The #1 Crystal You Need While Traveling

The #1 Crystal You Need While Traveling

Yesterday, we explored the best crystal to utilize for a restful nights sleep, and today we will be discussing the best crystal to vacation with – tourmalinated quartz. The protective energy of tourmaline growing in conjunction with the amplifying energy of quartz give us a very powerful crystal. The ultimate travel stone, tourmalinated quartz casts a protective circle of light around itself… and you too if you’re in possession of it! Like many crystals, it works silently. Although seeing and feeling crystal energy can give us that much needed validation that our crystals are working, you know this crystal is doing it’s best job when things are going great and you aren’t even paying any attention to the crystal.

I highly suggest purchasing tourmalinated quartz in threes. Ideally when traveling, you would leave one stone on your altar, pack one stone in your luggage, and carry the 3rd stone on your person throughout the duration of the trip. If you rather wear a crystal than carry a crystal, you might want to acquire a tourmalinated quartz necklace or bracelet for your personal stone; that way you don’t have to worry about keeping up with it.


Pulling from the grounding powers of tourmaline, it shields from negative energy and also releases it from within this physical and auric bodies. A Libra birth stone, this complex crystal is all about balance and harmony – not only promoting physical safety to the owner, but also psychological safety. Negative thoughts become positive thoughts, problems become solved problems, and self-sabotage becomes self-sufficience.

Like regular quartz, tourmalinated quartz can also align and cleanse all of the body’s chakras. Quartz isn’t known as a “master healer” for nothing! As well as the above mentioned crystal qualities, it is also widely known for aiding in astral travel, enhancing energy, and shielding from low levels of radiation.

Source: The #1 Crystal You Need While Traveling

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