there is no spell for grief

Witchery Wednesday

We have a sort of master list of things, inklings of intuitive knowledge and ideas for this blog.  Part reminder, part wish list.  Things we need, that should exist, or that it isn’t time for yet.

And one of those things, one that has always felt urgent, but has never taken shape is A Spell for Grief.  Every so often I’d pull up that card and ponder why it wasn’t coming together.  Maybe it was too difficult, or too personal, or maybe it was even a little dangerous.

But I forgot.  I forgot the reality of grief.


How everything is too still and too chaotic.  At the same time silent and muffled, and loud, and all too painfully bright.  How ridiculous it is that everyone is still just living their lives, while everything feels wrong and like nothing will ever be right again.

There’s no getting back to normal.

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By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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