GrannyMoons Weekly Feast: 13 June 2021

Blessed Be my little Witch. To those who came before and those who will come after, know that the Goddess is with you always. Thank you all my dear readers…be blessed. ~GrannyMoon


Dark Moon – Time to Rest

New Moon – Time to Begin New Projects; Birth; Attraction

Waxing Moon – Time to Grow; Increase

Full Moon – Time to be Fulfilled; Abundance

Waning Moon – Time to Banish; Decrease

Last Sliver of Moon – Time to Die; Letting Go

Dark Moon – Time to Rest Again


Light A Candle Today!

In many different traditions lighting a candle is a sacred action. It expresses more than words can express. It has to do with gratefulness. From time immemorial, people have lit candles in sacred places. You may want to begin or end your day by the sacred ritual of lighting a candle on this gratefulness. Or you may want to light a birthday candle for a friend. One single guideline is all you need: Slow down and do it with full attention.


Herb of the Year for 2021: Parsley (Petroselinum crispum, named by the International Herb Association.

Goddess Month of Rosea runs from 6/13 – 7/10

Celtic Tree Calendar: Duir – Oak Moon: June 10 -July 7 ~ The mighty Oak is strong, powerful, and typically towering over all of its neighbors. The Oak King rules over the summer months, and this tree was sacred to the Druids.


Birthday Flower for June: Honeysuckle

June is National Dairy Month, National Candy Month.

June 14: Flag Day.

June 19. Juneteenth. Celebrating the end of slavery and the beginning of a long, difficult road to racial justice in America.

June 20: Father’s Day. Also, the summer solstice—the official beginning of summer.

June 22: National Onion Rings Day. Yes, onions are an herb, too—and good for you, (although not necessarily when they’re deep-fried).

June 23: St. John’s Eve, a traditional European celebration of Midsummer’s magic

June 27: National Orange Blossom Day. It’s also National Indian Pudding Day.

June 28. Another pudding celebration: National Tapioca Day.


Our Current Moon Phase: Waxing Moon 

Time: From New Moon To Full (Approx. 14 Days)

Goddess Aspect: Maiden

Associated Goddesses: Artemis, Branwen, Eriu, Nymph, Epona

Magickal Attributes: Invoking Beginnings, New Projects, Ideas, Inspiration, Energy, Vitality, Freedom. Workings On This Day Are For “Constructive” Magick (Love, Wealth, Success, Courage, Friendship, Luck Or Health.) 


High Priestess Training with GrannyMoon

The entire course takes 15 months to complete (four levels). Tuition covers lessons, assignments, and instructor feedback. In addition, students may download guided meditation exercises and be eligible for Sabbats, Esbats, and retreats with the Sisterhood. The entire fee for each level is $120 (payment plan available), sixteen lessons in each level, except the last.

Ceremonial Cords and frame-able Completion Certificates are awarded as members complete each level.

Level I – Initiate of the Sisters of the Burning Branch – White cord

Level II – Adept of the Sisters of the Burning Branch- Red cord

Level III – Priestess of the Sisters of the Burning Branch- Black cord

Level IV – High Priestess of the Sisters of the Burning Branch – Green cord

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Learn About Herbs with GrannyMoon!

Treat headaches with herbs. You’re reading, driving, working, cooking—and whoomf! a headache happens. For ordinary headaches caused by the stresses and strains of daily life, a calming cup of herbal tea may be all you need to restore your equilibrium. Use these dried headache herbs, brewed with 1 cup boiling water and sweetened with honey:

Lavender, lemon balm, meadowsweet, ½ teaspoon each

Sage, rosemary, mint, ½ teaspoon each

Rosemary, marjoram, peppermint, ½ teaspoon each

A cool lavender compress for the temples and a quiet rest in a dark room may also give you the relief you need.

There is so much to learn about herbs! In Herbalism 101, we cover 21 herbs, and you will start your own personal Materia Medica, which we will build throughout the next levels. We will cover the basic aspects of herbs. From culinary to magickal, medicinal to ornamental. As well as the many modalities of herbs!

During this course, in addition to the online lessons and hands-on projects that you do at home, I will be sending you articles, and information, as well as questions about your own personal use and research.

I look forward to walking this green journey with you! I love herbs and I hope that you do too or will learn to!

There are 10 lessons in each level and there is no time limit for completion. You may study at your own pace! There are no texts to purchase.

For more info or to join my class, click here!

The cost for Level 1 is $50.00 or the entire Healing Arts Course (1-3) for $150.00, which includes a free Reiki certification course when all three are ordered!


The Goddess School Grimoire
Hardcover: $39.45
Softback: $26.95
eBook (PDF): $6.25

The Goddess School Grimoire is a collection of recipes, artwork, poetry, prose, prayers, rituals, spells, and practical Goddess wisdom put together by the teachers, students, alumni, and friends of The Sisters of the Burning Branch Goddess School. The sisterhood is dedicated to restoring spiritual balance by returning the Divine Feminine to her rightful place and by assisting women in their personal and spiritual development. Since being founded by Head and High Mother Priestess Grandmother Moon in 2000, The Goddess School ( has grown into a large and beautiful global community of women.


Biddy Tarot

Card of the Week: Four of Wands

What are you celebrating this week? With the Four of Wands, this week is sure to be one of joyful celebration, blissful happiness, and appreciation for the good things in life.
This is the perfect time to celebrate with those you love most. You may commemorate a significant event or milestone such as a wedding, birthday, homecoming, or reunion. Relax and let your hair down – enjoy this special time together!

The Four of Wands can indicate that you’re returning home or to the people and places familiar to you. You feel supported and secure, knowing you’re with those who love and care about you.
After a period of rapid growth and expansion, it’s time to pause and celebrate what you have achieved so far.
Step back for a moment and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

Ask Your Tarot Cards: What am I celebrating? 

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Stacy Adams <>

June 14, 2021 – June 20, 2021

The third week of June starts with a bang but settles down later in the week.

It’s time to focus on transformational change. This is a great time to do some inner inventory, decide what is working in your life and what isn’t, and then begin making the necessary changes.

Midweek, the Moon moves through service-oriented Virgo. The Moon in Virgo is the point in the monthly lunar cycle to take care of any tasks on your to-do list that needs to be completed. Health-related issues may also be an issue.

This weekend your focus shifts you out of social butterfly mode and straight into your comfort zones. Family matters may surface that need attention. Home repairs and remodeling will be an excellent focus.

Recommended Candles: Needed Change/Banishing (Blessed Herbal), Keep Calm and Lavender On  (Wicked Good Spray), and Happy Home (Blessed Herbal), 3rd Eye – Clarity (Chakra Magic), Heart – Healing (Chakra Magic)

Here’s what you missed on this week…

Tips and Tricks to Wrangling Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Rx Dirty Dozen! Tips and Tricks to Wrangling the Trickster God

1. Make sure you go over anything contractual thoroughly. Make sure all the i’s are dotted, and all the t’s are crossed. If you can get away with it, wait until after the retrograde is over (June 22) to sign on the dotted line.

New Moon in Gemini June 10, 2021

The New Moon in Gemini on June 10, 2021, is nothing to play around with. This poor gal is aligned with a solar eclipse that is in conflict with Saturn and Mercury in retrograde. Storm Cestavani highly recommends we keep our nose clean and our head under the covers.

This is the Moment to Claim your Eternal Truth

Welcome to June! May 29 – June 22 is Mercury Retrograde. Buckle your seatbelts and keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times. We begin this month with Mercury Rx in his own sign of Gemini. You can expect the typical issues that occur during MRx may be amplified or Mercury Rx squared.

Copyright Coventry Creations 2021 


Saturn Squares Uranus

by Rubys Readings

“Structure meets Rebellion” For All Zodiac Signs

The 2nd longer term connection between stern Saturn and shocking Uranus is already underway and peaks on June 14. This influence causes restlessness and high anxiety, so it can be difficult to stick to normal routines and schedules. There’s a sense of urgency in the air so the atmosphere can feel chaotic, as there can be unexpected shocks and surprises.

The Saturn/Uranus Square is an unusual Cosmic connection, especially a long-term one that repeatedly comes together such as this one, and all year long we are dealing with this unbalanced energy.

Saturn is the conservative and authoritative planet and is in the progressive sign of Aquarius all year long. Uranus is the progressive planet of rebellion and revolution, and is in the emotional sign of Taurus all year long!

This connection is rare, so when these two planets clash, their energies can feel oppressive, and we might find ourselves at a crossroads looking at two different paths or missions we need to follow in our life. Even when we are working towards two different goals, we probably will end up with similar results. This energy is the old versus the new. We may have to let go of something to move forward or try to stick to traditions while starting something new which can be rather difficult.

Saturn’s tense Square to Uranus generates friction. As these two planets clash, they create tension between our need for freedom and independence, versus our desire for structure and stability. Ideally, if we get creative, we can strike a balance between having our independence and meeting our plans and goals all at the same time. But this takes work and commitment.

