A Door to Summer Visions

Within a Witches Wood

Winter, the Hag, and her darkness are waning. For it’s a bit more than halfway through the dark season here in these woods. The Yule tree becoming a faded memory on my deck. Ornaments, crystals and cranberry garlands replaced with seeded pinecones for the birds and fauna of the woods. I open this door now to visions of summer…

A longing of a deck full of herbs for teas and tinctures, and poisonous plants in abundance. Warm summer evenings spent under the moon’s glow, readings from a deck of flora and fauna of the night, and late night euphoric dancing with plant spirits. Inhailing the bewitching scent of datura, and entering summer dream states.

Tis said that from the 1330’s to the 1700’s solanaceous plants like datura were thought of as “diabolic incarnations.” Datura becoming known by such dark names as “devil’s apple,” “mad apple,” and “devil’s work” to name…

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