GrannyMoons Weekly Feast: 18 July 2021


Blessed Be my little Witch. To those who came before and those who will come after, know that the Goddess is with you always. Thank you all my dear readers…be blessed. ~GrannyMoon


Dark Moon – Time to Rest

New Moon – Time to Begin New Projects; Birth; Attraction

Waxing Moon – Time to Grow; Increase

Full Moon – Time to be Fulfilled; Abundance

Waning Moon – Time to Banish; Decrease

Last Sliver of Moon – Time to Die; Letting Go

Dark Moon – Time to Rest Again


Light A Candle Today!

In many different traditions lighting a candle is a sacred action. It expresses more than words can express. It has to do with gratefulness. From time immemorial, people have lit candles in sacred places. You may want to begin or end your day by the sacred ritual of lighting a candle on this gratefulness. Or you may want to light a birthday candle for a friend. One single guideline is all you need: Slow down and do it with full attention.


Herb of the Year for 2021: Parsley (Petroselinum crispum, named by the International Herb Association.

Goddess Month of Kerea runs from 7/11 – 8/8

Celtic Tree Calendar: Holly Moon: July 8 – August 4

This evergreen plant reminds us all year long about the immortality of nature. The Holly moon was called Tinne, pronounced chihnn-uh, by the Celts, who knew the potent Holly was a symbol of masculine energy and firmness.


July Birth Flowers: Delphinium (Larkspur) and Water Lily – Given as a birth flower for July, the larkspur signifies love and joy. The water lily is full of symbolic significance in many cultures. It is particularly associated with rebirth and enlightenment.


Full Moon in Aquarius, July 24, 2021



Time: From New Moon To Full (Approx. 14 Days)

Goddess Aspect: Maiden

Associated Goddesses: Artemis, Branwen, Eriu, Nymph, Epona

Magickal Attributes: Invoking Beginnings, New Projects, Ideas, Inspiriation, Energy, Vitality, Freedom. Workings On This Day Are For “Constructive” Magick (Love, Wealth, Success, Courage, Friendship, Luck Or Health.)


High Priestess Training with GrannyMoon

The entire course takes 15 months to complete (four levels). Tuition covers lessons, assignments, and instructor feedback. In addition, students may download guided meditation exercises and be eligible for Sabbats, Esbats, and retreats with the Sisterhood. The entire fee for each level is $120 (payment plan available), sixteen lessons in each level, except the last.

Ceremonial Cords and frame-able Completion Certificates are awarded as members complete each level.

Level I – Initiate of the Sisters of the Burning Branch – White cord

Level II – Adept of the Sisters of the Burning Branch- Red cord

Level III – Priestess of the Sisters of the Burning Branch- Black cord

Level IV – High Priestess of the Sisters of the Burning Branch – Green cord

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Learn About Herbs with GrannyMoon!

There are 10 lessons in each level and there is no time limit for completion. You may study at your own pace! There are no texts to purchase.

The cost for Level 1 is $50.00 or the entire Healing Arts Course (1-3) for $150.00, which includes a free Reiki certification course when all three are ordered!


The Goddess School Grimoire

Hardcover: $39.45

Softback: $26.95

eBook (PDF): $6.25

The Goddess School Grimoire is a collection of recipes, artwork, poetry, prose, prayers, rituals, spells, and practical Goddess wisdom put together by the teachers, students, alumni, and friends of The Sisters of the Burning Branch Goddess School. The sisterhood is dedicated to restoring spiritual balance by returning the Divine Feminine to her rightful place and by assisting women in their personal and spiritual development. Since being founded by Head and High Mother Priestess Grandmother Moon in 2000, The Goddess School ( has grown into a large and beautiful global community of women.


BHC Newsletter

~Stacy Adams,

July 19, 2021 – July 25, 2021

This week is an astrological traffic jam with four planetary aspects, a Full Moon, and two sign changes.

We start the week off with a lovely sextile between Mercury and Uranus. It’s a great time to solve problems, seek answers to pressing concerns, and break away from the ordinary routine. Mercury sextile Uranus likes to discover new things, engage with new people, and feel excited by life. It’s a great day for a trip to the local hangout to spend time with your crew.

On Wednesday, Venus moves out of Leo and into Virgo. Venus is not happy with the sign of the Virgin  (for obvious reasons), and she detests being bogged down by pesky details. While Venus is in Virgo, you will need to seek intellectual stimulation from your partners, and boorish or brutish behaviors will annoy you. However, Venus in Virgo urges us to be kind to others with an extra dose of helpfulness.

We have our second sign change on Thursday when the Sun exits Cancer and heads into Leo, the sign he rules. It’s time to focus on what makes you special and unique.

Finally, this weekend, Mercury opposes Pluto. Please pay close attention to your conversations with others because they may be laced with propaganda and hidden agendas. Avoid doing anything against your will. Also, think twice before making an impulsive decision.

Recommended Candles: Full Moon Astro Magic, Answers (Chakra Magic), Inner Beauty, Truth and  Justice, and Jinx Removing Blessing Kit.

Here’s what you missed on this week…

Full Moon in Aquarius on July 24, 2021

This Full Moon cycle is excellent for breaking through and opening yourself up to new experiences. This may feel right on point for you or you may need to do some introspection work first.

Transformation Through Your Havoc

Last month, Saturn formed a square (90-degree angle) to Uranus for the second time. Saturn and Uranus move slowly, they remain in technical orb for long periods and trigger easily by faster moving planets. This month the agitators will be Mars and Venus.

30 Looks Good on Us

It’s ok, it’s only evolution. Things are starting to look a little different at Coventry, our Blessed Herbal candles are getting a new party dress! Next year will be Coventry’s 30th year of making magic


RIP Carol Patrice Christ

(born in California, United States on December 20, 1945[1]) was a feminist historian, thealogian, author, and foremother of the Goddess movement. Her death from cancer was announced by the Association for Study of Women and Mythology on July 14, 2021.[2]) An obituary honouring her contributions to Feminist Thealogy may be found on “The Girl God” blog.[3] She obtained her PhD from Yale University and served as a professor at universities such as Columbia University and Harvard Divinity School. Her best-known publication is “Why Women Need The Goddess”.[4] It was initially a keynote presentation at the “Great Goddess Re-emerging” conference” at the University of Santa Cruz in 1978. This essay helped to launch the Goddess movement in the USA and other countries. It discusses the importance of religious symbols in general, and the effects of male symbolism of God on women in particular. Christ called herself a “thealogian” and as such, made important contributions to the discipline of theology, significantly helping to create a space for it to be far more inclusive of women than has historically been the case. The term “thealogy” is derived from Ancient Greek θεά (theá, “goddess”) + -logy [5].

Christ wrote five influential books on women’s spirituality and feminist theology and was a co-editor of two classic anthologies: “Weaving the Visions: New Patterns in Feminist Spirituality” (1989); and “Womanspirit Rising” (1979/1989). The latter included her essay Why Women Need the Goddess.[6] Both anthologies included feminist religious writing from writers from a very diverse range of religious backgrounds. She held a PhD from Yale University. Carol P. Christ taught at major universities in the United States, including Columbia University, Harvard Divinity School, Pomona College, San Jose State, and the California Institute of Integral Studies. As director of the Ariadne Institute, she conducted pilgrimages to sacred sites in Greece containing artifacts of matriarchal religion.[7] For many years she had been a resident of the Greek island of Lesbos, the home of the poet Sappho.[8][9]


Llewellyn’s Spell-a-Day

Invocation for Healing


Sundays are associated with the solar goddess Brigid, the Celtic goddess of hearth, home, healing, and inspiration. Today, invoke Brigid to ask for a bit of healing energy for those you know are in need of it and who desire such divine energy.

