GrannyMoon’s Weekly Feast: 25 July 2021


Blessed Be my little Witch. To those who came before and those who will come after, know that the Goddess is with you always. Thank you all my dear readers…be blessed. ~GrannyMoon


Dark Moon – Time to Rest

New Moon – Time to Begin New Projects; Birth; Attraction

Waxing Moon – Time to Grow; Increase

Full Moon – Time to be Fulfilled; Abundance

Waning Moon – Time to Banish; Decrease

Last Sliver of Moon – Time to Die; Letting Go

Dark Moon – Time to Rest Again


Light A Candle Today!

In many different traditions lighting a candle is a sacred action. It expresses more than words can express. It has to do with gratefulness. From time immemorial, people have lit candles in sacred places. You may want to begin or end your day by the sacred ritual of lighting a candle on this gratefulness. Or you may want to light a birthday candle for a friend. One single guideline is all you need: Slow down and do it with full attention.


Herb of the Year for 2021: Parsley (Petroselinum crispum, named by the International Herb Association.

Goddess Month of Kerea runs from 7/11 – 8/8

Celtic Tree Calendar: Holly Moon: July 8 – August 4

This evergreen plant reminds us all year long about the immortality of nature. The Holly moon was called Tinne, pronounced chihnn-uh, by the Celts, who knew the potent Holly was a symbol of masculine energy and firmness.


July Birth Flowers: Delphinium (Larkspur) and Water Lily – Given as a birth flower for July, the larkspur signifies love and joy. The water lily is full of symbolic significance in many cultures. It is particularly associated with rebirth and enlightenment.



Time: From New Moon To Full (Approx. 14 Days)

Goddess Aspect: Maiden

Associated Goddesses: Artemis, Branwen, Eriu, Nymph, Epona

Magickal Attributes: Invoking Beginnings, New Projects, Ideas, Inspiriation, Energy, Vitality, Freedom. Workings On This Day Are For “Constructive” Magick (Love, Wealth, Success, Courage, Friendship, Luck Or Health.)


High Priestess Training with GrannyMoon

The entire course takes 15 months to complete (four levels). Tuition covers lessons, assignments, and instructor feedback. In addition, students may download guided meditation exercises and be eligible for Sabbats, Esbats, and retreats with the Sisterhood. The entire fee for each level is $120 (payment plan available), sixteen lessons in each level, except the last.

Ceremonial Cords and frame-able Completion Certificates are awarded as members complete each level.

Level I – Initiate of the Sisters of the Burning Branch – White cord

Level II – Adept of the Sisters of the Burning Branch- Red cord

Level III – Priestess of the Sisters of the Burning Branch- Black cord

Level IV – High Priestess of the Sisters of the Burning Branch – Green cord

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There are 10 lessons in each level and there is no time limit for completion. You may study at your own pace! There are no texts to purchase.

The cost for Level 1 is $50.00 or the entire Healing Arts Course (1-3) for $150.00, which includes a free Reiki certification course when all three are ordered!


The Goddess School Grimoire

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The Goddess School Grimoire is a collection of recipes, artwork, poetry, prose, prayers, rituals, spells, and practical Goddess wisdom put together by the teachers, students, alumni, and friends of The Sisters of the Burning Branch Goddess School. The sisterhood is dedicated to restoring spiritual balance by returning the Divine Feminine to her rightful place and by assisting women in their personal and spiritual development. Since being founded by Head and High Mother Priestess Grandmother Moon in 2000, The Goddess School ( has grown into a large and beautiful global community of women.


Calendar of Events

JUL. 27: Belgium Procession of the Witches: Festival of Witches

JUL. 28: Archangel Auriel (Uriel) Day. His/Her name means “Fire or Light of God,” and titles include, Regent of the Sun, Angel of Music, Patron of Prophecy, Archangel of Salvation, Angel of the Presence.

JUL. 29: Festival of Thor – Celebration of Norse God Thor

JUL. 31: thru Aug 2 – Lughnasadh – Old Celtic / Irish Feast of Goddess Tailtiu and God Lugh (Deities of Life and Light), celebrating the grain harvest. Aug. Eve; Sun God, Harvest God, Horned God willing to become the grain of life.
– Lammas, harvest festival coming 40 days after Summer Solstice, offer 1st fruits to the Divine (See Aug. 1)
– Festival of Loki – Day to honor Norse trickster god Loki and his consort Sigyn
– Feast of the Grain Harvest – Honoring Goddess Demeter & Kore (Old Greek), and God as Osiris (Egyptian).


AUG. 1-2: LUGHNASSADH / LAMMAS SABBAT: First Harvest—Bread Harvest. First Harvest Festival of the Celtic Sun God Lugh.


Ask Yourself ……Is It Your Circus? Are They Your Monkeys

July 26, 2021 – August 1, 2021

The last week of July is interesting, with three sign changes and a challenging aspect at the end of the week. In case you have not already noticed, every weekend in July is challenging.

Mercury moves out of Cancer and joins the Sun in Leo on Tuesday. You will find that you need to express yourself to others and make your point of view known. You will notice that stories and personalized meaning will color the experiences you have. Additionally, you will have a desire to make a  personal contribution to everything you do.

Midweek, before Mars joins Venus in Virgo (he is not happy there either), he opposes Jupiter. It’s an auspicious time to put extra effort into projects because success is pretty much ensured. However,  avoid acting too rashly when making decisions because the same energy that leads you to succeed can also make you look foolish.

Finally, this weekend, Mercury opposes Saturn in Aquarius. Push away negative thoughts as they occur and try to avoid depressing mindsets. Instead, focus on projects that need attention and detail.

Recommended Candles: Everything and Then Some, Heart (Chakra Magic), Success, and Heart

Here’s what you missed on this Week…

Full Moon in Aquarius, July 24, 2021

Full Moon in Aquarius on July 24, 2021

This Full Moon cycle is excellent for breaking through and opening yourself up to new experiences. This may feel right on point for you or you may need to do some introspection work first.


July’s Full Moon

by Rubys Readings

July 21-25⭐

For All Zodiac Signs

The Full Moon peaks on Friday, July 23rd, 2021.

As the Moon swells and grows to Full this week, the stronger its energies are felt. This energy intensifies our emotions, so perhaps you’re already feeling the side effects, as listed below.






Sleeplessness – Insomnia is often an issue during the Full Moon.

Vivid dreams and strong visions

Relationships and romantic issues.

This Full Moon occurs when the Sun in Leo forms an opposition to the Moon in Aquarius. The Sun enters Leo Season (when the Sun shifts into the sign Leo) right around the Full Moon. Its influence helps us tap into our self-confidence, so we strive for individuality under this intense energy. We may not be content with simply being part of a team. We want to lead! The Aquarius Moon teaches us to be individualistic as well, and even though we tend to value our independence, we also value the team, community, and group spirit. All of this is highlighted during the Full Moon.