Still, limitations or restrictions are not as easy to deal with under this influence, as the rules will be enforced. We need boundaries set in place to feel more in control and less chaotic. When we attempt to assert our need for individuality, freedom, or originality, and try to do things our own way we can be undermined by our own need to keep our lives grounded and secure. This is a push and pulls kind of energy.

But we may not feel content with conforming, and there can be sudden surprises or unexpected twists that force us to do something differently. This influence can free us from old habits and learned behaviors. So it’s important to be flexible, as we may have to make changes to our plans, especially while Mercury is still retrograde thru the end of June, which can just cause even more confusion. Trying to balance starting up something new or different while keeping things agreeable and traditional is the challenge.

Any setbacks we experience now are usually only temporary and could lead to new paths or solutions. But this aspect does cause some real frustrations. There can be a difference of opinion, which can feel more problematic than usual, as it blocks progress and causes delays. The people we normally rely on may not be as reliable right now. So we may end up having to do things for ourselves or on our own.

This long-term Saturn Square Uranus transit meeting is the 2nd of three meetings in 2021, with the last one occurring on December 24th, 2021.

Stay Safe & Be Well

~Ruby )0(


What’s Happening!

Sticks and Stones has invited you to the event ‘Intuitive Card Readings with Sway’ on Sticks and Stones!

Intuitive Card Readings with Sway

Time: July 4, 2021 all day

Location: Sticks and Stones

Sway Is a practitioner with over 5 years of experience. She was born in Northeastern Pa, but grew up in the U.S Virgin Islands. She’s familiar with Pennsylvania Dutch Folk magic with a Caribbean influence. She is an artist, healer, animal lover, and an intuitive reader. She is a certified life coach, as well as, a therapeutic art coach. Sway is an eclectic grey witch, focusing on woman’s spirituality and empowerment. Her readings are gentle and encouraging, she will leave you feeling lighter and empowered.

She offers card readings all week – $45


Llewellyn’s Spell A Day

Candle Tips


Before lighting a new candle for a spell, check to make sure that you have peeled off all the wrappers and labels. Some candles have a layer of clear plastic shrink-wrapped around them that is hard to see and will smoke if the candle is lit.

You can dedicate any candle for a certain spell or ritual by using a pin to carve a name, runes, or other magical symbols down the side. If you don’t like handling sharp things, a dried-out ballpoint pen also works well.

If a candle builds up a pool of melted wax that threatens to drown the flame, you can tilt the candle or press a metal tool against the rim of wax to make a channel so that some of the wax can run out.

When a candlewick burns down too low to light but there is still plenty of wax in the rest of the candle, carve a well around the wick in order to make it long enough to burn.


Blessings, Gifts, and Opportunities


Each morning brings an opportunity to gives thanks and gratitude for a new day and new beginning. Each night brings an opportunity to give thanks and reflect upon our day before we close our eyes for sleep. Whether the day has been good or bad, we can always find one thing for which to be grateful.

We are powerful beings. We have the ability to call forth and manifest. Today, give thanks for all the blessings, gifts, and opportunities you have received. Use your power to keep calling goodness into your life by sincerely connecting with your higher power or deity. Say:

Thank you for all the blessings, gifts,

and opportunities I have received.

And thank you for all the blessings,

gifts, and opportunities that are

on their way to me right now.

Use this mantra on a daily basis to keep the energy and power of good juju flowing in your life.


Take Back the Night


With the days growing longer as we approach the summer solstice, June is a delightful time to perform some night magic, even if you aren’t a huge fan of the dark. As I age, my night vision grows worse, and often the darkness leaves me feeling more vulnerable to falling. It’s been a long, dark winter.

Tonight, take back the night by going for an evening walk. Sunset will occur today at 8:52 p.m. here in the Eastern time zone on the north side of Lake Ontario. Only a few short months ago, it would have been completely dark hours earlier.

Depart on your walk in time to be outdoors and facing west as the sun is setting. Pause, give thanks for the long days of light and take back the night hours as yours to enjoy for the next few weeks. Then turn around and walk back home in the growing dusk.


Eclipse Spell to Find the Lost


The world is buzzing today, with the solar eclipse in the air. Did you know eclipses are particularly good to work with for finding lost objects? They help reveal the things that remain hidden, especially when those things are in plain sight!

To cast this spell, you’ll need one small white candle and one small black candle. The bigger the candle, the longer it will take for the spell to work. Anoint the candles with a small amount of eucalyptus essential oil (or camphor oil). Hold the black candle and say:

You! You are (the thing that is

missing) and I am going to find you!

Then light the black candle. When the candle has burned down about halfway, hold the white candle in your hand and say:

What was hidden is now revealed!

Then light the white candle from the black candle. Allow both to burn out safely on their own. Keep an eye out for synchronicities and have an open mind. Usually, the lost object reveals itself within forty-eight hours.


Honoring Vesta


Historically there was only one time every year when Vesta’s temple was open to the public: during the festival of Vestalia, held from June 7–15. Even then, only females were permitted to enter, and they had to petition for blessings on behalf of the rest of their family and household. Thankfully, these days most of the progressive pagan community has moved beyond such gender segregation, so let’s all take the opportunity today to honor this goddess of hearth and home.

For many of us, our home is our temple. Today, make an offering to Vesta of some home-cooked food from your kitchen hearth. It doesn’t matter if it’s elaborate or simple— perhaps a lovely bit of homemade bread or even a cup of tea made yourself. Place it on your altar and safely light a candle to Vesta. Ask for a blessing upon your hearth, home, and family. Be sure to extinguish the candle. Blessed be!


Storm’s Oatmeal Abundance Cookies


Oatmeal cookies have many ingredients associated with money and abundance. As you perform this spell, contemplate each ingredient and feel how they are all part of the magic.

You will need:

* 1 cup (2 sticks) butter, softened

* 1 1/4 cups brown sugar, firmly packed

* 1/2 cup granulated sugar

* 2 eggs

* 2 teaspoons vanilla

* 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

* 1 teaspoon baking soda

* 1/2 teaspoon salt

* 2 teaspoons cinnamon

* 3 cups uncooked oatmeal

* 1 1/4 cups raisins

* 2 tablespoons unsweetened applesauce

* 1/8 teaspoon ground cloves

* Pinch of nutmeg

Preheat oven to 350°F. In a mixing bowl, beat together butter and sugars until creamy. Add eggs and vanilla, and beat until smooth.

In a separate bowl, combine flour, baking soda, and salt. Sprinkle cinnamon on top in the shape of a dollar sign. Mix together. Add to the dough.

Add the oats, raisins, applesauce, cloves, and nutmeg. Mix well.

Drop by rounded tablespoonfuls onto an ungreased cookie sheet.

Bake 10–12 minutes or until golden brown.

Cool 1 minute on the cookie sheet before removing to a wire rack.

Offer a cookie to the spirits of the land. The rest are to be enjoyed.


A Grass Love Spell


Use this spell before a wedding or a handfasting, or just to strengthen any romance. It should be performed with your romantic partner. You’ll need a small grapevine wreath. To perform this spell, go to a field where tall wild grasses are growing. Cut some grasses. With your partner, twist the grass around the wreath until it’s covered with grass. As you do so, together say:

Like this circle, our love is

unbroken and round.

These grasses


Heartwings Love Notes 986 Do You Take time or Do You Have It?

Heartwings says, “Having no time is one excuse for not taking it.”

How often have you said “I’ll do it soon,” meaning when I have the time? If you are anything like me, you probably say it all too often. I know I have one item on my kitchen to do list (as opposed to my desk to do list) that has been there for weeks, if not months.  Somehow, I never seem to get around to it and I’m not sure why. It doesn’t take long to make a chocolate sauce—the task in question—yet I haven’t done so. Somehow other tasks seem to supersede, and I don’t take the time.

Whatever squeaky wheel is current seems to take precedence over the chocolate sauce. Whatever seems immediate gets my attention, and in the time left over there is always email. My goal is to keep the email list under fifty. I don’t always succeed, although I do try my best to keep up with anything important. Longer emails that need more time tend to accumulate until I have the time to answer them. Therein lies the conundrum because I probably have the time if and when I am willing to take it.

Taking the time, making the choice to do so, being mindful of what is to be done comes down to fulfilling my own responsibility, which evolves from the real reasons to do or not to do whatever it is. Alas, some things are a mystery. I confess this is a conundrum I have yet to resolve. In the meantime, here’s my recipe for Simple Chocolate Sauce, the one I have for no reason I can think of, put off making. Maybe my readers would enjoy trying it. If you do, let me know how you like it.

Ingredients: 1 cup sugar, ½ cup chocolate powder, ½ tsp salt, ¾ cup hot water, 1 tsp vanilla, and an optional sick of cinnamon. To make: mix sugar and chocolate powder in a small to medium pot. Add hot water and cinnamon. Bring to a boil, stirring well, turn down and simmer for ten minutes. Cool and add vanilla. Pour into a jar, cover and store in a cool place.

