#PoeticThursday . . . Yes, the Trees, the Trees, the Trees.



    “We are the books in your hands,
    the sturdy chairs on your floors,
    the upright walls of your houses,
    the strong slanted roofs protecting your heads,
    the holders of food during your meals,
    the coffins for your rotting flesh,
    the doors to your worlds,
    the tissues cleaning the crap off your arses,
    the boats for your fishers of men,
    the forests on your Mother Earth,
    the heat in your hearth,
    the Sacred Rattles of the Winds,
    the cooling shade for your summers,
    the handles of your tools of life and death.

    We are the Ancient Green Ones,
    Yggdrasil, Ashvattha, Etz Chaim,
    Arbotvitae, Axis Mundi of Many Names;
    Ten Thousand Forms yet One of Kind,
    the oldest living beings,
    the largest and tallest living beings.
    Yes, the Givers of the fruits and nuts in your hands.
    Yes, the Givers of the air that you breathe.
    Yes, the Trees, the Trees…

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    By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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