The emotional Full Moon tends to make people act more irrational. Full Moon’s make us feel off or crazy because it activates our DNA! It’s science, really. People can have sudden outbursts about how they feel and share proclamations that feel fresh and new because these feelings haven’t been rationalized yet.

The Full Moon illuminates our feelings, attitudes, and circumstances that are already happening. Our buried feelings now surface, and our realizations and A-ha moments are often expressed quite dramatically. You may feel pushed to share how you’re feeling out loud! Or you can feel like you’re about to lose it if you don’t share your opinions.

This particular Full Moon is a time of awakening about what others need, as we feel the world’s humanitarian issues much more strongly with the Moon in Aquarius.

The Full Moon is a time when the TRUTH is EXPOSED! Each month during this cycle, we tend to discover certain truths about what’s been hidden, kept secret, regressed, or ignored. As we gain clarity, we can work on those specific wishes or desires. It’s the right time to release and let go of situations, people, or energies that are no longer working in our lives, which helps us make room to Manifest our dreams. Clean out your closets both physically and emotionally!

This Full Moon also creates endings, so during the New Moon cycle (aka Dark Moon), we can start planting seeds of intention for something new to begin in a few weeks. Makes lists, write out what you want to release and let go of in your life and what you want to bring to you. Then close your eyes and feel it! That’s how you Set Intentions with the Full Moon.

Full Moon Extras

Once the Moon peaks in Aquarius on the eve of July 23, 2021, it challenges loving Venus and causes issues in our relationships. Karmic situations may arise, and some will break up! Be cautious about making any life-changing decisions and

This tense energy mixed with Chiron’s Retrograde phase can bring up unresolved emotional pain and trauma. Especially from our childhood or our upbringing. Some of you may feel like you’re being ignored or not getting the attention you deserve, or you may feel like your partners aren’t showing enough affection or love, making you feel taken for granted. Do your best to be kind to one another.

The Full Moon is the “Mother” of the Zodiac, so we may have to deal with issues or wounds centered around our Mother, female role models, or authority figures. There can be challenges with the woman in our lives over the next few weeks, so love your sisters, be it friends or family.

With Neptune Retrograde, the woman we cared for whom are crossed over may pop up in one way or another. Suddenly they might be on your mind or visit you in a dream. But they can get their messages to you more clearly for the next five months under this cycle.

Full Moon Peak Times

EST 10:36 pm

CST 9:36 pm

MST 8:36 pm

PST 7:36 pm

Set your intentions with the Full Moon energies, starting the evening of July 23. Write out what you want to release and let go of what you want to Manifest next in your life. Don’t miss this opportunity to make important changes.

Have a wonderful weekend, Stay Safe & Be Well ~Ruby


How the Astrological Have Signs Coped with Life During the COVID Pandemic: Earth Signs


Astrological Chart

As much as Mercury Retrograde makes me nervous to badly things write—I mean…write things badly—I wanted to get Earth signs to our readers. My project was simple: did the pandemic and its resulting global lockdowns make it more difficult for some of the twelve signs of the zodiac? Or were some folks better-equipped to handle the conditions of isolation and separation than others?

I found that fire sign folks adjusted pretty quickly—such is responsive/adaptive nature of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, particularly in an emergency. But after talking to a lot of earth sign folks, I found many adapted readily, particularly as the rules (social distancing, wearing a mask, limiting excursions) became more clear.

Earth sign folks are the organizers. These folks ensure friends and family members are secure and taken care of; the sudden need for masks, plus coping with shortages of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, shortages didn’t faze them as much as it did to others. When I reached out, through various social media groups, I learned that the earth signs adapted very quickly to the conditions of isolation. Planning ahead came easily to them, and if there’s one trait all three earth signs shared during this time, it’s that keeping a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight was really difficult.

My view is that Jupiter’s transit through Capricorn during the past year helped the other two earth signs as well in terms of adjustment and making the most of opportunities. The horticultural equivalent might be taking a cutting from a plant and growing it into a tree! (Please note that I’m still working on articles about how the Air and Water signs coped, so if you are a Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Cancer, Scorpio, or a Pisces, please reach out to me at

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)

Those born under the sign of the bull are generally self-possessed, and good at planning. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the sign of love, friendship, and beauty. Taureans definitely enjoyed posting photos of their sour-dough starter. Some were able to have a sense of humor about their situation: “As could be expected of a Taurus, I lost all control of my eating and gained about 30 lbs,” says Tesa of Pennsylvania. Taurus also likes a lot of consistency in their lives, but the lockdown took its toll. Jennifer B of Pennsylvania coped well with the conditions at first, but then found her mood fluctuating downward.

“I lost weight at first and then put it back on,” she says. “I’ve experienced more anxiety and lately I rarely leave or want to leave the house while being sick of my own four walls.” For her, the most difficult period was November, 2020, which coincided with a solar opposition. (We all have this opposition six months after our birthday, which is our Solar Return. The sun is as far from our birthday month as it can get.)

VIRGO (August 23-September 22)

The sign that is the best at organizing, evaluating, and analyzing was caught short when the restrictions of COVID set in. Suddenly their tight schedule was blown open, leaving Virgo plenty of time. Time for planning and coping? Absolutely—but also for worrying!

Brenda, of California, reported that her first response to the COVID conditions was to watch all the news and become “obsessed with dying. I was watching the news daily and the numbers were going up so quickly, that I convinced myself I would somehow become another statistic.”

But, Virgo is often the most flexible earth sign—ruled by Mercury, Virgo folks usually can find workarounds. Brenda and her family began a tradition of nightly dinners for their adult children, which helped everyone cope. Her husband “would invent some fabulous meal choosing from the $600 worth of meat and veggies from Costco he purchased weeky! I think we had enough food to bunker down for a year!”

For Patrick of Massachusetts, working remotely became at first a blessing, and then a curse. As a middle-manager in an IT firm, he was used to troubleshooting for colleagues in the office, but “having to fix their problems remotely was even more frustrating.”

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Our third earth sign is one that, as they used to say about Timex watches, “takes a licking and keeps on ticking.” Ruled by Saturn, the planet of responsibility, limitations, and tenacity, Capricorns often make preparing for the worst so that they’re not disappointed their personal philosophy.

Not surprisingly, I found that Capricorns I spoke to were less freaked, frizzled, and fazed by the conditions of COVID. In fact, many immediately took the situation very seriously, and were among the first to start making masks. Nancy, of Leominster MA, started the “Squiggly Line” mask company after Amy, another Capricorn friend, taught her to sew.

“Even though I worked through the pandemic, I knew that I would need something to do at night,” she says since her social life and community theatre activity came to a complete stop. “It was a bonus that I actually did something helpful. The name of the company also came from my day-long, outdoors and socially distanced, sewing lesson on my back patio. I simply couldn’t sew a straight line.”

