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Happy Monday! I’m glad to be back with my regular post.

Courtesy Inspiring Quotes

Interesting Tarot cards this week.

Photo by Jan Sikes

The Ace of Swords represents new ideas. It is a sign of encouragement. It says your mind is in ‘expansion mode.’ You are open to embracing new ideas, craving stimulation, and you’ll jump at the next opportunity to learn something new. When the Ace of Swords appears in a Tarot reading, it tells you that now is an excellent time to start a new project – one that requires your intellect, communication skills, and mental power.

The Five of Wands indicates that you are in the midst of battle, tension, and competition with others, and it is impacting your ability to move forward with your goals. Rather than being able to work towards a common goal, you are running up against constant opposition. With the Five of Wands…

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