#FridayFantasy . . . 11:11 Love Miracles Unity and Blessings



Today 11-11 -2022 will be one of the most powerful days for manifesting your dreams in the last 23 years!

11/11/2022 The Last time we had triple digit numbers was the year1999.

This year, we have the power of numerology with 1111 and 222 Number frequencies .
It’s Full of the 2’s and 1’s this is going to be a sensational time in Earths history .

11/11 opens a portal between the spiritual
world and ours whilst the 2’s of this year carry all the love, connection , joy, peace, luck and growth

This is all about Mastery , it’s not just about learning the lessons , it’s now about Mastering them .
The energetic vibrations on this day will be so strong, that it will allow easier access to the spiritual realms, bringing in higher dimensions and vast manifesting power

Clear your energy field, release what is no…

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