True to Capricorn form, Nancy kept sewing and got better at it. Before long, she visited a local coffee shop, Strong Style Coffee in Fitchburg, Mass. The owner had turned the once-bustling hot spot filled with live music into a little boutique for local artists.

“When she saw my mask and found out that I made it, she said she would be happy to sell them for me. So I made a batch of 25 and dropped them off, and they have been selling like crazy ever since.” Nancy is active on social media, and the photos she posted on Facebook prompted “a ton of orders.” She’s mailed them all over the US and Canada.

The success of her business comes from her adroitness at picking out material. “Anything with animals will sell the best, and tie dye is big, too.”

For those of us who struggled to adjust to the changed conditions of life “as we knew it,” earth signs get it down. “As it says on my business card, I’ll keep sewing until this madness is over,” she says.

For Holly of New Mexico, COVID actually came at a convenient time for her career. “I’m loving the freedom as my job of 21 years as a massage therapist at a particular spa was axed with the COVID.” She found that having more time for “outdoor activities without the burden of having to go to work” was a big blessing.

For Lisa Rae of Melbourne, Australia, “it was a mixed bag. I had been super burnt out and quite sick immediately preceding the pandemic.” She found the process of the lockdown made her “very anxious, and it was weird not having to dress up and look good. It was as if none of it mattered.” She took a leave from her job, and then “life slowed right down and I really enjoyed that.”


In 2021, with Jupiter now in Aquarius, Taurus is facing reversals or obstructions in terms of the following subjects: “usual” good luck, losing weight, and returns on investment, as well as a possible rise in gullibility, or reduction in skepticism. Bulls: be bearish on “the sure thing.” Virgo gets a Mars return in August through mid-September. This means huge opportunities for leadership, getting what you want (which means deciding what you want, LOL), and possible irritability at others who do not share your insight, foresight, and ability to plan. Capricorn has had two big years of transition˜whether that has meant home remodeling, struggling with a health issue, or needing to learn to “live with less.” The good news is that this year, you’re not in the crosshairs of adverse planetary movement. And the better news is that July through mid-September is an excellent period for expanding on improvements that came your way (or were hard-fought) in the past two years.


Heartwings Love Notes 992 Coping with Challenges

Heartwings says, “How we cope with challenges is a reflection of how we grow.”

I have a distinct memory of myself at the age of three bending over my shoes as I tried and tried to tie them. It was very difficult for me, yet I had to persist because my caregiver and companion, Emily, hired by my mother, insisted I keep at it until I learned to do it. At the time I was enrolled in the Woodward school, in the prekindergarten class. Every morning Emily would walk with me the block or so of brick sidewalk that led to the blue double doors of the school. Tieing those little brown shoes was the first lesson in perseverance that I remember.

Now at the other end of my life, I am challenged once more with learning to cope with my limitations, or working to overcome my inabilities with dressing, putting on shoes and other simple tasks I learned as a small child. I seem to have come full circle. These and other tasks present challenges I did not anticipate growing up. Of course, there have been many others throughout my life, some I dealt with better than others, all of them opportunities to learn and to grow–as long as I saw them as such.

I believe I was fortunate in having Emily in my life for as long as I did. She left to get married when I was eight. My sister was born some months after that and I was no longer an only child. This was another challenge, of course, though a different kind of one. Fortunately for me, Emily’s training held true. I went on to survive and to thrive amidst the many succeeding challenges life presented me with. I have no complaints. Not do I feel the need to crow about my successes, either. What I am is grateful in the extreme for the opportunities. To be sure that gratitude is in hindsight.

At the time, when I was bent over my little brown shoes, fumbling with the stubborn laces, I had no concept of challenges, learning, or growing in understanding. What child does? I only knew I had to keep at it until I gained the ability to do what I needed to do. These days are in a sense no different, except that what I am learning is to have patience with the process rather than learning to accomplish the act. Life is filled with these kinds of opportunities, large and small. Seeing them as such prevents the buildup of resentment that might otherwise occur.

May you surmount all your challenges gracefully and with joy.

Blessings and best regards, Tasha Halpert

How about you? Challenges to deal with? How do you cope? I do enjoy your stories, please write to me at, and for more Love Notes, visit my web pages at .


Break a Hex Spell


Mint and pepper team up in this spell to break a hex. Just combine three leaves chopped fresh mint (or two teaspoons dried mint) and a teaspoon black pepper in a small bowl. After dark, sprinkle the mixture outside your front and back doors. Before you begin, read this aloud:

When you feel you’ve been hexed,

No need to fear or feel vexed.

Without harm, none will you injure.

But this spell you must conjure.

Then, with a bit of pepper and a bit of mint, announce in the dark your magical intent:

Mint, heal, and pepper, sting.

No curse shall cross this protective ring!

After you’ve finished, go inside, slam your door, lock it, and say:

In these walls I’m protected as can be,

From curse, foe, or any who

don’t carry my key!

You’re done.


Closure Spell


We all have things we need to resolve from time to time— issues or relationships we need to let go of. To help yourself move on from a difficult situation, collect the following items: a black candle and dish to burn it in, something to symbolize the situation (a photo or written description), and a pinch of black salt. Place the candle in the container and set it on top of the picture or written description. Sprinkle the salt in the container around the candle. As you light the candle, visualize the situation being resolved; see yourself letting it go. Chant these words as many times as you feel is necessary:

Let go, move on, be strong.

You may burn the photo or paper in the container with the candle if you wish. Allow the candle to burn out safely, then discard it.


Eleven Eleven


Today is the 204th day of the year and the 23rd day of the month of July. By using a bit of numerology, we arrive at the master number eleven. Many people view the number eleven as an activation number for spiritual enlightenment.

For this rite, you’ll need a white candle in a fireproof container, a black cloth, and eleven stones or crystals.

At nightfall, place your candle in the fireproof container in the center of the black cloth. Place your eleven stones in a circle around the candle. Say:

By the light of the moon,

By the power of night,

By the number eleven,

My dreams and wishes take flight.

Allow the candle to safely burn down. Place the stones on your altar or in a special place where they can remind you of the power of the full moon and the number eleven.


Cool it Down and Bring Balance


With the excitement that summer always seems to bring, it’s easy for life to start feeling a little out of whack. School and work schedules change, festival and vacation season is in full swing, the days are getting hot, and many of us are busier than ever with travel, wrangling kids, or pursuing summer projects. Are you neglecting your self-care at this time of year? To cool down a bit and create the space to recenter yourself, fill a bowl with ice cubes (crushed ice is okay, too) and place it before you on your altar or table. Hold some of the ice in your hands if it’s not too cold for you. Concentrate on the stillness and coolness of ice. Draw that stillness into yourself while saying:

Cool the fire,

Feel the chill.

