GrannyMoons Weekly Feast: 4 Sept 2022

Don’t Take Anything Personally.
Nothing others do is because of you.
What others say and do is a projection of their own reality.

~Miguel Angel Ruiz (don Miguel Ruiz)

Blessed Be My Little Witch. To those who came before and those who will come after, know that the Goddess is with you always. Thank you all my dear readers…be blessed. ~GrannyMoon

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Dark Moon – Time to Rest
New Moon – Time to Begin New Projects; Birth; Attraction
Waxing Moon – Time to Grow; Increase
Full Moon – Time to be Fulfilled; Abundance
Waning Moon – Time to Banish; Decrease
Last Sliver of Moon – Time to Die; Letting Go
Dark Moon – Time to Rest Again
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Light A Candle Today!
In many different traditions lighting a candle is a sacred action. It expresses more than words can express. It has to do with gratefulness. From time immemorial, people have lit candles in sacred places. You may want to begin or end your day by the sacred ritual of lighting a candle on this gratefulness. Or you may want to light a birthday candle for a friend. One single guideline is all you need: Slow down and do it with full attention.


Current Moon Phase: Waxing Moon

Time: From New Moon To Full (Approx. 14 Days)

Goddess Aspect: Maiden

Associated Goddesses: Artemis, Branwen, Eriu, Nymph, Epona

Magickal Attributes: Invoking Beginnings, New Projects, Ideas, Inspiration, Energy, Vitality, Freedom. Workings On This Day Are For “Constructive” Magick (Love, Wealth, Success, Courage, Friendship, Luck Or Health.)


SEPTEMBER : What’s Happening?!?

Goddess Month of Mala runs from 9/6 – 10/2

Celtic Tree Calendar Month ~ September 2nd to September 29th – Bramble/Vine

Herb of the Year for 2022: Viola (violet, heartsease) named by the International Herb Association

AUG. 29 – SEPT. 11: Return of Isis & Osiris (star Sirius, rising Nile waters)

SEP. 9 – 11: Feast of Mother Earth (Greek, etc)

SEP. 9 – 18: Greater Eleusinian Mysteries (Greek): rites of Demeter/Persephone/Hades done every five years. (prepare on the 2nd, initiates on the 11th, purifying sea bath or sea salt bath on the 12th, offerings of barley and grain on the 13th, ‘holy basket of Demeter’/Persephone’s adduction by Hades on the 14th, torch procession for Demeter’s search on the 15th, Holy Night/Initiations/Dedications show mystery/promise of renewed life on the 16th, games/sports/Feast of Divine Life dedicated to Triple Goddess of Kore-Demeter-Persephone on the 18th, return with earthen jars representing the womb of Demeter on the 19th).

SEP. 13: Egyptian Lighting the Fire Ceremony for all departed souls —honoring with candlelight the spirits of the dead.

SEP. 19: Feast of Thoth, Egyptian scribe god

23 – Mabon /Alban Elfed /Autumnal Equinox – One of the eight major annual sabbats in the Wiccan calendar.

25 – Haustblot


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High Priestess Training with GrannyMoon

The entire course takes 15 months to complete (four levels). Tuition covers lessons, assignments and instructor feedback. In addition, students may download guided meditation exercises and be eligible for Sabbats, Esbats and retreats with the Sisterhood. The entire fee for each level is $120 (payment plan available), sixteen lessons in each level, except the last.

Ceremonial Cords and frame-able Completion Certificates are awarded as members complete each level.
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During this course, in addition to the on-line lessons and hands-on projects that you do at home, I will be sending you articles, and information, as well as questions about your own personal use and research.

I look forward to walking this green journey with you! I love herbs and I hope that you do too or will learn to!

There are 10 lessons in each level and there is no time limit for completion. You may study at your own pace! There are no texts to purchase.

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Llewelyn’s Spell a Day

Back to School Success Spell

For many people, both children and adults, the beginning of September means time to return to school. But whether you are attending formal classes or not, success in life often depends on the ability to keep learning and growing. That might mean success in a career, achieving spiritual goals, having healthier relationships, or simply becoming a better person.

Today, pick (at least) one area of your life where it feels as though you might have more to learn, and make a commitment to do so. Light a yellow candle to symbolize the conscious mind and say:

I wish to become wiser
And deeper in knowledge.
I commit to more learning
With life as my college.

Meditate on the flame for a while, then blow it out. Light it again when you need inspiration (always being mindful of fire safety).
Spell for Demeter

For many magickal folks, Demeter reigns supreme as the goddess of early autumn. Every year in early September, we give her a place of honor on our house’s main altar and invoke her blessings for the harvest season.

For this spell you will need either a statue of Demeter or something that represents her. Demeter can be represented by a cornucopia, a sheaf of grain, a flower, or fresh produce. Place your Demeter statue (or object) in a prominent place in your home and then invoke her blessings:

Great Demeter, goddess of the grain,
Mother of the Earth, we honor you
in this place and time and thank
you for the many blessings you have
given us. May what we have sown
this past year be reaped in love and
abundance. Hail great Demeter!

For best results, follow this by leaving an offering for Demeter outside.
Fall Cleaning

Everyone thinks about spring cleaning, but few people think about fall cleaning. September is a good time to start switching from summer to fall things. The hottest days of summer are usually over, but the weather hasn’t turned cold yet, so there’s room for transition.

First, put away the summer toys and make sure swimming suits are washed before storage, etc. The lightest clothes such as shorts and tank tops can go, but leave versatile ones like T-shirts and ankle pants available for warm days. If you use seasonal altar cloths, take those down. Clean summer dust from the floors.

Next, bring out fall things. Make sure your clothes fit and are clean. Fall colors include red, yellow, orange, and brown. Clean your altar and reset it for fall. Watch stores for seasonal decorations such as gourds and decorative corn. You can find great altar plates with autumn themes like deer or acorns now.
Athena Invocation

Athena is a very powerful goddess to invoke for anything. She’s associated with conception, life, and death.

To invoke her you’ll need:

  • An intention
  • A brand-new solid red outfit or several new red accessories
  • Curly hair (curly wand or natural)
  • A reusable bag
  • An owl or other feathered domino mask
  • Some Greek olives
  • A halved pomegranate
  • 3 shot glasses
  • Small containers of olive oil, honey, and river water
  • Optional: Kyphi incense (with charcoal, matches, and a fireproof plate or censer)

Put on the red items. Place all the spell ingredients in the bag and take them to an oak tree trunk. Put on the mask. Step away, then spin around three times. (This is one of Athena’s numbers.)

Stand still and shake your head from left and right several times to free the curls’ energies. Spoon some olives and the pomegranate halves onto the earth.

Recite the following as you pour the three liquids in shot glasses:

Athena, please accept these gifts.
I give them in your honor.
This is for you.

Light the incense as you say:

I burn sweet incense for all that you do.

Extend your hands outward as you say:

Help me with my quest.

Bow your head.

Extinguish the incense and place everything back in the bag, then say:

Blessed be!

Sit and reflect quietly on your intent.
Protection Spell for House and Home

As summer winds down and we move into autumn, it is a good time to establish a yearly ritual to protect your home. The direction of the seasons is shifting from active to passive, but there is still plenty of energy around to tap into for a simple protection ritual.