May you find a way to take the time you need for what you have to do.

Blessings and Best Regards, Tasha Halpert

 PS How about you? Do you suffer from a sense of “to do” overload? Or is your time management perfected? Write and let me know, I’ll be so glad to hear from you. My email is , and if you’d like, visit my web pages at  for more love notes and other things too.  


Magical Things

Keeping a collection of magical items is a great way to reflect and be inspired.

Though the universe as a whole is imbued with an undeniable aura of magic, we can further fill our lives with magic by creating a collection of magical things. More than being simply beautiful, such objects can potentially play an active role in the shaping of our experience as each magical object serves a unique and multifaceted purpose. Some inspire us to reflect while some have the power to positively influence our moods. Others take us back in time, capturing in their essence memories locked in history or helping us reaffirm our connection with the universe. Magical objects can be found almost anywhere and can be practically anything, from gifts of nature to man made artifacts. You’ll know an object is truly magical when it touches you deeply, awakening some primal part of yourself that is more profoundly connected to the ethereal.

There is no right or wrong way to introduce a magical object into your life — the collection you create can be large or small, kept in private or publicly displayed. You may already be in possession of such objects. Perhaps you keep a smooth river stone next to your bed because its presence is soothing. Or you find yourself intensely drawn to certain antique items that seem to radiate light and energy. Whatever the nature of the objects you deem magical, there are many ways to utilize them. Those that help you reach a contemplative and relaxed state may best serve their purpose on your personal altar or in some special place in your home. Objects that bring you comfort can be kept in a small pouch and carried throughout the day. Or you may feel compelled to infuse your collection with beauty by making it into a collage that naturally draws your eye and stimulates your soul.

Everyone can benefit from surrounding themselves with magical objects. Our lives are made just a little more light and fun when having magical things in our presence. If you feel you don’t have anything magical in your life, ask the universe for help, and it will not be long before a meaningful artifact, a simple feather, a special stone, or another powerful item reveals itself to you and fills your life with enchantment.  


We had a kettle; we let it leak:

Our not repairing made it worse.

We haven’t had any tea for a week . . .

The bottom is out of the Universe.

~Rudyard Kipling, “Natural Theology,” 1889

Tea: The Real Deal

According to Chinese legend, the first cup of tea was brewed about five thousand years ago by Shen Nong, aka The Divine Cultivator. One day, he was boiling water outdoors when leaves of a nearby plant (it happened to be Camellia sinensis) blew off a bush and plopped into the water. The Divine Cultivator tasted the brew and found that it hit the spot. A cup of tea was soon on everyone’s table.

The Buddhists explain things differently. The monk Dharuma practiced meditation all day long. One drowsy afternoon, he found his eyelids drooping. So keep this from happening again, he sliced them off and threw them away. A tea plant sprang up where they fell, and after a little trial and error, Dharuma discovered the secret of brewing its leaves into a drink that would keep him awake—although one has to suppose that he learned to sleep with his eyes open.

Tea became known in Europe in the 1600s, as merchant ships made their way to the Orient and back again The sprightly stimulant became immediately popular and a brisk trade developed. Tea helped to precipitate at least one war (the American Revolution began with the Boston Tea Party), served several governments as currency, and helped to build the British Empire. Americans have done their fair share, too. They invented iced tea (first served at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904) and the tea bag (first used in 1908 in New York City by Thomas Sullivan). The origins of instant tea are a bit more murky. The Old Foodie offers one peek into its history.

Tea isn’t just a delicious stimulant. In the last few decades, scientists have compiled a convincing dossier of its medicinal virtues. Tea is reported help to protect the arteries against cholesterol clogs; inhibit the growth of cancers of the colon, stomach, and breast; reduce inflammation; and neutralize many viruses. You can drink black tea or green tea, hot tea or iced tea, with or without caffeine. But do drink brewed tea; scientists say that bottled tea and instant tea don’t have as many antioxidants. Herbal teas have different health benefits; you’ll want to check them out, as well.

And Kipling was right, of course. No tea for a week would turn our world upside down!


UFOs: From Secrecy to Disclosure


Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Warren Agius, author of the new Evidence of Extraterrestrials.

UFO in the Sky

In 2017, military footage was released to the public showing military fighter jets pursuing tic-tac-shaped aircrafts. In 2020, the Pentagon formally acknowledged these videos and affirmed that the aircrafts were indeed UFOs. Although the journey toward full disclosure isn’t over, improvement most certainly has been made. The past seventy-three years have been frustrating for UFO researchers, with every government-funded project designed to study the UFO phenomenon dismissing the reports and ridiculing the witnesses altogether.

After the Roswell crash in 1947, the number of UFO reports increased drastically. With continued pressure on the Air Force to provide answers to these sightings, “Project Sign” was initiated in 1948. Project Sign investigated a total of 156 cases, 7 of which remained unidentified. Interestingly enough, the members wrote an Estimate of Situation and suggested that these UFO were in actual fact, interplanetary in origin. This hypothesis did not go down too well with General Vandenberg, the Chief of Staff of the project. Vandenberg, a well-renowned skeptic, dismissed this idea altogether and stated that UFOs were simply misidentifications of natural phenomena or celestial bodies.

Although the Air Force had now provided an answer to the UFO sightings, the reports continued to rise, and this explanation simply didn’t suffice. To keep up with the rise in reports, the Air Force initiated “Project Grudge.” Although the project lasted three years, only one document was produced. The 600-page Grudge report gave numerous suggestions and explanations to solve the rise in UFO reports. The first was to launch a public education campaign focusing on minimizing the importance of the phenomenon and stating that these reports were all hoaxes and attempts by people to gain fame and publicity.

The report further stated that the observed UFOs are not interplanetary in origin, nor do they pose a threat to national security or possess advanced technology. If we consider the UFO reports investigated by Project Grudge, the latter two explanations are simply inaccurate. If an unidentified and unconventional aircraft infiltrates a nation’s airspace, then it is indeed a threat to national security. Moreover, if an aircraft outmaneuvers and outpaces the best fighter jets the military has in its arsenal, then it is most definitely more technologically advanced.

The preposterous investigations continued with the initiation of the “Robertson Panel.” The committee members stated that the reports were simply (a) a misidentification of enemy aircraft, (b) hoaxes and (c), public mass hysteria caused by psychological warfare. It is still unbeknownst to me how in just under twelve hours, the committee members solved one of the most complex phenomena. Even with the knowledge and information we have in the 21st century, the technology of these beings is so advanced that we still cannot comprehend how these aircraft operate.

The most notable UFO project lasted for seventeen years under the name “Project Blue Book.” The Air Force investigated a total of 12,618 reports, 701 of which remained unexplained. The aim of this investigation was two-fold: the first was to scientifically and objectively study the UFO reports and secondly, to discern whether these aircraft posed a threat to national security. The project was terminated not because these two goals were achieved, but because the Air Force deemed the study of the UFO phenomenon as a waste of resources. Although numerous government-funded projects were initiated to study UFO reports, they all came to the same conclusion; that the phenomenon is extraneous. Or that’s what they wanted the public to believe.

After Project Blue Book was terminated, the public believed that the Air Force simply stopped investigating UFO reports. It was not until 2017 that the government stated that UFO reports were still being investigated and had been since 2007 under the name AATIP—the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. The program had a budget of over 20 million dollars and important breakthroughs were made. Luis Elizondo, the program director, stated that they were in possession of metal alloys that were extraterrestrial in origin.

The study of the UFO phenomenon has developed and progressed significantly over the past seventy-four years. The mindset has shifted from seeing UFO reports as nonsensical, to the Pentagon declassifying military footage showing fighter jets pursuing UFOs. Although we have more answers than we had seventy-four years ago, there are still numerous important things which we still do not know. Who are these visitors? What are their intentions? These questions may remain unanswered, but the one thing which we do know is that we are not alone in the universe. We never have been. Not only have we been visited since the beginning of time, but these visitors are infinitely more advanced and superior to us.

Our thanks to Warren for his guest post! For more from Warren Agius, read his article “5 Characteristics Typical of a UFO Sighting.”


Hawthorn: What’s It Good For?

by: EagleSong Gardener

Evening falls.

Spirit comes.

Sun goes down and the day is done.

Mother Earth awaken me

To the heartbeat of the sea.

Hawthorn: What’s It Good For?

“What’s it good for?”, became the question that sent me into a nose dive that lasted several years and also brought me to the deepest place of realization that the world was decidedly different than it appeared. I retreated into self-isolation. The question was so captivating it took almost a decade to come to some understanding of what hawthorn was good for. And, in that discovery, the revelation or mirroring of what I was good for emerged as well.