Summer burns,

But I am still.

Allow the ice in the bowl to melt, and add it to your bathwater, or wash your face and hands with it, to fully draw its energy into you.


Travel to Salem

JULY 21, 2021 BY EMYME

Where do you live? Where do you vacation? Where I live, this time of the year is edging toward uncomfortably hot, and it is a very good time to go north to cooler climes. Salem, Massachusetts, is such a location and a terrific place to visit and review our heritage. Be prepared for a lot of kitsch and camp. Visit the museums and have your picture taken flying on a broom or stirring a cauldron. While there are indeed shops there owned by genuine earth-based believers, with legitimate supplies, keep in mind that much of it is for the tourist trade. That is not to say you cannot enjoy the atmosphere. Enjoy the lighthearted fun!


Dispel Your Anger


Magick is about empowerment and your ability to change your personal energy as well as influence events in your life. When your life unfolds in ways that make you unhappy, it is important to deal with your emotions. When anger arises, you need to find a way to work through it. Strong emotion needs to be felt, not pushed aside or ignored, so you can regain and maintain balance and harmony.

Write down the things in your life that make you angry, sad, or disappointed. Place the list in a metal bowl or cauldron. Use a match or lighter to carefully ignite the edge of the paper while it is inside the bowl or cauldron. Visualize the things you wrote on the paper while using the power of the fire to release and chant these words:

Release my anger,

disappointment, and sorrow.

I will not carry it into tomorrow.

Release my anger, set it free.

The only person it hurts is me.

Repeat these words and this spell until you feel that you have released the anger-filled emotions that no longer serve you.


Summer Energy


The summer is at its height now, which makes this the perfect time to tap into the abundant energy of the season. This spell is best done outside in the light and warmth of the sun, but you can always sit inside in a sunny spot, or make do with your imagination if the weather isn’t cooperating. Find a flower or herb that represents the energy of summer to you: a sunflower, some rosemary— whatever symbolizes the season to you. Hold it up to the sky and envision it pulling in all that power and energy. Then hold it to your chest and draw that energy inside as you say:

Glorious summer, warm and wonderful,

Fill me with your energy and power.


The Art of Focus: Tips to Improve Your Scrying and Dowsing


Preparing for Divination

Focus may be defined as an event, object, or person that occupies the center of one’s attention. It is a primary concept and an essential skill in both divination and magick. It is also needed to effectively perform scrying and dowsing. The ability to focus is a requirement for any basic individual scrying session, but it is also a tool that must be mastered for long-term scrying accuracy and personal improvement in the divinatory arts.

Over the course of developing the original techniques of scrying and dowsing presented in my latest book, The Art of Scrying and Dowsing, I was able to greatly improve my ability to focus. In this short article, I would like to introduce some ideas that you can use to enhance your ability to focus, and to give you information that will enable you to understand its role in all forms of divination, particularly in scrying and dowsing, as well as in the general practice of magick.

First, I will give a more specific definition of focus that pertains to the practice of scrying and dowsing: Focus is the unwavering attention and persistent contact with the incoming intuitive information obtained during scrying and dowsing sessions. Distraction is the opposite of focus. Distraction is when you lose contact with the incoming intuitive information. The result of distraction is a decrease in accuracy of your perceptions.

One of the best ways to help you see how well you are focusing is to scry physical targets related to known locations, activities, and living beings. Physical targets can be researched, and information discovered about them compared with scryed information for the purpose of discerning which perceptions were accurate and which were not. This examination takes place after the scrying session and is called feedback, or the feedback session. It is best done intentionally and with nonjudgmental honesty. The feedback session will help you determine the quality of your focus.

So what are the characteristics of focus? How do you make the changes needed to improve your scrying ability and accuracy? The characteristics of focus are trust, persistent contact, and steadiness. Each of these characteristics plays an important role in learning to scry accurately, as well as in other types of divination. Let’s look at each characteristic in turn.


The first characteristic of focus is trust. Scrying and dowsing require that you trust that the goals of the session are doable. You need to trust in the process of scrying and dowsing strongly enough to be motivated to put effort and attention into the work.

I want to distinguish the difference between trust and belief. Belief is where a concept or idea is determined to be a rule by which the universe operates. For example, if you believe there is an angel of love, a belief in the angel of love would entail a series of ideas about the characteristics and role of the angel. Belief persists through time and changes slowly.

Trust can be temporary. You may temporarily trust that there is an angel of love, and complete a scrying session involving the idea. This can be done without having to buy into concepts regarding the angel of love as part of a set of ideas as to how the universe operates. This trust allows you to have the motivation to complete the scrying session concerning the angel of love. After you complete the session, you can examine the information you obtained and the experiences you had, and then decide if you want to change your beliefs.

Scrying and dowsing can successfully be done based in either trust or belief. All you have to trust is that the scrying and dowsing techniques will work and provide you with information. This trust allows you to complete the scrying session. Once the operation is complete, you may or may not wish to add concepts to your belief system.

So how do you improve trust, especially if you have doubts about the effectiveness of scrying and dowsing as means of obtaining information? The easiest way to do this is to set a time limit on the period during which you will deliberately place your trust in the concepts related to scrying that you need to utilize in order to perform the scrying and dowsing session. This means that for the duration of the session, you will trust that the scrying and dowsing will provide the information that you are looking for.

The time period will vary according to what is being done. Trust in the process you are working with needs to be for the duration of the session. The scrying session may be as short as 15 minutes, or you may do multiple sessions on a single target for a period of several months. Trust is a sort of pact that you make with yourself that you will set aside doubt for the duration of the scrying session.

The time limit can be determined before you start and reassessed as you work. It is not necessary to have long-term belief in scrying and dowsing for it to work, you only need to adopt temporary trust in the process for the duration of the session.

Once you reach the end of the operation, you make an intelligent and deliberate decision on which concepts you want to add to your beliefs and what ideas you want to discard. This way, you do not feel bound to adopt a belief that you may not feel completely comfortable with, but you still have the freedom to perform a scrying or dowsing session. This practice of distinguishing trust from belief allows for healthy skepticism and internal honesty.

Persistent Contact

The second characteristic of focus is persistent contact. Persistent contact means that you must pay attention to the incoming data of the scrying and dowsing session to the exclusion of all else in your mind and in the immediate environment. During the time of the session, you disregard everything else. One of the mistakes I see quite often is the tendency of beginners to focus on how their bodies feel, or on what is happening around them.

Once you focus on anything other than your scrying and dowsing perceptions, you have lost contact with the target. Preparation for scrying and dowsing involves changing your attention to focus on the session and nothing else. Distractions can include electronics, music, random thoughts, body sensations, environmental issues such as odors, sounds, lights, and other people. External distractions are problematic if they draw your attention away from the incoming perceptions you are scrying. You can learn to maintain focus while in a distracting environment. Learning to ignore environmental distractions is called resilience. Building resilience is a useful skill in any esoteric practice, whether it involves divination or magick.