You can use a sage smudge stick for this (being careful of stray sparks) or a bowl of salt and water. Move through each room of your house or apartment, starting at the front door. Either waft the sage stick or sprinkle the salt and water mixture with your fingertips. As you walk through your space, be mindful of any entrance or exit (windows, doors, etc.), and give them an extra bit of attention. As you do this, say:

My home is protected.
This space is protected.
All is well and all will be well.
So mote it be!

The Egyptian Nephthys was the sister of Isis, wife of Set, and mother of Anubis. When Set murdered and dismembered Osiris, she helped Isis search for him. Nephthys thus became a guardian of and mourner for the dead. A papyrus survives with the text of her lamentations for Osiris.

Like everyone else, we Pagans have to face death—relatives, friends, our fur (or feathered) babies. Most of us know about reincarnation and that cats have nine lives. But mourning is still hard. We need to process how we feel: alone, sad, angry, cheated.

Call on Nephthys for help and comfort. Do this in a meditation or, if you can, in a lucid dream.

Blessed Nephthys, you who
know all the stages of life
And the afterlife, where we
rest between lives and dream
of past and future lives—
Gentle Nephthys, bring us
knowledge and comfort.
Wipe our tears, caress us, help
us dream of those we’ve lost.
Comfort them, comfort us,
comfort all in need of blessing.
Charlie Parker’s Birthday

On this date in 1920, jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker, also known as Bird, was born. In addition to being a virtuoso, Charlie Parker changed jazz (and music in general) as we know it by bringing in wilder, more complex and unexpected elements. As if that weren’t enough, his music inspired an entire generation of artists of all varieties, which in turn brought more freedom to creative expression and more boldness in rebelling against artistic and cultural norms.

Today, tap into Charlie Parker’s transformational creative power. Light him a candle, play his music, close your eyes, breathe, and listen deeply. Consciously connect with his unique genius. As you let your attention rest on music, bring to mind any goal, project, challenge, or situation that feels stuck or that might benefit from a new perspective or a revolutionary way of doing things. Consider the issue with a sense of curiosity and play. Keep a journal and pen nearby so you can jot down anything that comes to you. Extinguish the candle.


Heartwings Love Note 1050 How Old is Old?

Heartwings says, “How old you are is up to you.”

I remember lying in my bed at night, at around eight or ten years of age and thinking how much I wanted to be a grownup. Grownups could stay up late, while I had to be in my bed at seven. Sometimes I’d creep out and lurk by my door to hear the grownups’ conversations. Usually, somehow they’d know I wasn’t in bed and scold me back to the dark. Sometimes I’d read under the covers with a flashlight. Of course, I didn’t know then how old you were supposed to be to be a ‘grownup.’

Later on, when I thought about how old people were, I was sure someone was ‘old’ at fifty. That seemed to me to be a great age, very old indeed. Now all my children have passed the half century mark, even the youngest, and the oldest grandchild is on the way there, passing through his forties. I do laugh to myself at how young that age seems to me now, while once it seemed just the opposite.

I married at eighteen and my firstborn saw the light of day when I was nineteen. I just attended the wedding of a granddaughter who is thirty-six. I was such a young mother compared with how it will be for her. In a sense I grew up with my two oldest daughters, the second of whom is the mother of the bride. Now-a-days young people get married much later in life. According to Google the average age for a woman’s first marriage five years ago was 28. It’s been rising steadily, and has been even long before. Of course, so has the age of life expectancy.

But how old someone is at any age can be determined by any number of factors, actual physical age being only one. How old was I at eighteen, when I married for the first time? Yes, my chronological age was one number, yet my readiness for marriage was something more. I was old enough to make a home and care for the baby who came along soon after. Perhaps today’s young men and women are less ready to be on their own. It seems many are still living with their parents. For young women, their careers keep them working rather than focusing on a home and husband. Adequate birth control has made a big difference to young people, as well as changing attitudes toward sexual behavior.

Then there is another yardstick for those nearing the other end of life: How old is seventy? Eighty? Ninety? Physical infirmity aside, it is possible to be young in mind and heart at any age. A cheerful expression, an uncritical, open-minded attitude, a kindly helping hand are all signs of a youthful person. Up-to-date fashion is another, though those trendy torn jeans are not my taste. Keeping up with current affairs is useful for interaction with those younger than we are. How old is old? As young as you see yourself, not in the mirror but in your mind.

May you stay young as long as can be.

Blessings and best regards, Tasha Halpert

PS If you have comments and or questions, please write to me. I dearly love to hear from readers. Email; Web:


Animals As Teachers

Animals of all types have many gifts and lessons to share with us.

Since prehistoric times, animals have acted as companions to humans on their journey toward enlightenment. Animals as disparate in character as house pets, birds, sea creatures, and insects have been our mentors, teachers, and guides. There is much we can learn from animals as they offer us the unique opportunity to transcend the human perspective. Unlike human teachers, animals can only impart their wisdom by example or by feelings we get from them. An animal teacher can be a beloved pet or an animal in the wild. You may even find yourself noticing the animals in your backyard. Even robins and bumblebees have lessons to share with you.

Animals teach us in a variety of ways about behavior, habit, and instinct. House pets embody an unconditional love that remains unchanged in the face of our shape, size, age, race, or gender. They care little for the differences between us and simply enjoy loving and being loved. Our pets encourage us to let our guards down, have fun, and take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy life. You can also learn lessons from the animals you encounter in the wild if you take the time to observe their habits. Cold-blooded animals show us adaptability and sensitivity to one’s environment. Mammals serve as examples of nurturing and playfulness. Animals that live in oceans, lakes, and rivers demonstrate the value of movement and grace. It is even possible to learn from insects that live in highly structured communities — everyone plays a vital role.

Animals teach us about life, death, survival, sacrifice, and responsibility. If you find yourself drawn to a particular animal, ask yourself which of its traits you find most intriguing and think about how you might mimic those traits. Think of what you might learn from observing the little bird on your windowsill or the mosquito buzzing around a picnic table. Animals express themselves with abandon, freedom, and integrity. It’s natural to be drawn to the wisdom offered by our animal teachers and in doing so discover what is natural and true within you.


A Life of Learning

Earth school provides us with an education of the heart and the soul.

Life is the province of learning, and the wisdom we acquire throughout our lives is the reward of existence. As we traverse the winding roads that lead from birth to death, experience is our patient teacher. We exist, bound to human bodies as we are, to evolve, enrolled by the universe in earth school, an informal and individualized academy of living, being, and changing. Life’s lessons can take many forms and present us with many challenges. There are scores of mundane lessons that help us learn to navigate with grace, poise, and tolerance in this world. And there are those once-in-a-lifetime lessons that touch us so deeply that they change the course of our lives. The latter can be heartrending, and we may wander through life as unwilling students for a time. But the quality of our lives is based almost entirely on what we derive from our experiences.

Earth school provides us with an education of the heart and the soul, as well as the intellect. The scope of our instruction is dependent on our ability and readiness to accept the lesson laid out before us in the circumstances we face. When we find ourselves blindsided by life, we are free to choose to close our minds or to view the inbuilt lesson in a narrow-minded way. The notion that existence is a never-ending lesson can be dismaying at times. The courses we undertake in earth school can be painful as well as pleasurable, and as taxing as they are eventually rewarding. However, in every situation, relationship, or encounter, a range of lessons can be unearthed. When we choose to consciously take advantage of each of the lessons we are confronted with, we gradually discover that our previous ideas about love, compassion, resilience, grief, fear, trust, and generosity could have been half-formed.