You will need a white candle and a chime, bell, or rattle. Optionally, include an image of Brigid (as a saint or goddess) or a Brigid’s cross. Set the items up on your altar or as their own temporary altar. Safely light the candle and ring, chime, or rattle to announce your presence and begin your invocation. As you envision the glow of the candle as healing light, recite the following:

Lady of the flame,

Lady of healing,

Lady of the holy wells,

Lady Brigid!

On behalf of all who seek comfort,

May we find your healing

power aflame in our souls.

So mote it be!


Altar Blessing


An altar is a physical focus for magic and spirituality. It provides a place to work and worship. There is a distinction between things that change with each spell or ritual (such as stones to symbolize current astrological energies) and things that stay the same ( like an offering bowl or incense burner). Other things such as divine icons or altar cloths may or may not change.

Here is a spell to bless the permanent tools on your altar. You will need your altar, your permanent tools, incense, sea salt, and a bowl of water.

First take everything off your altar and clean the top. Safely light the incense and sprinkle sea salt in the water. Invoke your patron deity(s). One at a time, place your permanent tools on the altar, each in its accustomed place. Hold each tool and say:

God/dess, bless this solid symbol of

my faith. May it hold me securely and

always support my work. So mote it be.

Waft incense smoke over the tool and sprinkle it with the salted water. Then place it on the altar.


A Simple Charm Bag for Clear Communication


Mercury is currently in Cancer, which means we will be speaking from our hearts and not our heads. This isn’t always a bad thing; it will help some to finally open up. But those of us who are already emotionally inclined can expect things to be a little “extra” at this time. Cast this spell to ensure you are getting your point across during these emotional times.

In a small blue, purple, yellow, or silver pouch, put a large pinch each of dried rosemary, rose, alum, and rue. Take a loose piece of your hair and, if possible, tie a knot in it and then place that in the pouch. Tie the pouch together and keep it with you when needed.


Portable Happy Place


We all have happy places here and there, outdoor spots that make us feel safe and peaceful. Maybe it’s a favorite trail in a park, a childhood haunt, or an area of town that brings back happy memories. Next time you visit your own happy place, gather a little bit of dirt or some pebbles from the ground and put them in a tiny jar or envelope that you can carry.

Anytime you feel uneasy or overwhelmed, no matter where you are, pinch some of the earth from the jar or envelope between your fingers and rub them together. Focus on the movement of the grit against your skin and how it activates the peaceful vibrations in the dirt. Allow the vibrations to flow through the dirt, up your fingers, and all through your body in the form of calming white light.

You can do this anywhere, even in crowds, when you need a sense of calm.


A Prayer to a Salamander


A salamander is a point of consciousness within the element of fire. When we tap into that consciousness, they can assist us in becoming invigorated and transformed.

For this spell you will need these materials:

* A piece of unlined paper

* A pen

* A fireplace or fire pit (or a red candle in a fire safe cauldron)

* Some ground cinnamon

Write a prayer to a salamander for something that needs extra energy in your life. Then, at the peak of the sun, light a fire (or light the candle). Face south and imagine that the light and heat of the sun are permeating your skin. Contemplate the fire element. Imagine that you can perceive within the flame little beings dancing here and there. Maintain this imagery as you sprinkle some of the cinnamon over the flame as you chant seven times:

Burning bright,

The blazing light.

The flames that dance.

The flames empower.

Carefully burn the paper in the flames. Watch it burn away to ash, transformed by the fire.


Summertime Love Potion


This bright, summery potion can be drunk by a couple to enhance the loving feelings between the two of them or by an individual to infuse them with attractive vibrations while seeking a partner.

The usual method is to simmer the potion for ten to fifteen minutes over low heat in a cauldron, then strain into a pitcher. Empower each of the ingredients with your intention for love before adding it to the pot by holding your hands over the ingredient and visualizing love as you wish it to be. Add all of the following ingredients except the honey to a pot or cauldron, and simmer as directed. After the potion is strained, add the honey and stir. Drink either warm or cold.

* 3 cups water

* 1 tablespoon honey

* 2 teaspoons (or 2 tea bags) black tea or Earl Grey tea

* 1 teaspoon orange juice

* 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice

* 1/2 teaspoon mint

* Pinch nutmeg

* Pinch coriander


Find Your Tribe


Cicadas, also known as tree crickets, are a bug that represents transformation. Their loud, screeching songs can be heard in the summer in the Northern Hemisphere. They sing loudly in an effort to find a mate. They make a loud sound as a group to benefit everyone.

Use the wisdom of the cicadas to find more members of your magical tribe. Life is more meaningful when you find more of your own kind. If there are cicadas near where you live, go outside and say these words:

The songs of the cicadas

are loud and strong.

When I stand together with

others I can’t go wrong.

This nature music raises my vibe.

I will work on finding more

of my magical tribe.

You can utilize these words even without the songs of the cicadas. The message is the same. There is strength in numbers. Use this spell to reach out and find like-minded friends.


Learning To Use Tea Tree Oil

Do You Use Tea Tree Oil? Some Reasons You May Want To

Tea tree oil is a powerful disinfectant and useful herbal remedy. Extracted from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, a native tree of New South Wales, it is a clear liquid, strongly aromatic with an odor similar to that of eucalyptus. Tea tree oil is a good treatment for fungal infections of the skin (athlete’s foot, ringworm, jock itch), toenails or fingernails – conditions notoriously resistant to treatment, even by strong oral antibiotics. Just paint the oil on affected areas two or three times a day. You can also apply it full strength to boils and other localized infections.

A ten-percent solution (about one and a half tablespoons to a cup of warm water) can be used as a mouthwash and on skin to rinse and clean infected wounds. This dilution can also be used as an effective vaginal douche for treatment of both yeast and Trichomonas infections. In these topical applications, try a small amount first as some find it irritating to the skin or vaginal area. Tea tree oil is nontoxic topically (DO NOT take it orally as it is toxic internally) and available in most health food stores – choose products that are 100 percent pure tea tree oil.


How to Meditate with Crystals: Simple Ways to Change Your Life


Crystals for Meditation

I love to share that meditation is the best habit you can create. And, combining meditation with powerful crystal energies is the new craze. In case you didn’t know, crystals from Mother Earth carry frequencies that can balance, adjust, or help us release what is needed in our lives—simply holding specific crystals adjusts your human aura (the electromagnetic field that surrounds your physical body).

Meditation lowers stress levels, and it can bring balance and enhance the mental mind to create positive thoughts and connect you to success. When you pair your meditation with a purposeful intention, you are able to bring the ultimate outcomes that you desire.

All that and a bag of chips! Now, if you combine two high-powered crystals with your chosen meditation to match your purpose, you will be euphoric. Once you get started, you’ll be hooked.

Whether you’re new to meditation and crystals or a seasoned practitioner, please let me teach you how to amplify your bliss with the specific crystals paired with meditations—simultaneously raising your frequency and increasing your level of happiness.

My new book, How to Meditate with Crystals, features helpful guided meditations, chakra and color meditations, meditations for manifesting love, meditations to connect with spirit guides or loved ones who have passed over, meditations for past or parallel lives, self-soul connection meditations, meditations to help you bond with earth elements, meditations using sacred geometry, and body movement meditations. Whether you’re just beginning a meditation practice or have been meditating for many years, this book will support your journey toward a more balanced, fulfilled, and spiritually-connected authentic version of yourself.

This fabulous book includes 33 powerful meditations and in-depth discussions of 33 individual crystals. For each meditation, I share the best high-vibe crystals to use and 5 unique methods of meditation. For each crystal, you will be able to explore its energy vibrations, its origin, and its best usage in a meditation, as well as its influence on the chakras, the physical body, the emotions, and the spirit. These crystal and meditation combinations will help you address a wide range of issues and goals, including improving your mental health, heightening your level of happiness, and igniting success.