Internal distractions are things such as distracting thoughts, fatigue, or nervousness. Training to disregard internal distractions is often accomplished by seated meditation. When you practice seated meditation, you are learning to handle internal distractions and focus on the objective of the meditation technique—a spoken mantra or your breathing, for example. Scrying itself can be used to help you learn to disregard internal distractions.

If you wish to do ritual work for the scrying session, that is perfectly fine. You need to completely finish the ritual before you start scrying, and close the ritual after you finish scrying. Once you start to scry and dowse, you must completely focus on those perceptions, documenting what is coming to you and nothing else. You cannot focus on ritual and scry at the same time. Scrying should be carried out with an all-consuming attention and interest.

Setting is how you arrange your external environment for the scrying session. An example of a setting is a ritual circle, robes, sword or staff, lighting, and ritual timing. The setting is done according to the individual and the type of scrying being done. Scrying does not require special setting or rituals to work. It is a matter of personal preference.

I do not personally find that scrying accuracy improves with elaborate ritual settings. However, I think this is a matter of individual liking and comfort, and I do not discourage using elements of special settings or ritual. I simply allow it to be done according to the individual’s preference. The elements of ritual and setting need to be in place when you start to scry. During the scrying session you do not get up or attend to any setting element. Doing that will cause the contact to break. It has to be re-established again before accurate scrying data will be perceived. Frequent breaks will cause accuracy problems.

As with trust, the best way to improve persistent attention is to have an arbitrary time limit to the scrying session. I generally recommend the session be under 20 minutes for a beginner, and never to exceed and hour regardless of experience. After an hour, persistent contact is going to be difficult to maintain. It is better to do multiple sessions on a single target and maintain strong steady focus in each of them, than to do a single long session where focus is wavering.


Steadiness is the last characteristic of good focus. Steadiness is being in the moment both mentally and physically while you are scrying. It is a state that is not tense, but one of sitting still while you are scrying the target. The state of relaxation does not have to be intentionally induced. If you have persistent contact, you will not be paying attention to your body. Your body will find its natural state of relaxation without you doing a thing to induce it. In fact, the more you pay attention to your physical state, the less persistent contact you have with the scrying target coming in. Loss of attention causes a decrease in your scrying and dowsing accuracy. So, how do you achieve steadiness without focusing on your body?

This is done through preparation prior to the session. You need to be seated in a place where you feel comfortable and safe. Scrying is best conducted in a chair that is reasonably padded. Your lower back should be supported and there should not be any areas of uncomfortable pressure or pain. Your feet need to be in contact with the floor. This will prevent muscle tension and leg cramps. When you are sketching your perceptions, the paper, your hand, and your forearm need to be supported by a firm surface. This is best achieved by sitting at a desk or table.

If you are working outdoors when recording your scrying perceptions, you should use a clipboard. However, you need to ensure that you do not become tense or feel the need to shift around. While outside, you must keep warm, and be protected from biting insects. During summer when working in the daytime, avoid the hot sun. These preparations are done before the scrying session begins. Once you start the session, your attention will be entirely on the scrying process.


The Importance of Napping

A short nap during the afternoon is common in many countries and can provide an energy boost and clearer senses.

As we focus on the many obligations we gladly undertake in order to create the lives we want, sleep is often the first activity that we sacrifice. We’re compelled by both external and internal pressures to be productive during many of our waking hours. While this can lead to great feats of accomplishment, it also disrupts the body’s natural cycles and leaves us craving rest. Napping represents a pleasurable remedy to this widespread sleep deprivation. Though judged by many as a pastime of little children or the lazy, the need for a nap is a trait that all mammals share and an acceptable part of the day in many countries. It is also a free and effortless way to improve our health and lift our spirits. A nap is relaxing and can improve our mood, vision, reflexes, and memory.

Lack of sleep, whether ongoing or the result of a single night’s wakefulness, puts stress on the body and mind. It can negatively impact your physical and mental health. At one time, napping was considered a natural part of life. In the past hundred years, however, electricity and modern conveniences have provided us with more time to engage in personal and professional activities. Consequently there is now less time for sleep. A mere ten minutes of sleep in the middle of the day can leave you feeling more cheerful and alert. A half-hour long nap can sharpen your senses and refresh your energy reserves, and a shorter nap can even sustain you through a long day. Napping can help you make up for lost sleep and serves as a supplement to your usual sleep schedule. You may need to give yourself permission to nap by making naptime a part of your day.

Feelings of guilt about napping or being preoccupied with other activities can keep you awake when you are trying to take a nap. If you need help, surround yourself with soft pillows and blankets or soothing music. Try to take a nap at the same time each day and use an alarm clock to ensure that you don’t fall into too deep a sleep. Learning to nap and enjoying its benefits can help you reclaim your natural right to nap. You nourish your being every time you take a nap.


A Self-Esteem Exercise

Having low self-esteem is a common issue — with some introspection you can start to loosen the grip of this negative thought pattern.

Our primary relationship in life is with ourselves. No one else goes through every experience in life with us. We are our one permanent companion, yet we are often our worst critic. To remind ourselves of our magnificence, we can do this exercise: “Five Things I Like About Myself.”

Begin by writing down at least five things that you like about yourself. This is not the time to be modest. If you are having trouble coming up with a total of five items, you know that this exercise can really benefit you. Be sure to include more than your physical attributes on your list, since our bodies are only part of who we are. If you are still struggling with what to include on your list, think of what you like about your favorite people, because these traits are probably qualities that you possess too. Another way to complete your list is to think of five things you don’t like about yourself and find something about these traits that you can turn into a positive.

Continue this process for a week, thinking of five new things you like about yourself each day. At the end of the week, read the list aloud to yourself while standing in front of a mirror. Instead of looking for flaws to fix, allow the mirror to reflect your magnificence. You may feel silly about standing in front of a mirror and reading aloud a list of your admirable attributes, but it might just bring a smile to your face and change the way you see yourself. Remember, it is when you feel the most resistant that this exercise can benefit you the most. Because we are constantly looking at the world, instead of looking at ourselves, we don’t often see what’s magnificent about ourselves that others do. When we take the time to experience ourselves the way we would experience someone we love and admire, we become our best companion and supporter on life’s journey.


Ghost Hunting Theories

The Witching Hour: The Devil’s Hour

24 Jul 2021 02:00 AM PDT

You roll over in bed and force your eyes open, only to read the blurry red lights of the digital clock “3:15.”