Most herbalists I know are keen to say hawthorn is a good medicine for the heart and since cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of death in the world this made some kind of sense. But in that moment, I wanted to know something else…only I didn’t know what it was. Much like Linnaeus as he organized botanical information into a system, and yet intuitively knew there was something outside his perception that was alive. Because he couldn’t see it, he could not name it, so he referred to it as chaos. With today’s electron microscopes micro-organisms can be seen and named. Today, we are on the edge of another shift in perception that words are not quite able to get around. A shift that is more palpable daily.

Slipping into liminal space…

Hawthorn as an ally kept egging me on to learn more. Anatomy and physiology classes, I explored her distribution around the planet, recognizing diversity extended capacity. I watched people spending a great deal of time, money, and anguish over heart diseases while condemning the very tree that could support their health.

First, my apprenticeship with the tree herself was required. Hence, all of the research and travel getting acquainted with Crataegus. The hands-on harvest of the leaves, flowers, fruits, and, finally, scion wood for grafting the Golden Girl and expanding this one Crataegus’ reach in the world. By giving myself to the tree for several days during 3 seasons of each year, I began to feel the pulse of earth and heaven moving through me. My life revolved around her schedule. With only 3 days to harvest flowers and leaves from each tree meant that I planned my life around her bloom and fruiting seasons. The fruit harvest window is a little easier but learning how to tell when different species of hawthorn are ripe is an art and craft. And, where I live, they are not “better after a frost”. In fact, if I waited for a frost there may be no harvest of fruit at all.

Next, ingestion by creating many different preparations that I could eat and drink to see what would happen. After 10 years of bringing hawthorn into my diet as a nourishing and tonifying herb used regularly, my personal experience supports hawthorns’ use as an adaptogen, that is, a plant that is non-toxic, non-specific, and generally beneficial to the whole organism.

Over time it became apparent that my deeper question was less a concern with hawthorn’s medicinal use and more an inquiry as to why is heart disease such a prevalent pattern in humankind at this time? I was less interested in finding a cure or fixing a problem, although delighted that hawthorn can be used by anyone with beneficial effect; it turned out my interest was in the heart itself and its place and function in our lives.

What is the heart and what does it do?…

An interesting aspect of the heart I’ve learned through this experience is that the heart is more than a pump. It could not do what it does for a lifetime if it was merely a mechanical pump. The mechanistic view of the heart has guided western medicine since 1628 when an English physician, William Harvey, published an anatomical study on the motion of the heart and circulation of blood in animals, De Mortu Cordis. This (1) work redirected medicine toward a mechanistic perspective and away from a vitalist viewpoint.

Today, people in many fields of inquiry are shifting perspectives and encompassing an enhanced vitalist or dynamic view of life and health. The idea that human beings are generative elements in creation, that their bodies have over time learned to adapt and change through many dynamic planetary events is, presently, one of particular interest.

It turns out the heart, for now, has 3 methods for regulating and influencing the body and surrounding fields. First, it produces electromagnetic energy and can mirror the earth’s electromagnetic field. Second, it is rich in neural cells so the heart has intelligence and communicates directly with the brain. And, “the third level of influence of the heart on the brain is hormonal, this influences endocrine activity…”(2) The heart is coming into focus as the central organ of the body which connects the individual with the whole of creation internally and externally. WOW…the heart is way more than a pump! Having it function well is going to change your life!

So what now?

On the surface, the world is undergoing phenomenal change on many levels at unprecedented speeds. Quantum physics, biology, and other sciences are changing the way we see the world and our place in it. Science is measuring and investigating the human organism in wholly new ways and finding new and ancient alignments. The current planetary engagement with a microorganism magnifies the extent of the changes happening. What a time to be alive!

When there is upheaval in nature, often the species on the edge of the disruption move to the center as things stabilize, there was no niche for them until disruption opens new niches. “…new species evolve on the margins.”(3)

Weeds are species that succeed in disruption and live on the margins. While haw is a tree, she is considered a weed by many and entirely disregarded by others. She has a certain capacity called apomixis by which she can spontaneously create a new species without pollination from another tree. That might be a useful strategy as we move forward. Eating weeds is an easy way to build one’s physical body literally from the elements needed to navigate disruption thereby, adapting to dynamic disequilibrium or perhaps life’s ever-changing dance.

​A streamlined answer to, “What is hawthorn good for? is a holographic microcosm of the vastness of Crataegus: The Generative Genus…

• Strengthening the heart muscle

• Improving digestion and circulation

• Resolving arterial congestion and lowering blood pressure

• Increasing flexibility of the arteries, veins, and capillaries in the body

• Supporting the immune system and increasing longevity

• Hawthorn is filled with anti-inflammatory flavonoids

• Minerals and nutrients including magnesium and calcium to nourish and strengthen the whole person

• Although no single constituent can be singled out as the active ingredient, the sum of all her parts brings the magic and medicine of hawthorn to life

• To strengthen a weak heart or carry an old heart into a healthy future consider hawthorn as an ally

• Crataegus spp. an herb, a food, a medicine that nourishes and tonifies the guiding organ, the heart, of each individual and humanity.

Sitting with the heart and a bigger sense of what the heart is and its capacity. My heart. Your heart. The heart of the earth. The heart of creation.

Imagine the coronary arteries encircling your heart like a crown, bringing nourishment and oxygen-rich blood to your body. Feel your heartbeat. Feel each breath and the give-away dance connecting you and plants.

What magnificence the ongoing journey of being human is. Seeing the heart of matter transcending into a new state of being…

Big love is action.

Engage hawthorn as a guide showing you the way forward. Challenging and strengthening every step of the way. Through darkness, into light, again and again around an ever expanding spiral.

While we cannot control the outcome of the world emerging, we can influence the direction of flow by our actions and the allies we call upon. By boundaries set and the capacity to do what we’ve come here to do, and be an experience we can each fulfill our destiny. May the Haw be with you!

Herbs are people’s medicine.(4)

(1)Thomas Cowan, MD, Human Heart, Cosmic Heart (Chelsea Green, 2016)

(2) Joseph Chilton Pearce, The Biology of Transcendence A Blueprint of the Human Spirit, (Park 2 Street Press, 2002)

(3) Thomas J. Elpel, Botany in a Day, (HOPS Press, 3rd Edition, 1998)

(4) Susun Weed


EagleSong Gardener, Herbalist/Gardener, Grandmother/EarthKeeper, Pilgrim/Adventurer, Hawthorn Whisperer

Is excited by the dynamic nature of life in a garden. Gardening since childhood, EagleSong has tended/managed high visibility kitchen gardens and farms, commercial gardens, herb gardens & nurseries and has trained in Healing & Therapeutic garden design. Today, she enjoys teaching health from the ground up at the generative space of her home place, RavenCroft Garden. A cottage garden connecting people, plants, and the earth for close to 30 years.

As co-creatrix of HerbWiseWomen, an online community for Herb-Ally Curious Women, EagleSong delights in crafting spaces where women gather to connect, learn and transform themselves and the world at their own place and in their own pace.

EagleSong Gardener

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Gilberto Rides Again Chapter 5

by Stephen Halpert

A weary Gilberto came home early. Between the cancer diagnosis and Ramon’s revelation the world felt too much with him. He yawned, took a beer from the fridge and stretched out on the couch.

Maria joined him. She put her iced tea on the coffee table beside his beer. “I can hear you thinking,” she smiled.  “Why don’t you tell me?”

He looked at her and thought how special she was. “Tell you what?’

She sipped her iced tea.” “Something’s bothering you. I can always hear you thinking.”

Gilberto shrugged. “If you can hear my thoughts then I don’t have to say what they are. Nothing we can do about it anyway.”

She cuddled next to him and started kissing his neck. “You are such a sexy gentleman.”

Her kisses tickled. He giggled. “Anyway, I’m bound to secrecy. I promised.”

She ran her hand over his chest. “Promised who?”

” If you must know, Ramon.”

Maria looked pensive. She sipped her iced tea. “My guess is one of the sweet young things at Atlas is on the make for him.”

His eyes widened. “Not exactly a young thing, more a cougar.”

Maria raised her eyebrows. “Ramon? Isn’t he a little long in the tooth for your average cougar?”

Gilberto shrugged. “You never can tell these days. Besides Ramon has continental flavoring. Some women find him adorable; others say he’s hot and sophisticated. He makes the perfect Latin lover, exciting a woman’s fantasies.”

Maria laughed. “And some cougar has the hots for him.”

Gilberto swallowed some beer and kissed Maria. He nodded then, offhandedly, “I guess you could say that.”

She finished unbuttoning his shirt, started loosening his belt.

Surprise in his voice. “What are you doing?”

“What do you think I’m doing? I’m getting you out of your office uniform.”

“What for? What if our daughter wanders in?”

“What do you mean what for, silly? So you can relax. Besides she’s visiting a friend from school and won’t be home till after supper. And Joey’s at his friend’s David; so this is a rare opportunity. I have you all to myself.”

