#HalloweenPoetry . . . . The Witch Wound





They call it the witch wound.
We were punished you see, broken, slain, for shining too brightly.

So we learned to hide that spark.
We learned to play it down, play dumb, play dead.

And we were taught to fear the light within us, lest it herald our downfall.

But not anymore.

You are not a wicked witch my friend, you are quite simply, or complicatedly, a woman.

And your magic is not something you can choose, or lose.

It always is, and always has lived within you.

And you need no longer hide it.

I call it the witch wound, but the time to heal is here.


Let that magic out.

Donna Ashworth

Art by Art by Waya Raventalker.





Text and image source: Donna Ashworth https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0d2ELwZrvUbbwcVvKJnDDsi57FmWnSzT9Zja2Uwov9QjsoBuBLmV9xtPFP44hScQRl&id=100044362152366

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