The Magick of Melissa

Wood Witch Hollow

Lemon balm or Melissa officinalis, is also known as Bee balm, Blue balm, Balm mint, Cure all, Dropsy plant, Garden balm, Melissa, and Sweet Balm. A perennial herb in theLamiaceae mint family, and native to south centralEurope and theMediterranean region.

A rainy day brought about my kitchen being enchantingly scented with lemon balm, as I made jelly, syrup, infused honey, and a tea for the shop, and in doing so it’s folklore came to mind.

Lemon Balm has folklore dating back to ancient Turkey, where it was planted near bee hives to encourage the bees to return home to the hives rather than swarm away. It’s name “Melissa officinalis” is derived from the Greek word Melissa, meaning honeybee, 🐝 and the herb was planted and used by the beekeepers of the Temple of Artemis to help keep the sacred honeybees content.

Gender: Feminine

Elemental Association: Water

Planetary Association: Venus


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