the antithesis of patriarchal structures

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Right now, we’re seeing an uptick in the embrace of the dark feminine overall. As with the phrase “nasty woman” being reclaimed and resignified by feminists of all stripes, the word “witch” is now being worn as a badge of pride. Witches are change-makers. They’re transgressive beings who dwell on the fringes of society, and so they’re the perfect icon for rebels, outsiders, and rabble-rousers, especially those of the female persuasion.

Women are tired of being told we have to be bright, happy, pretty, and pleasing all the time, while still being paid less and given less autonomy over our bodies and lives. By embracing our dark aspects, we are rejecting the paradigm of “perfection” and oppression that centuries of history have calcified in our collective psyche.

Most significantly, the witch is the antithesis of patriarchal structures. She represents an alternative way of being across so many systems. She is…

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