Preparing for Samhain

Within a Witches Wood

So much to do before Samhain. I am noticeably feeling anxious, and can hear and see things that tell me of Samhain’s arrival. I go through endless recipes I’ve collected over the years to figure out a menu for what I will be serving. This year will be wild pheasant, harvest soup with roasted root vegetables and wild rice from the river, cranberries from the local woodland bogs, corn bread skulls, a rosemary ancestor bread, balsamic mushrooms that I grew, and for dessert pomegranate and dark chocolate bark, for it’s connections to the underworld. Spiced mead will be poured and offered as libation, as will pine resin, anise biscotti, and wormwood.

The bonfire will be grand
burning all the excess branches from the fallen trees of this year’s storms. Samhain smudges have been made, their smoke to be inhaled, the poison taken in as the dance begins…
A dark night…

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