I love fall 🍂

Within a Witches Wood

I love fall days.🌞 🍂 I go out in the early mornings with a mug of warm wormwood and anise tea being so close to Samhain, while the morning mist is still rising from the garden. I harvest thyme, oregano, orange mint, acorn squash, stinging nettles, rose hips, rowan and hawthorn berries, dandelion and chicory roots, and whatever else has still withstood the freezing nights in these woods. I’ve been splitting my days up between making tinctures, elixirs and canning the bounty of my moon garden, with shipping out orders for the shop. Around twilight which is getting earlier and earlier every day, I do my readings for the day, that time between day and night… I find the most revealing. So many Samhain readings this year, but then that makes sense as we have all had a lot to be uncertain about in this changing world of late.


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