Below, I have provided 3 meditations and crystal pairings to get you started on your crystal meditation journey.

1. Meditation for Release of Self-Negativity

Purpose: This meditation helps you to purge those vibrations that are lower and repeated, such as resentments, self-hurting thoughts and fears, a lack of confidence, and self-sabotage that stems from words or thoughts you hold over your.

Best Crystals: Danburite is a steadfast train that rolls through any weather, your bull, facades you created, and any self-blame. Its frequencies break all of these down so it can be swept out of your body and out of your energy fields for good. Rutile quartz keeps your frequency from going back to that same old track of negativity.

Intention and Opening: “I understand that I have allowed self-sabotage; I am now allowing and giving permission to change and adapt powerful loving thoughts, as everyone deserves good things and occurrences in their life. I am part of everyone. I deserve a positive, good life and good opportunities that allow me to move forward. I now accept these gifts and will take action when I am offered these gifts from other people, myself, and the universe.”

Easy Guidance: “I release all fears or facades I created in my mind about me and my life. All that is negative, I am allowing myself to change. That includes changing my record, shifting my ideals, and becoming more honorable, trustworthy, and loyal to myself and others. I am a human being who has faults and can easily move them out—the emotions of them and my mental process of how I think about them. This way I can become all I truly want to be.”

Closing and Gratitude: “I am always able to release any issues that arise. I am powerful in loving ways. I can create my own destiny; only I can release what I need to. I certainly am thankful that I understand how to dispose of any toxic energy with beauty and grace.”

2. Full Moon Cycle Meditation

Purpose: This meditation is good for completing a cycle or the closure of an event, a relationship, or a personal emotion, along with enhancing your overall energy frequency during the full moon.

Best Crystals: Herkimer diamonds enhance and advance your well-being and tune-up your frequencies. The full moon’s energy also amps up your vibes by cleansing and clearing your aura. Combine those with moonstone—a favorable crystal for positive travels, cycles of life, and purposes in our lives—and we can continue to manifest and reset.

Intention and Opening: “I am grateful for the cosmic energy, such as the moon and stars. They favorably guide me in my quest to complete and have closure. I am ready to advance and bathe in the moonlight’s frequencies to charge my energy as it cleanses and clears me.”

Easy Guidance: This meditation is best done outdoors, weather permitting. Basking in the full moon is definitely beneficial to your frequency! Place a Herkimer and a moonstone so there is a stone in each hand. Sit or lie in a comfortable position, and if you can, face up so you can actually see the moon over you. Don’t worry if it is cloudy; the vibes still penetrate through to you. Now close your eyes and breathe in the outdoor air.

Closing and Gratitude: “I am blessed that I can enjoy Earth and beyond as a connection of all that is. I can synchronize my mind and my body to create what I want and need in my current life. I am gifted to be able to sense the moon’s energy to fulfill and move me forward to my next quest.”

3. Meditation to Connect to Light Beings and Extraterrestrial Frequencies

Purpose: This meditation will help you to connect to light beings and extraterrestrial frequencies.

Best Crystals: Celestite brings in soft, soothing, loving energy and sometimes calls in light beings, as does Moldavite. These frequencies allow telepathic communication with those from other atmospheres.

Intention and Opening: “I am and I allow myself to connect to [light or extraterrestrial beings]. I will be able to sense them and understand messages from my intuitive abilities and my sensitivities of hearing, feeling, and inner knowing. When I fully wake, I will take notes on my sensations and thoughts, which are messages from them to me.”

Easy Guidance: Breathe in and out to relax your body. Do this at a nice, slow pace. At least six breaths in and out. As you find yourself completely relaxed, notice your third eye and visualize white light opening that area of your forehead. It is easy and light and feels beautiful. This will allow a connection for you and your communicators to telepathically send you information that you can clearly understand. As you relax and feel the white light over the top of your head and forehead, you feel safe and warm. Your body from the nose all the way down to your feet is feeling activated with a heavenly pink light of energy. This makes you feel comfortable. Your shoulders feel like you are receiving a hug from your guides and friends of the light. They will start to show you visions or help you get a color or picture as a message. You may also hear something or feel as though they are speaking to you in your inner mind. Occasionally you may feel a soft touch on the forehead or shoulder. This is them letting you know they are present. Allow and receive. If you are completely relaxed and would like to, imagine a rope or energy rope that looks like light. You can grab this rope and allow your visitors to pull you into a space where they reside. You can do this by asking them to bring you into this space safely. When you are ready to come back to Earth, mindfully ask them to bring you back safely.

Closing and Gratitude: “I would like to thank all the beings who brought me wonderful visions and experiences. I am back and hope to continue space travel with you soon.”

How to Meditate with Crystals connects you to all of your existence. You may be drawn to explore all 33 crystal meditations—go for it! It is fun, easy, and enlightening, to say the least! I invite you to connect with me and share your crystal meditation journeys! You can find me online at and on my YouTube channel.


Falling In love With Yourself

Once you discover how to fall in love with yourself, you can’t help but treat yourself with respect and thoughtfulness.

While seeking love, many people tend to look outward rather than inward. Yet falling in love with yourself can be just as wonderful an experience as falling in love with someone else. While the idea of falling in love with ourselves may be thought of as conceited or selfish, choosing to fall in love with who you are is a powerful act of self-love.

When you fall in love with yourself, you can’t help but experience a wonderful sense of discovery. You begin to look at yourself again through fresh eyes, becoming more attentive to the little details that make you so unique. Once you discover how much there is about you to fall in love with, you can’t help but want to treat yourself as lovingly and respectfully as you would treat anyone who is special to you. You start to give to yourself more because you become more attentive to your own needs and desires.

Choosing to fall in love with yourself is a very personal process that takes time. There is no magic wand you can wave to make this happen. But there is the magic of your intention and the power of your actions, whether you are taking the time to do the activities you like, speaking to and treating yourself with respect, taking inventory of all of your wonderful qualities and accomplishments, or nurturing yourself with plenty of rest and self-care. When you fall in love with yourself, you begin to see yourself more positively, appreciate your unique outlook on life, and treat yourself in a more nurturing way. In loving yourself, you are acknowledging that you are special and deserving of love. Best of all, you are giving yourself one of the greatest gifts you have to give another. You are giving yourself the gift of your love.


Heartwings Love Notes 991 Blueberry Pie Disaster

Heartwings says, “If you want to succeed, keep on until you do.”

While I have a nice collection of elderly and even some really old cookbooks, I have one I treasure for a particularly special recipe. The cookbook, by Peg Harvey is titled: When the Cook’s Away. The recipe is called Roman Blueberry pie. While this name sounds Italian, the pie is not. It is however a very unusual pie. You must read the recipe carefully and follow it exactly or you could have a disaster like I did. The worst thing about that is ruining the very special berries you need to make it. And if you spent hours in the hot sun picking them you would be very sad indeed.

I know this because the first time I made it I didn’t read the recipe carefully. It calls for a pie shell you bake before filling. Unfortunately, I created the pie and poured it into the uncooked shell. To make matters worse, I did not realize that I had chosen a pie pan intended to use only for baking a shell. I poured the filling into the pie, put it into the oven, and was horrified when it began leaking out onto the bottom of the oven. The pan had holes in the bottom so a shell would bake well. The unbaked crust let the filling slip though the holes. 

The second time I made it, I again somehow misread the recipe. I had followed it carefully, I thought, and created the cooked part that holds the uncooked berries. However, I stirred it for too long and it got hard. It had said stir until thick, but not how thick. Overly zealous, I kept at it and the mixture became rocklike. My grandmother had a saying, “I didn’t think and I forgot are the worst excuses of all the lot.” So, I sighed and tried again because I also believe that if at first you don’t succeed….