Ultimately, when we acknowledge that growth is an integral part of life and that attending earth school is the responsibility of every individual, the concept of “life as lesson” no longer chafes. We can openly and joyfully look for the blessing buried in the difficulties we face without feeling that we are trapped in a roller-coaster ride of forced learning. Though we cannot always know when we are experiencing a life lesson, the wisdom we accrue will bless us with the keenest hindsight.


The Perfect Snack: Frozen Chocolate Bananas!

The flavors in this simple dessert remind me of classic beach fare – frozen bananas on a stick coated with chocolate. This is a healthier version that you can whip up in no time. It contains no added sugar or dairy and is very versatile. Improvise by adding different flavors like organic peppermint oil or almond extract. Make this a few hours before you plan to serve – it’s best when just frozen. Any leftovers will keep for a couple of weeks in the freezer.

See how simple it is to make our Cocoa-Banana Frozen Dessert!

Bananas are rich in potassium – one banana contains 450 mg, one-fifth of the adult daily requirement – and offer a fair share of magnesium (33 mg), too. If you have bananas going brown on your counter, put them in a container and place in the freezer. They make a great addition to smoothies.


The Druids Garden
Animistic Permaculture: Observation and Interaction with the Genius Loci (Spirits of Place)

by Dana

In permauclture design, the “observe and interact” principle is the very first thing we do. This principle asks a practitioner to spend considerable time (up to a year) observing and interacting with a site. This would include regular observations in different seasons, different times of day, and keeping notes. You would likely also do soil tests, measure wind and rain, use a solar pathfinder and also your eyes to understand the path the sun takes, and find out as much as you can about the conditions of the site. You would log information on what wildlife is present, any that are endangered or need specific habitat, and more. Through this process, you learn about the wind, light, rain, soil, potential pollution, resources available, and existing flora and fauna, and thus, understand the site’s strengths, challenges, existing biodiversity, resources, and more. This allows you to create a plan that is intertwined with the living earth and that is thoughtful and robust.

When you start learning permaculture, this principle is really stressed–without a very clear idea of what is happening on the site already, it is hard to work with nature to create the best design possible. Thus, this principle is a really critical one for all of the rest to follow. This principle also happens to be a major part of how we can enact animistic permaculture.

In last week’s post, we covered an introduction to animistic permauclture practice, the synthesis of an ecologically-baed design system, and the belief in spirits to develop a richer practice. Specifically, we examined the ethics of this system, and added the “spirit aware” ethics to earth care, people care, and fair share. In today’s post, we are going to explore the first permaculture principle, “observe and interact”, which lends itsself particularly well to the practice of animistic permaculture.

Observe and Interact: Connecting to the Genius Loci, the Spirit of Place
The journey into spirit
The journey into spirit

There are lots of reasons to engage in observation and interaction in the land around you–and many reasons you may want to take it a step further. In permaculture practice (as i mentioned above), you can observe the land over a period of time to best understand how to work with nature. B ut perhaps you’ve lived somewhere for a while, and you want to build a deeper connection by simply inhabiting the space and being present. I offered some suggestions on observing nature more closely in this post.

Inaddition to observing the physical landscape through your five senses, you can also attend to observing and interacting with the spirits of the land. The spirits might include the Genius Loci, the spirit of place, as well as individual spirits who may be present through plants, animals, stone, soil, and more. Thus, you attend just as deeply to the spirit as you do matter., observing, interacting, and listening to the voices of the spirits of the land. This can lead to some very deep insights not only about the land itself but better ideas from spirits about how things would work best (e.g. what to plant, where to plant, things you need to know that you may not get through observation).

The Genius Loci is a term that came from pagan Rome in antiquity–the Romans recognized that all of the living beings, objects, activities, structures, and so on created a larger spirit of place. This spirit was protective in nature and served, in part, to help protect and guide an area. This term is used widely in the druid tradition today in a fairly similar way: we druids recognize that places have Geni Loci and those spirits should be acknowledged, honored, and their wishes heard and respected. We also recognize that if we want to get permission from a place, it is the Genius Loci that serves as the representative of that larger landscape.

Before you want to make any kind of change to a landscape (putting in a garden, building a new house, adding a new compost pile, building a sacred circle), it is very important to connect with the Genius Loci to honor, listen, and communicate, and eventually to co-create intentions with nature.

Connecting with the Genius Loci

  1. Find a place that represents the Genius Loci. To begin to connect with, honor, and communicate with the Genius Loci, as part of your observations and interactions, find what you would consider being a center point or important feature of the land. You will sense that this place is important and special in some way. You may be drawn to it intuitively. Or, you might find some large or prominent feature of the land. In both of my experiences on my own property, these have been large trees. On my first homestead in Michigan, a huge white pine in the center of the property was where I communed with the Genus Loci. On the current Druid’s Garden homestead, we have one Oak tree that is several hundred years old and about twice as large as any other tree–this tree makes you take notice and definitely holds the energy of the surrounding space. In another place, they may have been a large stone, waterfall in a stream, cave, or some other prominent feature.

If this is not immediately apparent, take time to find this place. You might speak your intentions or share your intentions aloud–ask the place to lead you to where to connect with the genius loci. Now–technically–you can connect with the spirits of place everywhere. But I have found taking this initial step is really useful for reasons that will become apparent as we work through these steps.

  1. Build initial trust and connection with the Genius Loci. At this point, take time to be present and available. Show that you have good intentions by making offerings and taking time to be present in that space. When you feel led, speak aloud, saying that you would like to meet the Genius Loci and connect with the spirit of place. Use inner and outer spirit communication skills to listen carefully to what the Genius Loci says. Take time for this–sometimes the first few times you meet often simply a “hello” and being present with each other.

A great example of a spot to meet the Genius Loci
A great example of a spot to meet the Genius Loci

Often, you may be asked to do something. You might be asked to leave and return at a later date. You may be asked to do certain things(e.g. clean up the burn piles and garbage before we speak again). These initial things you may be asked to do are ways for you to establish trust and allows the spirits of place to see what kind of human you are. Do you listen? Do you engage respectfully? Do you honor the sovereignty of the spirits of the land?

  1. Establish some kind of regular interaction with the Genius Loci. In order to continue to build your relationship with the Genius Loci, you will want to establish some kind of regular interaction with them. You can build this into your regular seasonal cycles and/or holidays, or you can build it into some other regular practice. One of the things I like to do is create a shrine with their input. This can be a nice flower bed that you tend well, a small altar where you leave offerings, etc. Build this into your design for the site, and tend it regularly.

Part of the reason you do this is to build this relationship and make sure that the spirits of the land are equal partners in the development of your permaculture design. But the other reason is that the Genius Loci is a very good source of information–you can visit the spirit and learn about what potential problems may be popping up, how to solve certain problems, or they can offer you other teachings and advice. This regular interaction allows you to have your finger on the pulse of the spiritual heartbeat of the land.