Wikipedia refers to the witching hour this way; “In European folklore, the Witching Hour is the time when supernatural creatures such as witches, demons and ghosts are thought to be at their most powerful, and black magic at its most effective. This hour is typically midnight, and the term may now be used to refer to midnight, or any late hour, even without having the associated superstitious beliefs. The term ‘witching hour’ can also refer to the period from midnight to 3am, while ‘Devil’s Hour’ refers to the time around 3am.” Apparently, the Devil’s Hour is the exact opposite of the time Christ supposedly died at 3 p.m. (I won’t even get into the logic of this for those of us on Mountain Standard Time).

How many of you wake up during that 3 am hour? I know people who wake up during that hour and can’t go back to sleep, no matter what they do. I find, more often than not it’s that magical 3 am time when I note the blurry red lights on the clock during the night.

It’s been suggested that this is the time of extreme early morning when more firefighters and police are called. That’s true, but then it takes a whole night of drinking to get into trouble at 3 am.

It’s also believed that we might be having access to our God figure in that state of mind in deep theta sleep and in between REM sleep.

Others think that it’s the extreme darkness that occurs just before dawn that permits melatonin to adjust and create a sleep state that’s in the process of shifting, a time in which we could awaken.

It’s also entirely possible that discomfort after hours in our beds is what jostles us awake at about that magical time (especially middle-agers).

Whatever the reasoning, any time you’re under extreme stress, you’re likely to wake right around that 3 am hour and not be able to fall back asleep again. Obviously, our bodies are telling us that some sort of stimuli (earthly or unearthly) is creating a dark-of-night awakening.

If this continually waking at 3 am is putting a damper on your life, there’s some things you can consider to get your rhythms back in order:

You can try to go to bed later than usual.

You can set your alarm for 1 am and then go back to sleep.

You can darken your room completely.

You can cool off the room more so your body temperature can stay down where it needs to be for the brain to induce sleep state (running a noisy fan is a good option—it also masks outside sounds).

Try and turn the clock around so you can’t see it.

You can try having a light snack with carbs before bedtime to feed your brain.

You can consider taking a Benadryl at bedtime.

There are conditions such as depression and anxiety that can cause insomnia, as well as chronic medications that can affect sleep. How does one know if waking at 3 am is spiritually related or physically? Look at the clock.

Have you ever had to get up at 7:30 the next morning and you wake up at 7:28? Yeah, our internal clocks are amazing. If you start waking at 2:37 in the morning, you’re likely to continue to do that so long as that number is in your head. You need to consciously remind yourself “7:30” over and over again as you go to sleep. Set the clock. Look at the alarm time several times to visualize that number. Print it into your brain. If you keep waking up at 3:08 every morning, your internal clock has been reset to anticipate that time on the clock. Ideally, just turning the clock around works great. You wake up, don’t memorize numbers on the clock, problem gone. Give it a try some time.

If you ever awaken during this time with a rush of emotion and don’t understand where it’s coming from, it’s entirely possible that your true self or your higher self are trying to communicate. Should you be gathering communications from “the other side” because you seem receptive in the sleep state, once you awaken that sense of someone being there will dissipate. You are in a new brainwave state and are now no longer a receptive receiver.

Scientists tell us that our circadian rhythms in our bodies tell us when to sleep and when to wake. What if those factors weren’t dictated by body temperature, emotional state, or a noisy neighborhood? What if they were affected by a time when our minds are in the sleep state combined with the thinnest veil between our world and the other(s)?

I admittedly have found the time between midnight to 4 am is prime ghost hunting hours. Not always convenient when you’ve been sitting still for the past four hours already and are feeling the body’s need to hit the sleep state. Perhaps our senses are more acute in that need-to-sleep state. I know that a tiny sound when I’m sleeping can keep me up. A trickle of light will make it impossible to sleep. A sore muscle can feel like agony. Perhaps the combination of our mind running in the deeper sleep state along with sharper senses make us ideal barometers for paranormal activity.

It might be the one time that all humans are, in effect, psychic mediums.

UPDATE:  LINK Today’s monster geomagnetic storm, and the explosion of solar flares and coronal mass ejections over the past week, have been wreaking havoc on people’s moods, sleeping patterns, and a host of other human health effects. Many people are experiencing disturbances with their circadian rhythms, waking up around 2am and having trouble getting back to sleep. “Solar storms desynchronize our circadian rhythm (biological clock). The pineal gland in our brain is affected by the electromagnetic activity, and [solar storms cause] the gland to produce excess melatonin, the brain’s built in ‘downer’ that helps us sleep. ‘The circadian regulatory system depends on repeated environmental cues to [synchronize] internal clocks,’ says psychiatrist Kelly Posner, Columbia University. ‘Magnetic fields may be one of these environmental cues.’ ”

Here’s some ways to get through the night more easily –

Projector Alarm Clock

Queen-sized Tuft and Needle Bed

I am like the Princess and the Pea.

I have always all my life had issues with any bed

I have tried and any variation from memory foam to traditional, box spring or none, foam pads, waterbeds, air beds (sleep number – total crap!). This bed is it. I could literally spend the rest of my life just lying or sitting on this bed. I lie on it and I’m out immediately, sleep the whole night, and as a baby boomer, I am shocked I wake up with zero stiffness or need to unfold my curled up body. This is a miracle bed!

European Linen Sheets

Cooling blanket for hot sleepers


Gilberto Rides Again Chapter 11 

by Stephen Halpert

Brad sighed as he carried a large tray stacked high with dishes and glasses into the kitchen. He looked around. The dishwasher was already full and there was no one to tell him where best to put it. Sophia came to his rescue.

“Brad,” she called to him in a commanding voice. “Come back into the dining room. I want you to meet my friends.

Impatient and unable to find an empty space he set the tray down atop another, also stacked high with plates and glasses. He turned and went into the dining room. “Your mom had me taking dishes into the kitchen,” he said.

Sophia took his hand and beamed. “Never mind that now. Thanks for helping mom. I want you to meet Joey, my dearest friend from childhood.”  

“Joey, Brad. Brad, Joey,” she said.

“Hi,” Joey said.

Brad looked at Joey blankly. “Oh you must be the soccer player.”

Joey smiled, but before he could reply Brad went on. “Never thought much of soccer. Kind of foolish if you ask me, all that running around just to kick a ball.”

Joey frowned as he thought about how to respond.

Brad waved his hand. “Of course,” he said with a grin, “History tells us when the savages in South America played at it, they kicked around the decapitated heads of rival chiefs and warriors.”

Joey gulped and cleared his throat. “Yeah, I think I heard something like that before.

“Oh, believe me it’s true,” Brad sounded emphatic. “Same goes for Lacrosse in North America. Only they used nets affixed to wooden poles. That’s how the savages played.” He looked down his nose at Joey. “You must know you can’t believe a lot of what’s said about most sports unless it comes from good authority.”

Joey nodded and shrugged. Toni took his hand and lightly kissed his cheek.

