Night of Venus…

Within a Witches Wood

Good evening of Venus ❤️ magickal folk, I have just been trying to keep up lately! Whew! Such a busy 🐝 time for me. Of course it doesn’t help when I keep adding more irons to the fire,🔥 but that’s how I roll.

A night for lovers, but what I personally love is how Venus doesn’t necessarily divulge if those love spells or glamours are for good, orrr not so good. One might say down right dark wicked… 🖤💀✨

Venus is a bright star 🌟 indeed, reflecting so much light due to the planet’s dense atmosphere. Most solar energy gets reflected off this atmosphere, creating the spectacular light, and giving Venus her connections with gems and jewels.💎 Venus goes her own way, rotating widdershins from all the other planets. Indeed traveling her own and independent path, another reason to love her.🖤

Venus rules two signs, Taurus ♉️ and Libra.♎️ In…

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