The celebrations are over, but an enchanting Samhain indeed☕️🍂

Within a Witches Wood

Well I have been preparing and sprinkling and seasoning and decorating since Samhain morn. I am sitting here now with a strong cup of coffee with a bit of sugar and nutmeg, and I’m sipping it and feeling pretty great that I got it all done. I made a place at the dinner table for my dad who’s passed, and have a large tree stump that faces the woods where the other dinner is served.

Candles are lit in the window to give light to the spirits, and an offering for the wood spirits and the Cailleach was left in my circle in front of the ancient oak. The golden pentagrams where placed on the branches within the circle and where twisting and blowing about in the breeze, as the snow softly drifted to the circle’s floor. I did a fire scrying at the bonfire, and later did a Samhain…

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