think someone out there is working against you – you might be right. (Even paranoids have enemies.) Be guarded and keep your eyes open on Friday.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)
This is a great week because all this fire energy that is going on will amplify your own Fire Sign and your dealings with foreign countries and anything to do with publishing, legal matters, medicine and the media. Look for improved opportunities in anything related to higher education because they will exist for you. The upshot of this wonderful energy is it will make you want to travel and do something adventurous! It can also promote making money from foreign interests, as well as exploring romance with someone far away or someone who is “different.” On Friday, a friend (or a member of a group) might disappoint. It will pass quickly. (Especially if you drink a lot of water.)

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
This is a financially beneficial week. Ka-ching! Lots of energy is taking place in one of your Money Houses: specifically, the House of Other People’s Money, which means it will activate inheritances, shared property and anything you own jointly with others (including debt). Almost certainly, advantages and benefits from others, including material, gifts and money — will come to you. However, you can use this shared wealth to benefit the lives of someone less fortunate. (Bravo!) Meanwhile, your sex drive is heightened and romance will be the stuff of movies! At the end of the week, don’t be discouraged about a close relationship. (Unexpressed expectations often lead to disappointment.) This is temporary.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
This week is all about your closest relationships to spouses, partners and close friends. These relationships will be blessed. Good feelings and warm conversations will be the order of the day. You will more easily express your affection for others and vice versa. You might meet new friends or have warm introductions that delight you. Someone close to you might be generous to you or give you some moneymaking ideas. You might also join forces with a group, especially for charitable cause, because you will feel more generous to others – that’s certain. By the end of the week, you might feel disillusioned about politics, religion or racial issues or dealing with foreign interests. This letdown is temporary. Relax.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
You feel reassured because matters related to your job are flowing smoothly this week. You see ways to boost your earnings or make more money. Meanwhile, people will praise your efforts because you will help others if you can because you feel genuinely concerned about someone. A new friendship or a romance that is work-related might begin. Work-related travel or dealing with foreign countries is also likely because everything to do with your job and your work will expand your world! Likewise, your health will feel more vigourous. And many of you will have pleasant, rewarding experiences with your pet. A disappointment at the end of the week is a brief dark cloud on your horizon.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
You are a fortunate sign (because lucky Jupiter is your ruler), and this week is a lucky week! You’re happier because you’re more enthusiastic about your future. You’re also happier because you have chances to play and enjoy lighthearted, entertaining diversions. Yay! You will also love to explore any chance for creative self-expression. Grab opportunities to enjoy fun activities with kids, and particularly, a chance to enjoy the arts or make future vacation plans. Romance will flourish! You’re feeling that you are finally back in the game and life is promising! (Be patient with misunderstandings with partners and close friends at the end of the week.)

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
Things will flow smoothly at home this week. (Many will be more involved with a parent.) Home repairs, DIY projects and a chance to redecorate your digs will appeal. Some are planning to entertain their special bubble. This emphasis on home and family might also translate into real-estate opportunities for some. Perhaps real-estate speculation or a residential move? You might pour money into your home and yet, at the same time, you can make money from your home? (Perhaps through a rental situation or a family member will be generous to you?) Some kind of confusion related to your job or your health at the end of the week is just a temporary setback. Relax.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
Your busy pace continues this week! However, it’s fun busy! Enjoy talking to siblings, relatives and neighbours because you’re keen to learn new things. Please note that your spirits are so high, you see your surroundings through new eyes. You’ll be grateful for where you live and for the people you know. You are experiencing that profound truth: When you change the way you see things, the things you see change! Relations with everyone will improve this week. It will be an invigorating time; however, by the end of the week, a confusion with romance or one of your kids might arise. Be mindful and don’t kid yourself.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
“Money, money, money!” This week you can boost your earnings because you will attract money to you. No question. You have moneymaking ideas, which means you might continue to attract money in the future. However, be careful towards the end of the week, because some confusion taking place at home will occur. Don’t let this cloud your thinking or create self-doubt. Meanwhile, because of the influx of money or the hope of money to come, you are spending money on beautiful things for yourself and loved ones. Well, if you’ve got it baby, flaunt it! (Note: Remember to share the wealth because what you give comes back to you multiplied.)


Monthly Horoscopes For April 2021

If you’re born within a cusp period (16 to 26 of any month); you’re advised to read horoscopes of both signs covered by that period. You’re on the border; you may have influences from houses within those signs.