This is a wonderful recipe when properly made. I have made it correctly a number of times. Be sure to only use the little wild blueberries. You could even use the frozen ones from Wyman’s, the wild Maine ones. It is also true that you might go picking them yourself, if you know where to do that. Those would be the best of course. Or you might luck out and find some for sale. You would need 2 pints or a quart.

You would also need a prebaked pie shell, 2/3 cup sugar, 2 tablespoons cornstarch, and ¼ cup water, plus whipped cream for garnish. To make the pie, Clean and wash toe berries. Take ¾ cup of berries and cook them in ¼ cup water until soft. Puree or put though a sieve. Add 2/3 cups sugar and 2 tablespoons cornstarch. Stir over medium heat until thickened. Chill in the refrigerator until nice and cold. When ready to serve, carefully fold the uncooked berries into the puree and fill a baked pie shell. Garnish with whipped cream and serve. So very tasty, and such a good way to enjoy those berries.

Best of luck with this or any recipe, and may you enjoy the process.

Blessings and best regards, Tasha Halpert

PS Want to share any stories of your own? I love hearing yours as well as sharing mine. Write me at , and for more Love Notes, check my web pages at  


Our Inner Stock Market

We must make sure our beliefs are actually our own and not a story that’s put on us by somebody else.

Just as the stock market rises and falls in response to what people are willing to put their money behind, we have inside ourselves an inner economy that rises and falls in response to our beliefs about what is possible. Sometimes the degree to which we are willing to challenge our belief systems determines the success of our inner economy. For example, imagine that your family of origin had a belief that musical talent was not something they possessed. As a member of that group, you would likely inherit that same belief about yourself. As a result, even if you had a great desire to create music, you might be hesitant to really get behind yourself, fearing that your investment would not pay off. Even if you had the courage to follow your passion, your inner belief that you are not inherently talented would probably be a major obstacle to investing your energy in your dream.

On the other hand, if you found a way to release that negative belief, a great flood of energy would pour forth, greatly increasing the likelihood of your success. How much energy we are willing to invest in the various ideas, dreams, and visions we carry within is like the money people are, or are not, willing to invest in the various commodities available for trade on the stock market. And in both cases, belief plays a key role in determining how willing we are to get behind something. One way to open up the possibility for greater success in our inner economies is to understand that belief is not the reliable guide we sometimes think. There are other more reliable indicators of success that we can put our faith in, such as passion, gut instinct, and intuition. Some of the most successful investors in the stock market are the ones that go against the grain, trusting their instincts over the prevailing opinion about what will work.

In the same way, we can learn to trust our heart’s desires and our instincts to guide us, questioning any beliefs that stand in the way of our ability to fully invest in ourselves. As we withdraw energy from limiting ideas about what is possible, we free up the resources that have the power to make our inner economy thrive.  



Some herbs have a distinct ability to stimulate your nerves and raise your energy levels, among them are licorice root, cacao, and tea. Due to their stimulating nature, these herbs are best avoided late in the day, but are perfect companions for the morning—a time when all of us could use a little energy support.

Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) lends a fleeting sweetness to these cherries. Its keen ability to boost energy makes it a perfect herb for the morning, and it also acts as an adaptogen, supporting your body’s adrenals and stress response system.

Cacao Nibs (Theobroma cacao) are rich in polyphenols that nourish gut health. Cacao is also rich in theobromine, a botanical compound that gives chocolate both its deep bitterness and its ability to increase your energy.

Darjeeling Tea (Camellia sinensis) has a citrusy sweetness marked by undertones of bitterness. There’s a delicate floral quality, too, that underpins its flavor and finds balance with the sweet cherries in this recipe. Teas, such as Darjeeling, contain L-theanine. This amino acid has a reputation for boosting energy and increasing focus, without causing jitteriness.

Fresh cherries surrounded by tea leaves and vanilla beans

How to Poach Cherries with Herbs and Spices

Makes about 4 servings.


2 1/2 cups cold water

1 Tbsp. organic dried licorice root (cut and sifted)

2 teaspoon organic roasted cacao nibs, plus more for serving

1 organic vanilla bean, split, optional

1 organic star anise pod

1 tablespoon organic black tea, such as Darjeeling

1 1/4 pounds fresh or frozen sweet cherries, pitted

1/2 cup honey

Yogurt for serving


In a medium saucepan over medium-high heat, combine the water, licorice, cacao nibs, optional vanilla bean, and star anise.

Bring to a boil, then immediately turn down the heat to medium-low. Simmer, uncovered, for about 15 minutes.

Turn off the heat and toss in the black tea. Cover and let the herbs steep for an additional 5 minutes.

Strain the infusion through a fine-mesh sieve into a heat-proof container, discarding the solids. Wipe the saucepan clean.

Return the liquid to the saucepan and bring it to a boil over medium-high heat.

Immediately turn down the heat to medium-low and stir in the cherries and honey. Simmer, uncovered, for about 5 minutes, until the cherries are warmed through but not soft.

Turn off the heat and let cool to room temperature.

Serve over yogurt, sprinkled with additional cacao nibs.

This recipe is reprinted from Vibrant Botanicals, a cookbook all about simple, nourishing foods and easy herbal remedies you can make at home. It includes energy-boosting recipes for the morning, recipes for digestive support, and herbal recipes to help you get a good night’s sleep.


Ghost Hunting Theories

Ipiutak: Ancient Alaska People of Unknown Origin

Northwestern Alaska had an ancient people called the Ipiutak. The state also has some islands and remote locations where many reports of ancient giants being dug up persist today.

Who were the Ipiutak? Well, if you ask the Native People, they were highly unusual –

This Ipiutak burial skull has eyes made of ivory and jade.

His splayed jawline, large tilted eye sockets, and cheekbones seem rather odd. Below, an example of a typical Homo sapiens.

Another tribe of people went missing. This is a common story from the HoHoKam and Anasazi to the Mandan and Sinagua.

This culture existed from about 100 BCE to about 800 CE. Most prevalent belief is that they were of Siberian origin, but the Native People tell a different story.

They report fair-haired, blue-eyed people who settled in that region.

rake-like object – amazing work!

They showed many artifacts of art, but none of the expected pottery and such that the Native People known to Alaska have shown.

Interestingly, many descriptions have been made of “Hollow Earth” beings. These have involved tall people with robes. It is interesting to note the odd-shaped elongated heads and the fact these carvings show robes which would not be clothing of an Alaskan People. Might they represent an actual Hollow Earth culture of a place reportedly accessed from the frozen north?

The Smoky God – a book about Norwegian Olaf Jansen’s adventures when he and his father set out sailing to fish and ended up in Hollow Earth.

If you see Alaska as an ancient city that connected one continent to another, having many types of people cross there long ago makes sense. Like New York City, you should find many ethnicities in one location.

One of those ethnicities might be what we refer to as ancient giants.

Alaska also has a strong reputation for giants –

On the Aleutian island of Shemya during WWII some work being done for a landing strip uncovered human remains, highly unusual ones. They were not only very large with skulls being 11″ wide and up to 22″ from base to crown, but they had evidence of trepanning.

The mound cultures and shell-loving miners who build giant civilizations in America before even the Amerindians arrived would be one of the “immigrants” who passed through the Aleutians.

It will be interesting to see what is dug up in the permafrost in the future, as today we don’t rely on newspapers to show us finds, but common people with cell phones who want to share.

Hey, Smithsonian, it’s getting harder and harder to hide the bodies…

My favorite Alaskan escape in the lower 48 –

My family recipe for smoked salmon spread (I make it throughout the year) – smoked salmon, capers, dill or dillweed, salt, pepper, horseradish, lemon, and onion. Whirl it up together and enjoy on toast triangles, crackers, on slices of toasted baguette, or in an omelet. 


