Happy Lupercalia! – Whoops, I mean Valentine’s Day!

The Peritheistic Pagan

Look behind a number of Christian holidays, and you’ll find a pagan one looming in the background – Beltane for May Day, Samhain for Halloween, Yule for Christmas.

This trend got me wondering about the modern-day holiday for lovers, so I did some googling, and it turns out that Valentine’s Day is no exception to the Pagan roots scenario!

The folks at The History Channel provide a rosy bouquet of information about the legends regarding Saint Valentine(s) himself? – themselves? on their website. They also provide information about Lupercalia, the Roman fertility festival celebrated on February 15 that Christian Valentine’s Day may have been positioned to replace.

I won’t write any more about Lupercalia here. The History Channel’s website covers the subject in detail. I’ve included a link to the article on that site below.

One thing I will say though – Guys, if you want to catch the attention…

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