Outlines are longer versions; consists of every possible detail of everyday and based on three parts of each sign: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Decan; that is, any of three divisions of 10° within a sign of the zodiac. Even if you know or don’t know your Decan; I recommend, please read all three Decan.

Personal theme: I am!!
Fire & cardinal sign: March 21 — April 19

Your horoscope for this month:

Being enthusiastic by nature, you’re rarely willing to wait until the right moment to commit to pivotal plans. Still, during April’s first half, focus on decluttering your life of unworkable arrangements, even if it means admitting defeat. Meanwhile, rethink your goals and consider what’s truly inspiring. This prepares you for the powerful insights and resulting shift in priorities triggered by the Aries New Moon, on 12 April. Once these are clear, you’ll know exactly what, and who, will take priority in your plans and passions.

Railing against cancelled plans will be a waste of valuable energy in early April. Instead of trying to put things back on track, move in a different direction. You’re brimming with great ideas and can easily attract a loyal audience for them during the first half of the month. On the 12th, the New Moon will find you adopting a fashionable look that turns heads. Don’t be surprised when people who were once indifferent to your charms become passionate interested in you. Clashes with authority could occur in the middle of April; don’t overestimate your power. The Full Moon on the 26th could put strain on an intimate relationship. Resist the urge to put so much emphasis on the physical part of your union.

By the Full Moon on 27th tough decisions need to be made. Your ruling planet, Mars, moves into Cancer on 23rd. This marks a decided sea-change in thinking and desires. Just a few days later, on 27th, the Full Moon is part of a complicated planetary picture including Uranus (unexpected). That this coincides with Pluto’s station at the apex of your solar chart suggests a tough call will need to be made regarding both property and career matters. Risk assessment is essential. It would be as well to be careful through the first three weeks of April i.e., don’t overspend, act too hastily or think that handshake deals will go through as planned. In preparing for emergency – which hopefully won’t happen -, you could also learn much about what is really important to you and how to secure and protect all that you love.

Personal theme: I have!!
Earth & fixed sign: April 20 — May 20

Your horoscope for this month:

You can be amazingly patient when plans are organised and it’s clear what’s next. However, between unsettled arrangements and the resulting questions about timing and the outcome of plans, you’re uneasy. Yet during quiet moments with loved ones or in nature, you begin to gain a fresh, and unexpectedly optimistic, perspective on the present and, even more, the future. Take it slowly. Things will come together, but probably not until the Taurus New Moon on 11 May. What happens then will be well worth waiting for.

Solitude is bliss during the opening days of the month. Take this opportunity to daydream, develop creative projects and connect with your spiritual side. The New Moon on the 12th will heighten your intuition; pay careful attention to your dreams. A fabulous concept for a business, service or product could occur to you while sleeping; it would be wise to develop this brainstorm. Your charisma will skyrocket in mid-April; use it to attract romantic, financial and creative opportunities. On the 26th, the Full Moon warns against making whimsical demands on your partner, or a breakup could be imminent. The final days of April are ideal for getting a radical makeover that turns heads and heightens your allure.

Ahead of the Sun’s arrival in your sign, there is much work to be done. Until 27th, all the planets appear to be moving forward. You too should feel as though you’re making progress. Be prepared though, to have to negotiate an unexpected obstacle around the Full Moon in your opposite sign on 27th. Just a few days earlier, Mars moves into Cancer. Around 23rd, you may be made acutely aware of what others consider to be valuable and yes, irritated that they didn’t speak up earlier. The legacy you want to leave may be priority around the Full Moon; and yes, after 23rd family and property matters are likely to become super important. The art in the first three weeks is to ensure that as you adjust to a new working and domestic pace and that you really hear what someone is trying to say. What you’re trying to avert is having to deal with an emotional outburst between 23rd and 27th that might threaten to knock you off your chosen path.

Personal theme: I think!!
Air sign: May 21 — June 20

Your horoscope for this month:

In early March the planet of courage and action, Mars, moved into Gemini to remain until late April. The resulting far-reaching review and restless exploration both declutters your life and takes you in new, and often unanticipated, directions. While, generally, you ensure arrangements are flexible, you sense certain plans need to be finalised. That’s true; but with circumstances, others’ plans and your own priorities changing frequently, lasting plans or final decisions can, and should, wait you’re benefitting from the insights that come with early May’s events.

