GrannyMoons Weekly Feast: 2 Jan 2022

Your greatest gift to your family and friends is yourself –
your relaxed, happy, and fully-present self. ~Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Blessed Be my Little Witch. To those who came before and those who will come after, know that the Goddess is with you always. Thank you all my dear readers…be blessed. ~GrannyMoon

Dark Moon – Time to Rest
New Moon – Time to Begin New Projects; Birth; Attraction
Waxing Moon – Time to Grow; Increase
Full Moon – Time to be Fulfilled; Abundance
Waning Moon – Time to Banish; Decrease
Last Sliver of Moon – Time to Die; Letting Go
Dark Moon – Time to Rest Again


Light A Candle Today!
In many different traditions lighting a candle is a sacred action. It expresses more than words can express. It has to do with gratefulness. From time immemorial, people have lit candles in sacred places. You may want to begin or end your day by the sacred ritual of lighting a candle on this gratefulness. Or you may want to light a birthday candle for a friend. One single guideline is all you need: Slow down and do it with full attention.


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Current Moon Phase: January 2nd – New Moon
The first New Moon of 2022 is today, January 2nd! Over the coming days the skies will be dark and Moonless but this weekend the Moon will be in a Waxing Crescent. This phase and can be seen in the western horizon at dusk.

Goddess Aspect: Maiden

Associated Goddesses: Artemis, Branwen, Eriu, Nymph, Epona

Magickal Attributes: Invoking. Workings On This Day Are For Starting New Ventures, New Beginnings, Love, Romance, Health Or Job Hunting.


What’s Happening This Month

Celtic Month of Birch – December 24th to January 20th
Goddess Month of Hestia – 12/26 – 1/22

Jan. 2: New Moon in Capricorn

Jan. 3-4: Quadrantids Meteor Shower (considered to be one of the best annual meteor showers with about 40 per hour) – this will be a very dark night so viewing will be excellent since its close to a new moon. The peak viewing time will be 2:40 PM, MST

Jan. 6: Epiphany

Jan. 14: Mercury becomes retrograde (4:41 AM, MST)

Jan. 14: Thorrablot – Norse/Heathen celebration honoring Thor

Jan. 17: Full Moon in Cancer – Wolf Moon – The first Full Moon of the year is known in many cultures as the Full Wolf Moon, which is appropriate given the deep, ancient ties between wolves and January’s Full Moon. For instance, the Gaelic word for January, Faoilleach, comes from the term for wolves, faol-chù, even though wolves haven’t existed in Scotland for centuries. The Saxon word for January is Wulf-monath, or Wolf Month.

Jan. 19: Zodiac Period of Capricorn ends

Jan. 20: Zodiac Period of Aquarius begins

Jan. 24: Sementivae – a grain-oriented Roman festival

Jan. 29: Venus becomes progressive (1:45 AM, MST)

Jan. 30 – Feb 2: Roman celebration of Februalia

Jan. 31: Up Helly Aa – Scottish celebration in the Shetland Islands

Jan. 31: Disting/Disablot – The Dísablót (English and Swedish: Disablot) is the blót which was held in honor of the female spirits or deities called dísir (and the valkyries) from pre-historic times until the Christianization of Scandinavia. Its purpose was to enhance the coming harvest.

Jan. 31 New Moon 10:49 PM, MST)


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During this course, in addition to the online lessons and hands-on projects that you do at home, I will be sending you articles, and information, as well as questions about your own personal use and research.

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Seasons of the Witch
Yule Oracle

Follow the stars, for they know best,
not too light, not too dark,
a shimmer of what comes next.


Stacy Adams

January 3, 2022 – January 9, 2022

One of the stark differences between November and December and the month of January is the lack of aspects between the planets. At the end of last year, we were inundated with aspect after aspect, and throughout most of 2022, things drastically slow down. This can be both positive and challenging because although things will be calmer when there are no aspects, the energy can become stagnant.

Then, since the daily aspects are primarily driven by the Moon, we can easily get stuck in the feels. This week starts with only two planetary aspects – Venus Rx sextile Neptune and the Sun conjoining Venus Rx.

The week begins with the Moon moving through Saturn ruled Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn provides a serious backdrop, which is fitting because everyone will be back to work after the holidays. Expect some intensity on the career front when the Moon conjoins Pluto in Capricorn on Monday. The Moon will then go void of course (avoid making firm agreements or starting anything new) until late afternoon when she moves into Aquarius.

On Tuesday, expect the unexpected and things to change at a moment’s notice as the Moon squares Uranus. You may feel frustrated and defeated by outside forces, but continue to press on – and remember, you are not your feelings.

Midweek, we have a lovely aspect between Venus and Neptune (Venus Rx sextile Neptune) and romance is in the air. You will feel a powerful soul connection with your partner, so it’s the perfect day for a date night or even a nicely prepared dinner and a Netflix binge. Also, immerse yourself in music and the arts, because they are powerful conduits that will uplift your spirit and feed your soul.

This weekend, the Sun conjoins Venus Rx. This is a fine time to explore your relationships and who you are in them. Are you a different person when you are connected to someone, or do you maintain your individual identity? Remember, one of the main features of Venus Rx is seeking balance, and that includes balance within.

Recommended Candles: Venus (Astro Magic), Love’s Enchantment (Blessed Herbal), Forever Mine (Dorothy Morrison’s Wicked Witch Mojo)

Astrology Forecast brought to you by Storm Cestavani of

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you should do today!
Out with the old and in with the new! But what will the new bring? That’s for you to decide and with Capricorn season upon us, it’s time to take charge, seize the day, and carve your own path. November was about leaving the past behind and December had you looking to the future. Well, the future is here and you need to take advantage of the opportunities that come with it. What you do and don’t do today will determine how your 2022 unfolds. So borrow a page from Saturn’s playbook and take care of business!

January 2022 Astro Magic
Happy New Year!

After November and December, January will be a piece of cake. Of course, there are some hiccups – the Sun conjoins Pluto and squares Uranus, Mars forms a problematic aspect to Neptune, and both Venus and Mercury are retrograde. But January is much easier and more manageable.

New Moon in Capricorn on January 2, 2022
On January 2nd the moon is new and in the sign of Capricorn and the perfect opportunity to put more punch in your new year’s resolution. The energy of this new moon will reward you with ambition, a rational mind, and the determination to stick to your plans. January’s theme is always trained on focus and staying the course because Capricorn energy propels us to think of our life as a journey filled with things to accomplish. Much like fertilizing your garden with Miracle Grow, you’ll get amazing results when you invite the Cap into your plans.

Full Moon in Cancer on January 17, 2022
Drama, drama, drama. This full moon is locked and loaded for lots of it. A Cancer full moon is one of the most emotionally packed moons in the zodiac. Add an opposition to Pluto and Capricorn and you have the Osbournes vs the Kardasians on steroids. If you are not interested in another family brawl, you and your siblings can channel this energy constructively and take your relationships to the next level. Wouldn’t it be nice to settle grievances and be friends again or for the first time? Family teaches us the deepest lessons on tolerance, cooperation, sharing, kindness, and love. A Cancer Full Moon shines the spotlight on your familial wounds and offers time and space for sitting down together and healing as a family.

Ready, Set, Manifest! Spell – January 2021

Before you can manifest what you really want, you have to let go of the inner fears, stagnant energy, and outside barriers that would block it’s arrival. This Witches Union spell takes you through the ritual of letting go of your limits and opening the door to greater possibilities with ways to sustainably manifest it.

What has changed with Magic in the last 20 years?
20 years ago, the turn of the 21st century may as well have been the turn of the 20th century at the speed of change in today’s world. We quickly forget how life was a quick 10 and 20 years ago; the need to memorize a phone number and actually dial it, the need to look up directions on a map and slow down to read street signs, addressing an envelope to mail a bill payment, or even hand writing a note (legibly). The same goes for the magical world.

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Llewellyn’s Spell A Day

Gifts of the Shadow

A new moon at the start of a fresh year is the perfect time to reveal any latent gifts seeking expression in the months to come. The darkness of this moon phase provides a safe space for any hidden qualities that might feel a bit vulnerable to emerge.

All you’ll need is a mirror and a black candle. In a darkened room, gaze at your shadowy form in the mirror, inviting contact with any unconscious gifts that are ready to be honored. Allow yourself to go into a light meditative state as you look at yourself with a soft focus.

Before lighting the candle on a heatproof surface, hold it in both hands and charge it with new moon energy. Then light the candle where it casts light onto the mirror. Gaze at yourself once more and allow any insights to arise. What within you wants to be seen, heard, and lived? How can you express these gifts in the days and weeks to come? When done, snuff out the candle with thanks.
The Climb Begins

Now nature begins its climb toward spring and summer, to growth, maturity, and eventually the harvest. We also begin our own climb. We have a clean slate before us. To what heights will you climb this year?

On a sheet of clean white paper, write two or three goals you’ve set for yourself this year. Or write them in your Book of Shadows. They could be health or diet goals, or perhaps a career or education goal—anything you desire. After you’ve written them, say:

Now nature begins its climb
to growth and the harvest.
I, too, begin to climb and
to fulfill my wish.

Keep the paper or Book of Shadows on your altar or other special place. Read your goals, meditate on them, and repeat the Words of Power about once a month. As you achieve a goal, you may strive for another. Just repeat the same steps. At the end of the year, even if you haven’t met all your goals, throw the paper away and start with a clean sheet next year.
New Year’s Eve Banishing Salt

To make this banishing salt, you will need one tablespoon sea or table salt and three drops tea tree oil, plus an envelope or other container.

On New Year’s Eve, take a quiet moment to yourself during the festivities. Hold the salt in the palm of your hand and think about something from the past year that you’d like to let go of. This can be many things or only one thing. Whisper your wish to the salt, allowing your breath to get onto it, imbuing it with your intention. Then add the tea tree oil to the salt. Place it in the envelope or container.

