I say ‘Namaste’ because I like what it means.




I say ‘Namaste’ because
I like what it means,
not because I am Hindu.

A lot of people here think
I am a Christian because
they think I talk about
Christian values,
but the truth is
I am really talking
about Human values.

I’ve been asked if I am Buddhist,
just because I have discovered
inner peace.

A lot of my friends are Pagans,
and they think I am one too
because I say that being in
Nature is my idea of going to

Do you really want to know
who I am?
It’s very simple.
I don’t need a label to define

I am a piece of the Uni-verse,
sentient and manifested.

I am awake.”

–Paul Enso Hillman

Art | Tomasz Alen Kopera





Text and image source: Bolero https://www.facebook.com/204996783313746/posts/pfbid0HEJCjypgAybrdiuqY1hCoNGRxsSCTjGMUtu53LD1EeJWgjXmvUpb4HVibyb3erF5l/

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