Full Moon Blessings!



    The Sagittarius Full Flower Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse on May 26th!

    Free-spirited fire sign Sagittarius symbolizes justice and honesty, so this Super Moon invites you to stay true to yourself, revisit your path and relationships, and align them with a purpose of bringing harmony and goodness in everything what you deal with.

    The eclipse symbolizes opening of new doorways and closing of old ones. It is a transformative time to recommit to your inner truth, transform old emotional energies into new understanding and expand awareness. We live in a time of personal and collective awakening when old oppressive structures and systems started to crumble opening the world for new realities. Stay positive and balanced during this time when emotions are amplified, and new unknown energies of high intensity initiate the changes that could be painful and uncomfortable in the beginning but are necessary for birthing the new.


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    By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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