At midnight if possible, toss your salt away from you into the wind outdoors, or wash it down the drain. (This can be done discreetly if you’re around other people.) See the old year wash away from you, and welcome the new calendar year with a clear sense of hope. Recycle or reuse the envelope or container.
Prepare Your Altar for a New Year

Some people leave their Yule altars up for a while after the holiday, but it can be nice to start the new year fresh. The altar is a good place to start to clear away the energy of the year behind you and open yourself to the possibilities a new year holds.

Begin by taking everything off your altar. Clean and dust the altar itself, and anything that will be going back onto it. As you arrange items back on the altar, be mindful of what you want to achieve in the year to come. If you want love, perhaps add a heart-shaped rock or a dried rose. If prosperity is your goal, try placing a shiny dollar coin near a green candle. Move things around until it feels balanced and positive, then say:

God and Goddess, please bless
this new altar, prepared for a new
year. May it serve my magic well.
Heart and Soul Balance Spell

As we approach the end of the calendar year, it is a perfect time to work on balance. Life has many ups and downs, and finding balance can sometimes be challenging. Sometimes our balance is thrown off by fear.

When you need to regain balance and harmony, draw a yin-yang symbol on a piece of paper. Place the paper on your altar or sacred space, then put quartz crystals on top of the lines of the drawing. The quartz crystals will amplify your intention to find balance. Take three deep breaths to ground and center yourself. Continue the deep breathing until you feel peaceful and calm. Then, when you are ready, chant these words:

I release my struggle,
I surrender my fear.
I will maintain balance,
My intentions are clear.
I will focus on balance
with my heart aglow.
My soul will center with
an effortless flow.
Food of the Gods

Today is National Chocolate Candy Day. Chocolate is one of the most popular types of candy and is also an entheogen, which opens one’s soul to the divine. You may have heard it personified as the goddess Chocolata. The Mayan goddess of chocolate is Ixcacao, and the Aztec one is Xochiquetzal. You can invoke any of them for this ritual.

Get a bag of chocolate coins covered in gold foil, which are readily available this time of year as Hanukkah gelt or stocking stuffers. Place the coins in a brown bowl on your altar. Then say:

Chocolate, food of the gods,
fill my life with sweetness.
Gold, metal of wealth, coat
my life with prosperity.
Chocolata, goddess of chocolate,
open my soul to your abundance.
So mote it be!

Eat one of the coins now, savoring its sweetness. Whenever you need a boost to your abundance, eat another one, for as long as they last.
Dreamtime Tea

There is nothing quite so nourishing as a good night’s sleep full of deep and safe dreams. This tea is crafted to be safe and effective for children and is a good part of the bedtime routine because it calms the stomach, flushes the system, and warms the body before bed. It inspires vivid dreams that encourage deep REM sleep and help us wake feeling more fully rested. A little goes a long way, because the fruity flavor is refreshing.

This recipe makes 2 ½ cups of dry herbal tea, which can fill a hundred bags with one teaspoon each. Enchant the mixture with prayers for sound and visionary sleep.

  • ½ cup dehydrated raspberries, crushed
  • ¼ cup chamomile
  • ¼ cup tulsi (holy basil)
  • ¼ cup peppermint
  • ¼ cup mugwort
  • ½ cup rose hips
  • 1 cup dehydrated blueberries, crushed


Heartwings Love Notes 1015 January has Two Faces

Heartwings says, “It is important to choose our view with consciousness.”

The Roman god Janus gave his name to January. He is the god of doorways and transitions and invoked at beginnings, as well as placed at the gateways or doorways of homes. His head is always depicted with two faces. One face looks forward at the year to come, the other looks backward at the year that has been. In January, at the beginning of the year, we too can look in both directions. This can help us to put our lives into perspective and give us a helpful way to assess where we have been in 2021, and how we might proceed in 2022.

Although there is no going back to redo the past, it is important to review it: those who do not remember past errors are doomed to repeat them, something most would prefer not to do. We need to take the time to both observe and assess the past, though we need not, must not dwell there nor criticize ourselves for mistakes made. What matters is what we have learned.

It is even more important that we keep track of the past than that we make resolutions for the future. This is because we generally build our resolutions on our failures, do we not? We wish to lose weight gained, or eradicate our lackadaisical attitude toward exercise or do whatever we failed to accomplish for ourselves or others. This is what we use to build our new year’s resolutions. However, what is to prevent us from making the same past mistakes if we do not see them as lessons and learning situations?
Attempting correction by resolution may only make easier to fall back into. The other face of Janus, the one looking to the future is where we place our resolutions. Unfortunately, rather than looking to the future, if we are still fixated upon the past, our resolutions are built upon unresolved conditions from the past. Thus, they remain ineffective or even ignored. Additionally, projecting our wants into the future may keep us from enjoying the unexpected or unplanned events that await us. Instead, we need to practice openness and acceptance for the future.

Most importantly, both past and future need to be perceived with gratitude. That which we appreciate is more likely to become useful or helpful, as our openness to whatever it is helps us to see it better. When our personal vision is unclouded by either fear or desire, it is clearer. The two faces of January would indicate to us to gaze upon the past with gratitude, both for lessons learned and for gifts given, and to gaze upon the future with gratitude also, for lessons to be learned and for blessings to be given. The key to success with our attitude at the beginning of January, is to view both our future and our past years with detachment and with appreciation.

May you find a glorious future with joyful acceptance. Happy New Year.

Blessings and Best Regards, Tasha Halpert

Thanks in advance for your emails and comments, write me at, and visit my site at


Dr. Weil’s Guide To Essential Oils | Andrew Weil, M.D.

Essential oils are extracted from flowers, leaves, fruits, barks or roots of plants, and are widely used in lotions and perfumes as well as in aromatherapy. The chemical composition of each essential oil determines its aroma, how well it can be absorbed on, or in the body, and how it affects physiology. Many concentrated extracts can influence mood and have been used over the years to address a number of health problems, including

Migraine headaches.

Some essential oils have antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties and documented health benefits. Research on tea tree oil, for example, shows it to be as effective as an antibiotic-based topical treatment for clearing MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) bacteria from the skin. According to the National Cancer Institute, human clinical trials have investigated the use of essential oil aromatherapy to relieve stress and anxiety in critically ill patients.

Using Essential Oils
The quality of essential oils varies tremendously; the best and purest are very expensive. Be aware that undiluted essential oils should never be applied to the skin because they can irritate and burn. Be sure to dilute them first in a carrier oil, such as avocado or fractionated coconut oil. When buying an essential oil, be sure to ask specifically about dilution. In general, for use by an adult, you should use only two drops of essential oil per teaspoon of carrier oil, less for children, based on age, and for individuals with serious health issues.

Safety testing has revealed few other negative effects when essential oils are used as directed. Use of citrus or other oils prior to sun exposure can lead to sun sensitivity. Lavender and tea tree oils have estrogenic properties and can also block or decrease the effect of androgens (male sex hormones). They should be avoided by individuals with estrogen-dependent tumors. One study found that long-term topical application of lavender and tea tree oils led to breast enlargement in boys who had not yet reached puberty.

List Of Essential Oils
Chamomile Oil
Clove Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Frankincense (Boswellia)
Lavender Oil
Lemon Balm Oil
Lemongrass Oil
Oregano Oil
Peppermint Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Thyme Oil

Buying Essential Oils
Because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate essential oils, do some research before you buy. Learn the botanical name of the oil you want. For example, not all lavender promotes relaxation: you want Lavandula angustifolia, not Lavandula latifolia, which is an expectorant, not a sedative. In addition, make an effort to learn the country of origin. Products imported from Europe are often of high quality. It’s also important to learn whether or not the manufacturer regularly tests oils for purity and protects them from oxidation, which can change their composition and make them irritating to the skin.

To find high-quality oils, shop at natural food stores or buy from suppliers to professional aromatherapists. Be sure to ask how long the oil will last before it spoils (usually about three years with proper storage).

Be sure to store essential oils (and carrier oils) in a cool, dark place. (You can keep carrier oils in the refrigerator but remove them 12 hours prior to use.)

The longer you keep an essential oil, the less effective it may become. Worse, spoilage as a result of exposure to oxygen can make a product irritating or allergenic.


Analyzing the Path

When we take the time to recognize when we are happy and what that feels like, it becomes easier to recreate.

Those of us on the path of personal and spiritual growth have a tendency to analyze our unhappiness in order to find the causes and make improvements. But it is just as important, if not more so, to analyze our happiness. Since we have the ability to rise above and observe our emotions, we can recognize when we are feeling joyful and content. Then we can harness the power of the moment by savoring our feelings and taking time to be grateful for them.

Recognition is the first step in creating change, therefore recognizing what it feels like to be happy is the first step toward sustaining happiness in our lives. We can examine how joy feels in our bodies and what thoughts run through our minds in times of bliss. Without diminishing its power, we can retrace our steps to discover what may have put us in this frame of mind, and then we can take note of the choices we’ve made while there. We might realize that we are generally more giving and forgiving when there’s a smile on our face, or that we are more likely to laugh off small annoyances and the actions of others when they don’t resonate with our light mood.

Once we know what it feels like and can identify some of the triggers and are aware of our actions, we can recreate that happiness when we are feeling low. Knowing that like attracts like, we can pull ourselves out of a blue mood by focusing on joy. We might find that forcing ourselves to be giving and forgiving, even when it doesn’t seem to come naturally, helps us to reconnect with the joy that usually precedes it. If we can identify a song, a picture, or a pet as a happiness trigger, we can use them as tools to recapture joy if we are having trouble finding it. By focusing our energy on analyzing happiness and all that it encompasses, we feed, nurture, and attract more of it into our lives, eventually making a habit of happiness.


Getting High On Nutmeg? | Addiction | Andrew Weil, M.D.

Can you really get high on nutmeg? I heard about this recently and think it sounds unlikely.

Yes, you can get high on nutmeg, but I doubt that you would enjoy it very much, and am willing to predict that you wouldn’t try it twice. Nutmeg contains small amounts of a drug called myristicin, an oil of the spice containing allylbenzene derivatives and terpenes. It is chemically similar to mescaline, the active compound in peyote, and may be converted in the body to one of the related amphetamine-like psychedelics.