Co-Setting Intentions and Agreements with Nature
While traditional permaculture design takes nature into consideration, in that we work to build regenerative, resilient systems that work with nature rather than against nature, an animistic permaculture philosophy takes this relationship quite a bit further. Traditional permaculture design works with nature, but does not necessarily view nature as a sovereign being who also should have a voice decision-making process. This is because mainstream permaculture does not recognize the spirit in all things nor does it have ways of hearing the voices of nature. But in practicing animistic permaculture, we need to work with nature both physically and in spirit to create and enact a design.

Late season offering to the land and garden
Late season offering to the land and garden after the beds were put to rest for the winter.

As part of the process of observation and interaction, you will have already connected with the Genius Loci (spirit of place) as well as a variety of other spirits of nature. Returning to our animistic philosophies I shared above, we need to engage in respectful interaction with spirits of nature, which includes building right relationships with them, and critically, honoring and recognizing their sovereignty. Thus, as part of any plan, the spirits of nature need to have an equal voice and say. To do this:

  1. Establish a clear communication line with the spirits of nature, especially the Genius Loci. The Genius Loci can often speak for the spirits of the land as a whole. You may also need to connect with individual spirits depending on how the design unfolds.
  2. Set overall intentions together (e.g. what are your overall goals? How might you work together to meet those goals? What are things you both want to see happen?
  3. Collaborate on specific features. Then you can get into the specifics of the design. I have found it more effective to come up with some general ideas rather than a fully-fledged design (e.g. we’d like a big garden, I’m hoping for a sacred grove that is a stone circle somewhere in the woods) than “I want to put a 1000 square foot garden over there”). The Genius Loci may also have some ideas of things that they would like to see–you can share ideas, build collaboratively, and help create a design that works for all. Often the Genius Loci has deep insights into not only the physical aspects of the land but energetic aspects (e.g. right placement of a sacred space based on underlying ley line energy flows).
  4. Establish agreements. Another thing you will want to do is establish agreements with the land about ongoing tending. For example, if you have agreed to put the 1000-square foot vegetable garden in a certain location, also discuss that you will need to weed the garden regularly and that plants that grow in the garden that are unwanted may be pulled (used, composted, etc). This helps you establish long-term relationships with the spirits of nature (and doesn’t require that you ask permission to every plant you need to weed).

Usually, this is a negotiation process. What we’ve found on the Druid’s Garden Homestead is that the land gave us access to certain places to tend and build as we wanted, but other places were meant to be left undisturbed and unmanaged. We also make regular offerings each season but we do not need to make an offering or seek permission each time we want to weed or harvest from the garden (we are homesteading, so we grow about 30% of our own food–doing this for each plant or vegetable would be very difficult!). These larger agreements allow you to live in connection and collaboration with the land.

  1. Continue regular communication over time. As the design is enacted, continue to connect regularly to “check-in” using #3 above. Checking in can happen on a regular cycle or just whenever you feel like it. For me here, I like to do regular check-ins and leave offerings at each of the major eight holidays of the year–that’s part of the celebration of the holiday and building it in this way makes sure that even when I get busy, I don’t forget to honor my commitments.

For those who are really interested in this co-creating intentions with nature practice, I offer more details in my post “co-creating intentions with nature”.

That wraps up this week’s exploration into the synthesis of animism and druidry–I’m going to share at least one more practice in next week’s post, and probably return to this later as more things emerge that I want to talk about. To my readers: in what ways have you worked to connect with the Genius Loci and/or co-create intentions with nature? I would love to hear some of your stories and insights. Blessings!


Coach Gilberto, Chapter 27
by Stephen Halpert

At the police Chief’s request, Gilberto and Rain had begun preliminary interviews with the Houndstooth Academy faculty. Now they sat with Karen Muskie, the art teacher, in Gilberto’s office. Karen winked at Gilberto and smiled. “I can’t help but flirt with you,” she said. “I’m sorry but you’re just so…”
He tried to cut her off. “This is a murder investigation,” his voice flat, monotone. “Please just answer our questions.”
She blushed. “Gilberto, I’m only a woman and sitting so close to you causes my chemistry to take over. I hope I can at least share a compliment.”
He sighed. There was something about her he couldn’t trust. Was it the way her eyes darted around the room? “Where were you last night?”
She sighed, frowned, looked worried. “I’m sorry but I can’t tell you. All I can say is I was with my boyfriend. He’s a faculty member here at Houndstooth. If we got found out we both could get sacked. Ed Long laid down some pretty stogy rules, keeping faculty in their place.”
“Why,” Gilberto said.
“Because some of us like the freedom to play around.” She grinned and blushed on cue. “Very seriously and honestly, Gilberto, most Wigwam Girls like to kiss and tell, but not me. I’m more discrete than a dormouse.” She gave him a toothy grin.
Gilberto wondered what the discretion of a dormouse was all about but said nothing.
Karen ran her tongue over her lips. and grinned again.
Rain nodded, looked at Karen and spoke. “So, what I think I heard you say is, you have no accountable alibi for the night of the murder.”
The studio art teacher’s eyes flashed. “You couldn’t possibly suspect me of murder?”
Rain continued on in her quiet, reasonable voice. “You need to know that with no alibi the police could hold you as a potential suspect.”
Karen looked at Gilberto. “That’s not fair.”
“Neither is murder.” Gilberto said flatly.
Rain watched her carefully and said, “Especially when the victim had no idea she was being murdered.”
Karen’s eyes flew open and she took a startled breath. “Ok, Ok I’ll tell you this. Ever since he modeled for me Bob-I can’t believe he was murdered- her voice broke and she took a gulping breath, “well, Bob and I shared some pretty intense chemistry.”
Rain asked. “You mean the two of you were getting it on?”
“Yes,” Karen giggled. “Bob tried keeping us a secret. But his wife ultimately found out. Sure, we fooled around, but his wife played around too, just not when he was there.”
“Sounds terribly complicated,” Rain said.
Karen smirked. “Doesn’t have to be; only if you see it that way.”
Rain nodded. “Ok I can hear that. His wife didn’t want to play with him around. Why do you suppose that was?”
Karen shrugged. “More than once she’d say he made her nervous.”
“Why so?” Rain persisted.
The art teacher shrugged. “Who knows? Maybe he wiggled his ears and it caught her off guard.”
“So where were you at the time of the murder?” Rain said.
“If you must know, he’s senior faculty here. We both agreed it was vitally important for us to be discrete. Faculty interaction like that is a big no-no here.” Karen looked at Gilberto, her face red, her eyes teary. “I hope you and your adorable Maria join us for our Frolics. We all could have such fun.”
Gilberto shook his head. “This is a murder investigation.”
“That’s right,” she said, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. “I’m sorry but that’s their problem, getting themselves murdered, not mine. “
Her face reddened. She jerked forward, her body arching.
She peered curiously at Gilberto. “Are you stroking my back? You must have some kind of telepathic…”
The buttons on her blouse began slowly to unbutton. She looked down. Her eyes widened What’s happening to me?
“It’s my sexy partner,” Rain said. “He’s a ghost. Would you’d like Cy Willobee to leave you alone.”
Karen’s eyes widened, she gulped. “This is too intense. I’m not comfortable, but whoever’s doing this is very good,” she giggled and wrapped her arms around herself. “Very good indeed.”
“Okay,” Rain said with a small smile. “Please Cy, back off.”
Karen’s voice sounded dreamy. “Oh, I loved that man. He’d show me how to navigate the astral, and I almost got out of my body, only for a few seconds but I started to freak.”
“What made you almost freak out?” Gilberto asked.
She laughed. “It was just too much. I have control issues but Cy Willobee was absolutely charming in a most unusually dignified way. Did you know that the several times we were together, he would channel Lord Byron? Believe me just that alone adds a lot to one’s average flirtation.”
Rain nodded. “But you were on that bridge with him that day he fell?”
She twisted her hands together. “Several of us were standing close by him,” she nodded toward Gilberto, “including your predecessor Ed Long. Ed could be a real conversation killer.”
“How so,” Rain asked.
Karen thought for a moment. “I never really felt comfortable around Ed. It was like he was always trying to get something on me, whatever sneaky little inuendo, anything at all. Kind of spooky.”
“This was when he was still married to Lara Parker? Gilberto said.
“He’d be so cold and distant, while at first Lara would seem so warm and friendly. But I could tell in her own way she was just as cold and watchful as Ed, only way more subtle. I could never really figure either one of them out.”
Her body twitched, and she smiled. “Cy just kissed my cheek. How delightful, I guess for some being kissed by a ghost might come across as frightful. But to me it has a definite charm.” She sighed and brushed Cy’s invisible hand away from the buttons on her blouse. “I guess many men don’t change regardless whichever side of the grass they’re on.”

