New Moon Musings!



★・ 。・:*: MOON MUSINGS゚★・ 。・:

You see the old ways crumbling and the new energy powering towards us.
You see the dreams shaping a new future directed with arrows of light and possibility.
You see the quest emerging, bright and
vibrant on the horizon.

The light of its truth collides with the dissonance of reality.
A new language must be spoken to navigate the tidal shift of this collision.
The future no longer a mirror to the past but a limitless galaxy of opportunity.

You watch as the broken pieces melt in the fire,a molten mess shapeshifting into something beautiful and poetic and beyond expectation.

You are the energy expression of endless endings and new beginnings. Standing in the doorways to your dreams, lighting up the dark nights with visions of possibility and promise.

You cannot be caged for your mind is always…

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By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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