Your social side will be in full evidence at the start of April. It’s important to keep in continual, even if you can’t meet with loved ones personally. Video conferences and online chats will keep your spirits high and creativity flowing. Don’t feel compelled to convert other people to your belief system, though; it’s best to adopt a live and let live approach to work relationships. On the 12th, you may decide to join a support group or artists’ collective, thanks to the outgoing New Moon. Covering expenses can be challenging during the middle of the month; don’t beat yourself up if you’re struggling. Like the ocean, finances ebb and flow. The Full Moon on the 26th may prompt you to leave a job that bothers your conscience.

Yet again it seems property matters have your full attention. This may be especially true from April 23 and in the days leading up to the Full Moon on 27th. Prior to then it seems there will be much bartering, to-ing and fro-ing and negotiation; and yes, there may be times when you feel you are losing. This may be particularly apparent in the days before the New Moon on April 12. Yet with the New Moon comes fresh energy: a deal could yet be struck around 15th but not cemented until after 20th. Markets are just one way of taking the global financial temperature. After a chilled period in March, (declining indices?) it’s probable that these will spark to life again in the last days of April. It’s then that you too could husband resources wisely and even perhaps make shrewd investment. There is high probability of you being attracted to new technologies – including robotics and artificial intelligence generally.

Personal theme: I feel!!
Water & cardinal sign: June 21 — July 22

Your horoscope for this month:

While you’re delighted about the longed-for changes reshaping others’ way of living and working, you’re oddly unsure about your own plans. Yet your instincts are telling you to be patient. That’s wise. Ideally, in fact, you’ll wait until the 23rd, when dynamic Mars’s move into Cancer triggers a two-month cycle of review, exploration and exciting change. For now, focus on shedding what doesn’t add to your life, even if it’s unclear what’s next. What you encounter as events unfold will delight and excite you.

Occupying the spotlight will be a good use of your charisma at the start of the month. It’s a great time to go on auditions and job interviews. Stop worrying so much about making a good impression and just be yourself. You’ll get a warm reception for your quirky humour and emotional intelligence. The New Moon on the 12th could drop a fabulous career opportunity in your lap; don’t hesitate to accept a leadership role. Your social life should sparkle during the middle of the month; if you can’t meet in person, it will be fun connecting with friends via Zoom or FaceTime. On the 26th, the Full Moon will prompt you to abandon a romance or creative project that no longer thrills you.

It would be understandable if, until the 23rd you were preoccupied with managing savings. You’d likely be right to anticipate extra expenses after the Sun changes sign on Monday 19th. Yet through the first three weeks of April, you could perhaps improve cash flow situation by getting rid of unwanted items. Over the weekend of 10th – 12th this could be therapeutic in more ways than one. With the cash flow looking a little brighter, by the time that Mars moves into your sign on 23rd you’d be better placed to make investment. The Full Moon on April 27 accents the risk and speculation area of your solar chart and could bring with it the opportunity to buy in on the ground floor or to self-invest. This might also be the time to undertake future planning with the assistance of a financial adviser (perhaps someone who has a Saturn cycle of at least 30 years’ experience).

Personal theme: I will!!
Fire & fixed sign: July 23 — August 22

Your horoscope for this month:

There’s no doubt you’ll be delighted by the ideas, events and encounters life’s bringing your way. Despite them being fascinating, you’re being forced to juggle elements of the past that must go with intriguing, yet uncertain, future plans. The trick? Temporarily set aside that Leo impatience and explore experiences and encounters for whatever they bring. However, things are unlikely to come together until mid-June, when dynamic Mars moves into Leo. The resulting clarity, and the plans you make then, will have been worth waiting for.

April begins with a powerful desire to expand your horizons. Scheduling a long-distance trip or enrolling in an advanced course will fill you with excitement. It’s possible your business or romantic partner won’t approve of your plans, fearing they will be a distraction from your relationship. Do your best to reassure your other half of your loyalty. On the 12th, the New Moon could prompt you to embark on a spiritual journey. You could adopt a belief system or take up a sacred practice. Attending a family reunion in mid-April will be lots more fun than expected. Don’t despair of a career path dries up on the 26th; the Full Moon will connect you with bigger and better professional opportunities.