To Be Continued


Kitty Kat’s Korner

8 Things Your Cat Loves

Because cats are such smart, sentient creatures, they can have a long list of likes (and, perhaps, an equally long list of dislikes!) In most cases, the things your cat loves are the very same things you love—like fresh, tasty food, long naps in cozy spots, and plenty of fun activities, to name a few.

Just like us humans, the things cats find interesting, fun, or exciting can change as they age—your cat may love her toy with feathers one day, but find it boring the next. As a kitty parent, it’s your job to recognize when your cats’ interests change, so you can keep her happy, healthy, and engaged. Although likes can vary from cat to cat, these eight kitty “likes” are a great place to start.

Cats Love Taking Naps
It’s no secret that cats love to sleep. In fact, the average kitty sleeps for a whopping 12 to 16 hours per day! Because cats are nocturnal creatures, they snooze most of the day away—and who can blame them? Everyone loves a nice, long nap in a cozy, comfy spot.

Keep in mind, kittens and senior cats will spend more time sleeping than, say, an adolescent cat. But if you’re worried that your cat is sleeping too much—or too little—talk to your vet about what’s normal for his breed, age, activity level, and size.

Cats Love Grooming and Being Groomed
Did you know adult cats spend approximately half of their waking hours grooming? Clearly, grooming is an important part of a kitty’s life!

There are a few reasons cats dedicate so much time to grooming:

It keeps them clean. Not only does grooming help cats remove dirt and grime from their coats, but it prevents predators and prey from detecting them. How? Licking their coats removes any smells it has absorbed.
It keeps their skin and coat healthy. Regular grooming disperses the oils naturally produced by a cat’s skin and fur, keeping her coat healthy, shiny, and hydrated.
It makes them feel relaxed. There’s nothing more relaxing than a massage, right? Well, cats feel the same way! Rather than visiting a masseuse, they simply groom themselves to reduce stress and calm down.
It helps them bond with other kitties. Cats groom each other—and their humans!—to develop and strengthen their bond. You’ll often see cats grooming each other in hard-to-reach places.
It cools them off. Humans sweat. Dogs pant. Cats lick themselves. When it’s super hot out, cats dampen their fur with saliva to cool off.
Not every cat loves to be groomed by his humans, but if yours does, try brushing his fur with a natural bristle or rubber brush. It’ll remove any residue from his fur and feel super relaxing, too.

Cats Love Fresh, Nutritious Food
It’s unlikely that you’d want to dive into a big plate of spoiled food at dinnertime. The same goes for your cat. Stale and spoiled food doesn’t just taste bad, either—it can grow mold or host multiple types of bacteria, like Salmonella and Staphylococcus, too.

Whenever you serve your kitty’s meals, be sure to check the expiration dates on both wet and dry food. This will ensure you’re only feeding her fresh, nutritious, and safe meals.

Cats Love Running Water
If you have a cat, you know they’ll try to drink water from running faucets whenever the opportunity presents itself. Fortunately, there are tons of drinking fountains—designed especially for cats—so they always have cool, fresh, running water available.

Believe it or not, some breeds of cats also like to play in water. If your cat loves to splash around, try filling up the bathtub or a kiddie pool with a few inches of water during her playtime. This activity will help her get a little bit of exercise and cool off on particularly hot days.

Cats Love Scratching and Clawing
One of the cats’ basic instincts is to sharpen their claws by scratching and clawing different surfaces. They also happen to get a ton of joy from it, too.

In addition to sharpening their claws, scratching can help relax and rejuvenate cats. Think of it as the human equivalent to a nice, long stretch when your muscles are tired or achy. A quick scratch session on a cat tree or scratching post can wake a tired kitty up immediately.

Cats Love Daily Playtime
Playtime is serious business for cats, all the way from kittenhood to their senior years. It doesn’t take much to keep a cat entertained—she’ll play with anything from lint to tricked-out cat toys—but it is a vital part of their health and development. Not only does playtime hark back to their days in the wild when they had to stalk, hunt, and capture their prey, but it keeps them exercised, engaged, and happy, too.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of cat toys on the market, but your cat may like playing games, such as hide and seek, too. No matter your cat’s choice of play, it’s important to sneak in a few minutes daily.

Cats Love Watching Birds
It’s not uncommon to see cats curled up on windowsills. Why? It’s a prime bird watching location! Whether cats love to watch birds because they’re prey or simply because the movement captures their attention, some cats can spend hours observing birds every day.

If your cat loves to curl up in windows, be sure to protect her skin from the sun’s harsh rays, especially if she has light-colored fur. Try to limit her hours next to the window when the sun is strongest—between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.—and talk to your vet about kitty-approved sunscreens.

Cats Love Their Humans
Although cats are often depicted as solitary animals, they need love, attention, and companionship—and love to get it from their humans. The ways cats say “I love you” are just a little bit different than we humans.

Some signs your cat loves you include purring, bunting (or putting her head on you), sleeping on or near you, meowing, licking, and even sticking her butt in your face. Yes, really.

Georgia Nicols’
Weekly Horoscope: Sunday, September 04, 202

All Signs
Sometimes the celestial heavens bring a timely blessing, and this week we have it. As we swing into back-to-school mode, this week we will recharge our cosmic batteries! We will get our lives back on track! That’s why this week abounds with enthusiasm, cooperation, and innovation. Teamwork will shine. Yeah, yeah, Mercury goes retrograde on Friday, but that’s relatively small potatoes – delays, mistakes and bumping into people from the past. Admittedly, it can be unnerving running into your ex. I once tried to hide in the kiddy section of a video store. Why I don’t know. My fault was that right from the get go, I confused a bunch of aluminum foil for shining armour.

Aries (March 21-April 19)
Your focus on close friends, partners and spouses continues. Note: This is the best time of the entire year to improve these relationships. (Do this while it’s easier.) Fiery Mars is in your House of Communications until April. This is most unusual! It accelerates your daily tempo and makes you identify passionately with your ideas, which means you’re more aggressive in your communications. (Be nice to the little people.) Fortunately, relations with coworkers are excellent. Meanwhile delays, mistakes and glitches at work have arrived due to Mercury retrograde. They’re minor but annoying and will last until the beginning of October. Oy vey. (Remember to get more sleep this week.)