He giggled and took another sip of beer. “You’re seducing me so I’ll blurt out more about Ramon. I know your tricks.” Then he pulled her closer and kisser her. He slid his hand against her skin.

Her arms around his neck. She breathed heavily. Finally she said. “We don’t have to stay here on the couch. We have a perfectly wonderful bed.”

He laughed. “I thought you’d never ask.” He stood and scooped her up in his arms. “You’re getting me all confused.”

“Is that a new word for arousal?” She kissed him, nuzzling against his neck. “So big deal, Ramon’s on an ego trip.”

He carried her down the hall into their bedroom carefully setting her on their bed. He lay down beside her. “No problem if that was all it was. But if you must know she wants to meet Rosa. Told him she wants to check out her competition. Said she wants him all for herself. I tell you Maria from what Ramon says this woman is a shark.”

“Oh my,” Maria commiserated.  “Poor Ramon.”

“But you’re not supposed to know. I’ve been sworn to secrecy. You seduced me and wormed all this out of me.”

She sounded indignant. “Please Gilberto. I’d never worm anything out of you. What a terrible

thing to say.”

“I promised not to say anything.”

“Gilberto I can hear your mind churning. You’re concerned for Ramon and it’s leaking out all over the bed.  But not to worry. I won’t let the cat out of the bag.”

He propped himself up on his elbow. “He’s worried, doesn’t know which way to turn.”

“How could he? He’s in love with Rosa and still craves cougar excitement. I’d say that’s pretty typical of the average long-time married male.”

He squinched his eyes. “You think?”

“Yes, I think. You know as well as I do that after so many years many married guys are hungry for exactly the affection, whoever she is, is dishing up at him.”

He looked dismayed. “So he’s trapped. Nobody’s fault. Just human nature.”

She frowned. “I didn’t say that.”

The front door to the condo opened. Joey called out. “Hi mom, I’m home. Did I miss supper?”

He sat up abruptly. “Maybe next time we don’t mix Ramon with our love life.”

“She nodded. “Or anyone else for that matter.”

Maria kissed Gilberto. “Hi, Joey,” she called. “Not to worry there’s plenty to eat.” Lowering her voice, she said. “Please Gilberto, I don’t worm.” She kissed him, stood up from the bed, and rearranged herself.

That made him grin. “Ok, what would you call it?”

“Her eyes danced playfully. “Cross examination. Much more to the point. Didn’t you ever watch Perry Mason?”

He grinned and stood up. “So you had me on the witness stand.”

“No I had you on our bed where I like having you as frequently as possible. That, sir, has become a rare treat.”

Gilberto followed her into the kitchen. Joey was looking at the sports section of the paper. He smiled at Gilberto. “Guess what? Our soccer coach is leaving Houndstooth. Maybe you’d like to be our new coach?”

Gilberto shook his head no. “I wish, but who’s got time. Why’s he leaving?”

“I guess he and his wife are breaking up and he’s going back home to Ohio where he went to college.”

“That’s too bad. He’s a good coach.”

“When did you find out about this,” Maria asked?

“Today at practice. He said we’d be getting a new coach but didn’t say when.”

Maria looked at Gilberto. “Good soccer coaches aren’t easy to find.”

He nodded. “Especially if they’re experienced.”

“I wonder if Ramon would be interested,” she said. “He’s been on many all- star teams.”

“I’ll run it past him,” Gilberto said. “You never can tell.”

Joey’s eyes widened and he smiled. “Oh, Mr. Gomez would be great. I’ll tell our coach tomorrow at practice.”

(to be continued)


A Sunken Stone, A Story Found


As cemetery enthusiasts, we’ve seen the many ways people around the world honor their dead, from the moss-covered mausoleums of Edinburgh to candle-lit cemeteries in Italy. We’ve admired the small stones placed on Jewish graves in Jerusalem, the walls of urns in Japan, and Paris’ catacombs where bones are stacked and patterned in the underground ossuary. We love wandering through cemeteries with shady paths that invite us to meander and read the epitaphs to those gone before.

However a person is laid to rest, there is one thing all of these places have in common – they are vast libraries of unknown and untold stories. Sometimes the stories come to us easily, like following a gently worn path our ancestors left for us many years ago. Other times, the stories take hours of time and research to uncover. Each headstone, rock, photograph, or candle represents a life lived. A life that was undoubtedly filled with hopes and dreams, happiness and heartbreak. Each lie in rest with their mark left behind, their mark on our lives and also what was left in remembrance on their marker. Why do Find a Grave volunteers spend so much time photographing and documenting graves? Because we understand that this small act of service opens the door for others to discover their ancestors’ stories.

Frank Delaney said, “To understand and reconnect with our stories, the stories of the ancestors, is to build our identities.” When one walks up to a tombstone or a memorial site, there arises a feeling of brevity and wonder. You might run a finger across the etched birth and death dates. You know that between birth and death, there is a lifetime of stories. An understanding arises that they have been where you are now – and someday you will be where they now rest. When you stand before the grave of a loved one, you understand that their story intermingles with yours. Their influence has contributed to your own story.

One of our contributors, Paul Vogt, was recently on the receiving end of an amazing act of kindness. Paul’s great aunt Mary passed away in Detroit, Michigan, in 1905. Contaminated water caused a typhoid fever epidemic that swept through the city. Mary contracted the disease and died when she was just 22. Her family was devastated by the loss of their beautiful, dark-haired daughter. They purchased a marble headstone and Mary’s memory was immortalized. Years turned into decades and those who knew Mary passed on.

A few months back, Paul received a message from Jacquie, another contributor. In her research regarding cemeteries in Detroit, she came across a memorial with information about headstones found underwater in a lake, about an hour outside of the city. She searched Find a Grave and learned that Paul managed a memorial matching the description of one of the headstones included with that information. Jacquie messaged Paul and ultimately she connected him with another friend who helped with her research and knew more about two of the Detroit cemeteries and a gravestone monument company. Like following a trail of breadcrumbs, Paul was led to where the stone could be found. He located the property owner and learned the stone was still in the lake (nobody knows how it got there!). It’s possible that the headstones found in the lake were not originally placed on the graves because they had an inscription mistake.

Amazingly, the timing was perfect as the new owner was having his breakwall redone and offered to retrieve the headstone from the water if possible. Crews salvaged the headstone and Paul immediately came to retrieve it. He took his truck (and a strong friend) and picked up the 400-pound marble memorial to Mary. Because the cemetery where Mary is buried no longer allows marble markers, they brought the stone back to Paul’s home where it remains.

For Paul, this series of coincidences was more than that. “It’s amazing that my aunt was in the news after 110 years, amazing that a Find a Grave member informed me of the lost stone, amazing that I was able to retrieve the stone, and right after that, found a family scrapbook that had a picture of Mary in it.” Mary’s story is now connected to Paul’s story. He will never be able to look at Mary’s photo without contemplating the miracle of finding her memorial. We like to think Mary is smiling over the relationship she has formed with her great-nephew from beyond the grave.

The poet Rumi wrote, “On the day I die, when I’m being carried toward the grave, don’t weep. Don’t say, He’s gone! He’s gone. Death has nothing to do with going away. The sun sets and the moon sets, but they’re not gone. Death is a coming together. The tomb looks like a prison, but it’s really release into union. The human seed goes down in the ground like a bucket into the well… It grows and comes up full of some unimagined beauty.” The stories we discover and share are that unimagined beauty coming into full light.

In the end, not everyone’s resting place is going to be the same. It may be a manicured or overgrown cemetery, ashes scattered over a waterfall, a respectfully placed urn, a raised mound under the shade of a tree, or a marble stone immersed in a lake. Each grave represents the story of those who came before us. Thank you to all of our Find a Grave contributors.  Your efforts help others uncover new stories every day!


Kitty Kat’s Korner

Share your love for cats!

Creating a Pet Safe Garden


With summer on the horizon, many of us are looking forward to spending more sunny days in our gardens. We might like to think of our gardens as our own little haven – and the same should apply for our pets.

PDSA Vet Nurse Nina Downing, said: “There are unfortunately many hidden hazards in our gardens that look innocent enough but could be harmful to our pets. From the type of plants we grow, to the ways we protect the plants from garden pests. So it’s important to know how to keep our pets, and other kinds of wildlife, safe from any potential dangers.

Avoid poisonous plants

“Though they might be beautiful to look at, some plants and flowers are best kept well away from pets’ paws. It can be hard to know which ones to look out for and it does vary from season-to-season, so I’d always do a little research before introducing a new plant to your garden.

“Plants to avoid during the summer include: elder, foxglove, geranium, hydrangea, nightshade, rhubarb, tulips, and lily of the valley. It’s quite a shock when you find out about the toxins lurking in these plants – some even contain traces of cyanide, which can be particularly dangerous to both us and our four-legged friends.