Gilberto Rides Again Chapter 10 

by Stephen Halpert

Gilberto, Maria, Joey and Mona were dressing for Sophia’s engagement party at Ramon and Rosa’s. As usual Gilberto was reluctant to wear a tie.

“Then don’t. Look like a derelict” Maria said, tired of his complaining. “Be the only untied man there.”

“Never mind,” Gilberto said, He selected a particularly loud tie that really clashed with the colors of his shirt.

Joey came into their bedroom, his eyes wide. “I don’t want to go.” He looked at Maria.

She hugged him. “You have, to but I know how you feel. This is a big life lesson for you. Learning to cope in an adult world.”

“But Sophia doesn’t love him. Why would she marry someone she doesn’t love?”

“How do you know she doesn’t love him?”

“She always said she loved me.”

“People change Joey. It’s human nature.”

“Just because she’s pregnant, doesn’t seem like a good enough reason to marry someone.”

“Take that one up with God,” Gilberto said. Reluctantly he had changed his shirt to one that better matched his tie.

Maria smiled. “Sometimes when someone’s pregnant they have to make difficult compromises. It’s not just her decision alone. There’s a child involved.”

Joey frowned. “You never got married when you were pregnant with me.”

“True,” Maria said. “But I’m not Sophia living at home with her parents. I was on my own.”

Their daughter Ramona came in. “Can I wear my new jeans Mom?”

“Sure,” Maria said. “And your cute new blue cotton sweater.”

Mona grinned. “Mom, can I wear one of your bras.”

Joey’s face brightened and he laughed. “You don’t need a bra. You’re only ten.”

Mona stuck out her tongue. “So what, I want to wear one so I can feel grown up. Please!”

“It will make your sweater look all lumpy,” Maria said.

Mona frowned. “Can I wear some lipstick.”

“No,” Gilberto said firmly. “Ten-year-old girls don’t use cosmetics, not in my 


She looked at him hopefully. “Please daddy? My friend Sara…”

Gilberto frowned, pressed his lips together and shook his head. “No, absolutely not. I don’t care what Sara does. I’m not her father.”

“Listen to your father,” Maria said. “You’re really much too young.”

Joey smirked. “Then you’d look like a clown in the circus.”

Mona gave him her look. “Then someday I’ll get tattoos.” She stuck out her tongue at Gilberto, giggled and stomped out of their bedroom.

Maria turned to Joey. “I know how complicated life can seem. But you must respect Sophia’s intention.”

He sighed. “But it’s wrong and it won’t last.”

“No matter,” Maria said. “In this reality right now it’s none of your business.”

Joey shook his head. “Nothing makes any sense.”

“Has it ever?” Gilberto said. “When life turns upside down you either stand on your head and get a headache trying to see, or you just stop paying attention and let it be.” He put his arm around his son’s shoulders and hugged him. “Life can be so frustrating.”

Maria smiled, looked in the mirror and patted her updo. “Women need to follow their own minds and make their own decisions.”

Joey frowned. “I guess.”

“Otherwise it’s a victory for the patriarchy,” Gilberto said. He grinned and finished dressing.

Poking her head in the door Mona said, “I mean it daddy I’m going to get a big tattoo.”

“Of what?” Gilberto said.

“Maybe a big rattlesnake wrapped all around my body.”

“That sounds horrible,” Maria said.

She nodded. “But it sure would make a wild tattoo.”

“You want to be mistaken for a big snake?  Gilberto laughed. He  scooped her up in his arms.

She laughed and made a face. “I will, I will, wait and see.”

He set her down and said, “What’s with a tattoo all of a sudden?”

Mona crinkled up her nose. “My friends at school all want to get them and so do I.”

“So if all your friends want pet snakes, then you’ll want one too?”

“No daddy. A tattoo isn’t a snake.”

“Time to go,” Maria said.

They all laughed and left for Ramon’s.

To what was to have been a small intimate gathering, Rosa most have invited half of Boston. The condo was jammed with Atlas employers, suits from City Hall who assisted in fundraising, women from Rosa’s urban mission, plus a variety of other friends and neighbors.

“Thanks for coming,” Sophia’s sister Toni hugged Joey. As they looked into each other eyes they both understood what their words couldn’t say. Toni smiled shyly. “You’re really very special. Congrats on making the all-state soccer team.”

He smiled. “Gilberto coached me.”

“He did a good job.” She took his hand and lowered her voice. “I’m trying to be nice and polite but personally I think he’s a jerk.”

Joey’s face darkened. “Why would someone as special as Sophia have to marry….”

“Oh, that’s their karma,” Toni said. I guess something between them needed to be born.”

“I guess,” Joey said not really understanding what she had just said. He was glad she wasn’t wearing any makeup.

Toni smiled. “I know how you feel about makeup, so I’m not wearing any. I’m doing this especially for you.”

“That’s so nice,” Joey smiled.

She shook her head. “Oh, I guess it could be a lot worse. What if you were a vegan or only wanted me to eat asparagus.”

Joey took her hand. “I feel very close to you.”

“That’s good,” she smiled. “I feel the same.”

Just then Sophia came up to them. Joey smiled shyly at her. I’m not used to seeing you wearing lipstick and makeup.”

Sophia grinned. “I do now.”

Joey frowned. “It makes you look a lot older.”

“That’s the idea.”

Her mother Rosa waved at the tall, slightly stooped young man behind Sophia. “Over there on the coffee table pick up the dishes, and bring in the tea sandwiches on the silver tray by the fridge.”

He sighed ruefully and slouched toward the kitchen.

Gilberto overheard her. “If this were the prospective bridegroom, he thought then he was getting to know his future mother-in-law first hand.

Rosa hugged Maria. “Thanks for coming. At first, I thought a small family thing’ but that was impossible. It just got out of hand.” She laughed.

Maria smiled. “You and Ramon have lots of friends.”

“But isn’t that’s what engagement parties are for?” Rosa said. She turned to the young man and took the silver tray. “Now get a sponge. Mop up the water on that table so as not to cause a permanent ring.”

“Yes ma’am,” he said. He sighed reluctantly and went looking for a sponge. 

Sophia went into the kitchen and dragged him away. “You can do that later Right now I’ve got friends for you to meet. Sophia smiled at Joey and turned to Brad. “This is Joey. My little brother all grown up. I’m so glad you’re here. I want you to meet Brad my betrothed, Brad Blackstone from Concord.”

Joey noticed a small stone on a thin gold band gracing the third finger of her left hand. “I’m so excited,” Sophia said. “Imagine me married and all grown up.”

Joey’s voice choked. “Cool.” He could barely speak.

“You’ll all love Brad,” Sophia went on. “He’s Captain of the Chess Club  at Dartmouth.”

Joey swallowed. “I hope you’ll be very happy.”

Toni looped her arm in his and whispered. “Now I can drag you off and not have any competition from my sister.”

(To be continued)


Georgia Nicols’ Weekly Horoscope: Sunday, July 18, 2021

All Signs

Every year, the Sun travels through all 12 signs. This week the Sun enters Leo to stay for the next four weeks. This energy shift will increase everyone’s desire to party and socialize! Plan vacations, playful times with kids, and put your creative ideas into action. Expect an increased interest in movies, the theatre and flash mob entertainment. However, Leo energy is paradoxical: It’s flamboyant and loves to party; but Leo is also cautious and security conscious. Plan for a fun month ahead — but budget your pennies so you have money left when the Sun enters Virgo. Of course, Oscar Wilde said, “Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.”