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
This is a fabulous week because you will be productive and happy! You might even do something to improve your health. (Always a bonus.) Opportunities to enjoy the arts, explore mini vacations, camping trips, the theatre, sports events and fun activities with kids still abound. The cash, of course is flowing! Fortunately, you are earning money as well as spending it. Meanwhile, Mercury retrograde will attract old flames back into your world. Because there is a strong focus on fun outings, diversions and vacations in your chart, be aware that Mercury retrograde can loop back and bring you an opportunity that you missed before, perhaps to book a certain place? Keep all your options open.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
This is a lovely, playful, high-spirited week for you! Grab every opportunity to enjoy entertaining diversions. Lunches, exciting dinners, sports events, vacations and fun times with children will all be excellent choices for you because you want to have a good time! You have lots of energy now because fiery Mars is in your sign. Usually, it is in your sign only for six weeks once every two years. Right now, it’s going to be in your sign until April next year! (Gasp!) This means you have tons of energy to go after what you want and get things done. Mercury retrograde will attract family members and relatives back into your world. Stock the fridge.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Home and family continue to be your focus this week. Many of you are more involved with a parent than usual. Be aware that someone might be working against your best interests. This means that if you think something fishy is going on – it is. If you are suspicious that someone is sabotaging you or does not have your best interests at heart – avoid this person. You don’t need this. You will enjoy schmoozing with neighbours, siblings and relatives this week because many things will make you appreciate your daily surroundings in a deeper way. Nevertheless, transportation delays, car problems and mixed-up communications cannot be avoided. Good luck.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)
Your busy pace continues! Suddenly, you have things to do, places to go and people to see! This means errands and appointments will keep you hopping. In addition, this is an excellent time to tackle writing projects because you are prepared to read and study more than usual. Take some time to formulate goals this week. Figure out where you want to go. Enjoy physical activity, especially athletics with friends and groups. You might even be in competition with someone. Although you’re spending money buying beautiful things for yourself and others, financial delays will rankle. Cheques in the mail will be late. And so it goes.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
You still have a strong focus on money, cash flow and earnings. You’re taking stock, repairing things and getting on top of your game. This is good! Allow yourself to have a little time to ruminate and think about your basic values in life. It’s important to know what matters. After all, you don’t want to be 90 years old looking in the mirror saying, “You blew it.” Figure out what’s important to you. This is a good week to buy wardrobe items for yourself. Because your ambition is aroused, it’s vital that you feel confident about your appearance. (The two go hand-in-hand.) Meanwhile, don’t worry about silly mistakes and forgetful errors, which will inevitably take place because Mercury retrograde has now slipped back into your sign. (Yikes!)

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
You still have lots of juice because the Sun in your sign boosts your energy and confidence! Since this happens for only four weeks once a year, make the most of this and get out there and fly your colours! Many of you are travelling or planning to travel because you need a change of scenery. If nothing else, check out a new restaurant to satisfy your urge for “discovery.” Secret love affairs might be taking place for some. Nevertheless, this is an excellent time for your closest relationships and partnerships. In fact, it’s a great time for Librans to get married. On another note, C sharp, Mercury retrograde will help you do research and study the past. You might be able to use this.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
You will be happy to keep a low profile this week because your personal year is coming to an end. (You’re “waiting” for your birthday, which is the start of your personal new year.) Hey, why not make use of this time and set some goals for the future? After all, goals make your decision-making easier, and they help you to stay on track. Some of you might have disputes about shared property, taxes, debt, insurance issues or inheritances at this time. Certainly, you want to solidify your home base. This is important to you. Meanwhile, old friends are back in your world again. Reach out to them because it’s good to have history with others. You will especially enjoy talking to creative, artistic people.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
A popular week! Enjoy friends and interactions with clubs and organizations. Meanwhile, bosses and people in authority admire you. Plus, bosses and parents you haven’t seen for a while might be back in the picture. It’s unusual that Mars is opposite you for the next seven months! Consider this an opportunity to practice patience with others. On the upside, you will be emboldened to state your case and put your cards on the table about something that’s important. Some of you might begin a romance with a boss or someone in a position of authority. Your ruler Jupiter favours you this year and encourages you to make your surroundings more elegant. Nice!

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
This week you continue to make an excellent impression on important people, especially bosses, VIPs, teachers and the police. This phenomenon occurs only once a year so make use of it, and turn it to your advantage. In other words, now is the time to make your pitch or advance your agenda, because people admire you and will be inclined to be receptive to what you say. Meanwhile, you’re ready to throw your energy into hard work to accomplish what you want to do. This high-energy influence will last until next April. All of these influences will help you to accomplish a lot, not only this week but for months ahead. Travel for pleasure if you can because you’re yearning to do this. If you can get away somewhere – major bonus!

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
This week, your desire for a change of scenery continues! Do whatever you can to travel or do something different because you want some adventure and stimulation! (Many of you will enjoy studying something new that is fascinating.) This is a good week to wrap up old business related to inheritances, shared property and insurance disputes because these issues will likely end up in your favour. In fact, this is a good week to ask for a loan or mortgage, especially for something that has been dragging on for some time. Personal relationships are passionate, warm and affectionate. Parents might find their involvement with their kids to be more challenging from now until April. Remember: Patience is the antidote to anger.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
Many of you are hearing from ex-partners and friends from your past at this time. Very likely, contact with these people will be pleasant because fair Venus is opposite your sign, smoothing the way in all your relationships. This can be helpful because meanwhile, back at the ranch, increased activity and chaos will continue for months at home. This could be due to residential moves, visiting guests, renovations or repairs. Fortunately, this is your year to get richer, which means you can deal with increased expenses at home. Definitely auspicious timing. Personally, check out self-help activities and books – anything that will help you to be the best you can be.


Weekly Horoscopes beginning Sunday, 04 September 2022

If you’re born within a cusp period (16 to 26 of any month); you’re advised to read horoscopes of both signs covered by that period. You’re on the border; you may have influences from houses within those signs.

Outlines are longer versions; consist of every possible detail of everyday and are based on three parts of each sign: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Decan; that is, any of three divisions of 10° within a sign of the zodiac. Even if you know or don’t know your Decan; I recommend, please read all three Decan.

Personal theme: I am!!
Fire & cardinal sign: March 21 — April 19

Your horoscope for this week:

It’s not that you lack interest in new ideas. It’s that you’re so busy with all sorts of activities and obligations that you’ve no time for anything else. However, the planets, in the form of fortunate Jupiter accenting new ideas and worthwhile encounters, are telling you to find time to explore both existing options and those that appear now, and over the coming weeks. You’ll won’t regret it.

There’s one thing you should be careful about over the days ahead and that’s being too lenient with a friend or loved one who is acting foolishly. Even if their antics make you secretly laugh or smile, you can’t let them get away with the mistakes they are making. You were expecting a friend to fulfil a promise but not only will they let you down, but their excuse for doing so will also sound feeble to the point of being unbelievable.