Switch to natural pest control

“Pests like slugs and snails can be the bane of a gardener’s life. However, before reaching for chemical solutions, remember that pesticides can also be extremely toxic to pets and other wildlife. Most people aren’t aware of the pet-safe alternatives available, such as using hydrated lime as a barrier around plants, or using beer traps. Rabbits especially love to nibble on any growing plants, so if you must use a chemical pesticide, it’s essential to keep your pets well away from the area, which will save your prized vegetables too.

“It’s really important to consider other wildlife that explore your garden, as well as your pets. Hedgehogs and birds are happy helpers with pests, and will gobble up slugs, snails and insects. You can try installing a bird feeder, and encouraging hedgehogs to visit by creating places for them to sleep and safe routes to wander in and out of.

Pet-friendly resting spots

“Pets can easily overheat on warmer days, so make sure there are plenty of shady spots where they can relax and that they have free access to water at all times. Trees and large shrubs create great shade, but you can also set up shelters or drape sheets over the end of an exercise run for smaller pets.

Secure the perimeter

“A good, strong fence will help keep your pet safe and secure in the garden – it prevents them squeezing through any gaps or holes and going on unwanted adventures! Ideally, your fence needs to be tall enough and secure so that your pet can’t jump over or dig under it. Dogs and rabbits are great diggers, so check regularly for escape tunnels.

“A secure fence will also help keep out predators like foxes, allowing smaller pets to roam safely. Though having a pond is great for natural wildlife, it can sometimes be a hazard for curious cats, dogs and rabbits. It’s a good idea to fence around the area or fit a guard on top, keeping your furry friends out of harm’s way.”


Georgia Nichols Weekly Horoscope: Sunday, June 13, 2021

All Signs

Saturn makes a harsh pass at Uranus this week, which could bring upsets to material wealth. (Ouch.) Meanwhile, the last time Mars was in Leo was two years ago in July/August 2019. Being an energy planet, Mars will pump your ego and energize the Fire signs for the next two months — Aries, Leo and Sagittarius (plus Gemini and Libra cuz they’re buddies). Meanwhile, Mercury retrograde continues until June 22. (Note: If buying ground transportation, computers and cell phones, wait until July 8, when the shadow is gone.) On the upside, Mercury retrograde will help you finish old business. Nevertheless, Mars will give you the energy to put the PRO back in procrastination! A cruel hoax? Indeed!

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Expect a surprise from a friend or a group this week. (This surprise could impact your finances.) Meanwhile, because of the frustrations of Mercury retrograde, be smart and allow extra time for everything, especially when you leave your home. This is because your daily travel will incur delays. Arrrg! Flat tires, missed buses, car problems, truck problems, bike problems – you name it. In turn, this will trigger missed appointments and embarrassing delays along with mixed-up communications and forgetfulness. Fortunately, things at home are warm and supportive. In the next two months, Mars will make you playful and supportive. It will boost romance and encourage socializing (and possibly conflict with your kids.) Nothing’s perfect.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Something sudden and unexpected might create obstacles for you at this time. It could relate to the government or rules and regulations. It could be surprising news from a boss or a parent. A sudden change in the role of authority? You might have to step in to do some damage control. Meanwhile, financial delays are frustrating along with cheques that are late in the mail. On top of this, your home scene continues to be full of confusion, increased activity and chaos. Oy! It’s time for a quality Pinot Noir with a nice triple brie. Fortunately, amidst all this, you are charming and delightful. Hats off to you!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Plans related to higher education, future travel or something to do with publishing, the media, the law or medicine might suddenly change. This could catch you off guard. If so, you will be vocal and proactive about this because Mars is in your House of Communications. Fortunately, the Sun in your sign will empower you. Admittedly, your ruler Mercury is retrograde and that is a bit maddening because this creates mistakes, confusion, errors and misplaced items plus delays. However, there is always some good news. Venus will attract money to you. Oh yes. That’s why you will buy beautiful things for yourself and loved ones, which is a sweet bonus.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

In a way, you’re waiting in the wings before your birthday arrives. This means that you are prefer to play things low-key. Of course, fair Venus in your sign encourages socializing and warm times spent with others. This is also a great week to buy wardrobe items for yourself. Make a note of that. (Especially because you are spending money!) Nevertheless, a sudden change to something to do with taxes, inheritances, shared property might impact your wealth. Do be aware of this. This could be good news or bad news. But it is likely unexpected. Whatever happens, it’s a fact that you are having a successful year in 2022, so this sudden impact to your assets won’t hold you back.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

Mars is in your sign, you’re energetic and feisty! Furthermore, the Sun and Mercury retrograde are bringing opportunities to socialize with friends, especially people from the past. Your hidden Venus will attract opportunities for secret love affairs. (Oh yes.) However, something unexpected and powerful might impact a close friendship or a partnership. For some of you, a partnership might end. Perhaps a sudden shift will take place in a close relationship? For others, someone unusual, different and new will enter your world. It’s not a boring week. Extend your friendship to others because they will welcome seeing you.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

You continue to be high viz., which means that people notice you more than usual. But more than that – they admire you! (Obviously, this week is an excellent time to advance your agenda or make your pitch.) Venus will promote warmer relations with others – friends and members of groups. In fact, a friend could become a lover. Something unexpected will impact your work scene. It could be sudden and create a big change. (Yikes!) Your job might end or change in a dramatic way. This unexpected news might also be something related to your health or a pet. Go slowly so that you are prepared for the unexpected. Pull your act together to stay in control.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

You continue to make a fabulous impression on others because your ruler, fair Venus is at the top of your chart. This makes you look attractive to everyone! It also makes you look like you know something about design, layout and that you have good artistic judgment, which most of you do. Your urge to travel and do something different to inject some excitement into your life is still strong. Get out and do anything that gives you a thrill and makes you feel like you’re living! Parents should be careful and vigilant with their kids because accidents or something unexpected could impact your kids. There might even be a family intervention? A vacation might be cancelled. Sports accidents are also possible. Tread carefully. Remember – the future unfolds one day at a time.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

You are determined to achieve your goals now. In fact, a number of things have come together that makes you ambitious in a happy, optimistic way. Travel for pleasure will also appeal if this is possible. Romance with someone different might also be in the picture. What cannot be ignored however, is that something very basic and possibly literally to do with the physical structure of your home will suddenly occur this week. It’s unexpected and it affects home and family. It could be related to your physical residence. It might also apply to an older family member. Whatever it is, it will shake things up and require your attention. Steady as she goes.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

First off, let us remember that you need more sleep this week. Definitely. (You work hard and party hard.) You love to travel and this week, you might have a chance to do so because you certainly are pushing the sides of the envelope to explore new ideas, see new places and meet new people. Quite possibly, money, gifts and goodies will come to you – so be receptive to this. Don’t be afraid to attract generosity. Keep your pockets open. Romance is certainly passionate! (That’s a given.) However, please pay attention to everything you say and do because this is an accident-prone time for you. Something unusual will interrupt your daily routine.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

You are in work mode – no question. Therefore, get as much done as you possibly can this week. Admittedly, Mercury retrograde is in this part of your chart, so you will suffer from delays and goofy mistakes and misplaced or broken equipment. Fortunately, your close relationships are excellent at this time. (And your sex drive is amped!) It’s good to have this wonderful support because something unexpected will impact your earnings or your wealth this week. It could be good; it could be bad. A sudden influence might bring loss, damage or theft to your possessions. Alternatively, you might suddenly acquire something you least expected to get! Stay alert and guard what you own.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

This fabulous, playful planetary influence continues this week. Lucky you! Accept all invitations to party and enjoy sports events plus creative activities with kids. Relations with coworkers are splendid. The only fly in the ointment is that you might feel annoyed with a partner or close friend because of some kind of tension building up between you. (Patience is your best ally.) Midst all of these wonderful influences, nevertheless, you feel caught off guard by something unusual this week. It might make you feel rebellious. You will want to protect your independence. You might even lash out in a sudden unexpected way. Basically, this could mean a sudden break with a person, a friendship, a partnership or a particular situation. If so, this could be freedom from something that was previously oppressive.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

Home, family and your private life continue to be your primary focus, especially because many of you have been revisiting past issues with family members. Or perhaps, relatives are camped on your doorstep eating out of your fridge. (It was ever thus.) Fortunately, you are charged up to work and be as productive as possible. Nevertheless, Venus will encourage you to party and have good times, while lucky Jupiter in your sign will basically encourage good fortune in your life. However, something going on behind the scenes will be disruptive this week. It could be that there was an unconscious need for change in your life and now it’s occurring in an upsetting way. Hopefully, you will become free of something that you’ve been putting up with for too long.


Weekly Horoscopes Beginning Sunday, June 13, 2021

———— ———– ———- ——— ——– ——- —— —– —- — — –

If you’re born within a cusp period (16 to 26 of any month); you’re advised to read horoscopes of both signs covered by that period. You’re on the border; you may have influences from houses within those signs.