“Soccer is a fine game,” Gilberto said coming up and entering the conversation. He nodded politely at Brad. “What sports do you play?”

Brad gave him a blank look. “Tennis, when I do, which is not often. And who might you be?”

“This is Gilberto, my father,” Joey said, pride evident in his voice. “He’s an Olympic soccer player. His team won two gold medals.”

Gilberto smiled. “Believe me it’s a lot more than just running around. You have to be able to kick a fast moving ball, as well as keep it away from your opponent.”

Brad frowned. “Yeah, I guess.”

“It’s not easy.”  Joey’s enthusiasm didn’t waver. “Have you ever had to run real fast and kick something at the same time?”

“Hardly,” Brad said.

Little Mona joined them. “This is my little sister Ramona ,” Joey said. “But we all call her Mona.”

Brad cleared his throat. “Whatever.”

Mona smiled. “I like playing soccer too.”

She grinned at Brad. “I’ll bet you couldn’t kick a soccer ball past me.”

Brad smirked. “Don’t be too sure about that.”

“I mean it,” Mona said firmly. “I’ll even bet you a dollar.” She reached into her pocket and pulled out a crumpled dollar bill.”

“Go Brad, boy,” one of his Dartmouth buddies chuckled. “Let’s see you win a dollar from the little lady.”

Brad noticed Ramon’s treasured soccer ball resting on its stand, on a pedestal, by the fireplace.

He looked at Mona. “Don’t push your luck.”

Mona stuck out her bottom lip. “My dollar say you can’t.”

Brad’s buddies laughed. Brad took Ramon’s prized soccer ball from its stand. He set it down on the floor and lackadaisically pushed it toward Mona with his foot. She giggled and gracefully pushed the ball back at Brad. They did these two or three times.

“See you couldn’t get it past me,” Mona said triumphantly.

A muscle in Brad’s neck twitched, his lips tightened. “Try stopping this one.” He kicked the ball as hard as he could. It flew past Mona into the kitchen where it smashed into the two precariously stacked trays. There was a resounding crash as the trays and their contents fell to the floor.

Everyone stopped talking and stared at Brad. He turned bright red.

“What!” Rosa cried. She peered into the kitchen, turned and looked askance at Brad. “What on earth did you do?”

“He kicked the soccer ball past me,” Mona said. She held out the dollar to Brad.

Ramon rushed up. “What’s this all about?” he demanded. He hurried into the kitchen and retrieved his prized soccer ball. As he carefully wiped away mustard and pieces of sandwich filling, he glared at Brad. “What do you think you’re doing?” If looks could have killed Sophia’s fiancé would have been dead and gone. “That’s the ball my team used to kick their way to a championship.” He cradled it tenderly.

“Sorry, Sir,” Brad mumbled softly.

“Oh, Daddy I’m sure everything is ok,” Sophia said. “After all this is to be my future husband.”

Ramon heaved a sigh and put his cherished soccer ball back on its pedestal.

Mona grinned at Brad. She pushed her rumpled dollar into his hand.

Brad dropped it on the floor. He looked down at his feet. “Sorry,” he said again. “I don’t know what happened.”

Mona grinned, retrieved it, and put it back into her pocket.

Rosa drew herself up and crossed her arms over her chest. “What happened, young man, is that you destroyed two tray loads of rental party dishes and glasses. Where are your manners. Didn’t your mother teach you anything?”

Behind his back Toni smirked and smothered a giggle.

“Er, yes Ma’am,” Brad mumbled.

“Well, I expect you to pay for the damaged dishes and glasses. I hope you know that.”

“Yes, yes, Ma’am,” he replied with a sigh.

“Now go and clean it up,” she said sternly.

Brad looked his two buddies, “Come help, will you?” Shrugging and sighing they went into the kitchen to help clean up the mess of broken plates, glasses, and slimy food scraps.

Brad turned to Sophia. “Come help with this,” he demanded.

“Oh, Brad please. How can I?” She waved her fancily decorated fingers toward him. “I don’t want to ruin my manicure, and besides, I have to talk to my guests.” With that, she turned and went over to a knot of her friends, who were chatting in a corner.

(to be continued)


Kitty Kat’s Korner 

Banish Boredom the Feline Way

By Angie Bailey

Highly intelligent creatures, cats spend many of their waking hours looking for ways to entertain themselves. We silly humans think they’re just “doing what cats do,” but those smarty-pants felines are way more creative than that. Cats stave off that pesky boredom in these five clawesome ways.

Play With Food

Many cats find boredom relief by toying with their food. You know, pulling individual kibble pieces out of their bowls and batting them around a bit before eating them? You’ve seen the show. Sometimes our cats enjoy a nice round of “I loved this type of food yesterday, but today it’s the absolute worst thing you’ve ever tried to feed me. You must not love me anymore.” This is probably a good time to mention that cats enjoy enhancing any boredom-busting activity with a heavy dose of drama

Create Toys

Who of us hasn’t spent a small fortune on traditional cat toys only to watch our kitties swat ballpoint pens or attack a bathrobe belt? Or even play with the toy’s packaging? They laugh at our attempts at defining a “cat toy” and instead make us feel silly spending good money on what eventually gets tossed into the trash bin or is forever forgotten underneath a major kitchen appliance. It takes brainpower to be such a mastermind. Who could possibly get bored with that? Obviously not cats.

Keep House Safe From Intruders

In case you weren’t aware, our homes are constantly under attack from outside forces such as birds, squirrels, flies, moths and other beasts of the wild. Cats consider it their responsibility — nay, their duty — to protect us from such onslaughts. On guard at the window, their laser-focused eyes track every foreign wing flap and tail twitch. Although sometimes distracted by falling leaves and surprise shadows, their feline hearts stay true in their loyalty to keep us alive and well — mostly because we fill their food bowls. Kidding. Maybe.

Help With Chores

Can you imagine attempting to fold laundry without the help of a cat? Sweep a floor? Organize a closet? Change bedsheets? In the quest to avoid monotony, cats put their best paws forward to offer support while we perform our mundane household chores. Somehow, they’re even more eager to help with sheets and laundry when they’re fresh from the dryer. One might think there’s an ulterior motive to this eager assistance. Cats? Selfish? What a notion!

Assist at Work

Since many of us have been working from home, we’ve suddenly gained personal assistants we don’t remember hiring. These “helpers” act as paper shufflers, keyboard warmers and office supply monitors who require a multitude of breaks — and sometimes even steal our lunch! As if these tasks alone don’t keep them busy enough, cats hijack Zoom meetings just to show our coworkers who the boss really is. As if there were ever any question.