At the end of this week Mercury turns retrograde in your opposite sign – and at the critical 8th degree of Libra. As this coincides with an important Full Moon, echoes of the global financial crisis may be heard. Anticipate that others will throw (probably ungrounded ideas) this way and that – likely necessitating you moving to ‘crisis management station’. Yet midst all this, and now that Venus is moving through a key working sector of your solar chart, you could form strong alliance with a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. These individuals should be accessing innovative thinking and accept that teething difficulties will occur. The combination of their resilience and your courage could make you the ‘A’ team.

Personal theme: I have!!
Earth & fixed sign: April 20 — May 20

Your horoscope for this week:

After weeks of dealing with demanding situations, things are finally settled. Enough that you can relax and turn your attention to who and what you enjoy in life. The problem? Not only have the actual circumstances in question changed, so have your interests; and a lot. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore your options. What you learn and who you meet could be a real delight.

It is time to trust your intuition. Notice the signs you have been getting lately and if you feel you should act on these, do so. If you’re still uncertain and wonder whether you’re seeing or sensing things that aren’t there, ask for help from a friend or relative who may know more. You could be surprised by how accurate your instincts happen to be. Changes are ahead for you and you will feel more confident soon in knowing that whatever happens, it is meant to be.

This should prove a week to remember given the Full Moon (Saturday), that coincides with Mercury’s retrograde station. You could feel ‘thrown in at the deep end’ and challenges enormous. Focusing on selecting your support team and ensuring that each is committed to a project and understands both your motivation and goals should be viewed as top priority. That said, be aware that further adjustments will likely be made necessary when it becomes clear that some people are better suited to certain roles than others. Conserve energy too for the probably huge challenges that are thrown on your path from late Thursday.

Personal theme: I think!!
Air sign: May 21 — June 20

Your horoscope for this week:

As an inquisitive Gemini, you thrive on exciting new ideas and unexpected offers. Usually, you’d respond by making dramatic, if tentative, changes. However, with the Full Moon on Saturday the 10th triggering yet more changes, you’re encouraged to focus on which elements of your life could, and should, become part of the past. Unsettling as the thought seems, taking the next steps will be a huge relief.

A senior colleague wants to discuss a recent misunderstanding or difficult occurrence. Don’t think that they are against you because of their attitude. Some people have a naturally abrasive manner. Ride above real or imaginary slights and let others see how confident you are about your ideas, views and opinions. Are you single and heart-free? If so, you might meet with romance at a party, musical concert or light-hearted gathering.

It would be understandable if you felt displaced and unsure of your role. The way forward may not be clear until after Venus arrives at its right angle to Mars still moving through your sign (angle is exact next week). In one sense this would be a good time to go off on holiday. Yet it may be that you’re required for blue-skies thinking within your work scene. Recognising that a situation is now completely out of control, it will surely require considerable creativity to negotiate turbulence. This is arguably not the time to take side but rather, by the Full Moon on Saturday, set aside differences and find ways to move forward.

Personal theme: I feel!!
Water & cardinal sign: June 21 — July 22

Your horoscope for this week:

For ages you’ve been seeking ways to proceed with crucial but complex plans. Equally, you’ve been anxious about worryingly unexpected changes. Now these come together in events as sudden as, mostly, they are unanticipated. You’re tempted to delay these. Instead explore them. The more you learn, the more obvious their promise will be. The secret? Say yes, making it clear you’re not committing but learning about your options.

From little acorns, mighty oaks can grow. Not only is this a time to formulate plans but to plant these ideas, nurture them and watch them grow. Don’t tell yourself you aren’t good enough or that you could never achieve specific goals. Whenever you start doubting yourself, pause for a moment and look back at how far you have come already. You’re inclined to dismiss a friend’s deceitful behaviour as having been unintentional, but if you do, they will let you down again, and your relationship, as a result, will suffer.

Next Saturday’s Full Moon coincides with Mercury’s retrograde station. That they come together suggests echoes of the global financial crash. Temporarily your world could be rocked and late October before things really settle. It’s arguably important that arrangements have flexibility built in. Joining forces with others in similar position seems a very good idea and should work well where transport arrangements are concerned. In fact, by joining a group and creating a support team, you could avoid some of the understandable anguish that might come if there is major event fullness at the Full Moon.

Personal theme: I will!!
Fire & fixed sign: July 23 — August 22

Your horoscope for this week:

Recent events have forced you to make an unwelcome review of usually stable elements of your life. True, initially, events were as unsettling as they were irritating. You’re only now recognising what you learnt; and that’s while certain longstanding arrangements are familiar, they’re also holding you back. Once you begin exploring these a new, and unexpected, world of options will open up for you.

Getting together with friends who are as close to you as family will remind you of how special relationships can be. Allow all those wonderfully warm feelings you have for someone who has always been close to you to guide your thoughts and actions. You’ve always been a deeply sensual person. It is time to let it show. Are you single? You could be swept off your feet by a whirlwind romance which may not be enduring, but it will be exciting.

You’re probably aware that in the run-up to any full Moon, tensions and emotions run high. Saturday’s (10th) is unlikely to be an exception. Throughout the run-up, Mercury’s movements are barely discernible. On Saturday, and coinciding with the lunation, Mercury reaches its retrograde station. It’s likely that many Leos till be preparing to make a major move. True, you may feel you are on your toes ready to run a race but not yet aware of how long that race will be. It would help to have support (a good solid team) around you. With a Cancer or Capricorn effectively ruling themselves out of this team on Tuesday, you could use the second half of the week to rally other support.

Personal theme: I analyse!!
Earth sign: August 23 — September 22

Your horoscope for this week:

True, life is a lot easier if you can plan ahead. However, recently even simple arrangements have needed to be rethought, often more than once. The secret? Forget about trying to get things right and, instead, take chances on ideas as exciting as they seem risky. At minimum, you’ll learn something. However, the fact is, they could work far better than you imagined possible.

Family activities or arrangements connected with children will be more expensive than anticipated. You had half-expected these expenditures to have risen but not as much as they have. Compared with the past, they have increased considerably. Even so you will do your best to keep your loved ones happy. You could never begrudge having to spend on the ones you love. Travel will bring plenty of sunshine and enjoyment into your days.

If history repeats, then the end of this week could prove super dramatic: most likely in financial markets. This lunation is the annual one across the Virgo/ Pisces axis. This event coincides with Mercury arriving at its retrograde station and all eyes may well be on you and the decisions you make. It’s long recognised that Virgos make full assessments before they making a decision. Yet with others apparently hanging on your every word, you could feel coerced into taking action before you’re truly ready. Yet you probably need more facts. Support and understanding of your predicament should come from Gemini, Libra and Aquarius colleagues who themselves are tackling multiple issues. In alliance you could yet become an efficient crisis management team.

Personal theme: I balance!!
Air & cardinal sign: September 23 — October 22

Your horoscope for this week:

Recent ideas, offers or unexpected events were so upbeat, and promising, that you’re tempted to proceed with other, more complex, plans. Do so, but slowly. Things aren’t as stable as they seem. Also, on Saturday the 10th, the ideas planet Mercury goes retrograde. While this triggers questions that, inevitably slow progress, what you learn as you deal with them will more than justify any delays.

You want to make better use of your time, talents and energy. You’ve been sitting on ideas and plans for some time. Why wait any longer to put them into action? Your enthusiasm and energy will be high so use this to your advantage. If you need help to get some ideas underway, ask for it. An unexpected job offer needs thinking through, especially if this might take you out of your area for a good percentage of your time, at your own expense.

