Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Happy Mother’s Day

Humoring the Goddess

Today is ONE of 365 days that we celebrate mothers — all kinds, all sizes, all species. To be a mom is a tough gig. Happy, sad, melancholy, sentimental, pissed off — all moms of all kinds have felt it all.

In past Mother’s Day salutes I’ve salutedFamous People’s Mothers,MoreFamous Peoples’ Mothers, Mother Idioms, and, way back in 2016, an almost-Mother’s-Day-Salute Holy Mother and Child.

Being the creative sprite I am, I was trying to think of other ways to celebrate being a mother/grandmother/mother’s friend/auntie/great grandma.

That’s big shoes to fill.

I thought I might try “bad” (see the quotes?) mothers, but people might get the wrong idea. (There’s actually websites like 13 Worst Celebrity Mothers Alive on This Planet and Bad Women in the Bible!)

So this year, how about — Famous Mother Female Rulers?

You go, mom!

Cleopatra VII Philopator (69 BC–10 August 30…

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