Pancakes, kelpies and afternoon tea

France & Vincent

Diana and co north 018

After my walk along the bay to the kirk of St Bridget the rest of the day passed in leisurely fashion, surrounded by the colours of the garden, with wonderful food, cold Prosecco and warm friendship. The evening began under the auspices of an eye-opening Edinburgh spiced orange gin, continued with more good food and ended, feet up and wine in hand, with a documentary about the construction of the Kelpies… which was our destination for Thursday.

Diana and co north 040We needed to be fortified for the trip, of course, and were whisked away in search of breakfast by our hostess to a restaurant in a garden centre. Now, quite how I have managed it, I don’t know, but American pancakes with maple syrup had never come my way. The addition of crispy bacon to this mix gave me some cause for concern and I was a tad dubious. The waitress rolled her…

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