Outlines are longer versions; consists of every possible detail of everyday and based on three parts of each sign: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Decan; that is, any of three divisions of 10° within a sign of the zodiac. Even if you know or don’t know your Decan; I recommend, please read all three Decan.

———— ———– ———- ——— ——– ——- —— —– —- — — –

Personal theme: I am!!
Fire & cardinal sign: March 21 — April 19

Your horoscope for this week:

You may already be aware that certain tricky and, possibly, time-consuming issues are increasingly pressing. Yet the move by your ruler Mars into Leo heightens a range of life’s existing joys and promises to add others. While, obviously, you’re tempted to focus on these, tackle those practicalities first. Not only will having them cleared up be a relief, what you learn could reshape your thinking and priorities.

You’ve been finding it hard to reach an understanding in an issue that’s causing problems in a work or family relationship. You might suddenly conjure up an ideal way to get around someone. You will wonder why you hadn’t thought of this before and by the end of the week there will be a marked improvement in a state of affairs that has been causing you concern. Spending time at a local sports centre or swimming pool will do wonders to help you work off your excess energy.

Think challenge. You may find that others who’ve been prevaricating for some weeks, arrive at conclusions and decisions with which you are decidedly unhappy. A frank exchange of views and perhaps yes, a parting of the ways could occur before Friday. Fractures in working partnerships are more likely than not; and yet: what may be required is a reappraisal of your individual talents. Before moving forward reviewing what brought you together in the first place and what joint goals could yet be achieved should prove a useful exercise. A major issue appears to be presentation (anything Internet related?). It may be that a third party (a referee?), is needed. Even if this person’s expertise seems costly, it might be a wise investment.

———— ———– ———- ——— ——– ——- —— —– —- — — –

Personal theme: I have!!
Earth & fixed sign: April 20 — May 20

Your horoscope for this week:

You’re facing obstacles as irritating as they are tedious. Still, while you’re tempted to put off, if not avoid, these it’s clear they must come first. Ironically, you’ll soon realise they’re reshaping your perspective on a range of matters, some crucial. For the moment, take things one day at a time, conscious that what you’re learning is useful now but will be handy in the future, too.

You’ve got some thinking to do. It might seem as if you and a partner no longer share the same goals. Is there a way of continuing with joint commitments or is it time to go your separate ways? A friend has some interesting and imaginative ideas for the future. When you say you are keen to join them, you are being sincere for you know you might never get another chance to turn these plans into reality. Sometimes it isn’t good to hesitate. Take a deep breath and go for it.

For the second time this year, (the first was in February), Saturn and Uranus arrive at right angle as viewed from Earth. The latter is moving through your sign. Adjusting pace and arriving at a major decision could feel ‘right’. What is different this time is that Mercury is retrograde. You now know more than you did at the start of the year. You are perhaps are also aware of limitations and obstacles to be overcome. With Mars travelling across the base of your solar chart and accessing energy and determination ought not to be difficult. In fact, you could show considerable resilience. There’s also the high probability of something that has been regarded as a hobby (or an idea incubating in your research and development department), showing real promise.

———— ———– ———- ——— ——– ——- —— —– —- — — –

Personal theme: I think!!
Air sign: May 21 — June 20

Your horoscope for this week:

True, your ruler Mercury’s retrograde cycle is triggering chaos. While this ends on 22 June, the fallout from the current chaotic planetary activity will continue for some weeks. Unsettling as events have been, each is triggering timely, if not overdue, shake-ups. If ever there was a period to take things one day at a slow pace, it’s now. If you must make far-reaching plans, ensure they’re flexible.

Romantic stars are cloudy. You might be prevented from seeing your partner due to you being separated by miles or it could be that work and other commitments are keeping you apart. This is not how you would ordinarily have planned it but absence will make the heart grow stronger and you can look forward to a happy reunion. You get a chance to play an important role in a community effort and it will make you feel extremely proud to be involved.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, is still retrograde in your sign. It might seem to others you are still going back over old ground and failing to consider fresh opportunity. Note that this week, Saturn and Uranus, for the second time this year appear at exact right angles (as they did in February). Once again you may feel you need to make a tough call. It may be that for the moment, information gathering is the wisest way forward. It’s likely that others are coming to major conclusions too, and that opportunities could come as they move on. One big theme over arches the entire week: that of clearing out, redefining, repackaging and preparing. This action could also put you back in touch with those you haven’t seen for a long time and who are similarly undertaking mental if not physical journeys.

———— ———– ———- ——— ——– ——- —— —– —- — — –

Personal theme: I feel!!
Water & cardinal sign: June 21 — July 22

Your horoscope for this week:

Once you understand that neither recent events nor the coming sudden changes will come together until the pivotal Cancer New Moon, on 10 July, you’ll stop worrying and instead view each day’s developments as only part of the picture. Actually, if you focus on decluttering your life of unrewarding plans and passions now, you’ll be preparing for the exciting changes that’ll are likely to appear then.

People sharing your world will wonder where on earth you get all your energy from. You are working like a Trojan and you aren’t even noticing how hard you are going at it. A spurt of action inspired by the need to clear a number of things out of the way will keep you busy all week long. You won’t be surprised to feel a temporary need for seclusion later. This will give you the chance to catch up on private matters.

As one part of you probably already knows, worrying is wasted energy. It doesn’t advance anything. It’s nevertheless a force that could be irresistible mid-week as others announce plans which you sense are ill-advised, unrealistic and likely not sufficiently well thought through. Hard as it may be to have faith, it’s likely essential for your well-being. Educational matters or how people process information may be at the root of your concern. Don’t forget, that we are also in the run-up to the start of your personal year. Whatever your actual birthday, taking time out to consider all that’s occurred since your last birthday should be a worthwhile exercise. In particular, next Friday, 18th, you could arrive at a plan that would bring improvement to your work-life balance.

———— ———– ———- ——— ——– ——- —— —– —- — — –

Personal theme: I will!!
Fire & fixed sign: July 23 — August 22

Your horoscope for this week:

Nobody enjoys confronting difficulties. However, each obstacle or impossible individual you face is prompting you to either clear up pointless commitments or eliminate unrewarding arrangements. For ages you’ve been aware some are increasingly burdensome, but have resisted taking action. Do so now; and be firm with yourself. You’ve been stubbornly clinging to some. You’ll be amazed how swiftly you feel free, more than for ages.

Exciting money news is on the way. You are enjoying a run of financial luck. Even so, you won’t drop your guard because of this and you will continue to be alert for any further opportunity to improve your finances. An extremely inviting investment offer is about to be put to you. A neighbour will claim your attention. They have some interesting gossip to pass on to you and you will be glad you had the time to listen.

Next week, and for the second time in 2021, Saturn and Uranus arrive at right-angled to one another. Just as likely occurred in February, you may be faced with an obstacle course. You could, of course, find a loophole and a way around difficulties. With Mercury retrograde, it might indeed be possible to talk your way out of difficulty. That though, may not be your best move. Since Mars is now travelling through your sign, perhaps you do need to take a run at this obstacle course and face the consequences. Yes, you could experience accident or even provoke wrath along the way but in the process, show fitness and determination. It could be argued that this week is all about showing resilience; but yes, in the process might need to agree that one way of living and working is no longer viable and that a fresh way forward needs to be found.

———— ———– ———- ——— ——– ——- —— —– —- — — –

Personal theme: I analyse!!
Earth sign: August 23 — September 22

Your horoscope for this week:

The shakeups triggered by your ruler Mercury’s retrograde cycle are often amazingly informative. However, you’re still feeling responsible for not having spotted the issues in question beforehand. While Mercury resumes forward motion on the 22nd, you can deal with that tendency to blame yourself for things that simply aren’t your responsibility right now. Try it. You’ll be amazed how much it lifts your spirits.

It’s hard to concentrate on everyday business. An unusual amount of restlessness coupled with a desire for adventure isn’t helping. It may be out of the question to take to the open road because of financial or other restrictions but you will take this chance to spend more time outdoors. A trip to the garden centre to buy patio heaters, benches and garden furniture seems to be in order. Alternatively, walks in a local park will be a good way to escape your usual routine.

Mercury continues its retrograde movement near the apex of your solar chart and one part of you – at least career wise, – could feel as though you’re treading water or worse, going backward. All could and probably will change – but perhaps not for another week. First it may be necessary to go back over an old decision, reconnect with those you worked with a long time ago, and yes, likely clear out old papers or confront an archiving project that at times feels just too huge and too great. There’s high probability of you being involved in some kind of re-building. This might even be literal. Fact is that the time and energy you put in now is likely a wise investment. It should be apparent by next weekend (and Jupiter’s station in your opposite sign), that there is yet so, so much more to play for. The effort put in this year, could bring vast rewards next.