The first thing you need to know is that you have to consume an awful lot of nutmeg to get high, ranging from around two tablespoons up to a whole container. Remember, nutmeg is used only in very small quantities in cooking and baking – typically only a quarter-teaspoon goes into a cake, or pie, or eggnog recipe to add flavor. But ground nutmeg straight from the can taste pretty awful.

If you manage to swallow enough, the effects can be variable, ranging from a mild floating sensation, anxiety, fear, and a feeling of impending doom to full-blown delirium. These don’t occur immediately; you may have to wait up to four hours for the effects, which can be long-lasting (up to 48 hours if you swallow enough). The after-effects are memorable and pretty miserable: a heavy hangover and nasty gastrointestinal upset including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. In addition, your heart can race uncomfortably. The toxic effects are so unpleasant that very few people give nutmeg a second try. According to the Journal of Medical Toxicology, nutmeg poisoning is quite rare and often times unintentional among small children who accidentally inhale or get the powder in their eyes. Those in early adolescence are most likely to experiment with nutmeg because it is more easily obtained, less expensive than street drugs, and legal. Additionally, it has been mixed with other drugs, which has prompted more medical intervention. But the experience is so negative that perhaps those who have tried it will spread the word that it’s not worth the trouble.


La Befana – The Celebration of Epiphany
By GrannyMoon, For The Lunar Monthly – 4 Jan 2017

Holidays in Italy are rich in traditions that have, for the most part, a religious history.

A favorite Italian holiday occurs on January 6 (some say January 5th). It is commonly known as “La Befana “(Twelfth Night or the Eve of the Epiphany or Little Christmas ). La Befana is a personification of the “spirit of the Epiphany” and can almost be considered a nickname for “Epifania,” the proper Italian word for epiphany. While the Western Christian Church celebrates December 25th, the Eastern Christian Church to this day recognizes January 6 as the celebration of the nativity. January 6 was also kept as the physical birthday in Bethlehem.

Tradition depicts La Befana as a kindly old lady with a stereotypical nose with a big red mole on top of it and a pointy chin. Wearing an old coat mended carefully with colorful patches and tattered shoes, she flies around on a broom and carries her black bag filled with sweets and presents for the children. Entering the houses through the chimney she places her gifts inside the children ‘s stockings hung with care, the night before. The buoni ragazzi (good kids) are very happy to find their stocking filled with presents. They have been busy writing letters to La Befana, la Buona Strega (good witch). But for the children who have not been good, there will not be presents, but a lump of coal!

The origin of the tradition is veiled in mystery and in all likelihood this poetic figure goes back to country legends of pre-Christian times. Befana also exists in various other popular traditions. For instance on the evening of January 5 th ,”The Old Woman ” ((symbolizing the outgoing winter), Befana appears in street processions as a masked figure with her consort, “Befana “,”The Old Man “.Their followers revel as music fills the street, they receive offerings, the gift of prosperity, and blessings from Befana. Then to assure a good year, the dolls are burned in effigy in the town square, welcoming the returning spring.

Her festival has usurped an ancient pagan feast set celebrated on the Magic Night, the 6th day of the New Year, chosen by ancient Eastern astronomers according to their complicated calculations. Epiphany was, therefore, pagan in origin. Only later was the day associated with the life of Christ.

Apparently, there was a woman with a broom called Befana found on some Etruscan scratchings. The people in remote areas of Emilia still call on her by that version of the name to bestow or cure malocchio (evil eye). Even la scopa (the broom)is considered a blessing against evil. In Italian tradition, however, the Christmas holidays ending on the 6th of January is quite fitting for a gift-giver since the Feast of the Epiphany commemorates the visit of the Magi (or 3 Wise Men) to the infant Jesus, with their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The Magi were named Balthazar, Melchior,and Gaspar, according to tradition. According to legend the three men during their journey stopped and asked an old woman for food and shelter. She refused and they continued on their way. Within a few hours, the woman had a change of heart but the Magi were long gone.

The Befana is depicted as a witch astride a broom, still searching the world for the Baby Jesus. Thinking of the opportunity she had missed, Befana stops every child to give them a small treat in hopes that one was the Christ child. Each year on the eve of the Epiphany she sets out looking for the baby Jesus.

Many welcome La Befana by laying out a small meal for her. Consisting of sausage and
broccoli and is usually accompanied by a glass of wine. After her arrival, it is a time for celebration and people move from house to house visiting friends and relatives.
This is a song used by some Italian children, a rough translation into English would be:

La Befana comes at night
In tattered shoes
Dressed in the Roman style
Long live la Befana!!
She brings cinders and coals
To the naughty children
To the good children
She brings sweets and lots of gifts.

Take frankincense, both of the best and the inferior kind, also cumin seed. Have ready a separate scaldino (spirit bowl), which is kept only for this purpose. And should it happen that affairs of any kind go badly, fill the scaldino with glowing coals, then take three pinches of best incense and three of the second quality, and put them all ‘in fila ‘ (in a row)on the threshold of the door. Then take the rest of your incense and the cumin, and put it into the burning coal, and carry it about, and wave it over the bed and in every corner, saying:

In nome del cielo!
Delle stelle e della luna!
Mi levo questo mal d ‘occhio
Per mia maggior ‘ fortuna!
Che mi date mal d ‘occhio maladetta sia
Chi mi ha dato il maldocchio
Me lo porta via
E maggior fortuna Mi venga in casa mia!

In the name of heaven
And of the stars and moon,
May this trouble change
Should this deed be thine;
Take it away,bring luck,I pray,
Into this house of mine!
Then when all is consumed in the scaldino,light the little piles of incense on the threshold of the door, and go over it three times, and spit behind you over your shoulder three times,and say:
Chi me ha dato maldocchio!Me lo porta via
Befana!I say,
Since thou gavest this bad luck,
Carry it away!
Then pass thrice backwards and forwards before the fire,spitting over the left shoulder,and repeating the same incantation.

Looking for a place to celebrate in the typical Italian tradition…here are a few!
Paularo,Italy :La Femenate Bonfire (January 6).
Tarcento,Italy :Pignarul Giant Bonfire Festival (January 6).
Cividale,Italy :Historical Pageant and Costume Parade (January 6).
Gemona,Italy :Messa del Tallero Medieval Pageant (January 6).
Milan,Italy :Epiphany Parade of the Three Kings proceeds from the Duomo to the church of
Sant ‘Eustorgio (January 6).
The legend of the Befana has had an important role in the imagination of all children of the world. Those who wish to relive the magic of the first wonders of infancy and understand the meaning and origins of this extraordinary figure,should be prepared to undertake a long voyage that will carry them back in time,to the origins of human ‘s history.
This little old lady so dear to children has continued to fascinate them for centuries, and they still await her arrival on the night of her holiday.The gatherings at La Befana are filled with music, song,traditional foods, sweets and gifts.Celebration reigns supreme, with people opening their hearts by sharing love and peace in the World.

Art: James Lewicki 1956
Source: “The Legend of Old Befana “, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,1980,by Tomie dePaola
“Etruscan Magic &Occult Remedies” by Charles Godfrey Leland,University Books,NY,1963
Befana incantation from “Etruscan Magic &Occult Remedies “, by Charles Godfrey Leland,University Books,NY,1963.
“Befana ” by Fabrisia
Copyright GrandmotherMoon


50 Ways to Spice Up Your Life!
Mountain Rose Herbs

  1. Add Lavender flowers to shortbread, cupcake, and ice cream recipes for a floral twist.
  2. Use Dulse, Kelp, Wakame, and other seaweeds in soups or make gomasio and use as a salt substitute.
  3. Grind Cardamom or Cacao Nibs with your coffee beans and brew for a unique treat.
  4. Make your own Vanilla Extract using Vanilla Beans and Vodka or Rum.
  5. Rehydrate organic Shiitake and Maitake mushrooms, roast in the oven with salt and olive oil, and add to soups.
  6. Use Cinnamon sticks in coffee, tea, or hot toddy drinks as a stir stick.
  7. Make homemade Chai with Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves, Cardamom, Vanilla, and Black Peppercorns.
  8. Freeze Rose petals or Calendula flowers in ice cubes and add to your iced tea.
  9. Add Curry powder to omelettes and tofu scrambles and top with a mint yogurt sauce.
  10. Mix Pumpkin Pie Spice and raw local honey into cream cheese for a delicious bagel spread.
  11. Sprinkle Smoked Sea Salt on creamy pasta dishes with heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil.
  12. Mix Chives and Chilies into cornbread recipes for a spicy kick.
  13. Swirl your favorite Culinary Oils, Salts, Peppercorns, and Seasoning Blends together to create unique baguette dipping experiences. Try a delicious combination of Pumpkin Seed Oil, Smoked Sea Salt, and West Indies Rub!
  14. Use Stevia leaf powder instead of sugar to sweeten tea, coffee, and baked goods.
  15. Add Juniper Berries to meat, tofu, or tempeh marinades.
  16. Use whole Mustard seeds in salad dressings, marinades, or make homemade mustard.
  17. Add Lemongrass to coconut curries and soups.
  18. Use Rosemary, Garlic, and Black Pepper or Thai Curry seasoning on baked potato wedges.
  19. Infuse local honey with Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme, Rose Petals, Ginger, Sage, Vanilla Beans, or Red Chili Peppers.
  20. Grind fresh Nutmeg on pies, crisps, squash soups, and ice cream.
  21. Make herbal infused salts with Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, or Chili Pepper – or infuse sugar with Vanilla Beans, Roses, Lemon Peel, Ginger, or Lavender.
  22. Sprinkle a few crystals of Himalayan Pink Salt or Cayenne on homemade chocolate truffles.
  23. Galangal is used in Asian cuisine and gives an earthy, yet spicy ginger-like note to soups and sauces.
  24. Add Chinese 5 Spice to your vegetable stir fries, grilled tempeh, or stews for a spicy and warming meal.
  25. Roll fresh local butter in Tarragon, Basil, Thyme, Dill, Chives, Oregano, and Marjoram and spread on warm bread.
  26. Use Fenugreek in curries, rice dishes, and in flatbread dough.
  27. Add Anise seeds to biscotti or Italian pizzelle cookies for a traditional treat.
  28. Make your own flavored spirits by soaking Black Peppercorns, Cacao Nibs, Vanilla, Lavender, Cinnamon, or Rosemary in vodka, rum, gin, brandy, or tequila.
  29. Fennel seed is a classic sausage spice and common in Mediterranean bread recipes.
  30. Add Caraway seeds to savory rye breads, crackers, sauerkraut, and soups.
  31. Make a Licorice root infusion or use a pinch of the powder in recipes to add a natural sweetness.
  32. Infuse red wine with oranges, Cinnamon sticks, whole Cloves, Star Anise Pods, honey, and apple cider.
  33. Brew roasted Chicory Root and roasted Dandelion Root as a coffee substitute.
  34. Mix Chives, Garlic, fresh ground Peppercorns, Spinach powder, and Ancho Pepper powder into sour cream for a party dip.
  35. Use fresh or dried Cilantro in Mexican dishes, Thai and Indian curries, or Vietnamese Ph?.
  36. Make an infusion of Lemon balm and freeze into ice cubes for iced tea.
  37. Add Coriander seed to curries, masalas, pickles, and barbecue rubs.
  38. Use Dill Weed in sour cream and yogurt based dips and dressings, or use with seaweeds to create tofu faux fish patties.
  39. Make a batch of Spiced Tea Eggs!
  40. Add ground Cinnamon and Chia Seeds to smoothies and shakes.
  41. Infuse cream with Lemon Verbena to make ice creams and cheesecake recipes.
  42. Use Turmeric in curries, tofu scrambles, and rice recipes.
  43. Add Chili Pepper flakes and Herbs de Provence to spice up pizza, pasta, and calzones.
  44. Use Celery Seed in stuffing recipes, creamy soups, blue cheese dressing, and Bloody Marys.
  45. Add Thyme to roasted vegetables and red wine braises.
  46. Use Smoked Paprika in barbecue rubs and savory cream sauces.
  47. Add Sage leaves to gravies, brown butter sauces, and fancy grilled cheeses.
  48. Make Chamomile, Rose, Lavender, Vanilla, or Cinnamon syrup for cocktails, coffee, or to drizzle on desserts.
  49. Infuse apple cider vinegar with Italian Seasoning or with spices like Garlic, Ginger, or Cayenne.
  50. Create unique pestos with unconventional ingredients like holy basil, sage, arugula, parsley, thyme, cilantro, lemon balm, jalapenos, Hemp Seeds, Pumpkin Seed Oil, or Black Lava Salt.


