Creativity Never Takes A Break

Humoring the Goddess

The cold weather is starting to find its way to and through my doors and windows.

No, it’s not that my windows and doors leak. I’d like to think of the sentence above as more of a metaphor for the thoughts and feelings of mid-November in the Midwest. It’s the time of year that squirrels scurry to the warmer underbrush and bluejays boldly take over the bird feeders and sitting on the sofa evenings offers the added pleasure of an additional blanket across the lap.

Curiously, at this time of year I find my interest in arts and crafts and creativity waning as well.

This bothers me a little.

I would hate for my imagination to disappear, never to appear again in the future. Such a drastic thought, I know.

But wouldn’t you be worried, nay, bothered, nay, concerned if your creativity suddenly waned out of existence?

What would you…

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