The temptation to exercise your lion’s roar could be irresistible once the Moon arrives in your opposite sign on Tuesday 6th. Perhaps you need to make clear what is and what is not acceptable; but don’t be surprised if this leaves you exhausted by the end of that week. Recharging your batteries will likely be necessary over the weekend. All this should be viewed as positive. As for most people, finding new ways of working and operating will require adjustment. You should make headway – especially in the few days after the New Moon on April 12. Yet even this would come with an emotional and yes, perhaps financial price. A few days ahead of the Full Moon on April 27, asset management and perhaps even property arrangements may be necessary. By then, Mars will be in one of the Water signs and yes, arguably dampening your Fire. Support from an Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn to help you refine your profile ahead of an important meeting at the end of the month.

Personal theme: I analyse!!
Earth sign: August 23 — September 22

Your horoscope for this month:

After several months of enforced patience, and being cornered into shedding certain longstanding but increasingly unrewarding arrangements, you’re looking at life from a fresh perspective. Tempting as it is to organise new plans for the present and the future, adopt an uncharacteristically easy-going approach. Explore whatever arises, get to know the people you encounter; but, also, keep your mind open and plans flexible. Why? By mid-May encounters and offers as thrilling as they are unexpected will make it clear how wise this strategy was.

Passions will be running high at the beginning of the month. If you’re in love, you’ll want to spend every second with your amour. Are you single? You could meet someone special through a competition. Don’t let an authoritarian break your spirit with petty criticism; they’re just threatened by your talent. The New Moon on the 12th could attract a financial windfall. Use this money to buy a car, computer, or electronic device that makes life easier. A wonderful chance to expand your horizons will arrive soon; let an accomplished teacher take you under their wing. Disappointing news about a family or community matter could reach your ears on the 26th, due to a tense Full Moon.

Until 22nd at least, you could be super busy rushing hither and thither but successfully juggling many interests and projects – especially in the days following the New Moon on April 12. That said, more than once you may feel you are negotiating an obstacle course when, as one dilemma is resolved, another surfaces. The week beginning Monday 19th could be particularly challenging. By 23rd however, and the Moon’s arrival in your sign, together with other factors, there could be yet something else to celebrate. You wouldn’t be you if you didn’t have something to worry about of course! and with Mars’ arrival in Cancer you could go into overdrive fretting about how much there is to do. By the Full Moon on April 27 others will surely encourage you to simply ‘calm down’; but perhaps your intuition is spot on as developments in the last few days of the month could be as exciting as those at the start but leave you aware of new challenges ahead.

Personal theme: I balance!!
Air & cardinal sign: September 23 — October 22

Your horoscope for this month:

The changes triggered by the Libra Full Moon on 28 March seem final, but they’re just beginning a process of discussion, exploration and yet more discovery. While, initially, you’ll try to stick with original plans, soon new ideas, inspiring encounters and unexpected changes lead to fresh take on existing plans and your ideas about what’s next. Although, obviously, you’d like things settled, every twist and turn, is so exciting you’re soon embracing events that, while disruptive in the short term, offer thrilling promise in the long run.

A close relationship will be a profound source of pleasure at the start of April. If you’re single, you could meet someone special through a cultural, religious, or educational organisation. Do you have a partner? Undertaking an advanced course of study together could draw you closer. The New Moon on the 12th is ideal for signing a contract, exchanging vows, or entering a creative collaboration. Your finances could pick up during the second half of the month, thanks to an inheritance or legal settlement. Don’t hesitate to spend your additional income on luxury items that appeal to your sensual side. A crisis of conscience could occur on the 26th, due to a conflicted Full Moon. Take the high road in all matters.

Confusion when thinking around financial matters is probable in the first few days of April. Between 4th and 15th, with both Mercury and Venus passing through your opposite sign, others will no doubt have many ideas as to how you could improve your situation. By mid-month it’s important that you take the reins. Your financial antennae – particularly with regard to investments – should be working much better midmonth. As of 23rd, and Mars’ Cancer ingress, self-investment should take priority. This might well require improving your environment both at work and at home. Redecorating and improving working conditions generally might seem an excellent idea. Perhaps more importantly – and especially around the Full Moon on April 27th, – you could give thought to investing in craftsmanship and artisans (perhaps even within the family). Those who have special skills but perhaps have not – as yet – developed their business plan will likely benefit from your support.

Scorpio & Ophiuchus
Personal theme: I desire!!
Water & fixed signs: October 23 — November 21

Your horoscope for this month:

You’re superb at gently, but firmly, encouraging others to learn about people, places or ideas you’re sure will benefit them. However, your reaction to new ideas of changes in existing arrangements and new ideas ranges from dismissive to hostel. You could decide to battle a few. However, most are timely breakthroughs. If you’re unable to spot their potential, think back to times on the past when, similarly, you dismissed sudden changes, which then turned out brilliantly. It’s the same now and over the coming month or so.

