Oak King

About the Jez of It

The second aspect of masculine divinity is the provider representing maturity and the zenith of power. In this aspect the god is self-sufficient and able to care for himself and those around him. It is action done because action is needed with no hidden motivation, he does what needs to be done. The provider is committed to the principle of building his community, preparing, and protecting the space for future generations.

He is the adult male archetype and represents that in each of us that is powered, focused, attentive, and purposeful. He is the ripening crops, and consequences of our actions. He is our drive to complete tasks and to be self-reliant. He is our ambition and the parental desire to nurture. The provider’s dark side is shadowy and expressed in blind ambition and self-serving desires, anger, and impatience.

He I known by many names, including: Sol, Cernunnos, Herne, Ra…

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