A dark day with a new moon…

Wood Witch Hollow

This new moon was truly dark
at times, fearful and unsettling. A time for me of needed release and cleansing. In some ways, a perfect new moon day. I arose to a misty morn that soon became my mood, and transformed into an all day slow, soft rain. I opened the front door and sat in my big chair to watch. No tv, no music, total quite, just the sound of the cleansing rain…..

I thought about things that I usually don’t, like visions of what could have been. Painful realities and possibilities, the dealing with my many demons.
When I’m drifting in the waves of uncertainty, that’s when it’s the scariest for me. But when I think about what it’s all really about, what I wanna write, create, or achieve, that’s when I get my fire back and the demons back at bay.
All in all what started out…

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By GrannyMoon Posted in Pagan

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