 Georgia’s Weekly Horoscope.: Sunday, July 25, 2021

All Signs

Astrologers interpret information not only from planetary cycles, but also from the mathematical angles between planets, which change as the planets move. (For example, angles of 60 degrees, 90 degrees, 120 degrees and 180 degrees.) This week a lovely dance between Mars and Jupiter will occur. Mars in Leo will be 180 degrees opposite Jupiter in Aquarius, which is great news! (Some textbooks call this a “lucky” time.) Admittedly, it can indicate conflict and foolish actions, especially being cocky and overestimating things. Furthermore, people will resent anything that restricts their freedom. Nevertheless, it’s definitely a feel-good time. Masks are coming off. People are hugging. “Shops must be visited! Money must be spent!”

Aries (March 21-April 19)

It will be fun city for your sign this week because this delightful opposition of Mars and Jupiter will heighten the energy of two Houses in your chart. You will demand the freedom to be yourself! You will enjoy fun activities, social outings, romantic get-togethers, sports events, picnics, restaurants, movies and playful activities with children. Your sex drive will be aroused. In all things, you will be playful and adventurous! However, you might go overboard, especially with respect to self-gratification. (You know who you are.) Don’t do anything you will later regret. Having said that, you will excel in athletics. Without question, everyone will want to be on your team!

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

This is a marvellous week to entertain at home because your energy is strong and you’re enthusiastic! You might use this high-energy for redecorating projects or doing repairs. (Naturally, you will want to show off what you’ve done to friends and family.) In fact, the boldness with which you do things at home or your ideas related to family events will impress others, especially bosses or people in authority. In some way, your actions will enhance your reputation in your world because others will see you as bold and innovative. Meanwhile, because you are on this role of creativity and exploration- you won’t take kindly to anyone who clips your wings or restricts your activities. You’re full of ideas!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Travel will appeal to you this week because you are curious, you want to learn, you want stimulation and adventure, and most importantly, you have the energy to make this happen! You’re full of big ideas, which could lead to spontaneous short trips or plans for a long trip. (Who knows?) Whatever you do this week, you will do with great enthusiasm! Those of you in sales, teaching, acting and writing will be particularly effective. You might inspire others with your enthusiasm. The only catch is you have to be aware of possibly overestimating your abilities. Do not promise more than you can deliver, which you will be tempted to do!

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

You are enthusiastic about financial matters this week. As a rule, you are careful and cautious because you hate to squander your money. Nevertheless, this week, you’re willing to take a chance because you’re thinking big! You have ambitious moneymaking ideas, which could be about beginning a business or doing something to make money on the side. You might also contemplate a major purchase because you are now confident this is the thing to do. (No doubt you have given this a lot of thought.) Although you sometimes hesitate to act, once you decide to do so – then all bets are off. You will move forward swiftly and do exactly what you want to do. Hopefully, no regrets.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

You will feel the luck and excitement of the dance of Mars opposite Jupiter this week because Mars is in Leo! (Oh yes, you are part of this formula mentioned in All Signs above.). This is why you will be so enthusiastic and proactive about doing something. Because you have big ideas, it’s possible that you might overestimate something, but quite likely, you’re on target. However, you won’t want anyone to stand in your way. Your great strength this week is your ability to inspire others, especially those who are closest to you. You’re a natural leader, and when you feel enthused about something – then the world wants to jump on board as well because enthusiasm is contagious! Oh yeah!

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

This week most people are ready to go the whole nine yards to support something that they want to do. You might be one of the few exceptions. Of course, you feel enthusiasm and eagerness about something – that’s a fact. However, you might choose to sit back a bit and weigh your options. You are more open to seeing the folly of some “big” ideas. Remember The Honeymooners? “But Alice, this is the biggest thing I ever got into!” “Ralph, the biggest thing you ever got into was your pants.” You will assess what’s going on around you and if you trust a big idea, then you will endorse it. But if you have reservations, you will wait to see what happens when the dust settles.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

This week will be full of enthusiastic interaction with friends, groups and kids. Even your romantic life will be hyped. Many of you will want to take a vacation. All of you will enjoy schmoozing with others. Competition could be a major theme, especially athletic competition. Your confidence is strong and you want to show the world what you can do. (And why not? Why hide your talents under a bushel?) Do be aware that you have the ability to inspire and enthuse others, which means if you are in charge of a group, or you are a teacher or coach, you will excel this week! Having said that, too much confidence (and certainly arrogance) are pitfalls to be avoided. Keep it real.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Without question, your ambition is aroused this week and you’re ready to go for the gold! The big influence that you feel right now is a kind of confidence that stirs you. You believe in yourself. You believe in your ideas. You believe you can achieve your dreams. Note: be careful of being overbearing with others because of your determination. It’s important to be self-aware and realize that we all have limitations including you. Nevertheless, others might be amazed at the timing of your actions and your success. Of course, Scorpios have tremendous willpower and determination, which is why they can achieve the impossible. Good luck!

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

This is a marvelous week for you because your ruler is Jupiter and Jupiter is one of the planets involved in this lovely dance that I mentioned in All Signs above. This means all aspects of your energy will be increased and magnified this week. (Naturally, you will resent anything that narrows your freedom or limits your scope of action.) You will be optimistic! You’ll be up for anything! You will feel brave, courageous even reckless. Be cautious about overestimating your abilities or biting off more than you can chew. Nevertheless, your physical strength will be revitalized and your efforts at most tasks will be successful. Certainly, you want to travel and see the world!

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

When it comes to financial matters this week, especially related to shared property, jointly-held possessions, or the wealth and resources of someone else – you are confident. Big time! You have ambitious ideas about how to deal with things so that everyone is happy, especially you. (Remember: Good business is mutually beneficial.) If you are in a dispute with someone about an inheritance or some aspect of shared responsibilities or shared property, you will come out laughing all the way to the bank. In part, this is due to your confidence and the fact that others believe in you because you exude such confidence and assurance and the appearance of success. And of course, appearances are everything.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

This is an interesting week for you because lucky Jupiter is in your sign and it is being energized by fiery Mars sitting directly opposite. This will affect your closest relationships and partnerships. You might have big ideas about how to improve a relationship or nurture it in a new direction. Or possibly, your partner or friend has the same idea? Or perhaps you will meet someone new who amazes you with their ambition and big ideas? You are always open-minded, especially about modern, cutting-edge ideas, which means you are ready to endorse any impressive idea that comes your way. One thing is certain: this week you have the confidence to assert yourself in your closest relationships. Let’s hope this makes things work more smoothly?

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

Plan on a super productive week because you are hot to trot! You will have lots of energy to work. In fact, you will be almost tireless in your devotion and determination to get something done. Even you will be amazed at how much energy you have. Nevertheless, do not coerce others or be domineering or overbearing in any way. Just do your thing and let others be amazed. Work-related travel is likely for many of you. Not only will you work hard at your job this week, but whatever you do will expand your world in some way. Those of you who are recuperating from any kind of an injury or operation or health problem will have strong healing powers this week. Be grateful.


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