Do The Mess Around

Humoring the Goddess

Ah, you can talk about the pit, barbecue
The band was jumpin’, the people too
Ah, mess around
They doin’ the mess around
They doin’ the mess around,
Everybody doin’ the mess around

Ray Charles

That’s me. That’s my life lately.

Not quite hanging around the BBQ, but Mess Around. Messing Around. Messing Up. 

The other day I must have pushed a wrong button or wrong file button and everything was being filed on my One Drive. Since I don’t use One Drive and didn’t know what it was, I freaked out. I stopped it half way through whatever it was doing and deleted the files it was transferring and wound up deleting a good portion of my art files for my Gallery. Both the new artists and the file with the ones I needed to put on the ACTUAL Gallery.

I also lost some other stuff. I found some…

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By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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