Pouring your energy into a fitness regimen will be a great use of your time at the beginning of the month. Having an outlet for your restless energy will be good for you. Without it, you might put too much emphasis on the physical aspect of a romantic relationship. A demanding but rewarding job will be offered to you near the 12th, thanks to an upbeat New Moon. Not only will you enjoy your duties, but the perks will be great, too. You could find yourself enjoyably immersed in a romantic relationship. If you’re single, ignore your family’s input and pursue the object of your desire. Follow a selfish impulse on the 26th, when the Full Moon shines its light on you.

The Full Moon on April 27 is in your sign and will likely mark a turning point in global financial affairs. By then Mars will have arrived in another of the Water signs and yes, an emotional reaction to recent events is likely – but also bring a buying opportunity. Prior to then, it’s important that you get your financial house in order. This could be an exercise expedited quickly as both Mercury and Venus join the Sun in another of the Mars’ ruled signs (Aries) between 4th and 12th. The New Moon that day signals the desire for a fresh approach; and, may be, the opportunity to buy in to a service or item that others have discarded. Yours is a sign that knows how to maximise resources. Your input could make immediate and significant difference and yes, perhaps bring financial reward around the aforesaid Full Moon. All in all, April promises to be an exciting month for buying and selling.

Personal theme: I see!!
Fire sign: November 22 — December 21

Your horoscope for this month:

Ordinarily, when others take over life’s dull details, it’s a relief. However, you’re right to think their idea of wise decisions is likely to be the opposite of yours. This leaves you no choice but to get involved with the matters in question, mostly a range of practical decisions, some minor but others more far-reaching. Once you’re involved, you’ll note most need an update. Even more, you’ll also realise that certain of your own views, priorities and plans need to be reviewed, ideally before you commit.

Love, romance and adventure will characterise the first half of April. Put responsibility on the back burner and take a few risks; you could use a few thrills. Your best friend, romantic partner or business contact won’t be happy with your wild behaviour, but that shouldn’t stop you from having fun. On the 12th, the New Moon will urge you to start a creative project that speaks to your heart. Don’t worry about rendering a perfect performance on the first try; just let your ideas flow unchecked. You might attract a lucrative job during the second part of the month; take this opportunity to save some cash. The Full Moon on the 26th may bring a shocking secret to light; brace yourself.

The good news is that not one major planet is retrograde this month. The ‘bad’ is that between 4th and 14th, Mercury and Venus move through another of the Fire signs and cash flow may be fast, furious and yes, with more going out than coming in. There is real danger of slipping on a financial banana skin around 9th. With the New Moon on 12th comes fresh energy and, within days, you could take a more practical approach. Indeed, what you recycle around 16th could have real benefit. You won’t be the only sign preoccupied with domestic, repair and family related costs from April 23. It may be though, that you see that by investing here you’ll save money later. Implementing these plans whilst negotiating disruption to work activities and yes, likely your income stream, could mean that hard decisions have to be taken week beginning Monday 26th. The Full Moon that week accents the need to rethink savings and long-term financial schemes. Yet, as is so often the case with Sagittarius, by the time the Moon reaches your sign on 29th-30th, you could come up with a plan which, though it involves a degree of risk taking, leaves you feeling excited about your financial outlook.

Personal theme: I use!!
Earth & cardinal sign: December 22 — January 19

Your horoscope for this month:

Now that you have a better understanding of the events shaking up several elements of your life, you’re not only recognising their potential, but you’ve begin exploring other options. While this is wise, you also need a break from the past months’ relentless analysis. The objective? Balance this with a focus on what, and who, brings you joy in life and whether you’re devoting enough time to these. Previously, you’ve put off such pleasures until everything was settled. With so much in transition, focus on balance.

Sticking close to home will make you feel grounded at the beginning of April. Resist the temptation to work overtime during this period; your nearest and dearest need you more. The New Moon on the 12th could prompt you to launch a renovation project; it’s a good time to upgrade your kitchen, bathroom or both. Alternatively, you might find a better place to live. Love could find you during the middle of the month. If you’re single, your dating profile could get lots of hits. Are you in a relationship? Your amour will have difficulty keeping their hands off you. By the time the Full Moon rises on the 26th, you may grow tired of a social group and leave its ranks.

