Chaos, Order, and Creation

Goddess in a Teapot

Cosmic Egg of Creation

In the beginning was primordial chaos, a soup of the pure essence of reality, and from this arose a goddess who created order, and thus the universe and the world came into being. Myths and stories from all over the world tell similar truths about how our universe began, whether it is in the form of the Greek Eurynome who came up from the chaos, created a snake out of awhirlwind that formed as a result, transformed herself into a dove and laid the cosmic egg, or the Tibetan Klu-mo who emerged from chaos to create the world from parts of her own body, or the four Egyptian snake goddesses who, with four male frog gods, made order through their movements in the primordial morass, or many others. When these and other creation goddesses bring order out of chaos, they make different entities from the unity…

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