The End of the Long Nights… and Shadow Work

Wood Witch Hollow

We often hear talk about doing “shadow work” in the pagan community, but what exactly is shadow work? When is the best time to do this type of work? And how does one benefit from it? Well first you have to think about what the “shadow” truly is. Shadow work is a psychological term for the things we cannot or choose not to see in ourselves. The shadow in essence is the “dark side” of one’s personality, as it consists of more primitive, raw and negative, (dark) human emotions and impulses. Feelings of desire, greed, rage, envy, selfishness and just true darkness in nature.

Those feelings one is not necessarily proud of, the evil or darker emotions we don’t reveal to others, but exist just the same, these emotions become our shadows… Anything that is incompatible with one’s chosen conscious self is to be considered part of the dark side…

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