Following Nature’s Cycles

We cannot have harmony and balance in our lives if we forget to include the earth and natural rhythms in our lives.

Nature, in all its myriad forms, is the most powerful force on earth. Although mankind has tried, we have not found a way to match its awesome power, but we have found ways to work with it. Science often confirms the wisdom of the ancients who observed and then harnessed nature’s rhythms and cycles to shape and enhance their lives. We can begin to do this in our own lives by first paying attention to our own natural rhythms, such as when we wake or when we feel the need to sleep. If possible, we may want to try to rise and sleep with the sun or live without electricity for a weekend and then monitor how we feel. We can make the choice to eat the foods of the seasons and to seek fresher, locally grown, or organic produce whose own cycles have not been tampered with by technology.

We can create harmony in our homes by making a smooth transition between our indoor and outdoor spaces. By bringing some of the outdoors inside and taking some of our indoor décor out, we can simultaneously enjoy nature and the comforts of home and the feeling that our living space is expanded. Then, whether inside or out, we can lounge on a comfortable piece of furniture and feel the wind, inhale the scent of deeply breathing plants, listen for the many songs of life, and observe the moon and the stars. As we do this more often, we may find ourselves noticing the pull of the full moon on bodies of water, as well as the water in bodies, or the music of the night acting as a lullaby.

When we seek balance in our lives, we want to balance not just our roles in life but also the natural elements in our spaces. Having representations of the elements in the colors, shapes, and textures of our homes will appeal to our mind, body, and spirit. We may find that when we sync ourselves with nature’s rhythms, we ride the waves of energy to feel more in harmony with life and the world around us.


Ghost Hunting Theories
Haunted Lakes

Haunted lakes are a chilling scenario. Sure, haunted houses, haunted railroad tracks, haunted forests, but haunted lakes can add a pallor over any fishing trip or summer getaway. Why would a lake be haunted? Well, let’s look at some that claim to be –

Haunted Lake
Francestown, NH

Just outside of Francestown in New Hampshire, there is a pond that has come to be known as “Haunted Lake.” They had reason to give it this nomenclature.

Way back in the pond’s history, there was a fire along its shores that burned everything, leaving it looking very eerie and odd. European settlers and Native People all noted its odd appearance.

In the 1700s, a surveyor was employed to map out the area and wrote in his journal, “Soon after darkness set in, there commenced groanings and shrieks as of a human being in distress, and these continued, most plaintive and affecting, till nearly morning.”

In the late 1700s, a man was building a mill near the pond and found the bones of a “very large man.”

In the 1800s, four males drowned in the lake.

Eventually, the pond was named for the Scoby family, but locals still referred to as the Haunted Lake.

Lake Ronkonkoma
New York

Hold onto your blanket and pull your feet up off the floor and be safe. Here’s a legend of a lake haunted by a beautiful Indian Princess who likes to claim men at the lake to join her in the deep recesses for eternity.

The legend says this princess fell in love with a white settler who claimed a homestead near the lake. Her father forbade her marrying the man. They would repeatedly send each other love messages. The princess would paddle halfway out on the lake and push a message toward his shore. After years of this lovesick connection, the princess lost her mind. She supposedly sent her lover one last note of farewell and the note and her boat washed up on his shore. She had killed herself on the lake. The legend also says that over the past 200 years, one man has died on the lake each year.

Stow Lake Ghost

The legend has lasted for 100 years that a woman was strolling her baby near the lake in Golden Gate Park and she stopped to sit down, talked to another lady, and her stroller rolled downhill into the lake, drowning the baby. It is said that after searching for her baby all day, during the night she checked the lake, entering it and never coming back. Her supposed spirit has taken on a “white lady” theme.

Source: It is rumored that if someone goes to Stow Lake at night, weird occurrences take place. Stories have been told that the lady comes up from the lake, or the statue in her honor comes to life, or she will come up to you and ask, “Have you seen my baby?” Other reports say if you drive there with your friends in a group of cars, all the cars will stall at the same time. Another rumor is said that, if someone says “White lady, white lady, I have your baby” three times, the lady will appear. She’ll ask you, “Have you seen my baby?” If you say yes, she’ll haunt you, and if you say no, she’ll kill you.

Drew University Lake
New Jersey

In the woods close to the arboretum at Drew University is a lake. It is reportedly haunted by a lady in blue. The spirit apparently likes to trip people and her apparition has been seen. People also report things such as feeling uneasy, as if they are being watched, and even cold spots.

More info:
The Lady of Ronkonkoma
New Jersey’s Haunted Lakes 


Gilberto Rides again Chapter 34
by Stephen Halpert

The Atlas building fire predominated the late-night news. It had been built in Boston in the late 1920’s on Harrison Avenue near Beach Street. Gilberto watched in rapt attention, channel surfing, hopeful of seeing more of what had caused such devastation.
His mind whirled. His anchor was gone. “What will I do tomorrow? I can’t go to work anymore.”
Maria stroked his shoulder. “No one can, at least for now.” She hugged him. “I’m so glad you sold your Atlas stock when you did.”
“Yes, but I don’t know what to do. Atlas has been my life.”
“You don’t have to know or do anything. Remember what Scarlet O Hara said at the end of Gone with the Wind. “Tomorrow is another day.”
He nodded and sighed. Usually her words would calm him; today, the pit of his stomach felt like lead.
“Someone will call tomorrow and fill you in, and if not tomorrow then the next day.”
“Maria, I can’t be laid back like you. Orders have to go out; without shipping Atlas will flounder and fall into the sea.”
She put her arms around him. “It already has Gilberto. I fear the Atlas you once knew is no more. Buzz is dead, Sara Midgley is bonkers. Who knows what’s even become of her?”
Mona came into the living room. Her forehead was wrinkled, her mouth turned down. “Daddy I know it’s late. But I need to talk to you. It’s really important.”
She hugged him and looked up into his eyes. “It’s getting colder outside, and I’m afraid my ants will freeze and die. Can I bring them in, please?”
His head spun. What was she talking about? He almost shouted but caught himself in time. “No, they have to stay outside on the porch. I don’t want them crawling around in here. They’ll get all over the furniture and everything will get messy.”
She put her hands on her hips and mimicked her mother. “Daddy, ants aren’t messy. They’re very clean. They wash themselves. Something about them bother you?”
Maria put her hand on Mona’s shoulder. “This isn’t a good time to discuss this, Mona. Your father’s very upset. The Atlas building where he works burned down.”
“I’m sorry for that Daddy, but I know they’re cold, all huddled up together, probably their tiny teeth are chattering.”
He sighed and tried to control his voice and his volume. “Ants’ teeth don’t chatter,” he said calmly. “And besides,” he began.
Mona soldiered on, ignoring him. “Yes, they do daddy. They have no coats or scarfs and when it gets freezing cold outside nothing can protect them. Please let me bring them in and keep them in my room where it’s warm; please!”
Maria tried again. “Mona,” she said. “They’re perfectly safe in their plastic ant house. We’ll talk about this tomorrow. Now please go to bed. You should be asleep by now.”
“I can’t sleep,” she said, her determination clear. She took her father’s hand. “I’ll lie in bed, sure they’ll all be dead in the morning. Please daddy, let me bring them inside.”
“That’s too bad,” he said more forcefully than he had intended. “Then you can bury them outside.” He sighed. “Besides, ants in nature live out of doors all the year round. You could let them out now and they’d find an ant hill and be just fine.”
Mona’s face grew grim and her lips tightened. “My ants are special. They have a nice house and everything! She turned to Maria, pleadingly. “Please Mommy. They’ll die outside in the cold.”
Maria sighed. “Take a blanket from the cedar chest and put it over their ant house. But be sure to put on a coat if you’re going outside.”
She smiled and ran for the hallway. “Ok,” she said. “Thanks Mommy. Daddy, please don’t be so angry. It isn’t good for you to be that way. Your face gets all red and I get scared your veins will plop.”
Gilberto sighed and contained himself as best he could. “Thank you for caring about me. But if we didn’t have ants on the porch none of this would be discussed.”
“Right,” she said, heading for the coat closet. “And when can I get a pair of white mice.”
Maria’s voice rose. “Mona not now. This is not a good time. Besides ants live outside anyway.”
“Not my ants. Not when it’s cold.”
Gilberto had heard enough. “I don’t want ants or mice in my home. I mean it. Enough is enough. Now go to bed.”
Mona turned to Maria, frowning. “Mom, you said you’d talk to daddy and get him to let me have the mice.”
Gilberto’s face squinched. “Why do you want mice?” His voice rose.
“So I can watch them have babies,” she said. “If they’re in a happy home they can have lots of children.”
He raised his hands and clutched at his head. “No! He shouted. “I mean it, No.”
Maria stood and took Mona’s hand. “This is not the time,” she said, following her to the hall. “Now put on your warm coat and get a blanket from the chest and cover them up. We’ll talk about it tomorrow when you get home from school.”
As they left the living room, Gilberto heard Mona say. “Why’s daddy so mean. Why is he afraid of my having little mice and ants?”
Gilberto shook his head. Joey came in and sat on the couch. Gilberto thought he looked tired. “Homework troubling you.?” he said.
Joey sighed. “I don’t know what to do. Sophia said she wants me back and says because she’s older, she gets first dibs.”
“How does that make you feel?”
Joey sighed. “I don’t think I want a girlfriend right now. I’ll be going to college, and I think I need to be free.”
Gilberto nodded. “Then tell her that. Exactly what you just told me.”
Joey nodded. “I tried, but she just brushed it off and said I didn’t know a good thing if it hit me in the eye.”
Gilberto frowned. He tried sounding philosophical. “Good things don’t hit you in the eye.”
“I know, but she doesn’t listen. I tried telling her but she just ignored me. Are all women that way?”
“Some,” Gilberto said. “Best to have a girlfriend who listens to you, at least some, if not most of the time.”
(To be continued)