Realisation that you need to dig deep into savings – particularly between April 4 and 14th will likely be discomforting. Over 8th and 9th especially, you could feel at financial loss. This though is likely to be temporary. Soon after the New Moon on 12th and Venus’ arrival in another of the Earth signs, you could attract support that allows you to negotiate a financial hurdle with ease; and yes, this may involve a job offer. By the time the Sun moves on into the Taurus on 20th, you will likely be weighing up the benefits of self-employment versus steady income. All this could lead to a hiatus around the Full Moon on April 27 when global markets could be disturbed once again pushing financial matters to the forefront of your mind. In the last two days of the month, your expertise is likely to be both recognised and rewarded. There may be an unexpected element to this. Whilst this might not bring direct cash your way, a gesture may be made that makes clear your contribution is much valued and will be rewarded when possible.

Personal theme: I know!!
Air & fixed sign: January 20 — February 18

Your horoscope for this month:

It would be easy to convince yourself that the battles triggered by the Full Moon on 29 March will lead to lasting arrangements. True, what you discuss, the problems you define and the understanding you gain about both others’ priorities and ideas about the future will last. However, the powerful shift in the planetary focus, from 19 April, onward, indicates both circumstances and, as a result, your plans must change. Annoying as the resulting chaos is, the options coming your way will soon thrill you.

Don’t be so quick to turn a casual romance into a serious commitment at the start of the month. It’s best to develop this relationship slowly. The more you know each other, the stronger your bond will become. The New Moon on the 12th could prompt you take a class or begin a writing project; exercising your intellect will be the priority. Turn a deaf ear to your inner critic during the middle of the month; you don’t want to talk yourself out of a marvellous plan. Moving to a beautiful part of the world is a distinct possibility during the second half of April. On the 26th, the Full Moon may make you question your career path. Be ready to try something different.

Hold the thought that yours is a sign with the capacity to think differently. You don’t have to repeat the past. Indeed, it could be argued that you are the best sign for moving in altered directions. That may be necessary by the Full Moon in another of the Fixed signs on April 27. This could bring with it a sudden, sharp, financial shock. It would be as well to anticipate this and, where possible, place safety nets. Of course, you may already know this is coming. This may be to do with property management or your job or a combination of both. With the high probability of global financial markets also experiencing trauma in the last few days of April, you’ll likely not be alone. You could though, excel in exploring new ways of working and yes, joining forces. From April 15-18 you may show a special financial courage. Then, between 19th and 22nd – and likely with the assistance of a Gemini, you could position yourself well to cope with any discomforting waves at the Full Moon.

Personal theme: I believe!!
Water sign: February 19 — March 20

Your horoscope for this month:

The ideas, events and offers triggered by the Pisces New Moon, on 13 March, won’t just be inspiring. You’ll be learning about and discussing them well into the month of April and, in some cases, beyond. While your instincts will say what’s worthwhile, certain individuals are less imaginative and could try talk you out of pursuing what you believe in. Waste no time on debate. Instead, discuss your plans, present and future, with somebody who shares your vision but who’ll also raise crucial questions.

Opportunities to increase your income will abound at the beginning of April. Landing a job or contract with a university, hospital, or government agency is a strong possibility. If you’d like to start your own business, the New Moon on the 12th is an ideal time to do so. You could get some start-up cash from a generous relative. Don’t let peer pressure prompt you to take an undesirable path during the middle of the month; it’s critical to listen to your heart. During the second half of April, you’ll be busy running errands and conducting meetings. The Full Moon on the 26th may bring disappointing news about an application, test, or legal decision; look for the silver lining to this cloud.

Preparation is usually the key to success. Before Jupiter arrives in your sign next month, assessing your situation, knowing what reserves you have and improving where possible your financial safety net would surely be a wise endeavour. As the Moon passes through your sign over 8th and 9th you could do this with ease and show others your extra ordinary ability to juggle funds successfully. You might also determine around 12th, that it’s time to be released from one item that might sell successfully on the 16th boosting cash coffers as a result. That would leave you well-placed to make new investments after Mars arrives in another of the Water signs on Friday 23rd. Between that date and the Full Moon on 27th, you will likely see opportunities others miss. Divesting yourself of investments in outworn areas and, in the days after the Full Moon on 27th, embracing new areas should ensure you conclude the month at least not in a worse financial condition than at its start.



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