Do I Or Do I Not Need Help

Humoring the Goddess

I don’t want help.

I can do it myself.

I could use a little help.

But I want to do it myself.

I need help.

But I want to do it myself.

How many times does this conversation go through your head?

Family, social media, books all teach you to be independent. Do it yourself. Dont rely on others to get where you need to go.

But we are also encouraged to help others. Help others that can’t help themselves.

But often those who need help don’t want help. They want to move, function, do things themselves. By themselves. FOR themselves.

That over rated sense of self. Of ME. Of .. I am a person and enjoy the personal satisfaction of doing and achieving something BY MYSELF.

We all know we are never “by ourselves.” If we are a fairly normal human being there is always someone around you to…

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By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

2 comments on “Do I Or Do I Not Need Help

  1. I’ve had to learn the hard way that when someone offers, take the help and if you need it ask! Age is a great teacher. Let’s hear it for old man Saturn!


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