Kitty Kat’s Korner

The Litter Box — From Your Cat’s POV
By Rita Reimers

Meow, it’s Simon Says Reimers here, and I own human Rita Reimers, the Cat Behaviorist. Now, around here we can’t get away with much, try as we might, as my mom is an expert when it comes to cat behavior. Well, we know a few ways to get around the rules, but that’s a story for another time. Today I am taking over her column because I have something that I need to tell you.

I listen in on Mom’s phone calls, and I watch when she and Auntie Linda are talking to people about their cats. One of the things I hear them talk about over and over again is the litter box and why some cats don’t use it.

Of course, I would never even think about going anyplace else but in my litter box, but I can tell you what we felines are thinking as we approach the box and what might be a turnoff when it comes to using it. Here are my top litter-box turnoffs:

Only one box
Cats don’t really like to share anything. So, if your cats are sharing only one box, you’re going to have some upset kitties who will find their own places to do their thing. I know humans don’t like that, although I don’t really see the big deal since we do it in secret places and try to bury it well. We cats should each have our own box, and maybe one extra one, just in case. My prissy sister, Sweetie Pie, doesn’t like to go inside a box after we boy cats have used it. Yeah, I don’t get it either …

Litter box location
Where is my litter box, anyway? It was here just yesterday. Sometimes humans like to move the litter box and maybe even hide it when company comes over, meaning we have to hunt for it while the urge to go is upon us. Some kitties need to rush upstairs to get to their boxes, and older cats just can’t do that without having an accident. Some people even hide the litter box inside planters and furniture so we can’t even tell it’s a potty place. Please put your cat’s boxes in places with easy access so they can use it in a hurry. And don’t disguise it, or we may end up peeing on ALL the furniture!

Not scooping enough
Approaching a box and having the smell smack me in the whiskers is NOT acceptable. When did you last scoop your cat’s boxes? At least twice a day is acceptable, but even more is better. The last thing we want to do is stand in a stinky box full of other cats’ messes.

Lidded boxes
Some of us cats will not enter an enclosed litter box nor stay in there long enough to not only pee but also do Number 2. The other problem with the lid is when a cat decides to pick on their siblings, the siblings are sitting ducks just waiting to be ambushed with no way out. No lid = a quick entry and exit to avoid the litter box bully.

Litter box size
OK, I know I’m not the sleek tomcat I once was. I’m a bit chunky, so I need more room. Even those slim little cats need to be sure their rear ends don’t stick out of the box. If your cat can’t get into the box with room to turn around, chances are they will be leaving an unintended present on your floor when using the box. The longer the box is, the better we like it!

Scented litters
I get it. Humans don’t like the smell of the cat box, and neither do we, really. But some of those litters you humans give us smell like the perfume counter at the department store. Some of us don’t like perfumes and fancy scents and just want some plain, old, unscented litter. Plus, we won’t eat that scented stuff when we clean off our paws.

Chunky litter
And yes, our paws are very sensitive. How else do you think we catch all those mice? Be kind and give us a litter that feels like you’re walking on the beach in Saint-Tropez. Ah yes, that feels good on my little beanie toes!

Too much litter
Mom used to tell me the story about one of her clients and how they filled the litter box to the very top of the box! I bet those cats felt like they were stepping into quicksand as they sunk deeper and deeper while dutifully trying to use that box. It’s also bad not to put enough in the box, because we cats like to bury our leavings so as not to attract predators. Just a few inches in the box is all we need to be happy and dedicated litter box users.

A final word
Of course, there is one other thing I need to bring up: the dreaded V word. Yep, veterinarian. Even though we might caterwaul and complain, we need to see the vet for a checkup if we’re avoiding the litter box a lot and it’s a brand new behavior. If your cat is sick, it’s not really his fault if he makes his messes on the floor. In nature, sick kitties avoid the common areas shared by the other cats. That includes the areas designated for going potty.

So, get that vet check, follow my simple rules, and I bet your kitties will be members of the I Use My Litter Box Club. Wait, that’s not a thing? Well, it should be!

Rita Reimers and Linda Hall are co-founders of The Cat Behavior Alliance, offering a unique Duo-Approach to cat behavior correction. Visit them at for more information. You can also find Rita and Linda on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok @CatBehaviorAlliance.


Georgia Nicols Weekly Horoscope
January 02, 2022

All Signs
The elements Air, Water, Fire and Earth are a big part of astrology. For the last 200 years, society has had “Earth” based values. Status and wealth were based on land, real estate, manufacturing and tangible assets. This is a world of top-down management where few have all the wealth. Last year, we began a new 200-year cycle, which will be “Air” based. COVID acted like a slingshot launching these new values into our world: Decentralization of big systems; greater respect for individual rights; universal income; medical care and education for everyone. We will have startling advances in technology. We will continue to relate through monitors, and eventually holograms. Millions will work from home. This is what’s happening. Buy sweat pants now.

Aries (March 21-April 19)
This is a lovely, upbeat week and a wonderful introduction to this new year. You are high viz. People notice you more than usual especially bosses, parents, teachers, and VIPs. (Incidentally, this includes the police.) Your desire to travel will be strong. You’re keen to talk to younger people, especially people from your past because Mercury is slowing down now getting ready to go retrograde on Friday, January 14. This means you’re already hearing from old friends and members of groups to which you belonged. This will be a more spiritual gentle year for you, with the exception of six months in the middle of the year when lucky Jupiter is in your sign. During that time, you’ll be out there flying your colours! “Look Ma, no hands!”

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
This is an upbeat week! You want to travel and do anything to expand your world. Grab every opportunity to learn and study. Think big! (Ideally, go to places you have travelled to before because of the influence of the pending Mercury retrograde) The year 2022 will be a very popular year for you. Everyone wants to see your face. Not only will you enjoy the friendship of others, you will be more involved with groups, clubs and organizations. You might even take on a leadership role. It’s an excellent year for you to think of your long-term goals as well as your spiritual values. From August onwards, you will work hard to boost your earnings because you will be spending big! Ka-ching!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
With fiery Mars opposite your sign this week, you will have to be patient with those who are closest to you because you might be easily annoyed with them. Fortunately, this is a positive, exciting week! You will find that you are focused more than usual on shared property, inheritances, taxes and debt. Things will work out favourably. Money from the past might come to you now. You might renegotiate old business with banks. Meanwhile, this is a fabulous year for you because you look like a winner to everyone! That’s because many of you will get promotions, kudos and acknowledgement for what you do. Success is definitely coming your way and you feel it. At last!

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Oh my! Your focus on partnerships and close friendships is strong right now because ex-partners and old friends are back in your world! This can be a positive thing – or not. It might even create jealousy. (It figures.) Fortunately, you have the ability right now to see your closest relationships with more objectivity, which means you can see the role you play. Meanwhile, this week, you’re busting your buns at work to get stuff done. Bravo! This year, you will explore opportunities in publishing, the media, medicine and the law. Many of you will also travel much more than usual. Bon voyage!

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)
This week begins with feelings of inspiration and confidence. You’re up for whatever happens! You’re ready to work hard and play hard. Many of you are thinking of ex-partners more than usual because you’re in contact with them, or they are in your thoughts or your dreams. However, here are some hard facts. This year, Saturn is opposite your sign. (The last time this occurred was in the early 90s.) This can be discouraging because your energies are low. You might feel physically tired. You might feel old (even if you’re young). You might feel joint pain or have to deal with teeth problems. But hang in there! By 2023, you will rebound with joy, energy, and greater wisdom. You will also feel young again! That’s a promise.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
This is a lighthearted, playful week, which is the perfect introduction to your new year (which will also be happier and more fun-loving). This week, you feel confident and ready to be yourself, without fear or apology. You will especially enjoy creative projects, sports events and playing with children. Admittedly, increased chaos and activity at home will exist, but you can handle this. Meanwhile, this year, you can improve your closest relationships with friends, spouses and partners. In fact, things are so good with those who are close to you –this is the best year for your sign to get married in over a decade!

