When times become scary, dark and horribly uncertain, when demons dance through your days and fear fills your nights…My witchy wisdom to you my friends, is trust in magick.

Within a Witches Wood

Since late fall of 2021 until now, I have been in a fog of dealing with loss and depression, a blood clot resulting in emergency surgery, and multiple diagnoses of high blood pressure, diabetes, and breast cancer. I had a mastectomy and two days later fell to the floor passing out, having to be flown in by helicopter to have emergency surgery for excessive blood loss. I also faced some other ghosts and learned I must have a hysterectomy, as well as another more minor surgery. I’ll be having both surgeries done at once in the near future. After healing a bit I resume my multiple breast restoration surgeries. Besides these health issues I am now completely caring for my mum, who is sadly suffering with the trials and tribulations of dementia. This is my darkness…so now the light.

I started a detoxification and healing plan by doing visionary spells…

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