Moon brewing… a Kombucha tale

Within a Witches Wood

I am preparing my body for an upcoming double surgery, so I decided upon a brand new batch of healing kombucha. I did this ritually on the dark moon, 🌚🍹🍃 and I must say it was quite an enchanting evening indeed. Working ritually in the hour of Venus for her warm, loving, earthy vibes, feeling a dark spiced kombucha bringing the same.🍹❤️ I simply adore brewing ancient medicinal brews by the moon, modifying them to suit my medicinal, magickal, or seasonal needs. I decided to go with a organic black tea for the current moon and season, an English Breakfast blend over 80 years old. Assam, Ceylon, and Keemun are a blend of black teas from different growing regions, chosen to give the boldest flavor and highest amount of caffeine. I want the warmth of a deep dark golden spiced brew, that gives a medicinal jolt…

This black tea’s benefits…

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