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
Home and family are your strong focus this week. Many of you will be puttering and redecorating or tweaking your digs. (You like doing this. Better yet, you like telling other people how to do it.) You will also enjoy entertaining anyone in your bubble who can come to your home, perhaps family members? Perhaps a friend? You will be convincing and persuasive now because Mars is in your House of Communications. Meanwhile, this year, you will improve your health and you will improve your job. Count on it. In fact, many of you will travel more in matters related to your work. Children might be an increased responsibility but hey, that goes with the territory.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
This week is a good time for you to think outside of the box and dare to embrace big goals! You will enjoy talking to others because you’re inspired and more confident than usual. You will enjoy the company of daily contacts and also, you will appreciate the beauty of your daily surroundings. (What a blessing!) You’re ready to work hard to boost your earnings. This is a good mindset because this year is actually a playful, fun-loving year for you! Children will be a joy. Vacations will delight. Romance will sizzle! (Be still my beating heart.)

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
You have lots of energy as this year begins because fiery Mars is in your sign making you feel pumped, proactive and ready for action! In fact, physical exercise would be an excellent idea because you might need to release some pent-up steam within you. Meanwhile, this week, you’re focused on money, cash flow, earnings and moneymaking ideas. Money that you expect might be delayed. Meanwhile, this year, you will enjoy renovating or expanding or improving your home. Others will change residences to something better. The upshot is that home and family life will bring you greater joy. Some of you will expand your family through birth, adoption or marriage.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
This year begins in a strong way for you because the Sun is in your sign, boosting your energy and giving you a chance to recharge your batteries for the coming year! How lucky are you! This is also an excellent week for you to buy wardrobe goodies, especially something that you have had your eye on for a while. It’s a positive time for you because you’ll find it easy to collaborate with others. This is not surprising because this year, you will be more optimistic and upbeat than usual. You will expect better things for yourself and be more hopeful for your future. It’s a good year to take courses or advance your training or study in any way. Relations with siblings will also improve. Sweet!

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
This is a great week because you feel inspired, confident and full of goodwill to others. You are motivated to think about your values and hence, your future plans. You might want to relax as much as possible this week, and enjoy lazy but playful times. Nevertheless, a competition or some kind of physical challenge with others, especially with friends and groups, might take place this week. In the bigger picture, many of you are going to get richer this year! Oh yes! This is well timed because you are setting out on a new journey (that actually began last year) of reinventing yourself. This means that increased earnings and wealth this year, as well as next year, will be timely.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
You will be happy this week because things will flow smoothly and you will especially enjoy the company of others. (That’s nice.) You’ll be happy to see friends, and especially happy to play a leadership role in groups, clubs or organizations, whether this is via Zoom or in person. Jupiter is now in your sign for the first time since 2010, and this makes you feel fantastic! You feel more hopeful for the future. You feel more confident in the present. You are entering a new 12-year cycle of growth in your life when you will discover what you really are as an individual. This year you will attract people and resources who will help you. It’s a fortunate time! Lucky you!


Monthly Horoscopes For January 2022

If you’re born within a cusp period (16 to 26 of any month); you’re advised to read horoscopes of both signs covered by that period. You’re on the border; you may have influences from houses within those signs.

Outlines are longer versions; consist of every possible detail of every day and are based on three parts of each sign: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Decan; that is, any of three divisions of 10° within a sign of the zodiac. Even if you know or don’t know your Decan; I recommend, please read all three Decan.

Personal theme: I am!!
Fire & cardinal sign: March 21 — April 19

Your horoscope for this week:

As an Aries and a fire sign, patience doesn’t come naturally to you. So, although you’re eager to turn exciting ideas into profitable plans, and those into action, first you must focus on decluttering your life, and especially, learning from what didn’t work. Tempting as it is to ignore this, the resulting insights won’t just be informative. When fortunate Jupiter moves into Aries, in May, you’ll be free to move swiftly and clearer about your ideas and objectives than for ages. Those pivotal commitments? They can, and should, wait.

Don’t be in a rush to make important decisions about love and other close relationships. Spend some time talking about your future as having a mutual goal to work towards will strengthen loving ties. Be honest about your feelings. Your other half will be secretly pleased to listen. They may even feel compelled to reveal a secret they’ve been keeping to themselves. Job matters will take longer than expected when you find yourself having to return to duties you had half expected someone else would have taken care of by now. Although there is less time to give to home affairs, family life will be fun when and if you manage to find the time. It will be easier to pursue creative activities you have always enjoyed, after the 14th. Instead of pouring energy into areas that aren’t progressing, you might determinedly start pursuing a childhood dream. Resist the urge to take on extra work or more responsibility in an attempt to impress your boss or an authority figure. As the month ends you are better off spending time at home with loved ones. Devoting your time to relationships and activities that bring you happiness will make you passionate about life and excited about the future.

If history repeats, then there is every likelihood that stock markets will fall across the world this January. The turning point is likely Friday 28th or Monday 31st. You could view that weekend as optimum for researching and then buying. Long before then, on 10th, Mercury turns retrograde. This could coincide with early hints of financial difficulties. Fact is that many people will have grand ideas but likely not the capital to support them. Yes, this is often the case; but it does appear that this trend will be exaggerated in 2022. Noting that Venus is retrograde and in the career area of your solar chart, it may be that you are denied financial compensation for effort put in over the last 18 months. You may need to argue over and over again for what is rightfully yours. Redressing imbalance may not be possible this month. If there is good news – and there probably is – it’s that you could be alerted to potential opportunity midmonth and in an area that is viewed as cutting-edge yes, perhaps likely connected to block chain or artificial intelligence and where you could get in on the ground floor.

Personal theme: I have!!
Earth & fixed sign: April 20 — May 20

Your horoscope for this week:

For ages you’ve been carefully planning both changes in existing arrangements and what can only be termed breakthroughs. Recently you’d have been cautious, but suddenly things are falling into place, and with such ease you’re eager to see what’s next. That’s the secret. This period is about changes in others’ lives, around you and in your own circumstances. Upbeat as things seems, you’re wary of going further. If in doubt, team up with others. You can learn together, and benefit together.

Thoughts on travel and all the holidays you had hoped to enjoy in the last few years but haven’t had a chance to, could lead you to making a booking. Knowing that very soon you will be heading off for a well-deserved break will feel exciting and liberating. News from overseas around the 8th could cause some havoc within the family when plans already made may need to be rearranged very quickly. Don’t jump to conclusions mid-January when you’re introduced to a person who has a strange and unusual background. There will be more to them than meets the eye. You’re tired of being stuck in an oppressive rut. Think about agreeing to new routines being suggested by an inventive friend or colleague who isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo. The 20th will be good for tying up loose-ends at home. Get through those chores you haven’t been looking forward to and you might be surprised by you easy they turn out to be. A Capricorn friend will offer some practical help or advice. Focus on learning all you can about a new subject as the month comes to an end. Your family will give you all the support you need to make an important change.

You may recall that Uranus (the planet of the entrepreneur), is making passage through your sign. On Wednesday 19th it appears to stand still in the sky at nearly exactly the degree to be held by the solar eclipse on April 29. The dates are likely linked. Given that Mercury turns retrograde just a few days before, and at right angles to the eclipse degree, it may be that decisions taken over the weekend of 14th – 16th January are financially critical. Yours is not a sign known to rush at anything. It may be necessary to take advice. Take your time. Though Uranus tends to demand immediate action, you don’t need to dance to that tune. You might do better to use the period between 14th, and Venus’ station on January 29, to assess, reassess, obtain estimates, and firm up a business plan prior to moving forward at the end of the month. In summary, it would appear that you’re laying financial ground work for deep and lasting developments that will gather pace after the April eclipse.

Personal theme: I think!!
Air sign: May 21 — June 20

Your horoscope for this week:

As a clever Gemini, you’ve a talent for turning even tricky obstacles into exciting plans if not breakthroughs. However, judging by January’s tricky planetary activity and the fact your ruler Mercury is retrograde from the 14th, until 4 February, both circumstances and your priorities are bound to shift, more than once. While from your perspective, that’s great, not everybody will agree. The secret? Make those plans, ensuring that everybody knows changes, if not magical improvements, are likely. Then, take advantage of them.

There will be advantages and disadvantages to your overactive imagination. As the year begins, creative ideas will make jobs you are working on more interesting. At the same time, any suspicions you may have about someone not being loyal or trustworthy should be kept to yourself. These thoughts will prove to be unfounded and if spoken out loud, this could ruin a special relationship. Your desire to succeed could trip you up around the 11th unless you are extra careful. Make sure you don’t break any rules or regulations. You may have to take a back seat to someone in authority for a short while. Be patient with delays if you are trying to buy, rent or sell a property. Environmental and other issues will be resolved and although it will take longer than anticipated, by the end of the month you will finally be able to seal the deal. If you’re content in your existing home, channel your energy into improving your home or workplace. You will have some inspired ideas for transforming your surroundings. Paint your rooms uplifting colours and this will help you begin each day with a positive attitude.

As you know, your ruling planet Mercury, turns retrograde three times in every year. Each time is different in that the retrograde takes place in a different part of the zodiac each time. This year’s series falls in Air signs like your own. This could add to the lure of crypto currencies or at least the desire to learn more about them; but yes, be aware that this could be a trap. Perhaps the optimum thing to do is to use January as a learning experience. If indices do fall (as seems likely), the critical dates are Fridays, 14th and 28th. It’s interesting that by the latter, Mars will have left your opposite sign. Perhaps others will stop pressing your buttons and allow you to move at a pace that feels more comfortable. It’s also possible that you need to move in partnership – perhaps with an adviser. Arguably the key thing is not to take action that leads to learning by bitter experience (which could happen around 19th if you don’t have a safety net in place), but instead to consider any losses as having given yourself a masterclass in how not to trade, so that by the end of the month you are better qualified position to take advantage of the next dip.

