#Monday Motivation #Meditation #OracleCards

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Good morning. As I had announced on my blog post Friday, today’s regular post is modified due to my being away from home at my daughter’s house for the past five days. But, nevertheless, the Universe is not tied to a location, and I love what came through to share with you. This quote from inspiringquotes.com made me stop and think.

I may have shared this short meditation before, but if so, sharing again. It is beautiful!

My daughter has a deck of Energy Oracle Cards and that is what I drew from for today.

When I pulled, two cards came out together. Notice the synchronicity of the numbers, 11 and 22. I’m telling you, you simply can’t make this stuff up!

First of all, I was struck with the connection to the eleventh month and Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. And the #22 card actually came out on…

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