New Week Inspiration 💕🌞 . . . Stand tall, hold on tight and ride those waves to a better place.




I know that you’ve been stuck where you are for some time now…
Surviving day to day, fighting for everything and everyone in your life.
Maybe you’ve wondered sometimes why you keep battling just to keep your head above water.
Every bump, scratch and bruise along the way hurts just a little more it seems these days.
You feel everything more deeply now because you feel lost sometimes and can’t find purpose.
That spark that once inspired you has slowly disappeared and you’ve stopped believing in yourself and your magic…
But darling, everything happens for a reason and you’ve stopped trying to find yours..
Your “why” has been waiting on you all along.
Why you keep going, keep fighting and keep loving.
Why you believe in yourself and what you can do.
Why you’re meant for more than what you’ve settled for.
Stop and take a deep breath.

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By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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