Personal theme: I feel!!
Water & cardinal sign: June 21 — July 22

Your horoscope for this week:

Every Full Moon brings feelings and changes in circumstances to a peak. Although the Cancer Full Moon isn’t until 17 January, it takes place during a powerful and unsettling cycle. Knowing that, discuss both your plans and feelings frankly. Others won’t always understand or agree, but gradually you’ll find a way to turn the many twists and turns you’re facing into plans that you and others can live with. True, this is about giving up on certain cherished ideas and, often, leaving decisions in others’ hands. The secret? Live one day at a time.

Sit tight as the year begins. When it comes to partnership concerns, this isn’t the time to rush things. Your patience will pay off later in the month when joint matters will improve dramatically. If there is anything in a friendship or love affair that needs to be cured, this is a good month to do what you can to restore your relationship to good health. Are you single? You could be re-introduced to someone you knew some time ago around the 7th and your life will suddenly be filled with excitement, glamour and charismatic people. In the workplace, play your cards close to your chest. If a rival gets to hear your plans they will push in, ahead of you. You have the skills and prestige to go to the top. In matters where other people are ready to give in, your innate powers of determination will keep you going until you get results. Just be sure you do get the credit. There is someone who will happily benefit from your hard work. Keep your long-term goals a secret and it won’t be long before you gain the recognition you deserve. Focusing on your spiritual development will be rewarding as January ends.

Anticipate turbulence but don’t panic: January looks to be full of surprises but not all of them entirely pleasant. Don’t underestimate either your gift for thrift or your ability to ally with those who take a more logical and long-term view. Restructuring is likely essential; and yes, this usually requires expense. The art is in assessing what you can and what cannot afford. That might be a statement of the obvious, but is an exercise not often undertaken. Key dates are the weekend of 14th-16th January and the week beginning Monday 23rd. The latter could prove extremely challenging. Maintaining calm is imperative. Know that if markets do dip or if you have to raid your savings, that Saturday 29th should bring a halt to this activity. Anticipate much to go into reverse next month. For now, the accent must be on keeping as many doors open as is possible and in particular, accepting that travel and communication costs are likely to be great but won’t last forever.

Personal theme: I will!!
Fire & fixed sign: July 23 — August 22

Your horoscope for this week:

While you don’t thrive on disruption, the range of shakeups you’re facing are forcing you to explore changes that, until recently, you’ve successfully battled. The fact is, these aren’t just inevitable, they’ll be incredibly informative. Take it slowly. Things won’t be clear until the Leo Full Moon on 16 February. By then, you’ll have reviewed, rethought, and ideally shed a range of plans you once cherished. Times have changed and so, too, must your objectives, for the present and the future. Begin that process of questioning and review now.

Take good care of your health. Make it a resolution to get plenty of rest, prepare nourishing meals and exercise regularly. If you have become too reliant on an addictive medication, get professional help to overcome this problem. Arguments in the workplace won’t bode well for your job and can be avoided if you keep well away from someone you don’t normally get on well with. Keep an eye on a colleague who can’t be trusted to work on their own. It will be easy to deal with any blunders they make if you notice the problem immediately as it will be a case of a stitch in time saving nine. If you are in a position of leadership insist on being kept informed of all new developments as they happen. If you sense a job is coming to an end start looking for a new position. It may be necessary to relocate to break away from a restricting situation and if so, you will have plenty of time to get used to this idea. In fact, making a fresh start in a new job or new home might sound like the ideal solution to let go of the past’s hold on you.

Mercury, the planet of commerce, turns retrograde in your opposite sign on Friday 14th which could prove a day of some significance. It’s likely, – and especially if markets decline, – that they will reach a turning point at the end of the month. You may nevertheless be disappointed between 14th and 24th and have to accept the realisation that one investment is not turning out as you would have wished. There is also the possibility of having to disentangle from a financial arrangement. This will require a cool head and likely done better after Mars has moved out of one of the Fire signs on Tuesday 25th. Before then, Uranus stations at the apex of your solar chart. If progress in property and career-investment matters has been slow, expect to experience turbulence but know that all will change though yes, – probably not until the end of next month. The initial focus must be on getting a grip on exactly where you’re at and analysing any earlier apparent errors of judgement. What you don’t need is repeats. You perhaps also need reassurance that your financial antenna (though having wobbled in recent times), is actually still in working order. Information gleaned in the last seven days of January should affirm that you have a good nose for business and indeed, know how to send a bargain.

Personal theme: I analyse!!
Earth sign: August 23 — September 22

Your horoscope for this week:

Ordinarily, you’re superb at planning; but even before January begins, you’ll realise changes will be as frequent as they are timely. Tempting as it is to keep certain longstanding arrangements going, say farewell. This clears the way for the early portion of the new year, and its many changes. Consider this a journey of discovery. Often events will take you into new territory. Be bold. Take chances. What you do and who you meet will shape your life magically, and for years to come.

If you’re unhappy with a present romance don’t be too quick to break off this relationship. It may be you have reached a stage where you need to spice things up and find exciting things to do together. Suggesting fun ideas will keep boredom at bay. Whip some romance into your relationship before you both start losing interest. Are you single? Someone you meet around the 13th will engage your interest and your curiosity. Anyone who attracts your attention will be given centre stage in your life very quickly. If they are keen on travel and interested in a wide range of subjects, they are sure to win your favour. A person or predicament will cause you some dilemma around the 24th. The more you get involved, the more stifled you will start to feel until you realise this is a situation that isn’t meant for you. You can’t fix other people’s problems. This is something they will have to handle on their own. A strong need to make a difference will prompt you to put your personal stamp on everything you do during the latter half of the month, no matter how big or small.

Whilst the passage of Jupiter through your opposite sign can bring welcome social distraction and yes, promising relationship contact, it can also prove an expensive time and yes, that transit is going to go on for some months. Yet until January 24, Mars is moving over the base of your solar chart. The desire even without that energy boost, to improve your property scene and environment, could lead you into unusual expense especially in the week beginning Monday 17th. By then, your ruling planet Mercury, will have been retrograde for some days. You may then be lured by apparent bargains. These could improve even more if you can just hold steady until the end of the month. As Venus comes to its station on Saturday 29th, there might be yet better bargains available. The art is surely to do your research. Yours is a sign with a reputation for applying due diligence. True, you can sometimes go overboard with this, – and that might be the case on Sunday 23rd. Even so, the reward for doing this homework should be that you use funds wisely.

Personal theme: I balance!!
Air & cardinal sign: September 23 — October 22

Your horoscope for this week:

It’s taken you ages to organise certain pivotal elements of your life. However, times have changed and so, too, must these arrangements. Once you begin, you’ll realise this is overdue. The secret? Begin now, taking things step by step; and get others involved. Often, they’re better informed than you and can achieve wonders swiftly. Finally, aim high. You could worry change will upset others. If so, don’t worry about bothering others. Talk things over frankly. The resulting conversations will be amazingly informative and lead to wise changes.

Embarking on a new venture is a fun idea as the year begins but you don’t have to act immediately. You would be wise to concentrate on tying up the loose-ends of any projects already begun. You’re determined to prove what you are capable of but trying to do too much at once will take a toll on your health. Think about getting outside more and getting some exercise. Physical activity will reduce stress and help you feel more relaxed. Trust your intuition when it comes to your relationships. Facial expressions and body language will say more to you than words. If you sense someone is saying one thing but thinking something else, be wary. An emotional encounter around the 18th will help you air your feelings. Someone has been taking your kindness far too much for granted and there is no reason, in any relationship or situation, why you should have to shoulder the main responsibility. Nothing means more to you than the idea of true love. Are you single? A good heart is proving hard to find. Relationships are unpredictable and you could find yourself involved with a possessive or obsessive lover. Give yourself time to get to know people before weaving dreams and hopes around them.

On January 29, Venus stations at the base of your solar chart: highly significant from your financial perspective. If you feel as though you’ve been doing nothing but paying out since Venus turned retrograde on December 19, know that the financial tide will turn. As it does, and remembering that we are midst enormous developments on the global financial and climate scenes, it will become imperative to improve your financial safety net. The good news is that throughout January, Mercury, the planet of commerce is passing through the speculation zone of this same chart. It turns retrograde there on Friday 14th: an optimal for learning more about investments and improving the quality of your research and development departments (business development and restructuring) though it may not be possible to push forward with new ideas until after Jupiter arrives in your opposite sign mid-May. Preparation is key. You’ve had ample experience since Pluto moved into Capricorn back in 2008, to deal with issues of life, death and intense financial management. You can and will manage more. In the last few days of January, you could successfully turn your financial ship away from rocks.

Scorpio & Ophiuchus
Personal theme: I desire!!
Water & fixed signs: October 23 — November 21

Your horoscope for this week:

Nobody plans more carefully than a Scorpio. You’re painstaking about getting the facts; but with the foundation on which plans are based shifting, often because of welcome yet unsettling planetary activity, even simple arrangement won’t last long. It may be out of character, but go with the flow. Learn from experience and who you meet. Equally, be ready to shed familiar but increasingly burdensome elements of your life. Once you begin, you’ll realise what a relief it is to let these go.

You’re on the lookout for new ideas and you won’t be disappointed with plans that come under discussion as the year begins. On the downside, retrograde planets suggest that in your eagerness to try something new you could take on more than you can handle. Avoid problems by tackling one thing at a time and this will ensure steady progress. A testing situation could cause tension in the home or workplace. If a rift develops between you and some friends, by the 19th you will be ready to offer an olive branch. Rather than leaving it to someone else to make the first move, you might encourage everyone to let bygones be bygones. By mid-January you will all be back on speaking terms and making joint plans for the future. Forward planning is essential no matter what you are planning. At times it will feel as if you have a 101 things to do and since you can’t do everything, plan your days with this in mind. Accept help when it is offered. Money problems won’t go away of their own accord. Be ready to step in with practical and sensible solutions. In work and finance, keep a sense of proportion.