Throughout this week Mercury’s movements through your sign are barely discernible prior to it turning retrograde on Saturday. Its station coincides with an important Full Moon. If history repeats, then this combination should coincide with high drama in financial markets. It may be that decisions taken at the end of July come back to haunt and revision made necessary. This should not unbalance your scales. Yes, this is a steep learning curve and yes, you probably require assistance. In joining forces with a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn you could get back on track. It might be as well to anticipate that you won’t feel full progress until after the solar eclipse at the end of next month. By Saturday it would surely be wise to have a crisis management team in place.

Scorpio & Ophiuchus
Personal theme: I desire!!
Water & fixed signs: October 23 — November 21

Your horoscope for this week:

Unsettling, if not worrying, as plans falling apart seem, these are breakthroughs, but in disguise. Within days, sudden yet exciting ideas or offers will appear. Had you fully committed to previous arrangements, you’d struggle to disentangle yourself. However, happily, you’re free to manoeuvre and consider your options. This is a dual lesson. Ensure plans are flexible; and, even more, explore everything that comes your way.

A domestic item you thought was beyond your reach financially speaking could become available after all. Either the item will be reduced, or housemates will suggest pooling resources in order to afford this appliance. A job vacancy will get your interest. You will be grateful to a friend for having mentioned this knowing you would be interested. Don’t waste energy doing anything non-productive. Instead, clear the decks of anything that’s been left unfinished or un-started for too long.

A storm could break by Saturday’s Full Moon which coincides with Mercury’s retrograde station. Echoes of the global financial crash (2007/8) may be heard. At the personal level, you may decide that you take an inappropriate or no longer fulfilling career path. Questions need to be asked as to what improvements could be made. It may be that you need to accept teething difficulties until the solar eclipse in your sign at the end of October but important though that you are part of a team that voices concerns. You may need to make take early steps at this Full Moon (10th) noting that this isn’t the time to be overly emotional (if that can be avoided) and instead make clear what is and what is not helpful.

Personal theme: I see!!
Fire sign: November 22 — December 21

Your horoscope for this week:

You don’t think of yourself as stubborn. Mostly, that’s true. Yet when you’re working hard to turn an idea into plans, or sudden changes undermine existing arrangements, you can be amazingly determined, if not just plain inflexible. Still, you’re urged to review the situations in question, and there could be more than one. Once you have, you’ll realise changes are as worthwhile as they are timely.

You’re making headway in projects which up until now have been hampered by other peoples’ inability to reach agreements. A distinct change in atmosphere will bring a greater chance of everyone reaching a compromise. Don’t hesitate to push ahead with a mutual ambition. Incredible chemistry exists between yourself and someone you are spending the days with. If you already have a partner, think twice before acting on this attraction. A lack of loyalty will damage your relationship forever.

Next Saturday’s (10th) Full Moon aligns with the backbone of your solar chart. It also coincides with Mercury’s retrograde station. This could prove a date to remember. On the global stage, financial matters will surely dominate. No less important are affairs closer to home. You may decide it’s time to review a revenue stream requiring repair or alteration. It could take some weeks to steady the ship – most probably because a close colleague or partner is going through significant career turbulence. Whilst none of this might seem obvious at the start of the week, it’s probable that by Thursday, crisis management may be necessary. Reviewing your position on Tuesday ahead of turbulence should be considered wise.

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Earth & cardinal sign: December 22 — January 19

Your horoscope for this week:

Others dream of sudden, if not magical, offers. Appealing as the thought is, you’d rather conceive of, then organise, your own plans. Usually, that’s wise. However, what’s coming your way is as exciting as it is unexpected. While the odds are good, you’ll recognise their potential right away, you’re urged to explore absolutely everything. What seems least promising could turn out best in the long run.

Before purchasing a big household item, insist on both shopping around and discussing ideas with someone whose opinion you value. No matter how impatient a housemate is to put in an order, you want to know you are making the right decision. Tread delicately when sensitive subjects that have been discussed before in the workplace crop up once again. Fresh developments suggest a spark of hope. At last, you will feel as if you’re starting to see a break in the cloud.

Many eyes should be on you at the start of the week and your proposed schedule for the weeks ahead. It would be as well to factor in a crisis, as there is high probability that at Saturday’s (10th) Full Moon, which coincides with Mercury’s retrograde station, that there will be a hiatus that takes some weeks to resolve. Being aware that much needs to be undone and repaired before true progress can be made, and doing all this whilst more obstacles are put in your path could be viewed as the challenge of a lifetime. If there is a silver lining. it’s that Venus is now moving through another of the Earth signs, and that your expertise and ability to grasp detail quickly should be obvious: allowing you to show your innate leadership qualities.

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Air & fixed sign: January 20 — February 18

Your horoscope for this week:

As an inquisitive air sign, you’re happiest when deeply involved with fascinating people and ideas. Now, however, events are forcing you to focus more, if not entirely, on life’s practicalities. These range from the wise use of your time or money, to rethinking pivotal arrangements. The challenge? Doing this right will, inevitably, be demanding. Take it slowly. The rewards will more than justify your patience.

It can feel as if the same problems repeat themselves over and over. What you may not have noticed until now is that you have become more resilient each time they come around. You deal with issues you struggled with in the past more easily and more efficiently now. Plans you and a partner are making will make you excited for the future. A close relationship is positively blooming. Are you single? Romance will pop up out of the blue making this a week you will always remember.

Mercury is moving barely imperceptibly through another of the Air signs. Next Saturday (10th) it arrives at its retrograde station. There is high probability that you are already rethinking your position. This, together with the fact that Saturday’s Full Moon aligns with critical degrees for global financial markets, suggests a chill wind may be in the offing. Taking pre-emptive action would surely be wise. All signs should think about placing safety nets. Though this isn’t your normal way of proceeding, you perhaps need to give thought as to how best to utilise your network and pull together. It may be that others aren’t in a position to give you full assistance, but that through them, or in combination, you can resolve a problem. Your gift for grasping information quickly and utilising it should ensure that you are viewed as a valued member of team.

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Water sign: February 19 — March 20

Your horoscope for this week:

You’ll probably begin the week with a number of questions, some clear cut, others confusing. While you’re eager to deal with these, take it slowly. You’re in the build up to the Pisces Full Moon, on Saturday the 10th. This won’t just substantially alter elements of the past, it could revolutionise your future plans; and until then? Focus on ridding yourself of both unrealistic objectives and burdensome possessions.

There’s a lot going on around you but that doesn’t mean you want to get involved in everything. You have your heart set on reaching a special goal and you don’t want to be distracted. You know you will have to work hard if you are to get results but in faithfully persisting in your efforts you will get your just rewards. You wouldn’t mind having some help but if you push people the wrong way, things could start sliding backwards.

Saturday’s Full Moon is in your sign and coincides with Mercury’s retrograde station. This is likely to prove a turning point for many Pisces. On the global stage it is even possible that there will be echoes of the global financial crash. Whatever, everyone should be aware and ready to access crisis management techniques. Whilst many people may be oblivious of the dangers ahead at the start of this week, sensitive Pisceans will surely sense the rocks that lie ahead. With Venus now moving through your opposite sign, your ability to both relate and form bonds and unions is much increased. In partnership – possibly with Aries, Libra or Aquarius colleagues – you could negotiate difficulties.

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