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Twice a year when the Sun is in one of your fellow Fire Signs, (four months before your birthday and afterwards) — you get this lovely boost of energy! You will find your choices are attractive and you’re more likely able to do whatever you want, both at work or socializing. Your life will hum along more smoothly! Romance will shine! Vacations will appeal! Interactions with children will delight! Without question, you are entering a window of enjoyment and fun stimulation. Many options will appear that give you chances to party and socialize and express your creative talents. This is your chance to be yourself! (Lucky you.)

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

For the next four weeks, you might face a crisis of sorts. You might find yourself at cross purposes with others, perhaps not intentionally. Expect to be more involved with a parent and have a stronger focus on home and family. Privately, you want to feel that whatever you’re doing is worthwhile. You might be annoyed with anyone who gets in the way of your ability to do this. You will also welcome a chance to cocoon at home or go off by yourself to enjoy some solitude. Quite likely, something will trigger childhood memories for you, making this a good time to benefit from counselling. (“Just relax. Please tell me about your first bank account.”)

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

The next four weeks are a favourable time for you because this shift of the Sun is helpful to Gemini. (It occurs twice a year, two months before and after your birthday.) When it happens, it sparks your interest in daily contacts, friends, neighbours and siblings as well as groups to which you belong. You will want to socialize more than usual! You might also want to take up a new study or learn something new, which is something you adore doing. This new energy will also accelerate your daily tempo because you will be more active and involved with doing things that are new and different. It’s a great time for a vacation. It’s also great time for heart-to-heart discussions.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

By nature, you are frugal. You like a bargain and get good value you’re never casual about money. In the next four weeks, your focus on money will be much stronger. You will give more thought to cash flow, earnings and budgeting for the future. While doing so, you will also take a more serious look at your possessions and examine whether or not they serve your needs or whether you are a slave to them! (Let’s face it, you’re a packrat. “I might need this one day.”) The bottom line is this: You want to feel that you are exerting more control over your life through what you own and your assets in general. You’re taking stock.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

Ta da! For the next four weeks, the Sun will be in your sign giving you a marvellous boost of energy! Because this is the only time all year this occurs, make the most of it. Naturally, this is the beginning of your new year ahead (your personal year). Therefore, it’s the perfect time to think about what you want to accomplish this year. Ideally, last month you might have defined some goals. If not – do this right now because goals help you achieve things. They give you a sense of purpose. They keep you on track. And they make future decision-making easier. Of course, all Leo knows there are two rules for success: (1) Don’t tell everything you know.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

For the next four weeks, you’re in limbo because your personal year is coming to an end, and yet, your new year is not yet ready to begin. The best way to use this time is to cast a glance back over your shoulder. How well are you doing at the art of living? After you make some important observations (and you are a keen observer), ask yourself how you want your year ahead to be different from last year? Where do you want to make improvements? What do you want to avoid? If you want to evaluate yourself, you have to do so with complete honesty. Anything you refuse to face will continue to be part of your unconscious, hence, your future. What does your report card look like?

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Hands-down, you’re the most social sign in the zodiac. Not only do you enjoy the company of others, you need someone on the other end of your teeter-totter. You will love the four weeks ahead because you can expect to be more involved with friends as well as groups and organizations to which you belong. You might be elected to office or thrust in a leadership position. This is also a good time to see how well you have succeeded in doing what you are doing and also where you have not succeeded. In particular, examine your friends. It’s important to have friends who allow you to be exactly who you are. Do you hang out with quality people? Think about this.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

For the next four weeks, the Sun will travel across the top of your chart. This occurs only once a year and is a marvellous opportunity because it means you are cast in a flattering spotlight that makes you look good to others, especially bosses, parents, VIPs and the police. They’re impressed! Even if you don’t do anything special. (Good lighting is everything.) Admittedly, you will encounter challenges and find yourself at cross purposes with some people, especially bosses and parents. Work with this as skilfully as you can. Think about your career and your standing in the community. Are you going in the direction you want to go? Enjoy the support of a good friend.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

You’re entering a delightful four-week window ahead! (This blessing occurs twice a year for you – four months before and four months after your birthday.) It means that life will hum along more easily. Nevertheless, now is the time to firm up affairs and get your ducks in a row. Travel plans will be important. You might be more involved with a foreign country or other cultures. Some of you will also be more involved with higher education, the law and medicine. It’s a good time to take stock and examine what has been working out and what is not working out in order to figure out what it is worth saving for the future. Meanwhile, some will have a romance with a boss.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Two influences are at play in the next month. Travel and a chance to expand your horizons will please you. You will enjoy art exhibits, long pleasurable trips, concerts and anything that is culturally enriching. However, something else will make you more in touch with your personal self. You might notice strong compulsions arising within you. You might be concerned about finances and anything you own jointly with someone else, especially loans and mortgages. A dispute might arise. (Within weeks, this dispute will subside.) Continue to enjoy opportunities to enrich your coffers. Make hay while the Sun shines!

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

For the next four weeks, the Sun will be opposite your sign. (This happens only once a year.) If you look at your chart, symbolically, the Sun is now as far away from you as it can get all year, which means you will need more sleep, because the Sun represents your energy. (Go to bed.) However, this polarized position also means that it’s time to bring your affairs to a climax. Admittedly, you might encounter opposition from others, especially superiors or people in authority. It might be tough to fit all the pieces in place. This is the best time all year to examine your closest relationships and more accurately see your role in them.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

Ironically, while many signs are gearing up to play and explore vacations and creative outlets, you are getting ready to work hard and get better organized in the next four weeks. Oh yes! You want to feel that you’re working smart – that you’re getting the results for your efforts. This desire to be on top of things will include not only your work, but also embrace your respect for your own health. Basically, you want to strive to make every action count in your personal and your professional life. This is why you might stop some bad habits and encourage healthier ones. (Hey, this never hurts!) Why not be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be?


Weekly Horoscopes beginning Sunday, 18 July 2021

If you’re born within a cusp period (16 to 26 of any month); you’re advised to read horoscopes of both signs covered by that period. You’re on the border; you may have influences from houses within those signs.

Outlines are longer versions; consist of every possible detail of everyday and are based on three parts of each sign: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Decan; that is, any of three divisions of 10° within a sign of the zodiac. Even if you know or don’t know your Decan; I recommend, please read all three Decan.


Personal theme: I am!!

Fire & cardinal sign: March 21 — April 19

Your horoscope for this week:

Although you deal better with sudden developments than most, those you’re currently facing threaten to undermine plans you struggled to organise or, worse, pivotal joint arrangements. While your instinct is to battle to keep these going, judging by the powerful planetary activity between now and the end of the month, unsettling as what arises may be, changes aren’t just inevitable, they’re worthwhile, for you and others.

If you and a partner live some distance apart, take any chance you get to spend more time with each other. You might also discuss how you might arrange your lives so you are together more in the future. A strong need to help other people could lead you to volunteering to help a local Charity. Serving as a spokesperson for a community organisation will put you in contact with some influential people. This is a great time to launch a fundraiser.

You might remember that last December, and for the first time in your lifetime Jupiter and Saturn formed an alignment in Aquarius, accenting the networking area of your solar chart. Albeit those other planetary cycles signalled continuing restrictions, you may well have realised that there are certain groups and affiliations that, when the time is right, warrant increased involvement. Next Saturday’s Full Moon highlights this possibility. Yes, this could affect your private as much as your working life: the accent though is very much on making connections and bringing yourself up to speed with both the choices others have made and their future plans. What should be clear by Thursday is that you need to have better administration and organisation. This is more than just about making lists and more about determining to whom you can delegate certain tasks.


Personal theme: I have!!