Not all degrees of the zodiac are equal: some have greater importance in any year than others. In 2022 the 10th of the fixed signs (of which yours is one (is a prominent degree. It all begins on Friday 14th January when Mercury stations at that degree. A few days later, Uranus stations at similar degree in your opposite sign. By late April, there will be a solar eclipse in this same zodiacal area. All this points to radical developments most likely in the financial field but, of course, affecting all signs. Many Scorpios will give thought to how they live and work and the costs of staying put versus the costs of moving. This is likely to be super- challenging. You will likely need extra support and most probably from Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn colleagues. Then, as Venus arrives at its station on Saturday 29th, not only might you come to terms with what changes have to be made, but have a clearer idea of what these will cost and what could yet be realised through the sale of assets.

Personal theme: I see!!
Fire sign: November 22 — December 21

Your horoscope for this week:

You’re adventurous and thrive on change. However, the series of unexpected, often unsettling but dramatic changes the begins in late December when your ruler Jupiter moves to accent the stricture of your life, kickstarts thrilling ideas and encounter. Explore them all, but ensure arrangements are flexible enough you can make frequent alterations. Most of all, be bold, both about letting go of past arrangements and exploring new options. Ignore those who insist on lasting arrangements. Changes are just inevitable, they’ll bring breakthroughs.

You had been intending to spend less over Christmas only it may not have quite worked out as you had hoped. If money is causing problems at home, face up to the issue and decide what you’re going to do about it as the year begins. It’s a New Year, make a new start with finances. When you feel in control of your financial situation, life may not necessarily get easier but you will worry less and have more time to devote other things. With Mars in your sign for most of the month, working with an innovative and energetic team will be a welcome change of pace. An opportunity to take the helm of an important project will fall into your lap. Through some frank talks with loved ones around the 21st, you could discover some profound truths. On evaluating recent years, you will decide you no longer want to live your life according to other people’s expectations. From now on you intend to be true and honest in all you are doing and to be your authentic self. If you have given your power to someone else, now is a perfect time to reclaim it. Self-care should be your priority as January ends. A spa treatment will be therapeutic.

Jupiter, your ruling planet has arrived at the very base of your solar chart. Jupiter is the planet that always wants more and transiting this area, not only is there a need for emotional expansion, but there could be a literal one as well. Many Sagittarius might be thinking of either moving home or expanding their home in some way. You’re unlikely to be immune. Yet this month both Mercury and Venus are retrograde between 14th and 24th. This is not be the time for pushing new ventures but rather gaining estimates and using your considerable antenna to work out where bargains might be found. It’s likely that these will appear in the last week of January. True, that could be a time of significant financial turbulence too. Yet it may be that this is a storm you know how to weather. What is arguably unusual, is the desire around the Full Moon on January 17, to do something about your financial legacy. If you’ve never thought about your will or estate planning this may be a time to focus on the issue but yes, will likely require advice. One last thought: until 24th, Mars is moving through your sign: take care that you don’t ‘run before you can walk’ and don’t make decisions until you’ve satisfied your thirst for learning.

Personal theme: I use!!
Earth & cardinal sign: December 22 — January 19

Your horoscope for this week:

January divides into two distinct parts. The New Moon, on 2 January, is about a vision for the month and, to a certain extent, much of the year. It’s about possibilities. While you’ll begin exploring these immediately, the real turning point is triggered by the Sun’s meeting with Pluto, the planet of truth and transformation, on the 16th. It’s only after that you’ll know enough to make far-reaching decisions or commit to lasting ideas or ventures involving others. It’s one of the year’s most pivotal turning points.

The new moon in your sign as the year begins makes this a great time to gain a greater understanding of where you are at in life. Whether you are thinking of relocating or making a fresh start in your career, the important thing is to express your feelings, state your intentions and then make a plan on how to bring this goal about. You’re more in touch with your imagination, emotions and feelings. Family relationships will benefit through your sensitivity and kindness. You can see all sides of a situation and by encouraging others to work together harmoniously you are helping to create a spirit of cooperation in your home and workplace. Deep emotional interactions between you and a partner will also bring a growing sense of confidence, hope and security. Are you single? You could find yourself opening up to a stranger and the spark between you will be instantaneous. The job scene will bring some interesting developments as the month ends when an exciting offer will give you something important to think about. Although the thought of change will make you nervous, you will adapt to a new job or new circumstances surprisingly easily.

Venus is retrograde in your sign just as it was at the end of 2013. The cosmos doesn’t do exact repeats, but given that Mercury too is retrograde between 14th and 24th, it might be wise to still your hand and not take action unless it’s absolutely necessary. If market behaviour does repeat, a turning point should be reached in the last week of January. This may be the moment to buy in if you’re so inclined. Whatever, review of your assets and a discussion with a financial adviser might be wise around the Full Moon on January 17. It may be that there are investments you could and should make before the solar eclipse at the end of April. Now that Jupiter is moving through one of the crucial networking areas of your solar chart, this might also be the time to take out subscriptions and to identify with those who share your philosophy. The optimum time for doing this may be in February once Mercury has completed its retrograde loop – though investigation into what and who you might profitably invest might best be done in January. One last thought: in the days following the Full Moon, your interest in crypto currencies is likely to be peaked. If you don’t yet know much about these, the desire to learn more could propel you to undertake a course over the weekend of 22nd 23rd. This might yet prove a very smart investment.

Personal theme: I know!!
Air & fixed sign: January 20 — February 18

Your horoscope for this week:

You’ve a gift for spotting the direction a trend is going before others even recognise its significance. However, for you, January’s about undoing elements of the past, some no longer of significance, others that once held great promise. However, each focuses more on the past that your vision of the future. That will come together, but probably not until the Sun moves in your sign on 20 January and, even more, when the Aquarius New Moon, on 1 February, introduces timely breakthroughs. The secret? Patience.

Strengthening your spiritual and emotional foundations will be a priority as the year begins. You might feel as if you have lost sight of your long-term aims and as if you are going nowhere. Spending more time on your own will make you realise how little you need to cultivate contentment. You’ve been concentrating for too long on other people’s needs and happiness and not your own. This is your chance to change this as you start to focus your energy on activities, goals and relationships that really matter to you. Material concerns that used to mean a lot to you aren’t as important now, as you make more time for spiritual pursuits. Listening to music, communing with nature and connecting with your pets or other animals will feel both relaxing and rewarding. Resuming a hobby or activity that interested you when you were younger will bring you a lot of pleasure around the 23rd. What you will be enjoying most is this chance to pursue activities that are entirely separate from your job and everyday responsibilities. News you hear as the month ends will change the way you see an important person in your life. Some quiet contemplation will help you build a vision of the life you want for yourself in 2022 and find a way to move towards this.

As you’ve probably learned, spending your way out of trouble is not always the answer. In fact, it rarely is. Yet there are times when you have to do something to boost your spirits and to maintain wellness. Investing in you would be wise – especially between the New Moon on January 2 and Mercury’s station in your sign on 14th. This is an unusual station in that it falls at right angles to Uranus’ station a couple of days after and to the solar eclipse degree at the end of April. Steps taken now will have major and very obvious repercussions. Taking time to take stock would be wise. You could perhaps do this between Mercury’s retrograde station on 14th and Venus’ direct station on 29th. It’s that station that could mark a turning point in global financial affairs. Taking time to take stock before making your move would be wise. There is high probability that property matters too will have your full attention; but even a move costs money. What you perhaps need – and with the blessing of Jupiter now moving through neighbouring Pisces could easily attract, – is support from someone who knows how important it is to keep all options open without incurring too much expense.

Personal theme: I believe!!
Water sign: February 19 — March 20

Your horoscope for this week:

After a tricky December, you’ll be thrilled by the enthusiasm and discussions triggered by January’s powerful planetary activity. However, much of what’s taking place involves others and would be of little direct benefit to you. This means learning what you can, then focus exclusively on those ideas, alliances and long-range plans that will be of benefit to you. This may seem uncaring, but you and your plans, now and for the future, really must come first. Those exciting joint ventures? Save them for February and March.

Mystical and spiritual matters will be a big attraction as the year begins. You will be keen to find out more about other people’s beliefs and religions. This will lead to some enlightening conversations. Discussions will be deep and meaningful and you could discover you have become the person your family, friends and workmates want to confide in. Talking about your own feelings will also be far more satisfying than supressing your emotions. By mid-January there will be a refreshing degree of honesty apparent in all your relationships and this will help you forge supportive friendships and stronger bonds with those who are important in your life. Accepting an invitation to re-join a group to which you once belonged will give you something to look forward to when it is always fun to meet up with like-minded friends. It doesn’t matter how long you have been away; you will receive a warm welcome. As the month ends you will be getting together with close friends and family to consider new arrangements. Some interesting ideas will be discussed and a moneymaking proposition is worth considering. Ask to sleep on it before making a firm decision especially if you will be committing your time to a big venture.

Jupiter, your ruling planet, is now moving through your sign. Until mid-May should be regarded as a danger time where financial matters are concerned. The reason behind this is the danger of excess. What you want and need may be two different things. Desire could get the upper hand. Take care especially when Mercury turns retrograde on 14th. It’s then that you could slip on a serious financial banana skin. True, this could be beyond your control and to do with what’s happening in global markets. It would be wise to focus on your safety net. If markets do fall, they are then likely to turn at the end of January. That’s when you could find bargains. At a very basic level it would be as well to curb your spending if at all possible until the end of the month when Venus away; is in direct motion again. It’s entirely possible you will want to invest either in your career or in improving your environment. It might be as well to discuss matters with a financial adviser before you take action. Perhaps you could plan for this at the new Moon on January 2, but have that meeting before Mercury turns retrograde on 14th.



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Teach a witch a spell and she can do that spell. Teach a witch the craft and she can do magick!

GrannyMoon, Teaching the Craft for over 20 years!

“We all come from the Goddess
And to Her we shall return
Like a drop of rain, going to the ocean”
“May the circle be open but unbroken,
May the love of the Goddess be ever in your heart.

Merry Meet and Merry Part
And Merry Meet Again

Never forget…you are magick!

Goddess Bless!

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