———— ———– ———- ——— ——– ——- —— —– —- — — –

Personal theme: I balance!!
Air & cardinal sign: September 23 — October 22

Your horoscope for this week:

Since early June you’ve faced a range of decisions, some solo, a few involving others, and many regarding plans for the present and the future. In every case you have been and will continue to face frustrating uncertainties. The secret? Make halfway decisions. True, it’s out of character for you, as a Libra. Still, it’s better to take swift action than worry about getting things right.

Keeping busy will help keep your mind off a matter that is causing strong emotions. There are ways to stay calm and thinking about other things is one of them. Be sure you don’t commit yourself to anything more than you have to. At the end of the week, you will be offered the chance to enjoy something totally unexpected. A partner is waiting for you to decide on a proposition they put to you. You need time to think things over properly.

It could easily feel as though your world is turned upside down. Expect to be asked to rethink and go back over old work. This exercise probably should have been done some weeks ago. Now it may be imperative. Doing this before the solstice (20th) and before Jupiter reaches its station next weekend could be considered wise. Though Mercury still retrogrades in another of the Air signs, you may find good support from those who live and work far away. It is possible that you’ll agree that you have been following a wrong track. Hopefully you’ll find delight in the research and detective work needed as you retrace steps and then make a correction. Whilst all this might seem to require more effort and energy then you feel you have available, you could yet realise enormous success and yes, perhaps enjoy renewed contact with those who valued your work in the past and who now want to work with you again.

———— ———– ———- ——— ——– ——- —— —– —- — — –

Scorpio & Ophiuchus
Personal theme: I desire!!
Water & fixed signs: October 23 — November 21

Your horoscope for this week:

As a powerful Scorpio, you can deal with almost anything, as long as you’ve enough facts to go on, and time to organise your thoughts. Yet, between constant changes and your own shifting views, you’ve felt overwhelmed. The trick? Take the pressure off yourself, and decide to wait, watch and learn. Gradually, the facts will surface but, even more important, your perspective will become much clearer.

After a slow start to the week, as the days wear on, the brighter and livelier the pace will be. Although you may not be wandering too far away from your home ground, there will be a lot of fun through friendship and community activities. Just one thing to watch for and be careful about: the air is ripe with gossip and insinuation. Thankfully, this will involve no one you know very well but you will be wise not to pass on any potentially harmful rumours.

Early this week and for the second time in 2021, Saturn and Uranus (both passing through Fixed signs) arrive at apparent right angle as viewed from Earth. You would be an unusual Scorpio if you didn’t hear this major chord in the sky which you will likely experience as something of a roadblock. It may be that an association or group with whom you’ve had intense connection in the past decides to move off in fresh direction leaving you apparently abandoned. All could change again at the end of the year but yes, for now, you will surely need to be open to opportunities that simply did not exist a year ago. Note that Mercury is still retrograde. There is still all to play for as facts become known; but yes, this week could be all about confronting and perhaps then letting go of the past. The promising news is that Jupiter stations in another of the Water signs next weekend, coinciding with both the Solstice and Mercury’s direct station. It could be that early next week you are made an offer you don’t want to refuse.

———— ———– ———- ——— ——– ——- —— —– —- — — –

Personal theme: I see!!
Fire sign: November 22 — December 21

Your horoscope for this week:

Ordinarily, you’re inquisitive, and will explore ideas and meet people just for the fun of it. However, the unexpected events brought by the Sagittarius eclipsed Full Moon on 26 May are still triggering changes and encounters so far out you’re unsure what to do. The answer? Keep exploring. Each day’s encounters and ideas will shape plans you’ll be making, but probably not until early July.

It’s not often you are so well organised and you should be proud of the approach you are taking to your responsibilities. You have your days carefully mapped out down to the last detail. Yet you might wonder why you took so much time arranging things when an unexpected stumbling block foils your progress. This can be overcome with a little patience. There’s no need to throw in the towel when things don’t go as expected.

Mercury is now slowing down prior to turning direct on 23rd – just after the solstice. Interestingly, your ruling planet Jupiter also arrives at the station next weekend. This then is like that moment on a train or plane when you are gathering your belongings ready to disembark. It’s obviously key to having some idea of where you are going to next and, importantly, ensuring you leave nothing behind. With Mars now moving through another of the Fire signs there is the danger of you reacting too quickly and yes, potentially carelessly. In your eagerness to experience fresh adventure, errors could be made. A further possibility is that a travelling companion or workmate, may appear disorganised, confused or apprehensive about the next stage of your journey together. Irritating as it may be at one level, you perhaps need to give them reassurance. Amidst all this, don’t be surprised if others ask you for directions! – distracting you even further. In short, a messy week but one where your energy levels are likely to increase.

———— ———– ———- ——— ——– ——- —— —– —- — — –

Personal theme: I use!!
Earth & cardinal sign: December 22 — January 19

Your horoscope for this week:

If this were a normal week, during an uncomplicated month, you’d have listed your plans and know where you stand and, equally, what’s next. However, between recent eclipses, and the retrograde Mercury raising questions about seemingly simple objectives, each day’s a new journey. That’s how it’s meant to be. Make a point of learning from every twist and turn. Those insights will be of indescribable value.

You may have left it a little late to make some travel arrangements. Work and other responsibilities have got in the way. It is time now to devote more attention to your personal life for you don’t want to lose someone who is becoming to mean a lot to you. Friends and neighbours are wanting your company. Why don’t you make the most of this while you can and don’t feel guilty about not getting on with routine matters? You can do these any time.

You ruling planet, Saturn, arrives at apparent right angle with Uranus early this week. It made this angle back in February, and will do so again at the end of the year. You could choose to think of this as being three mountain peaks. You’ve climbed one, then relaxed and are now faced at the top of another offering yet another fresh perspective. What is different this time is that Mercury is retrograde. You may find that colleagues are now most definitely altering direction and that the next stage of your journey looks very different. No doubt all change yet again at the start of 2022. With the Sun moving into your opposite sign next weekend, it’s probable that the spotlight is now moving into working partnerships: those that work and those which do not. Re-alignment might be both wise and necessary. You might also be advised that you would benefit from extra training or at least revision of skills.

———— ———– ———- ——— ——– ——- —— —– —- — — –

Personal theme: I know!!
Air & fixed sign: January 20 — February 18

Your horoscope for this week:

Usually, you’re the first to spot and befriend changes, even the most unsettling. However, the clash, on 14 June, between your ruler Uranus and tough yet practical Saturn is so powerful that you may already have been wrestling with these events. What arises will be breakthroughs, but not always recognisable as that. The secret? Explore everything and say no to nothing, at least for now.

You get the general impression you can’t put a foot wrong. You may well be right. An invitation to join friends in a carefully arranged event will be just what you need to brighten your days. You have an eye for a bargain and others will be glad to have you around when you save them some money too. Something you accomplish alongside friends and relatives will bring a new sense of belonging.

As occurred mid-February, your ruling planets, Saturn and Uranus, arrive at apparent right angle this week. This is part of a cycle that began in 1988 and is now at Last Quarter phase. With Mars now in your opposite sign, colleagues might demand you rethink direction – which may be uncomfortable. Indeed, you could show considerable resistance. At one level, this may be about digging deep into reserves and discovering resilience. It might also be that you’re in danger of self-sabotage by clinging on to outwork ideas. With Mercury slowing down before arriving at its direct station next weekend, this is surely an appropriate time to re-think and, especially towards the end of this week imagining and then co-creating your future; but yes, this might mean agreeing that one way of working is redundant and that you need to learn new methods and develop new skills.

———— ———– ———- ——— ——– ——- —— —– —- — — –

Personal theme: I believe!!
Water sign: February 19 — March 20

Your horoscope for this week:

Accepting that certain once-promising plans or alliances simply can’t proceed as expected won’t be easy. Yet, bizarrely, these disappointments are encouraging, if not forcing, you to acknowledge, that either you were overly optimistic or circumstances have changed. With some, it may be both. The secret? Ignore the sentimental temptation to ‘make it work’ and say farewell. Once you do, a new horizon will appear.

In love and money, don’t give in to temptation. Avoid taking risks and think about what you might lose rather than dreaming of all you could win. There’s something restless and fidgety about your mood which tempts you to jump in without looking. If you have an excess of energy, at least channel it positively. A little exercise would be a good idea. New hobbies and ventures attract your interest. Check what you are letting yourself in for before committing to anything.

Mercury is still retrograde at the base of your solar chart and one part of you might not know if you’re coming or going. Mercury appears to be now slowing down, as does Jupiter (your ruling planet) which arrives at its station at the solstice next weekend. Soon there should be a sense of things begin to settle. The key word is ‘beginning’. Slowly but surely, you should have better sense of where you’re headed. You won’t be the only sign who decides that there are certain items – and even people – that are no longer necessary in your life. Freeing yourself of these is one step forward. It might also be that you’re asked to help someone going through a similar exercise and that in the process you agree a plan that would allow the two of you to work together closely in the future. Many ideas and small businesses are set to be incubated this week.




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