Earth & fixed sign: April 20 — May 20

Your horoscope for this week:

For weeks you’ve been reviewing what must go, often with relief, and considering future plans, mostly with excitement. Now, finally, things begin happening. Initially the pace is slow, but as you move towards the Full Moon on Saturday the 24th, which triggers changes, both in your reaction to events and your feelings about them will intensify. For now, focus on exploration. Final decisions can and should wait.

Someone will be looking for advice or support over a break of some sort in your family or friendship circle. You may have to come to terms with an issue you thought was closed. It will be annoying that other people can’t seem to leave the past behind. If you lend a friend a cherished possession you may never see it again. Look after your own interests and possessions. Take no risks with treasured items and finances.

Six months ago, Jupiter and Saturn aligned at the apex of your solar chart. Your career then tilted in fresh direction. Next Saturday’s Full Moon highlights that exact degree again and should mark a special ‘stepping-stone’ moment. It may be that there is an idea that has now incubated and can be safely and securely launched. True, a colleague might have some misgivings on Monday. You perhaps need to reassure them that nothing is totally fixed and that you plan to use the period between July 22 and mid-August to test a new system. What may be necessary, and especially in the second half of the week – is to show others that you have the energy, capital and support needed. This might require renewing contact with someone you worked with in the past and, though you may have no intention of working closely with them again, has valuable advice to offer.


Personal theme: I think!!

Air sign: May 21 — June 20

Your horoscope for this week:

While you’ve done, learnt and accomplished a great deal recently, you need a break. The current slow pace enables you to review recent insights and restore your energy. Focus on this during the week’s first half. That prepares you for planetary activity as dynamic as it is unsettling. This begins on the 22nd and continues until July’s close, and takes you to explore new territory.

Despite a possible hurdle, a job you have taken on will continue to make progress. All you have to do is stick at it. Just as if you are learning something new, whether it is a craft, art techniques, a foreign language or a dance step, practice will make perfect. Your thoughts, later in the week, will be on a private concern you won’t want to discuss with anyone, not even your partner. You need some quiet time alone to do some thinking.

Take a moment to consider exactly what you’ve learnt since December 20 last year. There was an alignment of Jupiter and Saturn that day. Next weekend’s Full Moon highlights that exact degree and it’s possible that information gathered over the last six months have put you in what others determine as being ‘expert’ position. Of course, it could be that it’s the years of experience prior to December 20 that are important but that it was a decision taken at the end of 2020 or early 2021 that has left you with valuable knowledge. A further, and strong possibility is developing connections with those from a quite different country to your own. In short, your network looks set to expand. That could come about through connection with someone who would be regarded as fiery and spontaneous. One throwaway remark from them mid-week could lead you to an opportunity that is at least worth considering.


Personal theme: I feel!!

Water & cardinal sign: June 21 — July 22

Your horoscope for this week:

During the week just past events, and often your own impatience, led you to plunge into existing, but potentially unsettling, arrangements or to make changes prompted by your instincts. Risky as this seems, these are about exploring, then learning more about these changes. Some are taking place around you and, often, influencing your life and world. Others are far-reaching. For now, explore. Decisions can and should wait.

Do yourself a favour and make it a priority to tie things up. There are some difficult jobs you are trying to avoid but the sooner you get these over with the sooner you can get on with things you do enjoy. A friend or colleague’s constant grumbles are starting to get you down. You don’t want to say anything to upset them but you may have to remove yourself from a situation they’re involved in for a while. It’s important to do something positive.

It might be useful to know that at the end of this week, there is a Full Moon on the exact same degree as was held by Jupiter and Saturn at their rare alignment last December. You won’t be the only sign to look back over the last six months and assess. It’s probable though that in your case, your career has moved off in hoped-for but unexpected direction especially since mid-May. Now may be the time to consolidate. It might also be useful to do some intelligent networking mid-week. This is more than just a social encounter but an opportunity to discuss what others have been doing, thinking and planning. A strong possibility is that as Venus changes signs on Thursday, that you will attract an offer that promises to turn into a valuable working partnership. Key here, is that you are offered essential administrative backup – most likely in the form of scheduling and diary management.


Personal theme: I will!!

Fire & fixed sign: July 23 — August 22

Your horoscope for this week:

At the moment it may seem you’re doing nothing but saying farewell to the past, from former passions to cherished possessions. This is timely, because the lighter you’re travelling when the Sun moves into Leo, on the 22nd, the better prepared you’ll be to shed yet more burdens and focus on exciting and often unexpected changes. Planning ahead? Not now. Live one day at a time.

A colleague whose help and support you are relying on is never there when you need them. Their laziness is getting in the way of your goals. It might be time to start looking for a new partner. Be cautious and conservative with financial transactions. You have a good reason to save every penny now. A business-related function will put you in touch with some interesting characters. Pay attention when you are introduced to people who could help you in your career. Remembering their name is helpful.

It is often forgotten that Leos have superior detection skills. Applying these on Monday, and then gently persuading someone to do your bidding midweek, ought not to be much of a problem. Fact is that before Venus leaves your sign on Thursday, you could use your considerable charm and yes, negotiate a deal that’s to your long-term advantage. As has been the case for so long, property issues still seem to demand attention; and yes, as has been true for months, this could apply as much to work as to living space. What should be clear by Thursday however, is that a degree of uprooting will be necessary. Maintaining good will through this trauma will likely require generosity of spirit. The good news here is that a Cancerian friend may be in a position to offer that much needed support.


Personal theme: I analyse!!

Earth sign: August 23 — September 22

Your horoscope for this week:

Even at your most logical, you’re likely to be puzzled by sudden, and unanticipated changes or events. For now, look, listen and learn. On 29 July, the courageous Mars’ move into Virgo begins a decisive cycle. The trick is to focus on exploration, not lasting plans. This runs counter to your painstaking nature, but ensures you’re able to explore every option that comes your way.

An achievement should not be put down to good luck alone for you have worked hard to reach this point. It can still be hard to believe that you have achieved what you set out to do. Give yourself a mental shake and enjoy the results. You’re filled with renewed hope and optimism for the future. Someone will accuse you of living in a dream world. It will be those who don’t understand you who you will want to avoid at the moment.

Before the end of this month, Mars arrives in your sign. That then starts seven weeks of intense busy-ness which follow decisions and steps taken this week. It’s the decision making that could throw you into panic. There is a side of Virgo that worries that something has been forgotten or left out in negotiations. Yet it’s possible you’re actually looking for trouble. It might also seem to others mid-week that you are on hyper alert but not necessarily working at your best. Those who don’t know you well may not know how to calm you down. Those with experience though, will likely sense that in this frenetic ‘busy as a bee’ state, you are also rapidly gathering information which you can then use to advantage. By Thursday, and as Venus in your sign opposes Jupiter, you could find yourself central to a team and bonding with someone whose vision is not dissimilar to your own and with whom you will likely enjoy doing business.


Personal theme: I balance!!

Air & cardinal sign: September 23 — October 22

Your horoscope for this week:

The idea of ridding yourself of clutter, in terms of both possessions and plans or commitments, may be appealing. Doing it is another matter. Focus on this now, before fiery Mars moves into Libra on 15 September, kickstarting a new cycle, and both your mind and your ‘to-do’ list will be clear. Initially, simply notice what could go. Lasting decisions can, and should, wait.

You can expect to experience at least one or two out of the ordinary events. A conversation, meeting or appointment will bring opportunities you never would have dreamed of. You’re in an adventurous mood and friends will notice there is a touch of the dare-devil about you. Enjoy this chance to have fun. Intuitive levels are high. If and when you have to make a quick decision, you can trust your instincts especially about whether someone is telling the truth.

