Visions of Hekate…

Within a Witches Wood

I have a deep respect and connection to Hekate, I always have. She is my understanding of unexplainable death… for she be the fawn slayer, she reins above and below, deeply below. She be the Queen of the Witches! She is the ability to divine, cast and curse. She is our sacred knowledge of herbs, she is the unbelievable strength in wise women, she is fire. She is the hag, she is the crone, she is the blackest of magick…

She is our connection to animals, she is the hand on yours when you are at your deepest depths, and
her magick is older than time. She is the torch to light your magickal path, she is the crossroads, she is beginnings, she is endings.

She is my guide with tarot, she is the misty visions in my crystal ball, she is the blackest waters in my cauldron, she is…

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By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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