It could easily feel as though time is moving so, so quickly before your ruling planet Venus, opposes Jupiter on Thursday. The need to get busy, achieve things and yes, improve your environment both at work and at home should be a strong driving force; and yes, it is possible that the demands of others will be considerable. It is Libra natural instinct to please. Yet you often do that through confrontation. If that seems like a contradiction, it works like this: you need to know the opposition so that you can then work at finding ways to unite. The more obvious the opposition, the easier it is for you to identify the tools and strategies needed to find that balance. So, it would be understandable if, by Friday you felt exhausted as you determine which ‘war’ to fight. By then though both the Sun and Venus change signs. Whereas your focus was on addressing one issue, you may now find you have opponents coming from an altogether different quarter. It might be wise to plan a little time-out – preferably mid-week to think again about your long-term goals and specifically, what you want to achieve before your birthday.

Scorpio & Ophiuchus

Personal theme: I desire!!

Water & fixed signs: October 23 — November 21

Your horoscope for this week:

Recent plans seemed solid. However, even at your most intuitive, you’d never have conceived of, or imagined, the range of unexpected and, mostly, exciting changes, ideas or offers currently coming your way. While, obviously, reassurance things will go as planned is appealing. However, with so much in transition, it simply isn’t possible. The secret? Take chances. The bolder they are, the more you’ll benefit from the unexpected.

What you need and what you get are two very different things. You could do with a break when responsibilities are increasing. You need a hug but you can’t get close to a loved one whose company you are missing. A friend’s secrecy is causing problems in this relationship. They say you don’t understand them whereas you feel they are being deliberately difficult. Somehow you just can’t seem to win, no matter how hard you try.

You’re sleuthing and detective -like abilities are set to come to the fore as the Moon passes through your sign at the start of this week. It might also amuse you that certain individuals are being so obviously manipulated. Even that aside, before Venus leaves the career zone of your solar chart on Thursday, it’s likely important that you do feel that someone in authority has your best interests at heart – even as you recognise that they have something to gain too. Like a superior chess master, and before Thursday, resetting and enjoying your respective positions appears a dominating theme. Then, Venus changes sign. Given your high degree of sensitivity, it will likely be obvious to you that there has been significant mood change. From being fun and game playing, a competitive spirit may be obvious. For some, this could lead to legal challenge. At the very least, involvement in a war of words seems more likely than not.


Personal theme: I see!!

Fire sign: November 22 — December 21

Your horoscope for this week:

While you’re inquisitive by nature, when you’ve already set your objectives and are in a rush, you stick to what you’ve decided. Now, however, further exploration isn’t just vital, who or what you encounter could be of pivotal importance. Others may insist all this is a distraction and you might agree. Actually, this will broaden your horizons, so much you’ll realise just how worthwhile it was.

It’s upsetting that someone you have helped out in the past refuses to be available when you could do with their assistance. They are showing their true colours and this makes you realise how one-sided this relationship happens to be. Steer clear of topics like religion, politics and finances if you want to keep a relationship harmonious as such talks could lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings. A loved one will eventually admit to changes they are hoping to make.

As you may know, your horoscope looks like a clock with 12 separate zones. As each planet moves through these areas, they highlight issues related to these ‘houses’, bringing to the fore different energies and vibrations. For the last few weeks, Venus has been moving through another of the Fire signs and through an area of your solar chart associated with adventure and education. There is little Sagittarius enjoys more than acquiring information and imparting it. As Venus moves into Virgo before the end of the week, you might need to be more focused on how you’re going to deliver these new facts. You might also wonder if in the past you’ve been too careless and should be more selective. That is going to be a major theme through the next few weeks. Publications and the power of words seems super important. To this end, you might value the assistance and advice of someone experienced in the art of marketing and distributing.


Personal theme: I use!!

Earth & cardinal sign: December 22 — January 19

Your horoscope for this week:

The Capricorn Full Moon, in late June, was an eclipse, so triggered shakeups, many illuminating. You’re still dealing with several of them. Knowing that, regard this week’s surprises as part of that cycle of growth, and you’ll focus on what you’re learning. While usually that will be clear, at times you’ll need patience. As a Capricorn and a practical earth sign, you understand how important this can be.

Supporting a good cause will feel rewarding and fulfilling. Sometimes the best way to put your own problems into perspective is to see the hardships other people are going through. A project can only move forward if financial support is received. An offer of funding could mark a whole new phase in this endeavour. Are you thinking about moving in with your lover? Sharing your space will not be as difficult as you imagine.

Whilst until Thursday, the emphasis seems to be on partners and close working colleagues, and their particular needs, the focus is set to alter as first Venus, and then the Sun change signs before the end of the week. These next few days should be viewed in two parts with personal progress more likely to be achieved after Thursday. Before then, you may be aware that a certain person is exceptionally prickly and over Monday and Tuesday especially, fiercely guarding what they perceive to be as their territory. You may need to wait until almost the weekend before they ask for your assistance which likely, by then, will be much needed. Irritating as this delay may be, fact is that certain people have to learn through experience. It appears that the cosmos is setting up you up with the task of being mentor or guide and no reason to think that you can’t excel.


Personal theme: I know!!

Air & fixed sign: January 20 — February 18

Your horoscope for this week:

True, you enjoy encountering new ideas, activities and intriguing people; but, also, you benefit from a routine. However, the build up to the powerful Aquarius Full Moon, on Saturday the 24th, is about a series of breakthroughs in your perspective on living and thinking. What’s more, because there’s a rare, second Aquarius Full Moon on 22 August, this is about a thrilling journey of discovery.

If you’ve been looking for a new place to live but haven’t yet had any luck, an older friend will come up with the solution. Unconventional living arrangements might suit you quite well at this time. In friendship or romance you have found a kindred spirit. Although you come from different backgrounds, there is a strong spiritual and emotional link you are both aware of. It will feel strange but exciting to commit to someone who is different from anyone you’ve known before.

Yes, it might seem before Thursday that others are getting all their own way. That tide will turn and not just because the Sun arrives in your sign. It may be that more efficient ways of working can be found. True, given that you are born under one of the Fixed signs, you might not be entirely happy when others seem so quick to move the goalposts – especially on Friday. See this as the start of an experiment that might not be concluded until mid-September. There may be opportunities for you to learn and to improve expertise considerably. Until Mercury moves to your opposite sign on 28th, you may find that others are more than willing to share what has been privileged information. Whilst this might not be an entirely selfless act on their part, the fact that certain individuals seem to be choosing you over others, should be reassuring.


Personal theme: I believe!!

Water sign: February 19 — March 20

Your horoscope for this week:

Only days ago, you’d have laughed at the idea of even mentioning certain exciting, yet far-reaching, changes. Yet now you’re not only discussing them, the odds are good they’ll become reality, and soon. If there’s any challenge, it’s believing in yourself and what you’re doing, enough to aim high, possibly much higher than you conceive of at the moment. If ever miracles were possible, it’s now.

You have been doing your best to show kindness and understanding to those who are closest to you. Because of this they will be showing you the same kind of consideration. The more you are willing to talk and to let your true feelings show, the more positive the consequences. Your hope is to get a job over with as soon as possible. Cutting corners will not save you time as you are hoping. It will take longer than planned, but do it by the book.

Mid-May, Jupiter arrived in your sign bringing a sneak preview of opportunities that should come when Jupiter moves through Pisces fully from the end of 2021. This week it could feel as though it’s ‘too much already’. You might not know to whom to give assistance first; and yes, several people might beat a path to your door or desk in the hope that you can get them out of a jam. Yet all this is surely a distraction. It is imperative that you think about how to make the best use of your many talents and interests. Is it possible that you’ve been too focused in one direction? Health has been an obvious worry for everyone but it may be that you’ve been so focused on this aspect that you’re overlooking fulfilling your need to communicate and learn. Generating interest should be easier after both the Sun and Venus change signs at the end of the week.


Every Day is Earth Day! Love Your Mother!


Goddess Blessings!

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